Epic Fantasy Needing a Patient, Detailed Partner

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  1. Hello, and very nice to meet you. :wave:

    I am not entirely sure how to begin this, since this idea is both vague and intricate at the same time. I think I'll just... go ahead and throw it out in the vague sense and then dig into some of the details. And then I'll say what I need from you. Because you surely want to know the idea before my expectations. Yeah

    Please pardon the very one-sided nature of this most basic of introductions. It allows for an almost unlimited selection of a second character to complete the plot, and I wanted to leave you free to build whomever you might wish. Right. Onwards.

    In a fantasy land, people pledge themselves to one god upon their name day, and follow in the service of that god for the rest of their life. That god, in turn plays an active role in the life of their follower, although more active in some than in others.

    One man commits himself to a god, but is later rejected by him/her. To remove the stain that now marks his whole life, this man must commit himself to the service of the land for five years. If at the end of that time a new god will accept him, he can regain his status and once more become a citizen of the land. However, this man lost the patronage of his god for a dark reason, a reason that leads him to only wish to kill himself and enter the lands of the death god. But the death god will not accept his offering of his soul, and it becomes impossible for this man to die. In his quest for death, and with the help of a certain (insert your character here), he will go on to become the greatest hero that the land has ever known.

    Yeah. Like I said, vague and one-sided. I hope you will forgive me for that.

    What I would most like to insert here is the gods. But honestly I have no real clue. I know a few things I would like about them, but even those aren't certainties. Since this is a world where people ask to be chosen by a god at a young age, it isn't likely that they will know what they want to do with the rest of their life at that point. So choosing the god can't really be something revolving around an occupation. And I think a virtue or a form of fulfillment, while technically possible, narrows what a person can strive for, and also limits the ways in which a god could interact with a follower.

    Since I am imagining that the gods are incredibly active, almost to the point of... strangeness. Like a god might heat the forge of a blacksmith, or such... menial tasks that the average "god" thinks so beneath their time and effort. But it is a direct partnership between god and follower, and since each follower is different each relationship is different.

    The gods are infinite and personal. That is all I really care about for them. But it seems, since the gods aren't specific, that their "domains" shouldn't be too specific either. I was originally thinking a court of twelve gods, with each one representing and abstract concept. There would be a god of... time and magic and emotions and perception and movements and growth, maybe combined with decay, and a god of luck, and a god of... psychology. Things that aren't necessarily easy to understand, and the tenants can be followed while still allowing the person to do whatever they love, or need to, to survive.

    I am more than willing to hear other options for this, so long as you are willing to accept my desire to finagle things. Even if you want to go with a completely different idea, where the gods aren't personal to each individual, I'd be open to that, although you would have to be ready to stick fast to your idea, and beat me with it until I finally understand what a good idea it is. :fryingpan: I have a hard head, so hit away.

    Before we begin, we are also going to have to figure out a few more things. Obviously, our characters, who they are, how they meet, why they stay together, who their gods are or were, etc. But I am also going to want to set up a whole government court, since everyone is going to want to take advantage of a "great hero". Politics is going to be a large part of this story, especially once we get a little further into it.

    I'm also going to need some help figuring out what my character could have done to offend his god, since I don't think he is a bad guy, in fact I think he is probably fairly honorable. So why would his god reject him? Feel free to throw out anything, because I have no ideas.

    Beyond that. We will need to figure out some basic details of our world, the kingdom itself, any neighboring countries, allies, enemies, or conquered. We will need to determine culture and general sociology.

    This is a brand new world that needs a lot of work. It is just one giant lump of clay, waiting for artistic fingers to mold it.

    What I need from my partner:

    Normally my expectations are fairly basic. Good grammar, good post length, a love for creative situations and psychology. But this is a story that needs a massive contribution from you, so I'm going to add a few new things.

    The first, and most important, is resilience. I can get aggressive in my world-building, especially in the beginning. I act as though I know exactly what I want, when really I am only trying to fit things into a possible mold. I need a partner who isn't afraid to push a new idea, show me how it fits into everything else, and ties it all together far neater than the idea I'm trying to follow. I need someone who is willing to fitz with one idea for days, go back and forth until we work through all the little kinks and details, and make something so perfect I could cry.

    So, I guess that leads to the second idea. I need activity, combined with patience. I need someone who believes that compatibility isn't determined by how quickly we can reach an agreement. I need someone who I can PM with for a good chunk of the day in one go, and who can truly believe that the fact that we didn't agree to anything during that time doesn't mean that the idea will never work. It is just waiting for the right piece of inspiration.

    And the third thing I need is dedication. I need someone who will work on this idea with me, and then will be there when we finish, as eager as they were the very first day to dive in. I need someone ready to contribute.

    I may be asking for a writing sample if I can't find any examples of your writing on site. Feel free to ask for one in return if you want it.

    Those are the main things. I will love you if you are ready to fulfill those.

    If I get enough interest in this idea (read: more than one person) I might be willing to make it into a group story, depending on how the 2+ of you feel.

    Please! Ask questions! I'll gladly answer anything to the best of my ability.

    But, for now, I think that is everything. I hope I didn't overwhelm you!
  2. Hello, i like the direct approach you have. I hope you would consider me.
  3. Hello, and very nice to meet you. I will most certainly consider you for this idea. I'll message you in just a bit, and we can get to know each other a bit better, and then start planning.
  4. Hello! If you still need another partner, I would love to participate in this. It sounds very interesting. c:
  5. Sure! Why don't you send me a message, we can chat for a bit, I can get a feel for the other person who contacted me, and we can figure out what we would all like to do?
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