Epic Disney: Reclaiming the Magic Kingdom! (IC)

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    The House of Mouse: October 31st, 2014.

    "Haha, gosh! I'm so glad that all of you could make it tonight!" Mickey exclaimed in a happy voice, waving a gloved hand in a triumphant motion as he stared out into the crowded club. In true Halloween fashion, Mickey was dressed up just like everyone else. Currently, he was donned in his famous Apprentice outfit, Magic Hat included. Waving his hands in a kind of conducting motion, small sparks flew from his fingers as the trail left behind from his finger created the shape of a bat. Once finished, Mickey pushed his hands forwards and watched the singular magic-trail bat split into twenty bats. The magical bats flew around the dining room quickly as the crowd burst into applause. Bowing, Mickey placed his hands on his hips and smiled again. "But seriously folks, you guys are the best. I know that the holiday celebration in Halloween Town is the big event that everyone tries to get into, but it really means a lot that you all have decided to join us here at the House of Mouse for a fun night of simple scares and trick or treats!" said Mickey as he marched down the stage, the massive television screen behind him. Turning to the screen and waving his hands some more, Mickey launched a blast of energy towards it. Almost instantly, the television turned on and the image of his smiling face came up on the screen. "Now then, how about another round of Creepy Cartoons? Enjoy folks, these one's are classics!" Mickey exclaimed before walking backstage. He had already seen "Lonesome Ghosts" and many of the other cartoons so many times, but it was indeed a classic Mickey, Donald and Goofy adventure. Everybody who enjoyed cartoons in the land of Disney loved Lonesome Ghosts, especially those living in the "Dark Lands".

    Reaching the backstage area, Mickey went directly to his dressing room and sat down in the comfortable leather armchair. He knew that the next line-up of cartoons would last a half hour, so he had time to sit down and relax for a while. However, just as he removed his Magic Hat and placed it on the side-table, a familiar voice called from behind him:

    "Hello, Mickey."

    Suddenly sitting up, Mickey whipped his head around to see the tall and imposing form of the master sorcerer, Yen-Sid. Relief instantly fell over the Mouseketeer's face as he saw his old teacher and he let out a deep sigh. "Master Yen-Sid, you startled me! Its good to see you again, sir. Happy Halloween!" said Mickey, wiping his brow from the sweat that came from standing under the bright stage lights. He could clearly see the unimpressed look on the man's face as a result of his comment's. So, Mickey tried to change the subject quickly. "What brings you to Toon Town?"

    Yen-Sid looked at his former apprentice with a disturbed look, like a man who was unsure of his very existence. "A troubling matter, Mickey. From my workshop in Camelot, I have felt great disturbances. Magical disturbances. Merlin has also felt them, but his powers fall just short of my own. I cannot clearly see what lies ahead, but I advise you to be cautious, young mouse." Yen-Sid spoke as if he were deeply troubled by this. It was apparent to Mickey that Yen-Sid had never experienced this before, having been a sorcerer all his life. Mickey couldn't have imagined what it felt like for his master to not be able to see the future. Normally, things were always clear for him, but something was obviously blocking his foresight. Only a dark and powerful magic could do that, but Yen-Sid was the most powerful being in the land of Disney. Not even the Genie, or Zeus with their amazing powers could compare to Yen-Sid.

    "Gosh, Master Yen-Sid. I-If you can't see what's goin' on, then that means something bad's gonna happen!" Mickey exclaimed, grabbing his hat quickly and placing it upon his head. If dangerous times were ahead of them, then he would need his magical abilities. "But the real question, is what's gonna happen?"

    "That, I cannot be sure of, my apprentice. But, I do know that something far too powerful for one person to deal with is on the horizon. That's obvious from my lack of foresight being blocked. Once again, I advise you proceed with great caution. The time is drawing nearer, that much is clear to me." Yen-Sid said with a troubled sigh. "Time is running out. I must return to Camelot so that Merlin and I may resume our practices. If dangerous times are close, then whatever enemy comes to assault must not be allowed entrance to Cinderella's Castle."

    "Well, don't you worry Master Yen-Sid! I can take on whatever threat rears its ugly face! You can count on me!" Mickey exclaimed triumphantly, waving his fist in the air. "I won't let anything happen to the Castle while I'm still around!"

    With a small smile, Yen-Sid nodded at his former apprentice. "I'm sure you won't, Mickey. You are the bravest Mouse I know, but I still advise that you be cautious. I only fear the worst for the land, so be prepared for anything. I must go now... Farewell, Mickey Mouse, and good luck." Yen-Sid explained with a small smile, trying to remain positive as he slowly faded away into thin air. Once again alone in his room, Mickey quietly thought about what Yen-Sid had said. Dangerous times were approaching? But how could that be? All the villains were either destroyed, defeated, or sealed away in the Underworld with no way of returning. But his former master did sound worried, so Mickey would heed his advice. Keeping his magic hat with him at all times, was a must now.

    Nonchalantly turning his head back to the clock on his wall, Mickey was shocked to see that his break was over. Time went by so fast sometimes. One day he was hanging out with Walt and the Seven Dwarves, then the next day he was at his "father's" funeral and meeting new characters who had never met the imagination visionary before. Wanting to make an entrance back on stage, Mickey shut his eyes and snapped his fingers at the same time, before poofing away in a puff of smoke. Appearing on stage once again with a bright flash of white sparkling magic to announce his arrival, Mickey laughed playfully and smiled. "Well, how about that, huh? Did you guys enjoy that round? Haha, great!" Mickey cheerfully asked the crowd as they all applauded him once again. Nodding his head and proceeding to centre stage, the Mouse adjusted his hat and called out "Wow, its getting close to midnight! Okay everybody, now its time for a change of pace!"

    Merely nano seconds after he finished speaking, the lights in the House of Mouse went out completely. The audience looked around, confused and surprised. They all thought it was some kind of parlour trick and began to clap in approval. "Huh?" Mickey exclaimed as he looked around, curious as to why the lights had turned off. The usual group managing the House of Mouse was all at Halloween Town tonight, so Mickey was pretty much working alone with the Enchanted Broomsticks. They couldn't communicate, but he could make out the shape of the two brooms in the light and sound booth through the shadows. The moment he saw them shrugging their shoulders, he got an uncomfortable feeling in the pit of his stomach. Suddenly, a single spotlight came directly on him. With even more confusion on his face, Mickey opened his mouth to speak before the crowd seemingly gasped. Then, a dark and sinister voice spoke up behind him.

    "Right you are, Mickey. Its Halloween you know, which means anything could happen." Called out the sinister and slimy voice belonging to the Arabian Sorcerer, Jafar. "J-Jafar!" Mickey called out in surprise as he whipped his head around to face the sorcerer-turned-genie, "B-But how? Aladdin trapped you in a magic lamp for all eternity!"

    "Right again, Mouse! That blasted street rat locked me in a prison of my own making. But I was set free, no longer bound to the lamp!" Jafar called out before holding up the black lamp to show Mickey. In a quick motion, Mickey snatched the lamp and furiously began rubbing it, trying to recall Jafar. Suddenly, the evil genie let out a bellowing laugh and smiled at the heroic mouse. "Oh, how predicable. When I said "free from the lamp", I meant it quite literally. Now, the item is meaningless and useless as both a weapon and a means to control me!" exclaimed Jafar before he raised his hands and fired off a powerful blast of electricity at Mickey. With lightning quick reflexes, Mickey jumped out of the way and landed on his feet, throwing his arms out to cast a spell towards the sorcerer. However, just as he was about to fire his magic, powerful tentacles wrapped tightly around his throat and bound his hands. "U-Ursula!"

    The sea-witch only cackled as she heard the mouse call out her name, before hoisting him up towards the roof. As Mickey struggled to free himself, he opened his eyes and saw that the inhabitants of the House of Mouse were now clearly visible. Villains! Every last patron in the house, was a villain! Pete, The Big Bad Wolf, Judge Frollo, Oogie Boogie, Hades, Captain Hook, Cruella de Ville: all of them! At least, all the Toon villains that Mickey knew were part of a collection of stories that was known as "The Disney Rogues". The stories were all about the original villains who showed up during the days when Cartoons ((2D Disney films)) were still heavily produced, before being replaced with Real-Toons ((3D Disney films)). What terrified Mickey the most, was the black-clad Human slowly approaching the stage. "NO!" Mickey cried out in absolute fear as the form of Judge Doom approached him. "Hello, Mickey. Long time no see..." the Judge called out with a sinister smile on his face. Behind him were the Weasel Brothers, carrying a large oil drum Mickey knew all too well. "S-STAY AWAY FROM ME! L-LEMME GO!" cried the Mouse, wriggling and struggling in Ursula's grasp to free himself. All the other villains in the club laughed manically at his futile actions, taking in his despair with sick satisfaction. Before Mickey could even try to cast another spell, Judge Doom removed his magic hat and tossed it to the other side of the room. "You know, when Roger and Mr. Valiant discovered I was a Toon, they tried to dissolve me in Dip. Normally, that would've killed one of our kind, but thankfully, I survived because of your idiotic need to lock away the villains in the Underworld as opposed to just flat-out killing them. But you... Oh you, Mr. Mouse, decided to act like the hero you aren't. If I'm not mistaken, didn't you also cause the Wasteland's "Thinner Disaster" and directly create the Phantom Blot? If so, then you should also be considered a "Villain" just like the rest of us. I even believe that there's a special place in the Underworld for yourself, but we have better plans.." Judge Doom explained.

    Mickey hadn't stopped struggling as Judge Doom spoke, trying to free himself but only forcing Ursula to tighten her grip on him. Before he could do or say anything, Judge Doom grabbed a crowbar from one of the Weasel's and ripped open the oil drum. Inside, was the purest form of raw, bubbling, paint thinner, otherwise known as "Dip". Screaming now from fear, Mickey struggled even harder, kicking his feet as he knew what was going to come next. "As presiding Judge and ruler over Toon Town, Mickey Mouse, I hereby sentence you for your heinous crimes against both Toons and Non-Toons alike, to death by "Dip"! The crimes by which you are sentenced include: Murder of the third degree, attempted slaughter of the entirety of Wasteland through Paint Thinner, acts of terrorism against Wasteland and other lands, the theft of one Steamboat, and general social disturbances such as rowdy behaviour, physical assault, and destruction of public property such as clock towers, bridges, boats, residential homes, recreational spots, pet shops, and modes of transpiration such as boats and cars!" Judge Doom commanded with a chillingly dark and authoritative voice. "DIP HIM!"

    Almost instantly as soon as Judge Doom finished, the crowd in the House of Mouse began chanting "Dip Him" over and over again. Ursula shoved his down towards the barrel of Dip quickly, forcing Mickey to extend his hands and legs so that he was pushing himself up and away from the barrel. Struggling to keep himself from being dissolved by the Toon killing liquid, Mickey saw an opportunity to escape. Letting go of the sides, Mickey instead grabbed one of Ursula's tentacles and shoved it in the barrel, watching as she screamed in pain and recoiled. Dropping the mouse as she frantically shook off the thinner before it could dissolve her arm completely, Mickey landed on the ground with a hard thud and felt all eyes land upon him. In an instant, all the villains inside charged forwards or began firing off powerful and lethal blasts of their magic towards him. Getting up quickly, Mickey dashed to the corner of the house and grabbed his magic hat again, quickly waving his hands behind him to create a wall of ice between himself and the villains. Jafar, however, slammed his staff on the ground and produced a massive burst of flames that melted the wall instantly. Smiling as they charged forwards angrily, the villains were suddenly tossed backwards by a powerful bright light. In an instant, a loud "whooshing" sound was heard during the flash before abruptly ending as the light disappeared. Looking at the spot where Mickey was, the villains only saw nothing. "HE'S ESCAPED! INFORM THE HORNED KING IMMEDIATELY! DON'T SPEND ANY MORE TIME HERE! ALL OF YOU, PROCEED TO YOUR ASSIGNED WORLDS. FROLLO, MALIFICENT, AND SHAN-YU, COME WITH ME. THE CASTLE IS OUR NEXT DESTINATION! SUMMON JONES AND TELL HIM TO BRING THE BIG GUY!" Judge Doom angrily called out, his psychotic toon-voice coming out as the rage boiled up within him. As soon as he finished speaking, the members of the Horned King's inner circle formed up and marched out of the House of Mouse while the other villains proceeded to transform it into the "House of Villains" before going on their way.

    (media representation of Villains running amok at the House of Mouse)


    Cinderella Castle, moments after Mickey's escape from the HoM.

    Another bright flash of light filled the throne room of the Castle, followed promptly by the "whoosh" sound and the screams of Mickey. As the light faded away, Mickey looked around in a panicked state before his eyes landed on Yen-Sid. "M-Master Yen-Sid! T-The Villains!" Mickey exclaimed before he was promptly interrupted. "Yes, I know! I was using my crystal ball to monitor you. I knew if anything were to happen, the evil would come after you. I'm sorry, but it couldn't have been prevented. Come, we have no time! We must defend the Castle at all costs!" Yen-Sid exclaimed before dashing out of the throne room. Using his magic, he created a massive shield of light energy around the castle. The skies were rapidly turning green as if to suggest a dark presence was approaching. Mickey nodded at his master and dashed over to the hall of armour. Once there, he enchanted the metal suits so they would come alive and fight against whatever attack was approaching. Mickey didn't stop just at statues, he also brought images out of paintings and enchanted more Broomsticks and household objects to fight. Anything he could find that had a possibility for combat, he enchanted to fight. Mickey then sent the makeshift soldiers all over the castle to make sure it was protected from every point.

    Running back to Yen Sid as the spells seemed to work, Mickey realized that Merlin had joined them during his absence. The wizard had brought soldiers from Camelot to assist their own forces. "I don't think this will be enough, Master Yen-Sid! If all of those Villains come here, we may be in trouble" Mickey called out before suddenly a deafening howl echoed through the castle. Yen-Sid, Merlin and the soldiers reacted in pain, while Mickey reacted in genuine fear. He recognized the roar from a nightmarish moment in his life. Quickly dashing up the stairs of the castle to the north tower, Mickey stared out of the window at the entirely of "Disneyland" to see the massive, jiggling sight of the Phantom Blot. "MASTER YEN-SID! ITS THE PHANTOM BLOT!" Mickey yelled out as he dashed down the stairs towards the throne room. When he arrived in the room, Yen-Sid and Merlin were already planning an escape route. Even if they managed to hold off the villains, there was no way that the army they assembled could hold off the Phantom Blot. As they turned to Mickey, about to calm down the already frightened mouse, a loud and booming crash echoed through the halls as the assault began.

    The army of Cinderella Castle watched on as the massive collection of Davy Jones's horde of undead pirates, Shan-Yu's Hun forces and Malificent's servants all approached the castle, weapons raised and ready for combat. The Phantom Blot was nearly there, with the apparent form of a small cloaked figure riding upon its shoulder. The soldiers fought below while Merlin and Yen-Sid provided support. Mickey, however, had begun a mad dash towards the dungeons of the castle. Down there was where the heroes of the world had stored many artifacts from their adventures, but primarily consisted of the "trophies" they collected from the villains. The most dangerous item there, was the fabled Black Cauldron. It was said that anyone who controlled this cauldron, controlled the most dangerous army in all of Disney. Since the fall of the terrible Horned King, the cauldron was hidden away in the most secure part of the castle dungeon along with another powerful artifact: Walt Disney's Magic Brush. If they were going to fight the Blot, then they would need that brush. It was the only thing that could possibly manage to destroy the Blot once again.

    While Mickey was busy running through the maze-like dungeons to recover the brush, Merlin and Yen-Sid were busy up top. They had now moved to the front lines, cutting down any and all forces that crossed their path. For two old men, their maneuverability and sheer magical power was amazing. Magic flew all over as the villain's forces were knocked down by the wizards and the make-shift army. As the villains approached, however, Merlin and Yen-Sid felt their abilities being truly put to the test. The fight wouldn't last long, they were only two men. They just needed to provide Mickey with enough time to grab the Magic Brush. If they could knock down the Blot successfully, then easily the most dangerous villain in the assault would be taken down. However, the fighting was halted by a sudden demonic flash of red, followed by the figure on the Blot's shoulders disappearing and reappearing in front of Merlin and Yen-Sid. The army of villains parted around the red cloaked figure, seemingly terrified of the hidden villain. Cackling sinisterly, the hooded figure pulled back the cloak just enough to reveal the skeletal face of
    The Horned King (open)

    "Greetings, Sorcerers of Disney. I wish I could say I am honoured to see you, but I do not think of this as an honour. More like an inconvenience. Now then, either you and your pathetic army get out of my way, or you will suffer the consequences. We do not wish to kill you, but we will do so if you do not oblige." hissed the Horned King through his boney mouth, his glowing red eyes getting brighter with anger.

    "Never, foul demon!" yelled Yen-Sid, holding his hands aggressively towards the Horned King. "So it is you who command the other villains? Horned King, while you may think of yourself as powerful, you are nothing without your beloved cauldron!" Yen-Sid exclaimed before he fired off a powerful blast of light energy towards the King. However, a seemingly invisible shield blocked the blast and fired the energy back at Yen-Sid, knocking him off his feet. "Yen-Sid!" Merlin called out before turning his head towards the Horned King and threw a ball of junk made from the fallen make-shift army at the villain. The ball of junk simply exploded into pieces as it also hit the shield surrounding the Horned King. Smiling at the wizard's feeble attempt to stop him, the Horned King cracked his knuckles and said "Now, it is my turn." before throwing his boney hands into the air. Black lightning fired from his jagged fingers, slamming the white bearded wizard in the chest and forcing him to the ground, convulsing as the extraordinary amount of dark energy coursed through him.

    With both Merlin and Yen-Sid on the ground, heavily damaged from his retaliation, the Horned King slowly proceeded forwards, commanding the villains to bind the defeated magic wielders and disarm them of any weapons they may have. The Horned King snapped his fingers and watched as the entire make-shift army of Cinderella Castle fell apart, reverting back to their original and un-enchanted forms. "Truly pitiful. I expected much more of a fight from you wizards, but I assume this only makes my plan easier. Now then..." said the Horned King, turning back to the two fallen wizards. Yen-Sid was completely knocked out, having smashed his head on a rock as he was launched backwards. Merlin, however, had just finished convulsing and was still weak from the attack. Disappearing in a mist of black smoke and reappearing inches away from Merlin's face, the Horned King growled "Where. Is. The Cauldron?"

    Rather then speak to the villain, Merlin instead mustered up some left-over strength and spat in the Horned King's skull-face. Roaring with anger, the villain clutched Merlin by the throat, growling as his grip tightened. "WHERE IS THE CAULDRON? WHERE IS IT?!" the Horned King shouted, his sinister voice echoing like the call of a banshee in the disturbingly quiet air. "I KNOW YOU HAVE HIDDEN MY CAULDRON, NOW TELL ME WHERE IT IS!" Once again, Merlin remained silent. Growling with frustration, the Horned King released the old man and turned his attention to the monstrous Phantom Blot. "I KNOW IT'S HERE, SO TEAR THAT GODDAMN CASTLE TO THE GROUND UNTIL YOU FIND THE CAULDRON!" shouted the Horned King. The Phantom Blot only let out a bellowing howl in sick enjoyment and turned its sights towards the Castle. Suddenly gasping as the Phantom Blot approached Cinderella Castle, Merlin cried out "MICKEY! NO!" in a desperate and frightened voice. Hearing the wizard's desperate scream, the Horned King only smiled menacingly. "Hmm... So the rodent is in there as well? Perfect. The Blot will find the cauldron and destroy him all in one go. I think I am actually going to enjoy this, for a change."

    GM Note: (open)
    For fun, listen to this on repeat while reading the next little bit.

    In the time that passed for the battle to conclude, Mickey had successfully navigated the dungeons of the Castle and had entered Walt's hidden Office. Entering the sacred shrine of the man who created him and this entire world, Mickey quickly ran over to the desk and pulled its drawers open in a specific pattern. With a "clunk", the desk slowly began to rotate on a mechanical lift, instead being replaced with a single golden stand holding the legendary brush. Engraved on the stand, was Walt's most famous words:

    All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

    Smiling fondly as he remembered his "father", Mickey slowly grabbed the brush and sighed. Never in a million years did he think he'd ever use this thing again after what happened in Wasteland, but the time for its magic to be wielded had returned. Grabbing a backpack from Walt's locker, Mickey stuffed his magic hat and cloak inside before suddenly the ground began to shake. "Wha?" Mickey asked himself as he felt some debris from the castle's roof falling on his head. As the loud roar of the Phantom Blot filled the air, Mickey knew what was going on. Dashing out of the office quickly, Mickey barrelled down the hallways, which began to crumble with the extreme force of the earthquakes. As he reached the stairs, the wall to his right was suddenly torn off, the Phantom Blot saw the familiar form of the Mouse and howled aggressively. Aiming the brush and holding down the left button, a stream of Paint Thinner flew from the tip of his weapon directly into the open mouth of the Phantom Blot. The small amount of paint thinner hitting the Blot seemingly did nothing more then anger it, as the Blot quickly returned to facing Mickey. Barreling up the stairs so that he could reach the throne room, Mickey narrowly avoided the gigantic hands of the Phantom Blot as they tore the castle apart in an attempt to end the Mouse's life. Whenever the Blot got too close, Mickey fired off more thinner until it recoiled, then repaired the walls with his paint. As he entered the throne room, Mickey was ambushed once again by the Phantom Blot, who had torn a massive hole open in the ceiling so that the majority of the top-half of the castle was destroyed. Seeing one tower still standing, Mickey made a quick turn and dashed for the staircase, but a slimy rope cast by the Blot caught his leg. Pulling him backwards and raising him up high, the Phantom Blot raised Mickey high into the air and slammed him down over and over again on the side of the castle, using the mouse as a sort of wrecking ball.

    However, as the Blot seemingly raised Mickey into the air one last time, Mickey fired off an enormous burst of Thinner, severing the Blot's arm completely. As it howled in pain and waited for its arm to regrow, Mickey quickly scampered up to the top of the tower and watched as the Blot recovered itself within moments. Turning to him with one incredibly angry bellow, Mickey opened fire and let enormous amounts of Thinner fly from the tip of his brush. The Blot was taken back by this, but slowly inched forwards with every passing second. Reaching into his backpack, Mickey quickly pulled out his magic hat and placed it back on his head. The thinner wasn't enough, the Blot had gotten stronger since they last met. Using his magic, Mickey reinforced the brush so that it fired even more thinner in a larger stream, giving himself more time to think of an escape plan. He assumed Yen-Sid and Merlin had been captured by now, otherwise the Blot wouldn't have been attacking the castle like this. Despite his best efforts, Mickey's power couldn't hold back the Phantom Blot. Now, it was only absorbing the Thinner he used, growing stronger with each blast. As it's severed arm slowly regrew, the Blot shifted its normal arm to the other side of his body so he would only have one arm. But, it was a massive arm with a hammer shaped end. The Blot slowly raised its gigantic arm over the tower, before bringing it down in one swift motion. With the tower crumbling beneath him, Mickey began a dangerous free fall. Screaming, Mickey knew he had very little time before he hit the ground. He needed to act now!

    Gripping his magic hat, Mickey shut his eyes and aimed the brush in the direction he was falling, firing off a blast of Paint, which formed into a massive blob of blue. The blob slowly transformed into a working projector screen, with "The Lonesome Ghosts" playing on it. As he charged towards it, Mickey hoped that it would work. Finally reaching it, Mickey passed through the screen, leaving a rippling effect behind him. Soon after, the projector hit the ground with a hard thud, smashing it to pieces and leaving only minor traces of paint behind. Believing the Mouse to be dead, the Blot proceeded to destroy the rest of Cinderella Castle before finally uncovering the dungeons and with them, the Black Cauldron.


    Halloween Town: October 31st, 2014.

    The party in the centre of Halloween Town Square was pumping. Ghouls and Goblins, monsters and ghosts, and the Non-Halloween People from across the land of Disney, were all socializing and having a grand old time. The life of the party, of course, was the Pumpkin King himself, Jack Skellington. Everyone seemed focused on him as he gave some kind of special Halloween Speech, but before he could finish, a bright flash of light lit up the dark and gloomy sky, followed by a projector screen falling rapidly into the fountain. Just before making impact with the creepy fountain, the form of Mickey Mouse came bounding out of it, landing roughly on the stone pavement. Slowly groaning as he got up, Mickey removed his magic hat and shook his head. "Oh man, I seriously don't want to do that again... That was rough. Phew..." Mickey quietly grumbled to himself before turning to the large crowd currently staring him down with blank stares. Smiling meekly, Mickey raised a hand and gave the crowd a small wave. "Uh, hiya everybody. Um... Jack? Sorry to interrupt your party, but there's kind of... Sort of a... Uh, well, its a big deal. Would you be so kind as to gather up the Disney world leaders here and bringing them here? I would do it myself, but uh... I need a drink or something."
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  2. ‘Twas a few minutes ago, longer now than it seems,
    In a place that perhaps you’ve seen in your dreams.
    For the story that you are about to be told,
    Began with the Holiday Worlds of old.
    Now, you’ve probably wondered where Holidays come from.
    If you haven’t, I’d say it’s time you begun.
    For Holidays are the result of much fuss
    And hard work for the Worlds that create them for us.
    For it was yet another Halloween,
    Which meant another night in which the Pumpkin King would be seen.
    Jack Skellington, dapper in his black and white-striped suit,
    As handsome a skeleton, right down to his foot,
    Worked his magic to make another Halloween,
    To the resounding sound of happy screams….

    “Well done, Jack!” the coneheaded Mayor of Halloween Town congratulated bombastically, shaking the Pumpkin King’s bony hand in his tiny one. “Another great showing!”

    “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mayor,” Jack said. “The night has only begun!” He swept a skeletal arm across the town square, showcasing the festivities.

    Ghoulish lamps, bony totems, and many creepy crawlies decorated every inch of Halloween Town, its streets filled with trick or treaters and creatures that go bump in the night. Being the New Millennium, Jack had a plethora of new technology he adapted from the human worlds of Disneyland to enhance this year’s Halloween.

    The textures on his latest monstrosities were of the highest-end material, as lifelike as he ever made them. Hologram technology only enhanced the ghostly apparitions of yesteryear to truly frightening levels. And Merlin’s contributions from the magical perspective gave Jack an entirely new palette from which to play. It had certainly helped stoke the macabre artist’s muse, and the wide toothy grin on Jack’s face demonstrated the sheer pleasure he had in creating this year’s Halloween.

    “I understand that some of world leaders will be in attendance this night?” the Mayor asked, walking alongside Jack, who was nodding his thanks from other well-wishers and admirers they passed by.

    “Why yes,” replied the Lord of Halloween. “Quite a few of the other Holiday Lords are here, or at least their representatives. Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Thanksgiving Turkey I saw earlier; Valentine sent her cupid and Saint Patrick sent one of his leprechauns. Those two aren’t as powerful as Santa, Thanksgiving, or myself, so I am not surprised that they were reluctant to leave their sphere of influence, knowing they would lose a great deal of their power while in Halloween Town. There are even a few leaders from other Disneylands.”

    Jack noticed that some of the decorations had broken down from trick or treaters doing too much rough-housing near it. He gently waved a hand in front of the damaged goods, warping them with his will and restoring them to their frightening state.

    “Your magic is surely more impressive than that, Lord of Halloween,” a gravelly voice asked from behind Jack’s shoulder.
    The Pumpkin King and the Mayor turned and saw the massive, imposing figure of the Wyvern Clan leader, the gargoyle Goliath. Over seven feet tall and all hardened muscle, he was three times the weight and width of the skeletal Jack and just a few inches taller. He was a truly intimidating creature, yet also regal in his quiet confidence. His great leathery wings were closed around him like an ermine cape. It was truly impressive how such a massive being could be so stealthy, having crept up on the two Halloween monsters without a single sound.

    “Goliath, so glad you could join us,” the Mayor said shakily, clearly intimidated by the powerful warrior.

    Jack took Goliath’s approach far more amicably. After all, here in his element of Halloween Town, he was virtually a god. Here, in his sphere of influence, not even Yen Sid could overpower him.

    “I was wondering if you would accept my invitation, Goliath. As someone who has used the Phoenix Gate and seen across both space and time, you’re one of the few Earthborn beings who can learn about other worlds and travel between them. Usually, you have to be a wizard of great power, like Merlin or Yen Sid, to even come to Halloween Town.”

    “I understand the honor you have bestowed upon me, Pumpkin King,” Goliath boomed, “I am merely marveling that a creature with godlike power is content to use his magic to simply repair broken toys.”

    “You’re a warrior, Goliath,” Jack said, suddenly serious. “You know better than most the value of keeping your true strength hidden from potential enemies. Besides, the powers of a Holiday Lord are not to be used recklessly.”

    Goliath bowed his head an inch in deference. “Forgive me, then, for assuming otherwise. That is a wise sentiment, Pumpkin King. Now, why did you invite me here? I care nothing for the magical realm, even if I am aware of it.”

    “Simple. This is a chance for you to broaden your horizons. What you learn here, and in other worlds, will help you protect your clan. It’s the same reason why I invited other world leaders here as well. Consider it a pet project of mine, spreading the knowledge of other worlds.”

    Goliath considered Jack’s words and gave the skeleton a tense, searching look. Seemingly satisfied with what he saw, the gargoyle nodded. “You seem sincere enough, Jack Skellington. Show me these world leaders and what they have to offer.”

    Just then, a bright flash of light lit up the gloomy sky, followed by what appeared to be a projector screen falling rapidly into the fountain in the center of the town square.

    “My word,” Jack said, recognizing the distinctive silhouette that bounded out of the project, just as it crashed into the water. “Mickey Mouse?”

    “Oh man, I seriously don’t want to do that again…That was rough. Phew…” Mickey got back on his feet, raised a hand sheepishly, and gave the crowd a small wave. “Uh, hiya everybody. Um…Jack? Sorry to interrupt your party, but there’s kind of…Sort of a…Uh, well, it’s a big deal. Would you be so kind as to gather up the Disney world leaders here and bringing them here? I would do it myself, but uh…I need a drink of something.”

    Jack needed only to see the absolute terror in Mickey’s face, a terror that wiped away any mirth from the Pumpkin King’s own visage, before saying in a serious tone, “Come with me.”

    An hour later, with the Halloween party in the proxy care of the Mayor, Jack, Mickey, and Goliath sat in Jack’s manse where they could converse privately. Mickey regaled them with the terrible tale of the Disney villain’s hostile takeover of the House of Mouse, the return of the Horned King and the Phantom Blot, the final defense of Yen Sid and Merlin, and the fall of Cinderella Castle. When Mickey finished, he was pale even through his dark fur, with a mug of tea in his hands.

    “My god,” Jack murmured, steepling his thin fingers in thought.

    “I know little of these…Disney villains. I assume they are from other worlds,” Goliath said stonily, “but I have read on the legends of the Horned King, the Phantom Blot, and the sorcerers Yen Sid and Merlin. For sorcerers of such power to be overwhelmed in battle suggests that your enemies are on a level of power far greater than anything we’ve ever encountered.”

    “It’s more than that,” Jack said, coming out of his reverie. “The Horned King is known to me. He is something of a necromancer, a sorcerer with influence over the undead. He relies on the Black Cauldron, an artifact that can create an army of undead warriors. His magic directly impacts what is essentially my sphere of influence. Only a select few, such as myself, have unrestricted access to such magic, and only in our spheres of influence. The Horned King is essentially stealing power from things he should not be dabbling in. But he was defeated long ago, and the Cauldron locked away in Cinderella Castle. I don’t doubt he’s reclaimed it by now, but for him to be able to challenge Yen Sid and Merlin without it…the Horned King was NEVER that powerful before. Something changed. He’s gained power from another source.”

    Jack stood up and began pacing his study, bony hands clenched together at the small of his back. Suddenly, he spun on one skeletal heel and swept an arm out before him.

    Portals opened in the air, revealing worlds alien to Goliath. The gargoyle quickly realized that he was looking at other Disneylands.

    “We have to assume that Yen Sid and Merlin will not be able to help us. I will call on the world leaders, Mickey,” Jack said. “Your story disturbed me greatly. Yen Sid was a friend of mine. If he has fallen, then he will be avenged.”
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  3. On another world...

    It was expected that the Crown Prince of Corona would be handsome, charming, and stately. The people of Corona got two out of three, which the Crown Prince didn't think that was half bad.

    It was expected that the Crown Prince of Corona would also be clever with his words, educated, and regal. Instead, the people of Corona got Flynn Rider.

    Who was presently having a staring contest with a chameleon that was camping out on his nose.

    "I'm gonna get you, you little iguana," Crown Prince Eugene Fitzherbert muttered at the reptile, Pascal, who only narrowed his large round eyes in challenege and turned a determined shade of red. Marriage to Rapunzel had been pretty good. The former blonde was one of the sweetest and most energetic people Eugene had ever met, the living embodient of a breath of fresh air. Though Eugene was still as snarky as ever, his sense of cynicism - buried under his witty humor - melted around Rapunzel, who always seemed to find something exciting about even the most mundane of things. It was the reason he fell in love with her.

    However, this annoying lizard was always quick to put a cramp in just how Eugene wanted to express that love.

    Eugene tried to grab Pascal's tail, but the agile creature just leaped into his hair, purposefully tangling it into knots. Eugene inelegantly danced around the throne room, bumping into tables and decorative suits of armor in his attempt to defeat his archenemy.

    "This is just humiliating," Eugene scowled, managing to finally get a hold of the beastie. "I'm fighting a lizard. On equal footing. Oh, how the mighty have fallen," he grumbled dejectedly. Pascal blew him a raspberry. "You're just lucky Blondie likes you," Eugene muttered, pointing a finger at the chameleon.

    Suddenly, both Crown Prince and chameleon were blown from their feet as a massive portal burst in the air before them, knocking them onto the ground. Within the portal, Eugene could see three figures, an anthropomorphic mouse, the biggest winged gargoyle he'd ever seen, and an equally tall and lanky skeleton in a dapper pinstripe suit.


    "Greetings!" the skeleton said cheerfully with a wave and a bow. "I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King. These are my associated, Mickey Mouse and Goliath of the Wyvern Clan. I am looking for Rapunzel, the future leader of your kingdom."

    Eugene and Pascal looked at each other, for once having the same alarming thought running through their heads. A scary looking skeleton and an even scarier gargoyle want Rapunzel? Over their dead bodies.

    "Look here, bonehead, I don't know what you want with Rapunzel, but if you're after her, you gotta go through me. And no one takes Flynn Rider's girl!" Eugene fell right back into his old persona like putting on a well-worn boot. Bravado, charm, and even more bravado. It helped him often enough in the past.

    The skeleton double backed and waved his hands frantically. "No, no, no. I mean her no harm. I need her help, Flynn Rider. I need the help of the bravest and wisest of the worlds of Disney." The skeleton added gravely, begging, "Please."

    Eugene and Pascal shared another look.

    A few minutes later, Eugene returned to the throne room with his wife in tow, explaining to the short-haired brunette as they went. "Okay, seriously, I didn't sneak into the wine cellar again. No, I am NOT making this up, Blondie. You'd think you'd be all over this like white on rice! Anyway, There's this big portal that just - BOOM - showed up in the throne room. And there's people on the other side of it. Weird people. Like, even weirder than the boys at the Ugly Duckling. The weirdest one is this skeleton guy, Jack Somethingorother. Anyway, they wanted to talk to you."

    The portal loomed before the couple, Jack Skellington's bony visage predominant beyond it.

    The Pumpkin King bowed. "All hail Princess Rapunzel of Corona. I come with grim tidings, Princess. I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, and these, my associates - Mickey Mouse and Goliath. There are worlds beyond this one, which is but a thread in the great tapestry that makes up the worlds of Disneyland. These worlds may now be in danger. I have sent out a call to all the Disneylands to bring their bravest and wisest to help us save everyone. This portal will take you directly to my home, where you will be among friends. I beg of you, help us."

    Eugene listened through the grim speech quietly. He leaned down to his wife and whispered into her ear. "Dibs on wisest. It'd stop your dad from calling me a fool all the time."
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  4. ✷ Rapunzel ✷

    "Eugene?" Rapunzel called "Is someone in there with you? I thought I heard my name?" the small brunette princess called from down the hall. Rapunzel had been in the to-be library again, painting. She had recently finished a portrait of the lanterns, a much more accurate portrait now that she had seen the beautiful, floating lights up close. As she stepped back to admire her work on the palace wall the princess wiped the back of her paint covered hand across her forehead. Blushing when she felt something sticky the green eyed Corona royal tapped a piece of drop cloth that had been covering the floor around the area to her forehead. Sure enough, blue, purple, yellow, even a little pink and green smudged off onto the canvas just as her husband walked into the room.

    Whipping around to face Flynn Rider she grinned and raised her shoulders in a slight shrug as walked over, immediately picking up on his concern. "What's wrong Eugene?" she asked before promptly picking Pascal up off of his head and gently placing the smiley green chameleon on her shoulder.

    As Rapunzel followed Eugene out of the Library and back to the throne room she placed a gently hand on his shoulder, trying to get him to stop and listen for a moment "Eugene," she said calmly as she paused in her walking, her green gaze continuing to follow the man she loved. '...Wine cellar again... You'd think...' "Eugene..." she said again, catching up to her rambling husband. He still hadn't heard her obviously, because he just kept talking. '-Boom- showed up in the throne room' "Eugene..." 'Jack Somethingorother. Anyway, they wanted to talk to you' "Eugene!" she said urgently, raising her voice slightly "I believe you" she added in a quieter, much more gentle tone that she normally spoke in.

    When the princess finally looked around her mouth made a small 'o' as she stared in awe at the portal. Within a heartbeat Rapunzel knew she would be painting a mural of this next. Snapping out of her thoughts when the Pumpkin King bowed and began to speak, Rapunzel took a half step forward, curtsied respectfully, then stepped back. As the eventual queen of Corona listened to Jack Skellington she nodded lightly "I'm not sure I understand anything of 'other worlds'... I know of Arendelle, if that is similar to what you mean, but I do understand danger" she said seriously as she moved a hand from the side of her dress and gently slipped hers into Eugene's. "Of course we will help, Eugene and I would be honored" she said, doing her best to be diplomatic. Ever since she had returned home, Rapunzel had learned to grow up when doing certain royal duties and be her true, bubbly, happy, child-like self during others. This duty screamed grown-up.

    Looking up at Eugene when he made the comment about being wise it took eveything she had not to laugh. "Oh shush, you know my father loves you almost as much as I do" she whispered quickly, her green eyes sparkling with the laughter that she was forced to hold back.
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  5. It wasn’t long before Eugene and Rapunzel had made arrangements for their departure and stepped through Jack Skellington’s portal and entered the Pumpkin King’s domain. Eugene had thought Corona Castle was the pinnacle of architecture, with its sweeping towers and marble corridors. The Lord of Halloween’s manse took the painstaking artistry of Corona Castle and added the Gothic flair that could only be found in a nightmare, at once making the manse equally beautiful and terrible.

    The former thief had to suppress a wince when he saw a desiccated head on a small stand, its skin taught and cracked like leather. He kept widely abreast of a nearby table laden with beakers, bottles, and assorted equipment suggesting that the table was essentially an amateur chemistry set. The fact that one concoction in a beaker seemed to be boiling a pair of eyes that somehow blinked without the benefit of eyelids brought a wave of nausea in Eugene’s stomach.

    “Uh…nice place,” he commented sheepishly to their lanky host.

    “Oh, do you really think so?” the Pumpkin King asked brightly, sincerely taking Eugene at his word. “I tried to clean up a bit before the Halloween festivities, just in case I were to entertain guests. I was truly worried it would be a bit too cluttered…”

    “Skellington, stay on task,” Goliath rumbled, catching Eugene’s attention instantly. The gargoyle was positively HUGE, all rippling muscle and towering, foreboding presence. He was about the weight and girth of both Stabbington Brothers side by side, and they were hardly stick-thin themselves. Eugene gulped when the gargoyle turned his attention to him and Rapunzel. “Humans call me Goliath.” The massive creature then dipped into a regal bow directed at Rapunzel, with all the proud nobility and bearing of a king. Hell, in Eugene’s mind, the King of Corona didn’t have anywhere the presence Goliath had. The gargoyle made a humble bow look arrogant.

    “We need only await the others Skellington and the Mouse have called upon, then we must discuss how best to save all of our worlds,” Goliath intoned gravely.

    “Yeah, about that,” Eugene interrupted, “I hope you’re asking for a lot of backup. It’s not like either of us have any magical powers or anything, not anymore for some of us.”

    “Don’t worry,” Jack said. “It takes more than powers to vanquish evil, Flynn Rider. It takes courage and heart, too. Now then, allow me to get you something to drink.”

    After seeing some of the concoctions on the chemistry table, Eugene blanched visibly at the suggestion of imbibing anything brewed by the Lord of Halloween. He waved his hands frantically. “Uh, no thanks. I’m good!”
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  6. On the other side of the room, Mickey had remained awfully quiet, as he was busy setting up the other portals to contact the Heroes. They would recognize him more so then Jack, but regardless, they would need to see the portal in order for the plan to work properly.

    Across the many worlds it contacted, a massive portal suddenly opened inches away from Queen Elsa and her sister Anna, Prince Adam and Princess Belle, Aleu, and Tinkerbell. The portal sizzled with energy before suddenly the room was filled with smoke. Seemingly, the portal had tried to give whoever was using it a dramatic entrance. The only thing it was giving the voice on the other side, however, was a fit of coughing. "*cough cough* F-For the love of Walt, Jack! *cough cough* C-Can't we... *cough* open this thing without the theatrics?" Mickey called out as the magic powder which created Jack's portals kind of blew up in his face. "But my friend, its not very often that I get to use these! As a result, I make it a personal goal to perform the grandest of entrances whenever I use them!" Jack called out from a distance, obviously busy with Rapunzel and Flynn. Shaking his head towards the Pumpkin King, Mickey turned back to the portal. Currently, he was staring into four separate locations: Neverland, Arendelle, France, and some unknown area, but he saw a wolf standing on top of a hill and refocused it as the territory of Balto's pack. Shaking his head, not fully satisfied about where the portals had gone, Mickey began to speak.

    "Hello! Can anybody hear me? This is Mickey Mouse! Prince Adam, Princess Belle? Anybody? Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Peter, Tinkerbell, are you there? Balto! Balto, come on! Urrgh! They're not responding... Okay, look, something horrible has happened! I'm here at Halloween Town with Jack Skellington. We're sending out messages to all the worlds, asking heroes to hear our pleas. If you can respond to my plea, step through the portal and join us here! If you can't respond to the call but can hear me, then prepare your worlds! The villains have returned! Any and all worlds are in serious danger. The House of Mouse and Cinderella Castle have been attacked, but the villains are going to spread out! Please, anybody, respond! We need your help!" explained the head Mouse. His voice was not filled with fear, but something more like extreme concern. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on in the other worlds, if the villains had taken over or not, but he needed to at least try and warn the heroes.
  7. [​IMG]
    Tinker Bell, yellow Another day, another adventure, another line of drifting bodies floating in pixiedust to the little trunk that let the Lost Boys into their underground home once nightfall arrived. It was routine for the Never Fairy, but life on Neverland was anything but monotonous, thanks to..
    "Thanks Tink. Those boys are out like a light..."Peter yawned, denying yet again his own exhaustion. Tink just waved her hand in a 'no big deal' gesture and followed her companion down into his room. The rest of the boys had pretty much fallen asleep when they hit the blankets.
    In Peter's room, Tinker Bell headed for her own cozy little alcove, but like most nights, Peter stopped her.
    "Hey Tink, where're you goin'? Aren't you gonna stay up with me? You aren't tired are you?" He yawned again. Tink just rolled her eyes and flitted back to him, pushing him to sit on his hammock. "No, but you are." She said, her voice sometimes like bells to anyone but Peter and some other select few.
    He may be adventurous and fun, but Peter Pan is still a young boy and he still gets tired from running around and playing all day. And he gets tuckered out pretty early too. Eight or nine, sometimes seven, not that anyone could do much more than estimate the time of day without the ticking crocodile nearby.bed times only change if of course, there was a powwow going in with TigerLily. What an ugly girl she is.
    Tink was not in the mood to play this game again, so she just shook her head and headed for her room again, this time ignoring Peter's complaints until he gave up and swiftly fell asleep. This she was used to. The fairy knew now that even though she wasn't very tired, she could stay here, gaze at herself in the mirror or go stargaze even, for a few hours if she wished. This was her 'me-time' so to speak and she was standing on her little music box when something very peculiar occurred right outside her tiny bedroom.

    Just as Tinkerbell thought she was alone with her thoughts, a massive portal suddenly opened inches away from the doorway. It sizzled with energy before suddenly the room was filled with smoke. Tink gasped and moved her leaf door out of the way only to face Mickey's huge face in a magical portal. The racket of the magic crashing in woke her best friend and Peter scrambled out of his hammock before standing at attention in front of the sudden entrance of the crackling magical window.

    "*cough cough* F-For the love of Walt, Jack! *cough cough* C-Can't we... *cough* open this thing without the theatrics?"
    Mickey called out as the magic powder which created Jack's portals kind of blew up in his face. Tink cocked her head, tapped her foot in midair and huffed. Meanwhile Peter yawned and tried to poke it with his index finger. Tinker Bell slapped his hand away. "But my friend, its not very often that I get to use these! As a result, I make it a personal goal to perform the grandest of entrances whenever I use them!" Jack called out from a distance, obviously busy with..is that..Rapunzel and Flynn? Shaking his head towards the Pumpkin King, Mickey turned back to the portal. "Hello! Can anybody hear me? This is Mickey Mouse! Prince Adam, Princess Belle? Anybody? Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Peter, Tinkerbell, are you there? Balto! Balto, come on! Urrgh! They're not responding... Okay, look, something horrible has happened! I'm here at Halloween Town with Jack Skellington. We're sending out messages to all the worlds, asking heroes to hear our pleas. If you can respond to my plea, step through the portal and join us here! If you can't respond to the call but can hear me, then prepare your worlds! The villains have returned! Any and all worlds are in serious danger. The House of Mouse and Cinderella Castle have been attacked, but the villains are going to spread out! Please, anybody, respond! We need your help!" explained the head Mouse. His voice was not filled with fear, but something more like extreme concern.

    By the end of the mouse's spiel, both Neverlanders wore serious expressions of concern. They shared a glance and a moment of silence before immediately beginning to quarrel. Softly, so as not to wake the Lost Boys, who would throw this whole situation into chaos.
    "Let's go, Tink! Mickey needs our help!"
    "No! Peter--" She pulled him away from the portal by the back of his shirt collar until he turned around to face her with a sense of urgency the message had instilled in him.
    "We're going to save the whole world...worlds even! This is our chance to be superheroes, Tink! Don't you wanna go? I mean, don't you have friends in some of those other worlds?"
    "Well--acquaintances more like, and I'm going to go, but Peter--"
    "Great then! Let's g--"
    "Peter! LISTEN!" Tinker Bell was already glowing red with exasperation, jingling loudly by his ear.
    "You can't come with me."
    The Never fairy clamped his lips shut with her tiny hands. "The lost boys need you here. The idiotic pirate might take advantage of the fact that you're gone and all of Neverland will be in more danger than it already is! If there's anyone Captain Hook wants revenge on, it's you. And you've gotta be there to smash a mango on his head or something! You have to keep this place safe. It's your job."
    Tink hadn't spoken to him so many words in years, much less had he been so inclined to listen this long. Peter visibly deflated, but understood that Tink was right, like always. Just as he was about to agree, Tink shushed him again, refusing to accept the fact that he would say goodbye. Tomorrow he would wake his boys and treat them like soldiers. All would stand at attention and Neverland would be guarded by all means necessary. She believed in Peter, but she wasn't much for sentiment. She couldn't watch him say goodbye. With all the villains loose, she wasn't sure what was coming. Or what would happen. So before her companion could say a word, she flitted to her little room, grabbed her wand, strapped it to her right hip with a tiny leather string, and reluctantly left her mirror inside. She would miss this place.
    Making sure the portal wouldn't close and she wouldn't hear a word from Peter, she gave him the tiniest of kisses on his nose and flew swiftly into the portal, refusing to look back as it closed behind her.

    "Mickey. Long time, no see."
    Tink fluttered by his large ear, knowing he and only he would be able to hear her words among the other, taller members inside the creepy room. She was not afraid. Not even of the gargantuan gargoyle who looked like he could squash her with his pinkie. As long as they all believed in fairies, she'd be all right. Especially with her wand strapped to her side.


    Aleu, blue
    The night was drawing near, but the clan pack members were far from sleepy. At the head of the pack, a strong, sandy colored female ran ahead of everyone else, racing the wind and glancing up at the full moon every so often. It had risen not too long ago, and everyone was excitedly yipping and barking as their flanks occasionally bumped into others. They were a colorful bunch and the only wolf pack in the land, mostly because it was an undiscovered peninsula where no one dare encroach on their territory.

    Aleu headed for the valley. A long stretch of grass, a clearing where her family would howl for a time to say goodbye to the day before retiring to the cave, more of a dugout into the hill really. They ran and ran, leaving a multitude of pawprints on a worn trail already before they reached the hill. And waited. Wolves of all shapes, colors and sizes gathered around their Alpha expectantly. She smirked at her brothers and sisters, let her wide blue eyes stray to the moon and sat, lifting a single paw.
    And just like that, a long and beautiful howl filled the night air, seemingly heading straight for the Earth's natural satellite. A chorus begun soon after, harmonies weaving in and out of Aleu's original melody. It was magical...Aleu would never regret the choice to cross the Bering Sea. She had found her home.
    When everyone was heading to bed, Aleu wandered in last. With one last look at the moon, she paused and left the rest of the pack to get settled in. Something in the air wasn't quite right... A brown field mouse darted back up the hill, away from the dugout.
    He looked familiar and it only took Aleu a moment to recognize him.
    "Muru?" She whispered into the night and followed him back up the hill.
    "Where are you?" When she was bathed in the moonlight on the hill above her pack, she searched, ears perked, nose high, even though she could hardly smell a spirit guide anyway..
    and then suddenly a flash of yellow overtook her vision and she stood still, in a daze, watching images of the recent past fill her mind's eye. An anthropomorphic mouse near a drum of terrible smelling liquid..laughter of the most malicious sort..a castle before a green sky and sinister presences all around.
    When she could see the world around her again she was very concerned. She had never had a vision quite like that before. She didn't even know what it was about. Aleu took in shallow breaths, eyes darting all about looking for danger. There is trouble somewhere and she wasn't sure what to do except growl when a magical sort of window appeared before her mysteriously and quite loudly.

    "*cough cough* F-For the love of Walt, Jack! *cough cough* C-Can't we... *cough* open this thing without the theatrics?" Mickey called out as a sort of magic powder kind of blew up in his face. Aleu cocked her head in confusion, legs spread and ready to attack. The mouse thing in the window looked strangely familiar. She could hear her packmates stirring curiously at what they had heard. "But my friend, its not very often that I get to use these! As a result, I make it a personal goal to perform the grandest of entrances whenever I use them!" Is that...a skeleton? Aleu's blue eyes widened and she took a step back, becoming slowly surrounded by her family, all sharing little whispers of curiosity and concern. She gave them a look over her shoulder so she could listen, occasionally stepping forward to sniff at the window without touching it, while some of the others tucked their tails between their legs.
    "Hello! Can anybody hear me? This is Mickey Mouse! Prince Adam, Princess Belle? Anybody? Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Peter, Tinkerbell, are you there? Balto! Balto, come on!
    Mickey....she could have sworn she'd heard that name before. He's important. Her dad had told her of him once when she was younger.
    Balto? What does he want with my dad?

    Urrgh! They're not responding... Okay, look, something horrible has happened! I'm here at Halloween Town with Jack Skellington. We're sending out messages to all the worlds, asking heroes to hear our pleas. If you can respond to my plea, step through the portal and join us here! If you can't respond to the call but can hear me, then prepare your worlds! The villains have returned! Any and all worlds are in serious danger. The House of Mouse and Cinderella Castle have been attacked, but the villains are going to spread out! Please, anybody, respond! We need your help!"

    The longer he spoke, the more Aleu came to recognize this mouse--creature. She knew something was wrong and when he said the places of names that had been attacked, Aleu barked with surprise and her fur bristled with urgency at the fact that she had seen them in her mind not five minutes ago. The other wolves grew antsy, tentatively asking what was going on. None of them seem to have any idea what was going on here. Before she could address them, she felt something small crawl onto her paw and when she looked down, Muru was sitting there staring up at her. Turning to her family for a moment, she said, "Give me a moment guys. I'll figure this out." She turned back to the mouse on her paw, every so often glancing up at the portal as she listened closely, knowing Muru could give her guidance.
    "There are forces at work here beyond your control. You have a choice now. To stay and protect you and your own, or to help the other worlds you've seen ravaged by misguided souls. Whatever you choose, I am always with you."
    Aleu closed her eyes, knowing she didn't have much time left. Did they really even need her? What if they only wanted her father back in Alaska? She felt an urge to stay with her pack, her brothers and sisters, to protect them as an alpha should. But at the same time, she recalled Mickey's words. If she didn't step through into 'Halloween Town', the fearsome ones she had seen in her mind would eventually reach them and she wasn't sure how formidable her pack was without magic. She must not underestimate her foes. And with that, a decision was made. She turned her back on the portal and stood tall, making sure all were silent and attentive. "They need my help."
    Before she could start, snarls of protest and whimpers of worry rang out before she shushed them. "Listen! They may be looking for my father, but I know I can be of more help. Trust me, I don't want to leave you, but I'm pretty sure that if I go, I can keep the danger from ever even getting here in the first place. I've made my choice. Don't you guys believe in me?"
    Reluctant nods and whimpers all around. They knew she was doing what she felt was right and their alpha always had their best interests in mind.
    "Good. I'll leave Aatu (A large male, brown wolf who was her beta) in charge while I'm gone. Don't worry. I'll be back as soon as I can." But just in case, she nuzzled everyone in turn quickly, smiled at her beloved pack and faced the portal. Muru disappeared into a mist before she leaped through, but she knew he would be with her.
    When she landed into the place called 'Halloween Town' her gaze instantly went back to the closing portal behind her with a nervous expression. That is, before all her senses went rampant at once. The stones were cold beneath her paw pads, she could hear bubbling noises and skittering from creepy looking beakers and dark corners. Her ears flipped back immediately while her tail lowered, threatening to show them her fear and she backed slowly away from the inhabitants of the place, closer in fact, to the mouse who had addressed her and a little glowing thing by his ear. Had this place been affected by the evils as well? It sure looked like it.
    Would any of these Bipedal creatures even understand her? There were two humans here, but she wasn't about to go near them. People hate wolves. But that giant dark skinned creature with a cape looked mighty intimidating as well, not to mention the towering skeleton. What is going on? To get answers, Aleu's nervously wide eyes met Mickey's and even if he couldn't understand her barks or yips, she tried to ask questions anyway.
    "You...called for my father. Balto. But you got me. I'm Aleu and I'm here to help because I saw bits and pieces of what happened on the other realms you spoke of. Um..I don't suppose these are the villains you were talking about?" She motioned to the other people in the room hesitantly, standing close to him, but not too close. She didn't make eye contact with any of the other people, but she did keep her teeth bared and her body language as dominant as possible in her anxiety. If they come anywhere near her, she would attack.
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  8. ✷ Rapunzel ✷

    Rapunzel's initial excitement of going to another world turned into horror nearly as soon as she stepped into the permanently Halloween themed world. Biting on her bottom lip gently she did her best to suppress a gasp as they walked around. Drinks with eyeballs in them, Heads without bodies, scary jack-o-lanterns... it was a bit much, no?

    Gulping slightly, Blondie scooted closer to Eugene as they went on their 'tour' of Halloweentown. Upon hearing another voice, Rapunzel re-directed her attention to the huge statue that was talking to her. What were they called again, gargoyles? Returning the gesture with a curtsie she swallowed her fear and shot a friendly smile up at Goliath "It's wonderful to meet you, I'm Rapunzel, and this handsome skeptic is my husband Eugene" she said lightly, a cheery, bubbly tone in her voice once again. The slim brunette had figured out that if she didn't look at the decorations, the place really was rather cheerful.. for such a gloomy, scary setting.

    Turning her attention back toward the nearly-as-tall-as-the-gargoyle skeleton, the former blonde listened carefully after, like her husband, refusing a drink in the nicest possible way. "If I may ask Mr... um... Jack, can I call you Jack?" she asked before taking Pascal off her shoulder and holding the scared yet fakingly brave reptile, trying to calm him "Who else is supposed to be fighting the villains?"


    Setting her book, Robin Hood, down on the arm of her plush, light green chair when she heard a voice that sounded quite like that of a friendly little mouse she had once met, Belle stood gracefully and walked out of the gigantic library. Poking her head into the study, Belle noted that her husband was currently working on a few 'royalty' things and decided not to interrupt him. Walking to where she heard the voice, Belle looked at the portal with a puzzled expression painted on her pretty face, her hazel eyes studying the world portal carefully. "Mickey?" she called as she entered the portal, looking around wide-eyed once the smoke cleared. "where... where am I?" she said lightly as she looked around, wandering this strange, gothic type world.

    Spotting a few other people, well... not necessarily people. One was a fairy, one a skeleton, a wolf... husky perhaps, a gargoyle and a few actual people. she took a deep breathe and walked toward the group, none of them looked like villains, and surely this land was safe if they were being called here... right?

    ⚛ Anna ⚛

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  9. Elsa

    Elsa Queen of Arendelle stood in her room look out from her large window a small smile crossed her face as she watched the on goings down below, her people were so happy now, her sister was happy, and that made her happy. She looked over everything her palace was so beautiful now it was all that she could ever ask for, she turned away from the window deciding a nice walk would be good, but just as she reached the door a strange sound made her stop she turned slowly and gasped and in surprise and fright, a portal or mirror had opened in front of her.

    Elsa stood still for a moment, but jumped when she heard voices.

    "*cough cough* F-For the love of Walt, Jack! *cough cough* C-Can't we... *cough* open this thing without the theatrics?" Mickey called out as the magic powder which apparently some Jack had created, the name rung a bell but Elsa was still trying to get to the bottom of this strange portal. "But my friend, its not very often that I get to use these! As a result, I make it a personal goal to perform the grandest of entrances whenever I use them!" She heard the Jack person call out wait was that Rapunzel. Shaking his head towards the Pumpkin King, Mickey turned back to the portal. "Hello! Can anybody hear me? This is Mickey Mouse! Prince Adam, Princess Belle? Anybody? Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Peter, Tinkerbell, are you there? Balto! Balto, come on! Urrgh! They're not responding... Okay, look, something horrible has happened! I'm here at Halloween Town with Jack Skellington. We're sending out messages to all the worlds, asking heroes to hear our pleas. If you can respond to my plea, step through the portal and join us here! If you can't respond to the call but can hear me, then prepare your worlds! The villains have returned! Any and all worlds are in serious danger. The House of Mouse and Cinderella Castle have been attacked, but the villains are going to spread out! Please, anybody, respond! We need your help!" Mickey spoke his tone of voice saying everything words could not.

    Elsa's eyes widened at the mention of the words villains and help, her instinct to protect her kingdom and her sister screamed for her to go and help, this was important, but she couldn't just leave and have her palace unguarded, or leave and have her sister come look for her again. She did what she thought best "Anna" she called her sister.
  10. ⚛ Anna ⚛

    Anna was outside, flirting with Kristoff as she gently made fun of him for being in a reindeer costume. The strawberry blonde haired princess had practically begged her boyfriend to dress up as a reindeer for Halloween, but she never did expect him to actually comply. Taking a few deep breathes the princess finally stopped her laughing and caught her breath before standing on her tip-toes and planting a kiss on the ice-man's cheek when she heard her sister calling her. "I guess we've been spotted or something" Anna shrugged as she spun around on a heel and began skipping happily back into the castle.

    The younger girl still felt like she was floating on a cloud when she appeared at her sister's doorway, still in a daze as she tilted her head to the side. "Yes Elsa? Is everything alrigh..." the girl began to speak as she opened the door and saw a portal type thing. Immediately snapping out of her happy 'I-just-saw-Kristoff' daze she ran over curiously and tried to touch the portal. Her hand went through, and she pulled it back. Sticking her head through for a moment she looked around with huge, wide, bright blue eyes full of amazement before pulling her head back out and turning to Elsa.

    Grasping the queen's arm and giving a few excited bounces that a five year old might do she smiled brightly, excitement shining in her eyes "Elsa, you have to see that place... it's so... weird! It's like this black and white and purple place that really knows how to decorate for Halloween! Oh, and there were so many things there! I saw a wolf, oh it was sooo cute... I wanna wolf now" she sighed going off on a tangent for a moment "Oh, and there was this small fairy and a gargoyle and a skeleton, and a couple of people were there too. I saw Rapunzel and Eugene" she finally concluded as the girl stood back on the flats of her feet instead of her toes while she waited for her Ice Queen sister's reply.
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  11. Elsa looked at Anna as she came into the room, but knew that her sister didn't see her, her eyes were already glued to the portal"Anna!" she said as her sister stuck her hand into the portal, but the younger was to distracted to hear her she calmed a bit when she pulled her hand back but almost had a heart attack when Anna stuck her head in "Anna are you okay!" She spoke loudly not sure what to do.

    After panicking and waiting for a while, she let out a tense breath as Anna's head came out f the portal completely normal"Anna" Elsa spoke but Anna was to busy rambling "Anna calm down" she said and Anna finally finished her rambling "Okay listen to me Anna, before I called you there was a voice that spoke to me from the portal, he said my name and asked for help" she said pacing"He said that some villains are back, and that were in danger...and I think since he asked for me there is something really wrong" she explained further.

    Walking over to her sister she put her hand on Anna's shoulder"I'm leaving you in charge Anna, Arendelle can not be left unprotected or without the right guidance, I'll have the guard doubled around the gates the rest I'll leave to you" she said while walking over to her dresser to grab her cloak

    "Can you handle this Anna" Elsa asked looking at her sister.
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  12. Mulan was practicing her Kung Fu in the courtyard to pass the time while her husband, Li Shang, was at the palace due to a summoning from the Emperor. She shouted at every swift movement she made. After an hour of practicing, she decided to go into the washroom to wash off the sweat and change into her everyday wear. After her hygiene was taken care of, she looked into the mirror. "Wow. It's been a long time since I actually looked into a mirror. Last time I did, I was cutting off my hair." Mulan reminisced out loud. Her hair has grown longer since then but not at it's previous length. "It's been a while since I did military work too. Maybe I should go back. Sitting ideally isn't me." Mulan said to herself as she left the washroom. Taking a few steps forward a portal suddenly appeared and words were spoken.

    "Hello! Can anybody hear me? This is Mickey Mouse! Prince Adam, Princess Belle? Anybody? Queen Elsa of Arendelle? Peter, Tinkerbell, are you there? Balto! Balto, come on! Urrgh! They're not responding... Okay, look, something horrible has happened! I'm here at Halloween Town with Jack Skellington. We're sending out messages to all the worlds, asking heroes to hear our pleas. If you can respond to my plea, step through the portal and join us here! If you can't respond to the call but can hear me, then prepare your worlds! The villains have returned! Any and all worlds are in serious danger. The House of Mouse and Cinderella Castle have been attacked, but the villains are going to spread out! Please, anybody, respond! We need your help!"

    "Who is that?" Mulan asked while leaning forward to get a better look inside the portal. Apparently, there was a few people and a chameleon. They were also asking for help. It isn't exactly the military but at least she gets to help. Mulan about to step through gets stopped by a familiar voice. "Where do you thing you are going?" Mushu asked. "To help people. They are calling for my help against villains. What kind of warrior would I be if I just ignored them?" Mulan replied. A warrior's job is to defeat the villains and help the people. This is not going is no better than failing to bring honor to her family which she will not do. "What about me? What kind of guardian would I be if I didn't stop you?" Mushu reasoned. He clearly didn't want to hear the mouths of the other guardians. "Please, Mushu. This is a mission I must take." Mulan said in a serious tone. Sensing the honesty from behind those words he said "Fine. Go ahead. I deal with the old timers' mouths." A smiled appeared on Mulan's face. "Thanks, Mushu. Make sure to tell Li what happened." "That girl always loved fighting." Were the words she heard from Mushu's mouth as she stepped through the portal.
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  13. "If I may ask Mr... um... Jack, can I call you Jack? Who else is supposed to be fighting the villains?"

    The Lord of Halloween gave Rapunzel as toothy smile, trying for friendliness and calm, given both her and her husband’s discomfiture at his home’s décor. He may have failed at that, as Eugene blanched a bit upon seeing Jack’s skeleton grin.

    “Of course you may call me Jack, Princess Rapunzel. As to your question, the most stalwart of the other realms we can find. We have called upon Tinkerbell and Elsa of Arendelle. Others, I know not, but I believe they are arriving now.”

    Just then, others stepped through the portals. The magical fairy, Tinkerbell, he recognized. The wolf introducing herself as Aleu, the Chinese warrior woman, and the fetching brunette, he did not.

    “Many of these visitors seem to know of Mickey Mouse,” Goliath murmured softly from behind Jack’s shoulders. It was an observation that the Pumpkin King had noticed as well.

    “I’m not surprised, Goliath. Mickey Mouse is one of the most recognizable figures in the Disneylands and one of the few on a very short list who have mastered the ability to travel between worlds freely. It would not be a leap of logic to assume he's visited a few of them in the past,” Jack said.

    “I have my doubts about the abilities of this party you and the Mouse have gathered,” Goliath whispered. “The dark-haired woman seems to move like a warrior, but the others do not share that catlike grace. Are you sure these are the heroes we require?”

    “Not all battles require warriors to win," Jack returned.

    "That is true. A strong heart and courage can carry the day, but a strong sword-arm does not hurt, either."

    "Have faith, Goliath,” Jack returned. “Faith manages.”

    The Pumpkin King then swept his arms wide to address the gathered throng. “Friends, welcome to my home. I am Jack Skellington, of Halloween Town. I believe we are yet waiting for one last world, Arendelle, to answer our plea for help – but I thank you for coming, all the same.” He bowed regally. “Once we have all gathered, I believe Mickey Mouse can bring us all up to speed.”
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  14. Mickey stared at the others as they clamped out of the portals, smiling graciously with a sigh of relief. "I'm so glad you guys heard me! Okay, come on everyone! Don't know how long these portals will last, but you should probably get over here before they close." Mickey kindly explained as he guided the new arrivals into Jack's House. Smiling kindly to cover up his concern, Mickey bowed to both Princess Belle and Mulan, gave a hearty "hello" to Aleu, and wrapped a finger around Tinkerbell's waist to simulate a kind hug. After they had passed through, Mickey saw the image of Queen Elsa and Princess Anna appear. Giving them a wave, Mickey gestured that they come through the portal before he heard Jack say his name. Turning around just in time to hear Goliath's concerned words about the heroes they gathered, Mickey put on a rather serious pout. "Goliath, Jack is one hundred percent right! I know you and your clan are mighty indeed, but if there's one thing I've learned from my experiences, its that everyone has the potential to become something unexpected. While I may not seem like a "brave warrior", I can tell you that I've faced a good many of these villains and bested them on my own." Mickey explained rather sourly before pointing to Jack. "Jack here took on Oogie Boogie and won! Mulan fought against Shan-Yu, and defeated him with a firecracker, while Belle saved her lover and tossed the evil Gaston to his doom! Flynn and Rapunzel, they destroyed Mother Gothel, and Tinkerbell played an essential role in banishing Captain Hook from Neverland with Peter Pan! While Aleu didn't fight in her quest, she certainly proved herself as something more then average! She found herself, which is not such an easy thing to do, especially when you delve into a past you didn't know you had. In the end, her adversity paid off and allowed her to embrace who se was. As with all of these people! They proved who they were: heroes."
    Crossing over to the Gargoyle, Mickey nodded at him and offered a reassuring smile. "If there's one thing I can always count on, its my pals. You've known that feeling, Goliath. I don't need to remind you of your heroic deeds, but could you have done all that without your clan? No! Not that I doubt your power, but even you need to count on your friends to back you up. So, trust us. Alright?" Mickey asked, perking up immensely towards the end of his speech. Promptly turning around once he felt Goliath had learned from his words, Mickey took a deep breath and nodded. "Right... I'd better get down to it. Okay, so as you all know, its Halloween. I couldn't make it to Halloween Town for the annual celebration because I was hosting a special event at the House of Mouse. During a cartoon break, I was approached by my sorcerer master, Yen-Sid. He told me that..." Mickey explained, relaying the full story about how Yen-Sid had warned him about the approaching villain attack, how the villains had tried to kill him and taken over the House of Mouse (song number included), then how the battle at Cinderella Castle ended abruptly with the Horned King's arrival before the Phantom Blot tore it to the ground with the Mouse inside. As he concluded his story, Mickey said "But what I'm most worried about is what's happening in Disneyland. Judge Doom has no doubt set his eyes upon Toon Town by now, but I'm worried. Thankfully Donald and Goofy are there to keep the town safe, but I'm sure if the Horned King managed to disable both Yen-Sid and Merlin, then they'll certainly have a challenge. I'm sure they'll pull through... But I'm also concerned about Merlin and Yen-Sid. I don't know what the Horned King has planned for them, but I can only image its something horrible!"

    With that, Mickey began to think of a plan. Slowly pacing back and forth while the crowd interacted with one another or remained silent, Mickey pondered what their next step should be. They had gathered a group of noble heroes and Mickey imagined more would join their quest later, but he needed closure. Yen-Sid and Merlin would be extremely tough if they were somehow converted to evil. Suddenly, a thought came to him. "Jack, is the Haunted Mansion still in Halloween Town? Perhaps we should see Madame Leiota and try to figure out what's happened to Yen-Sid and Merlin! She also might be able to help us learn about what lands the Villains have already reached! She does see everything, after all!"

    ((I'll post as Horned King later, working out a big post for him))
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  15. "Madame Leota? The rhymer and spirit-speaker?" Goliath asked suddenly. "I've heard of the sorceress. Some say she is dead and does not know it. Others, that she can foretell possible futures and commune with the dead. And you have dominion over her, Skellington?"

    "I wouldn't call it 'dominion,' Goliath,"
    Jack replied. "I'm more of a landlord, really. The Haunted Mansion has been around since before my time as Lord of Halloween and Leota with it. But yes, Mickey, she is still here. We can go to her as soon as you are ready."

    "Wait, wait, so we're actually doing this?" Eugene said suddenly, stepping forward. "Going to a witch, taking on all of the Disney villains, going up against the Horned King? As in, life-on-the-line, high probability of failure, likely certain death?" The former thief glanced at each person in the room, looking at Rapunzel's big green eyes last. He sighed and shrugged. "Sounds like a normal weekend for us. What are we waiting for?"
  16. GM POST

    ((After this, I'm going to be inactive for a day or two. I may come back early, but figured if best get this out now. Anyways, enjoy the super long post that I was assisted with by Razilin!))

    Overlooking the wreckage of Cinderella Castle, the Horned King slowly made his way towards the rubble, followed closely by the other villains, who's minions still gripped Merlin and Yen-Sid. Merlin was nearly on the verge of tears, having thought that Mickey perished in the assault on the castle. Yen-Sid had just regained consciousness and was distraught with news of his apprentice's death. "Well done, Blot. With the Mouse out of the way, the last remaining shred of Walt's presence is wiped from this world." The Horned King said with a grin, nodding towards the Phantom Blot. In response to its Master's praise, the Phantom Blot only let out a horrific screech that sounded like maniacal laughter mixed with sick delight before purposefully collapsing in on itself, slowly morphing back into a small glob on the floor to make transport much stealthier, as well as easier. Turning his head to Davy Jones, the Horned King quietly whispered "When you find me the Rodent's body, bring me his Magic Brush. Even without the Mouse to control it, the brush poses a serious threat in the hands of any hero who may try to stop us. If we acquire it, we could have the power to create and destroy whatever we wish. I would personally like to see to it that a certain pig caretaker is punished for his crimes against Prydain, but that can be dealt with later. What say you, Jones? Any specific plans or desires you'd like to see come true with our new empire?"

    Davy Jones looked around the devastation wrought upon Cinderella Castle. His minions and sea creatures had caused untold carnage through their sheer size and strength; the beasts of the black depths of the sea were mighty indeed, and served the Horned King’s army well, even on land. Davy Jones had not realized just how powerful, either. It was not until he worked alongside Shan-Yu, the military mind behind the chaotic Hun army, that their true strength was revealed.

    The humanoid cephalopod walked over the wreckage toward the imposing Hun. Davy Jones was by no means a small man, even when he was human, but Shan-Yu was giving him a run for his money. The Chinese man was massive, all muscle and broad shoulders, with pale skin and long greasy dark hair a sharp contrast to one another. His angular face burned with two black eyes full of bloodlust. Davy Jones recognized the fire within them instantly, the all-consuming inner flame of conquest. Shan-Yu was one of the few in the Horned King’s inner circle that lacked any magic. But after what Jones had just witnessed, the Hun did not need any.

    Davy Jones’ sea creatures, Maleficent’s magic, the Horned King’s servants…they were a desperate army made up of clashing units. It was Shan-Yu’s strategic acumen that bound them together into a truly deadly force. It was unsurprising that Cinderella Castle fell so quickly, even with the mystical might of Yen-Sid and Merlin to defend it.

    The captain of the Flying Dutchman had to give Shan-Yu a look of admiration. The massive Hun simply looked upon his terrible work impassively, no doubt looking toward future conquests as the general of the Horned King’s foul army.

    “Yousuh see naught but blood and battle ahead, do ye not, Shan-Yu?” Davy Jones inquired.

    The Hun nodded. “The Horned King offers me the greatest of battles, whole kingdoms for me to smite and drive under my heel. I relish the challenge.”

    “Aye, what else could challenge the man who nearly brought all of ancient China to its knees, but the chancesuh to conquer the entire multiversesuh?”

    “What else, indeed, Captain Jones.” Shan-Yu gave him a black stare. “The battle is done here. I will retire to the back lines. Our Master will summon me when battle comes once again.” The Hun strode away, astonishingly silent as a ghost despite his girth.

    Davy Jones watched him leave quietly. Shan-Yu was not a complicated man. He lusted for battle and the Horned King was giving him his fill and more. It was the Hun’s utter ease in becoming subservient to the Horned King, their shared Master, that left him with disquiet. All in the inner circle feared the Horned King, but only a few actually held true loyalty to him. Jones himself was a creature of freedom, as fickle as the sea, and to bind himself to the Horned King rankled.

    Not that he could break free, of course. The Horned King made that abundantly clear when he pulled Jones’ soul from the afterlife. It was a painful resurrection and one he survived only by swearing fealty to the foul wizard. The Horned King even restored Jones’ captaincy of the Flying Dutchman, though that particular ritual was just as painful. Jones carved out his heart once again and placed it within the chest of Will Turner, forcibly ripping the captaincy of the Dutchman from Turner’s command. Now the young former captain rotted in the Dutchman’s brig as the new Dead Man’s Chest, with Davy Jones’ black heart beating within his chest.

    “He is a sword, that one, as fine a blade as I’ve ever seen. But not very creative outside of warfare.”

    Jones turned his tentacled head toward the newcomer and even in his wretched, cursed form, he could appreciate the tall, slender beauty that approached. Maleficent truly was one of the fairest in the land, if one could call a viper fair. Her black robes whispered against the ruins at her feet, her tall staff clacking ominously on the rocks. This was another of the inner circle, a mage so powerful that only Yen Sid, Merlin, and the Horned King himself could even hope to outclass her. As ambitious as she was vile, Davy Jones often wondered if Maleficent only served the Horned King in order to stab him in the back later and usurp his power.

    Jones took off his tricorn hat and bowed politely, as befit the captain of any seafaring vessel. “My lady, Shan-Yu has his talentsuh, as ye yours. Ye were brilliant upon the skiesuh,” he said, recalling how she took on the form of a great black dragon and burned all beneath her with wreaths of killing flame. The defenders of Cinderella Castle smoldered like so much wheat under her hellfire.

    “Shan-Yu is a weapon and nothing more, David.” Maleficent angled her chiseled face toward the imposing figure of the Horned King, now approaching in the distance. “There are those who would be the wielder, rather than the weapon,” she added meaningfully, “and I wonder which you will be?”

    “My lady, this is not a topic I am finding comfortable,” Davy Jones hastily murmured. It would seem the witch’s ambition indeed outranked her fear of the Horned King. “Nor one ye may be speaking of in present company.”

    “Perhaps not,” Maleficent agreed, turning away. “Think on my words, Captain. You command great power over the seas. It would be a shame for you to squander it.”

    As the witch left and the Horned King approached, Davy Jones bowed deeply as his dark master neared. The horrid Phantom Blot was with him, a malevolent force of nature, as capricious and dangerous as Davy Jones’ beloved Calypso ever was. To be in the presence of such a creature unsettled Jones greatly. He had loved a force of nature once and knew well its power. The Horned King was either truly powerful or stark mad to have bound such a being to his service so readily. What shocked him the most about the horrid creature was how obediently it took orders from the Horned King. Jones knew he had unimaginable power over a great many things now, but how he commanded such a beast was beyond even Jones' comprehension. The Kraken was a terrible beast, but the Phantom Blot was nothing more then an abomination. But then again, so was he.

    The Horned King turned to him. “When you find me the Rodent’s body, bring me his Magic Brush. Even without the Mouse to control it, the brush poses a serious threat that in the hands of any heroes who learn of what we’ve done. If we acquire it, we could have the power to create and destroy whatever we wish. I would personally like to see to it that a certain pig caretaker is punished for his crimes against Prydain, but that can be dealt with later. What say you, Jones? Any specific plans or desires you’d like to see come true with our new empire?”

    The captain of the Flying Dutchman thought long and hard before speaking. He reflected on his past life, sailing the seven seas with abandon, shirking his responsibilities as the caretaker of the sea’s dead, and beholden to no one. He reflected upon Shan-Yu, a military genius driven only by the next challenger, the next conquest, bereft of any further imagination. He reflected upon Maleficent, whose ambitions saw no end, ambitions that danced dangerously close to fires hotter than any dragon’s breath.
    Oh yes, Davy Jones considered his words carefully.

    “Master, I would only ask to rid of the curse of the Dutchman, and to be a man once more.” Yes, that would do. Freedom from the Dutchman at last, freedom to walk upon land without the foul magic of the Horned King to allow him to do so. To feel as a man feels, to have flesh and bone once more. And all without once hinting that he wished to be free of the foul Horned King as well.

    Smiling devilishly at him, the Horned King nodded. "A wish that I am willing to grant once our business has concluded, Jones. I am a man of my word. You will have your freedom and more if you so desire. With my powers, I can tame even your beloved Calypso and make sure you two spend every tragic moment together like you promised centuries ago. But only if you desire such things, that is." whispered the Horned King, wrapping a bony arm around Jone's shoulder. Gently tugging at the tentacles on his face, it was clear just how much control the horrid entity had over Jones. Releasing the cephalopod-faced man, the Horned King approached the ruins of the castle before a sudden screech echoed from the distance. It sounded like some kind of creature being brutally beaten over and over again, having its vocal chords torn out of its throat while the "unfortunate beast" struggled for breath, still conscious while the torture was occurring. Then, the Horned King identified the noise coming from a creature clutched in Judge Doom's left hand:
    Donald Duck. (open)

    "LEMMEGO! LEMMO GO! I'LL KILL YOU, YOU DOG-GONE NO GOOD TOON! LEMME GO! AH-WAKWAKWAKWAKWAK!!" the Duck screamed out in his barely-understandable voice.
    Goofy (open)
    , held tightly by the Weasels, struggled to free himself while his companion thrashed about and roared at the demented Toon. "Gawrsh dang it, Donald! Don't waste your breath! He's not worth it, pal!" Goofy called out over the sound of his friend's angered calls. As both Toons struggled to free themselves from the villain's grasp, the Horned King only raised an eyebrow. "Doom... Why have you brought these... Things, here?" he asked before Judge Doom looked towards Donald and smiled sinisterly. "They're friends of the Mouse and members of the Disney Guardians. I strongly recommend that we dispose of them before they cause any trouble. Toons are quite meddlesome..."

    Scowling at the demented Toon donned in a human costume, the Horned King's eyes glowed a deathly red before he exclaimed "Put aside your foolish prejudices, Doom! They cloud your judgement and make you act like a buffoon! You brought me this duck and dog for what purpose? To recommend a good "dipping"? Why not just kill them without my approval? I would not care, especially with these two!" while angrily snatching Donald from Doom's grasp. Holding the duck by the throat and turning him enough so they were face to face, the Horned King continued to shout. "These creatures are pitiful! I know much about these "heroes". This, Donald Duck, is a great wizard with magic not on par with Yen-Sid, but he has strong emotions that give him control over his abilities. However, his fatal flaw is his cowardice!" shouted the Horned King, the rancid stink of rotting flesh escaping from his mouth as he screamed. Donald reacted by the sudden rage of the vile skeleton by tuning pale and fainting. Growling as Donald passed out, the Horned King tossed him towards the ground before pointing a boned finger towards Goofy. "This one is Goofy, Knight of Disney! They say his defence and brute strength is stronger then that of ten men combined! He can survive nearly anything. However, all that strength is wasted upon an IMBECILE!"

    "Hey! That's not very nice!"
    Goofy called out before the Horned King got a little too close and personal. "OF COURSE ITS NOT NICE YOU FUCKING MORON!" he angrily called out before looking towards Doom. "GET THEM OUT OF MY SIGHT, DOOM! Dispose of them if you wish, but I must warn you: if you ever go out of your way to bring Toon's to me and request they be "Dipped", then I will be pleased to oblige. BY TOSSING YOU AND YOUR WEASELS IN FIRST!" Raising his hand's in exasperated disgust at the mentally deranged Toon, the Horned King turned away before he heard a noise which sounded like a scream that was suddenly silenced. Turning backwards to determine the source of the Horned King was suddenly knocked off his feet. Caught off guard as a blast of powerful white magic blasted his chest, the Horned King went flying backwards into the rubble of Cinderella Castle. Getting up, the Horned King saw that somehow during his angered rant, Yen-Sid had broken free from his restraints and was freeing Merlin, Donald and Goofy from their individual captors. The Horned King had taken quite a bit of damage from the blast, so much that the intense light energy still coursing through his bones made him weakened. The fight between Yen-Sid and Doom didn't last long, as Doom was quickly overpowered by the wizard due to his lack of magical abilities.

    Breaking free from his bonds, Goofy held out his arms before Yen-Sid created a small portal which produced a circular shield with a certain Mouse's head engraved upon it. Also falling from the portal, was a small wand with a wizard's cap at the point. Shaking Donald to wake him up, Goofy handed the Duck the wand and called him for help. Quickly agreeing, the now-encouraged Duck joined Merlin and began casting spells left and right to hold back the oncoming horde of villains. While Donald, Merlin and Goofy held off the other villains and their goons, Yen-Sid approached the Horned King, who was still struggling to stand up. Pointing his hands accusingly at the lord of evil, the sorcerer said "Its all over, Horned King. Your dark reign will cease before it even begins!"

    Only laughter could escape the jagged mouth of the Horned King as Yen-Sid stood above him. The Phantom Blot, while having been present during the entire event, did not revert to its monstrous size. Instead, it only moved away from the destruction, further inching into Toon Town. The other three heroes were holding their ground, but Yen-Sid sensed a disquieting metamorphosis in their predicament. Keeping himself calm, Yen-Sid looked back at the Horned King and exclaimed "You and your villains will return to the dark realm from whence you came, or else I will be forced to destroy you and rid the world of your evil once and for all!"

    Then, something unexpected happened.

    In a sudden wave from his hands, the Horned King fired off a seemingly endless stream of purple lightning, which Yen-Sid quickly blocked with his hands. Absorbing the magic as it was cast, Yen-Sid slowly began to back up as the extreme power of the dark spell forced him backwards. Getting up as the blasts continued, the Horned King focused harder, making his spell all the more deadly. As Yen-Sid blocked, he tried desperately to fight back. However, his power was lacking considerably. That was when he realized something shocking. The longer he blocked the bolts of lightning from the Horned King, the weaker he became. Somehow, the attack was draining his powers! "H-How is this... Possible?!" Yen-Sid yelled before finally stopping blocking, feeling terribly weak from his efforts. Ceasing his fire, the Horned King only stood above the sorcerer and roughly grabbed him by the throat. Lifting the bearded man into the air, the Horned King smiled wickedly. Without even so much as a word, the dark lord roughly thrust a hand through the chest of Yen-Sid, forcing the sorcerer to gasp with pain. Suddenly frozen still, Yen-Sid watched on in horror as the Horned King pulled back his hand once more, holding the still beating heart of Yen-Sid. "You know, Grand Sorcerer... It is said that within every heart, is the essence of darkness. Some believe it is repressed in beings like yourself, while me and my "villains", as you so eloquently refer to them, are naturally born having already been consumed by it. I, however, believe that every heart is full of darkness. All that is required to unlock its full potential, is a little magic... Let us test my theory, shall we?" asked the Horned King before suddenly, black flames engulfed the hand holding Yen-Sid's heart.

    Suddenly screaming in pain as the dark essence emanated through his heart, Yen-Sid shut his eyes and tried to resist the powers of darkness. "You cannot fight it, Grand Sorcerer. Soon, you will be a powerful leader in my armies, bound to my will for all eternity. It is pointless to resist." whispered the lord of evil as the sorcerer before him convulsed in pain. Opening his eyes with determination, Yen-Sid reached out a hand and grabbed the bloodied organ, screaming with pain. "YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME, HORNED ONE! YOU WILL NOT HAVE ME!" called out Yen-Sid before his hand lit up with a bright white light. Within seconds of the sorcerer's magic reversal, came a powerful explosion of light. Flinging all the villains and their goons, the three heroes, and the Horned King backwards, the bright light could have easily been seen across the entire world surrounding the castle. The light soon faded, leaving only a slowly disappearing trail of magic powder in place of the great sorcerer. Merlin was one of the first to see the result of the magical explosion. Having witnessed the fall of Yen-Sid, Merlin knew that the man had sacrificed his life in order to not only prevent himself from being corrupted, but also to buy his friends some time to escape. Quickly grabbing Donald and Goofy by the hand, he exclaimed the magic words "SHEKARAH, ANNOTHAS EMPO!" before suddenly disappearing into a portal. Where the three were teleported to, nobody could know. As the villains slowly got up, they all realized that not only were their captives gone, but the grand sorcerer, Yen-Sid, was dead. Once he was properly standing again, the Horned King looked towards the empty spot previously occupied by Yen-Sid and silently stared. Before anyone could respond, the Horned King raised his hands to silence the crowd. In a very dark and menacing tone, the Horned King spoke."You will find the Guardians. I do not care how, or by what means you use, but they will be found. Contact all the others and alert them of their escape. Your incompetence is displeasing, but I am willing to forgive you as even I could not see this turn of events coming. However, the plan will proceed just as we have discussed. We must act quickly now. There is no doubt that with those three still alive, the entire land will know what has transpired here tonight. I must bring forth my army as fast as I can, but you must all return to your worlds. My army of Cauldron-born will conquer this world, but the other worlds must be captured quickly. Otherwise, a resistance may be created. Now go! There is no time to waste!"

    As the other villains nodded in agreement, Malificent conjured up multiple portals that led to their assigned worlds. Quickly watching his allies clambering through the portals, the Horned King turned to the ruins and began to march forwards, his blood red eyes set upon the infamous Black Cauldron. The Cauldron's hiding place was exposed by the destruction of the castle, making it easier for the Horned King to locate it. Just as he was about to touch it, he felt the presence of Malificent still lingering behind him. Turning around, he tilted his head and asked "Why haven't you returned to your world, Lady Malificent?"

    "I was merely curious, oh dark lord." the witch explained, her pointed fingers gently resting upon her staff. "Curious about the Cauldron. I had heard legends, but never before had I seen it in person. If you'd allow me, I would like to witness you summoning your armies, my lord." The Horned King was no fool. He knew Malificent was as loyal to him as a rabid dog was to its owner. However, she did not fear him like the others. She feared about what would happen to his powers, should he be defeated. She craved the abilities of Chernabog and cursed herself every moment for not thinking of that plan years before when she first returned from the underworld along with a handful of villains. At that them, Mickey Mouse's magic-filled-dream-turned-nightmare contained dark magic strong enough that it had allowed them to return to the world of reality, but existing only within Mickey's mind. Attempting to steal his magic by means of destroying him from within, Malificent and her forces of evil were ultimately destroyed by the mouse and banished back to the underworld. The Horned King knew this story well enough, as he had witnessed it happening from the depths of Hade's realm. But, if there was one thing he would not allow by any means, it was a mutiny. She was a loose canon and waited for her chance to stab him in the back, but the Horned King knew that he would be ready, with a much larger knife to chop off her treacherous head. "Lady Malificent. When I said to return to your world, you must have misheard me. I did not say "Malificent, join me in my summoning ceremonies", nor did I imply I wished you to remain. When I told you to go back to your world... I meant it." the Horned King growled before suddenly waving a hand towards the witch Queen, sending her flying backwards into a portal and sealing it behind her. It would take a long time before she figured out how to open the portal again, but by then it would have been too late. Without anything left to disturb him, the Horned King turned his eyes back towards the Black Cauldron and smiled sinisterly. "Hello again, my old friend... I require your assistance once more."
  17. As the gathered representatives of the Disneylands looked on, Jack Skellington waved a bony hand and created another portal, this one leading to the front doorstep of a dilapidated manor even older than Jack’s own abode.

    “Well then, let us pay Madame Leota visit. All aboard the Halloween Express, ladies and gentlemen!” With that, the skeletal man hopped through, followed immediately by a silent Goliath.

    Eugene took Rapunzel’s hand in his own and gave it a squeeze before leading them through.
  18. Aleu, blue The only wolf in the room bowed her head to greet Mickey, who was very welcoming even though he was not genuinely smiling, even to the now 6 (5 females) humans through the portals. So these were the heroes who would join to valiantly fight for all of Disney? Aleu was not yet impressed by the gathering, but she hoped to keep her pack safe back home. If she accomplished anything, she would accomplish that. Goliath (the gargoyle man...thing) also shared her concern, but Mickey seemed to have no problems with them and he explained why...very eloquently. Though she did not completely relax, she stood beside him, looking up to listen closely to his words. Along with Jack, the tall skeleton, Mickey believed whole heartedly in their group and apparently for good reason. She was inclined to believe in him since he claimed to have bested the powerful villains on his own, even if they were individual battles. Aleu watched him closely so as to follow his gaze and learn the names of the heroic team. Though she wasn't sure who any of these villains were, she at least figured out who was who. Jack looked a bit jolly for a fight, even if he was dead.(presumably). Mulan carries herself like a warrior, and that's just at first glance. She was curious about her. Belle didn't look ready for a physical fight at all, but she shouldn't underestimate the girl..she supposed. Aleu glanced up at Mickey again to see him look at the couple in royal garb who had apparently defeated someone named Mother Gothel. She didn't know what to think of them. The female looked a bit bright eyed possibly naive and the male looked physically agile and ready for a fight, he was nervous in here. She could smell it. Though she couldn't blame. She herself was only very slowly calming down. Standing on Mickey's shoulder was a tiny golden light who was...a girl. Huh. A Fairy. According to Mickey her name was Tinker Bell and she had her own help on a past valiant mission. Depending on her magic, she could be pretty useful. But being so small, Aleu didn't get a good look at her before Mickey started his spiel about her! She blinked, bowed her head and flattened her ears with modesty and a bit of embarrassment. She wondered how Mickey knew all of this but for once, she was alright just accepting that he knew. He really thinks she's a hero?

    Mickey moved to reassure Goliath and though he had been the only one to really voice his concern, Aleu took his reassurance to heart as well. She would have to get to know them, but if they were heroes, why not fight with them? Why not trust them? If they proved themselves unworthy, she could always show them her teeth.

    Aleu perked up and stood at attention when Mickey finally took a deep breath and began his explanation.
    Oh. It's Halloween? She'd heard and seen it when she was a year old, but had never thought about it since then. Hm. This must be why they'd met up in Halloween Town. Way to be festive in a catastrophe...

    ...Hm...Yen-Sid? He sounds familiar but she could not recall the name or where it came form. Her ears stayed pointed to the whole disaster and reacted appropriately, ears flattened quite a few times, especially at the explanation of 'Dip' and the fall of Cinderella Castle. This was a calamity indeed. If this Horned King leader could take down two powerful wizards...how was this motley group going to stop them? With Mulan's firecracker? This would definitely be a challenge, but the heroes could handle it right? They...always win...right? Aleu whined a little nervously as Mickey paced and then brought up Madame Leota. She sees everything? That sounds helpful--oh! Apparently she's not the only one who sees things.. Aleu's eyes lit up yellow for a few seconds of nearly unintelligible images that flashed so quickly that the wolf only made out a duck-like person, a dog-like person with big teeth..and..and a blinding flash of light after a skull with glowing eye sockets holding a Black Cauldron. Aleu shook her head, winced away the pictures while taking deep breaths. She thought to tell Mickey or Jack, but the latter was already opening up a new portal to a place called the Haunted Mansion and her visions didn't relay any significant information that could help. Or at least not any more than this 'Madame Leota' could tell them.

    The wolf gulped, and once again followed Jack, Goliath, Flynn and Rapunzel through the portal to an ominous looking manor. She gave a nod of thanks to Jack for transporting everyone and stuck close by Mickey's side.

    Tinker Bell, yellow A small Never Fairy standing on Mickey's shoulder,blushed a little when Mickey gave her a finger hug before watching everyone walk in with a knowing look on her tiny expression. She likes being in the loop. She knew of all of the characters, though some a little better than others. The chameleon on Rapunzel's shoulder for example, hadn't been present when she'd first met the young princess. She wondered how he would come in handy, if at all, but listening to Goliath and Jack's conversation, she supposed if he had faith(and trust and Pixiedust of course), he'd help. Just like all the others. Even Aleu, whom she hasn't seen since she was a pup.

    Once Goliath and Jack got to discussing the effectiveness of the heroes, Tink simply smiled and let Mickey responsd like only he could. She nodded at all he said for she believed in him and smirked when he mentioned her own valiant deed. She was very proud of her particular missions and kind of wished he had left out her best friend just this once. She wanted to make a good impression on her old acquaintances. So when the mouse sidled up to Goliath Tink nodded, emphasizing his point to the Gargoyle. With this many heroes already, they can certainly best whoever dares try to take Disneyland.

    But as Tinker Bell heard Mickey start explaining all that had happened, and her wings slowly lowered and her smile faded with her glow just slightly. Cinderella Castle was taken by the Horned King? He hasn't been heard of for what seems like forever! Even Tinker Bell could hardly remember when he'd been banished. She'd thought he was done for. He was powerful enough on his own with the Black Cauldron and with all the villains...the odds were not in Mickey's favor. But the heroes always win. Always. No matter what happens, Tinker Bell has to do everything in her power to stop them. Especially that rotten pirate, Hook. She'd make Peter proud! Even in the face of a creature that had somehow taken down the greatest wizards she knew...She has to.

    Tink held tight to Mickey's ear as he paced and tried to think up her own plan to proceed. Blinking and wobbling slightly when the mouse suddenly stopped, she pouted. She could have come up with something just as good as Madame Leota. Hmph. She's creepy anyway. Even more than their skeletal host. He's too jolly to be that scary, at least to brave Tinker Bell. So when he opened up another portal to the Haunted Mansion, the blonde fairy sat on Mickey's shoulder and waited for him to go through with her. She wanted to ask him some questions. Hopefully she'd have enough time when they weren't so busy. Maybe when everyone goes to sleep.
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  19. The moment the portal opened up, Mickey let out a deep sigh. "Keep your wits about you, gang! Despite claiming to be "Happy Haunts", the truth is they're all pretty ruthless. Especially the "Hat Box Ghost". I advise staying as far away from him as possible! There's a reason he wasn't allowed to join the other nine hundred and ninety nine ghosts in the mansion. But as long as we stick together, we should get through okay." Mickey warned with a cautious finger pointed at the group. Looking back at the portal just as a flash of lightning zapped a oak tree beside the Mansion, Mickey took in another deep breath and closed his eyes. "Alright gang, let's go!" the mouse called out before jumping through the portal. As he leapt into the air but felt nothing beneath him after a moment, Mickey opened his eyes and looked down to find he was currently floating over a big drop. "Uh oh." Mickey gasped before gravity returned to the Toon and he began plummeting towards the ground. Screaming as he landed on the muddy terrain and began to tumble down the side of a hill, Mickey reached out his hands to try and grab onto something. However, his hands only found an old gnarled tree root that broke instantly as he grabbed it. Finally landing at the foot of the hill, covered in muck and filth, Mickey looked towards the portal and watched his comrades fall just as he did. Once they were behind him, Mickey stared up at the
    Haunted Mansion (open)
    , fear clearly on his face. This was a dark place he wished he would never have to go back to. So much fear and ghastliness... But within the hallowed halls, a tragic love story that reminded him every day what it meant to be alive.

    Quickly apologizing, Mickey looked at the group and shrugged. "Sorry about that. I guess the ghosts changed the landscape again... They're always digging up new graves just in case more people decide to join them." Looking down at his shoes, Mickey saw the ground beneath them was still soggy from a previous rainstorm that must've happened earlier. Storms were daily occurrence's at the mansion, so it wasn't surprising for Mickey that the ground was muddy. Reaching for his brush, Mickey let the smallest drops of paint fall from its tip. Latching the brush onto his back once again, Mickey watched as the paint morphed into an old iron lantern. When the transformation finished, Mickey reached down and grabbed the lantern, igniting the endless flame with a click of his fingers. Smiling carefully at his companions, Mickey nodded his head towards the Mansion and began to trudge on, his giant shoes making squishy slopping noises as the mud beneath him left deep footprints behind him.
  20. The moment the Mulan stepped through the portal she was teleported into a whole another world. There were so many things to explore and see. Mulan understood she was called here for a reason so she tried to contain her excitement and curiosity. She glanced over all the other people called to help... if you can call them people. There was a fairy, a talking skeleton, a talking gargoyle, a talking wolf, a talking mouse, and a few regular European people except for the one with the reptile on her shoulder. "What weird people. They don't dress the similar and for some odd reason I can understand them all. Why? Do they speak Chinese too? Either way, I sort of like it." Mulan thought.

    After Mickey explained everything, Mulan sort of got everyone's names and the situation at hand. Disneyland is being overtaken by the Horned King and we need to save it. Sounds like something Mulan can help with. Another portal opened and it led to the Haunted Mansion as explained in the conversation from before. You could see the old crooked mansion from outside the portal. A strike of lightning fell from the sky next to a barren oak tree which was like a signal to Mickey because he jumped through the portal. Following Mickey's lead Mulan jumped through the portal too. Feeling nothing below her feet Mulan's face was filled with surprise as she fell. She broke her fall with a summersault through the mud. Getting dirty was nothing to Mulan. It's way better than wearing make-up.

    Mulan observed her surroundings. It seems like everyone is okay but she couldn't say that for sure. Mickey created a lantern with paint too. Surprised with his skill, she applauded. Even though China had invented many things, she was shocked to see a brush has existed. A brush to turn the things it draws into a reality. Mulan started to fantasied about all the things she could do with that brush before being awaken by a sloppy noises. Realizing the group was moving she followed qucikly behind them.
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