Epic Disney: Reclaim the Magic Kingdom!

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    For years, the peaceful land of Disney was filled with joy and wonder. Whimsy lay in every corner of the land, waiting to spring out and gift those lucky enough to cross its path with a pleasant surprise. The heroes always won and the villains always lost. It was a cycle that nobody seemed to think too deeply into, but soon there would be great consequences for this careless mindset.

    For in the darkest depths of the land, in the Kingdom of Prydain, waited a horrific soul. Some say, he is the most fearsome of all the villains in the land of Disney:
    the Horned King (open)
    . In the past, he was defeated by a brave hero named Taran when he attempted to rule the kingdom using the power of the Black Cauldron, a magical artifact which would allow him to command an invincible army of the dead. The only thing that could defeat him was the Sword of Light, which Taran acquired on his journey. When the Horned King was defeated, the wizard Merlin of Camelot took the blade and thrust it into an enchanted stone slab. It was said that whoever pulled the sword from the stone, would be bestowed with the power's of Light. The only catch was that the only person who could wield the sword would need to be Pure of Heart. They would need to be without fear, without anger, and only use the sword with the purest of intentions and not for their own purposes.

    But only recently, has the Horned King returned to the realm of the living, this time more dangerous then ever. Having encountered the other "Disney Villains" in the realm of Hades, the Underworld, the Horned King made a pact: if they helped him find the Dark Cauldron before his minions resurrected him, he would not only restore their bodies so they could live once more, but also help them exact their vengeance upon those who dared to defy them: the so-called "heroes". Hades explained that if the Horned King really wanted to help, he should locate and defea the demon lord, Chernabog, in combat. Legends said that if somebody was able to defeat the demon lord, then that person would be granted one wish, no matter what they asked for.

    Not long after, the Horned King set off for Bald Mountain and conquered the Demon Lord. Having no real reason to wish for resurrection, the Horned King instead demanded that all of Chernabog's powers be transmitted to himself. Forced to oblige, Chernabog slowly grew weaker while the Horned King became the soul embodiment of Darkness. Resurrection was not far out of the Horned King's grasp now.

    By the time he had returned to Prydain, the Horned King was long forgotten, as was his plan. Staying under the radar of any and all characters, he traversed the worlds in the land of Disney in search of the Black Cauldron. Although he now had Chernabog's powers, the Horned King could not resurrect the dead, nor did he have control over a powerful army. Finally, his search led him to the Magic Kingdom and Cinderella's Castle. Sneaking in and locating the cauldron, the Horned King reclaimed the heroes "prizes", which were artifacts and items taken from the Villains upon their death. Using the recovered items, the Horned King watched as the ground cracked beneath him, the souls of the dead re-entered the world, and the flesh and bones of the vilest villains recombined before his eyes.

    With the villains reborn, the Black Cauldron in his possession, and nearly unlimited powers at his disposal, the Horned King decided it was time to make the world know of his resurrection. A plan was soon formed: Take the castle, then destroy the Sword of Light. Once the sword was destroyed, the villains would be allowed to exact their vengeance upon the heroes.

    But, in the distance, a shimmering light breaks through the darkness. A group of heroes from the worlds will band together to defeat the Horned King, stop the villains once again, and save the land of Disney. Will they fail, or will they succeed? Only time will tell, but I can guarantee one thing...

    It will be an adventure of Fantasmic proportions!

    So, I'm looking for a group of maximum 8 people to participate in this RP! We will be playing as the group of heroes (and possibly reformed villains?) who teams up to stop the Horned King's evil deeds. All the characters will be from Disney and Pixar! No Star Wars or Marvel Characters will be allowed, despite them being Disney property!

    The characters can be well known and well-loved ones such as Donald Duck, Lumiere or Ariel the Mermaid, or they can be a little more obscure such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (for those of you who don't know, he's Mickey's real life half-brother. The first character Walt ever made, but Universal Studios stole the rights from him. If Oswald wasn't stolen from Walt, Mickey wouldn't have existed.), Louis Robinson, or even Jack Skellington (I know he's well known, but he's only Disney property because of a formality. They only got the licensing rights for the film and characters, but all other stuff belongs to Tim Burton).

    Anyways, post below if you're interested and we'll see if we can get this RP started. And yes, before anyone asks, I got the inspiration for this RP from hours of re-playing Kingdom Hearts. That being said, NONE OF THOSE CHARACTERS, PLOT POINTS, OR IDEAS WILL BE PRESENT HERE! this is a separate RP, so don't expect anything more then the occasional reference.

    We'll hopefully be able to start this when we have 3 additional people, not including myself. I'll also take this time to claim the most glorious rodent of them all, Mickey Mouse, as my character (albeit more Humanized). So, let's get some interest generated for this bad boy, shall we?
  2. Yeah I'm on this, can I use a new Disney character, cause I wanna use Elsa?
  3. XD I knew Elsa was gonna be one of the top 3 to go fast.

    Of course you can use her! As long as the character is under the "Disney" name, you can use'em (except the previously talked about Marvel and Star Wars characters).
  4. Okay thank you, I've been waiting for a chance to use her.
  5. No problem!
  6. Anna! ... Please... Though I'm pretty sure you already knew that XD

    (Although Rapunzel or Belle would work fine too)
  7. Everyone's allowed a maximum of 3 characters to play, so by all means be any of them!
  8. Haha, alrighty then n_n ... Do you have an ooc tread yet or just this interest thread?
  9. Just the interest thread. If we get one more person interested, we can make an OoC.

    So, anyways, WORLDS! I have a few worlds listed below that our characters can explore for the RP, with the name of the villain controlling it. Here's a Lookie! Feel free to submit your own worlds based from Disney films!

    • Arendelle, Corona, Camelot, and the home land of the Seven Dwarves (controlled by Evil Queen from Snow White and the Witch from Tangled who's name I've forgotten xD)

    • Pride Lands and Agrabah (controlled by Scar and Jafar, respectively)

    • Seven Seas/The Carribbean, Atlantia and Neverland (Captain Hook, Davy Jones, and Ursula)

    • The Grid (controlled by Clu and the MCP)

    • Toon Town, the House of Mouse, Cinderella Castle and Pyrina (Horned King, Malificent, and Judge Doom)

    • Halloween Town, Monster World, The Haunted Mansion, and the Disney Wasteland from "Epic Mickey" (The Phantom Blot, The Mad Doctor, Randall and Oogie Boogie)

    • Mount Olympus/Greece and Notre Dame (Hades and Judge Frollo)

    That's all I got. Feel free to list more if you can think of them!
  10. France-Gaston

    New orleans- Dr. facilier

    (Tangled villain is Mother Gothel)

    China-Shan Yu
  11. Riiiight. May as well throw in London for Cruella de Ville, but if she's a villain she'll have to be played much worse. After all, it isn't really going to stop our characters in their quest if she wants to make a coat out of puppies, is it? Well, not really.
  12. Yeah... Theres also Governor Ratcliffe for virginia...
  13. Yeah... He's the guy from Pocahontas, right?

    I also say we should excuse characters who are mislead/misunderstood from being villains, such as Bowler Hat Guy and Chef Skinner from Ratatouille. They're not "bad guys" per say, but they've done bad things. They're more like victims of circumstance
  14. yup... ratcliffe is from pogahontas... oh, don't forget about Hans!

    ... or morgana from little mermaid 2... or the duke of weselton
  15. Oh yes! Hans!

    I guess I thought "Okay, pick famous villains with powers or something cruel like genocide that made them famous". Forgot Hans because he's like a newer Gaston in a sense (tried to kill the focal point of the film and courted the female lead).

    Not saying he is like Gaston, just kind of similar in terms of his actions
  16. agreed ... I'm gonna stop naming stuff now, just cause I could probably think of a few more and drive you nuts XD
  17. XD no worries. So, any thoughts on this RP? Initial ideas or questions you may have about it?
  18. I really like the concept of it ... and once we start I plan to have at least Anna! (if not all three XD)
  19. Looking for one more person ^^
  20. @Sora1297 I am claiming Quasimodo and Flynn Rider.
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