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  2. [​IMG][​IMG]

    Gwen Poole
    Origin: Comic book fangirl turned...something
    Age: 18
    Race: 100% vanilla human
    Street level
    Hair: Blonde with pink highlights
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'8

    Intelligent 3
    Strength 2
    Speed 2
    Durability 2
    Fighting Ability 3
    Energy projection 1

    Le resume (open)

    Loads and lots (open)

    Through unrevealed means, Gwen Poole arrived to Earth 616 from what she claims to be "the real world." Unwilling to be an "extra," she went to a tailor for super-heroes and requested her own costume to stand out. The tailor Ronnie complied, but she also misread Gwen's form, and thought the young girl went by the alias of "Gwenpool."

    Gwen Poole has little regard for any lives aside from her own, property damage, or anything that transpires that doesn't affect her directly. This is a consequence of Gwen inhabiting a universe she believes is entirely fictional, for which she thinks the world is ruled by storytelling devices and tropes​
  3. [​IMG]
    OC (DC Verse, 25th century)

    Eisley Cloud


    Human (Agumented)



    Neon Pink

    5'11 (5'10 without boots)

    Power Grid:
    Without Gear (open)

    SPEED: 2

    With Gear (open)

    SPEED: 3


    - Technological Synergy; Eisley has a natural "connection" with technology, and with technological augments, such as her power armor, and cybernetic gear drastically increases her intelligence thanks to a wider access of data, and allows her to operate at maximum mental, and physical efficiency.

    - Future-Tech Savvy; Naturally, because of Eisley's dependance on technology to function at the peak of her abilities, she is very experienced in the maintenance, and development of various known future techs. However, for things either outside of either her area of expertise, or the invention of new technologies, she requires her cybernetic gear.

    - Quick Learner (Gear only); With her gear on, Eisley is very quick to learn and adapt to most given situations thanks to the high processing rate, and massive memory banks in her gear. However, most things she learns while with the cybernetic gear on that require a higher intelligence level than the one she possesses without her cybernetic gear, will almost immediately be forgotten upon it's removal. However, all Eisley needs to do is put the gear on again and call up the forgotten information for a quick recap whenever she needs it again.

    - Resourcefull; Being gifted as she is, Eisley thinks faster than the average human, even without her gear... Though naturally, she is much more adept with this skill with it on. With her fast thinking, she is often able to find potential exits and "safezones", and figure out the best path(s) to them, which is especially usefull if she wants to be discreet about getting into her gear.

    - Cybernetic gear; this includes a full body powersuit, a heavy, arm mounted energy cannon, and a headpiece that covers roughly half her face, including her eye which she uses to interface with the data and various other functions the suit provides. Functions include a built in targetting system, motion tracker, and an infrared camera.

    - 25th Century Time Portal; a time portal device which some who have resided in the distant 25th century have used to return to the "present" (well, in their perspective, the past). This device is secured to her free arm, in the form of what looks like an arm brace with a digital interface, though it appears to be defunct since it's usage to transport Eisley to the "present" day.

    Eisley was one of the many in the 25th century, gifted with the ability to work with advanced technologies, and as such... Found herself taking an experimental set of cybernetic gear out for a test drive at the mere age of 18. However, unexpectedly, rather than just augment her physically, and bolster her with a better arsenal, she also appeared to have developed a rare synergy with the gear itself. This meant that she was not only able to use the gear to help call up information faster, but the gear was apparantly enhancing her intelligence, and thought processes with it on.

    As a result, Eisley couldn't help but continue to use the gear, both to improve, and iron out any bugs within it's systems... And to pursue areas of research and development that was previously out of reach with her "natural" intelligence levels. Though, with the suit, Eisley had made quite the name for herself with the inventions of multiple new technologies that were nearly decades ahead of the stuff currently available... She began to feel like a bit of a corporate work horse as her days dragged on, and had eventually decided to do a little side project, seeing as her physical body was actually beginning to atrophy slowly, due to the sheer amount of time she was spending wearing this gear, even when she wanted to cut herself a break.

    Largely with the help of her cybernetic gear, she was able to produce a working time portal over the course of a little over a year something that was not uncommon amongst those in the 25th century, but appeared to have fallen into obscurity... Possibly due to the lack of appeal. As she was nearing her 22nd birthday at this point, Eisley decided to formally resign from her duties to various companies to research and develop assets... And shortly after, she decided to use the time portal for the first (and last time) to travel to the "present" era (past for Eisley) in order to seek a less... Restrictive lifestyle, without the shackles of Corporate powerhouses, pressuring her to continue the R&D of multiple advanced technologies, and the looming possibility of her becoming literally unable to move without her gear.

    Unfortunately, during her travel throughout the time portal her device had created, some sort of interference had disrupted the device's functionality, rendering it more or less completely useless. However, Eislsey had no intention of fixing it up as she was not in a hurry to return to her own time. Instead, she sought out a life of crime fighting on most of her free time... And a part-time career in modeling, which made her a decent enough amount of money to both life off of, and maintain her gear relatively smoothly. Naturally, being a model meant she had to keep herself in relatively fit shape, and watch her diet to some degree, which helped counteract the effects of physical atrophy thanks to her extensive time she had once spent in her gear.

    Though she is not exactly in peak physical form without her gear, Eisley has been attempting to balance her life with and without it... So she would be able to make do without the gear if it was compromised in any way, until she is able to wear it once more, or perhaps even get a new one made, in a worst case scenario. On the other hand, Eisley isn't one to leave the home without it, and as a result... Typically carries it around with her in a relatively normal looking brief case, so when there's trouble, or a distinct need for a gear, she always makes sure to make a quick exit, and find an isolated place to get geared up.

  4. Guillotine


    Jeannine Sauvage
    Origin: Cursed
    Age: 27
    Race: French
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'11"

    Intelligence 2
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 5
    Energy projection 4

    Trained and experienced with swordsmanship as well as hand to hand combat

    La Fleur Du Mal - A mystical sentient blade that thirsts for blood and cursed Jeannine to wield it under the identity of Guillotine. It speaks directly to the user's mind, not normally heard by others. It is strong and sturdy enough to cut through the nigh-indestructible shield of Captain America, as well as summon the spirits of previous wielders to assist in combat.

    When she was twelve years old, Jeannine Sauvage was lured by a voice to a room in her house that was usually locked. Inside a chest she discovered a sword, La Fleur Du Mal. While inspecting the weapon, she accidentally slit her finger with its edge, and the blood dripped into the sword. This caused Jeannine to become cursed to wield this bloodthirsty sentient sword like her ancestors before her. While the sword was evil, Jeannine used it for good, acting as a vigilante in Paris named Guillotine when she grew up. However, Guillotine had a dubious reputation, caused by the dark legacy of the previous people that used the name and the sword.

    The night after Guillotine helped capture criminals, police inspector Marc Joubert, who was also Jeannine's fiancé, called out to Guillotine, swearing to find her. Guillotine heard him from a rooftop, and she subsequently confronted her sword for its intrusive thoughts that tried to incite Jeannine to give in to carnage. She was abruptly attacked by a Summoner, who brought her to the Battlerealm, in order to partake in the Collector and the Grandmaster's Contest of Champions.

    After surviving numerous battles, Jeannine returned to her home reality when one of the contestants, Outlaw(Nigel Higgins), managed to seize control of the Iso-Sphere from the Maestro, who in turn had taken it from the Collector earlier. Outlaw used the power of the Iso-Sphere to return the contestants to their homes. Guillotine returned with Outlaw to England, and together with the contestants native of her universe, posed the idea of forming a team.​
  5. [​IMG]

    OC (Marvel Universe, by bloodline)

    (Former Identity)
    Clara Castro

    (Current Identity)
    Lilly Briant

    Argent Sentinel



    Street Level


    Reddish Brown


    Power Grid:

    SPEED: 2


    - Standard Weapons Knowledge; Clara is familiar and capable of maintaining and firing a multitude of standard, modern weapons, but typically prefers not to carry heavier weapons with her, as they tend to inhibit her movements. On the other hand, her knowledge of the use and operation of weapons only extends to those commonly deployed with military forces.

    - Combat Expert; Though Clara has yet to master every conventional form of combat, she has quite the array of combat skills available, due to an extensive history of training. While her skills with weapons are somewhat remarkable, she is truly a force to be reckoned with up close... Often using a mixed form of fighting in order to take down her opponents, both lethally, and non-lethally.

    - Thick Skin; While Clara is not exactly bullet proof, she appears to have a relatively resilient body, despite not wearing any armor at all. From rigorous training and a little hormonal experimentation she has endured from an early childhood, Clara is able to take more of a blow than the average human. However, this does not make her invulnerable to damage, as sufficient forces will most certainly cause injuries, ranging from mild to severe, or even straight up death. Projectiles with high enough velocity, such as a bullet, or most stabbing weapons are also able to pierce Claras body with relative ease. For the most part, it seems that Clara has an edge when dealing with blunt force trauma, and perhaps moderate heat or cold in circumstances.

    - Peak Human Physique; Due to extensive training in the past, Clara is just about as strong as a human can get, capable of lifting up to 800 pounds worth of weight, and, coupled with her combat expertise, can cause some serious damage if given the opportunity.

    - Improvisation; Likely due to her experiences in the past, Clara likes to travel very light, and often improvises on the go... Making use of the resources, and/or even the environment around her in order to secure her victories.

    - Acrobatics; Somewhat coupled with her combat expertise, Clara will often use acrobatic feats in the right environments to give her an edge in fights. This also comes in handy when she finds it difficult to get from one place to another in any conventional way, and often keeps specific points of interest in mind... For later usage to her benefit, either in combat, travel, or perhaps something else entirely.


    - Light-Weight Custom Built Pistol; A preferred weapon of Clara's when there is none to be found on the battlefield, she carries it on a holster located on her right leg, and keeps it loaded with 9mm armor piercing rounds. (She has a few extra cartridges located on her belt)

    - Military Grade Combat Knife; A standard, military grade combat knife sturdy enough to remain sharp after the takedown of the average human target... And even when dulled, can prove to be quite the killing tool (though admittedly less wieldy, if not maintained well enough). Clara often keeps this stowed away in a small sheath located on her belt close to her left leg, for use in either emergencies, close quarters combat, or more stealthy operations.


    Clara is an estranged daughter of a corrupt Gotham Politician, Ethan Castro, rumored to have been a notorious figure in the Marvel Universe, before it came together with the DC Universe. Now residing in Gotham City, he had unfairly been profiting off of tax payers dollars that were supposed to go to more... Charitable causes. Though one would expect him to have been caught rather quickly, his connections appeared to be the only thing between him and an... Early retirement plan to say the least. Over the years he had been in power, Ethan had paid off multiple hitmen to eliminate those who threatened to expose him, or otherwise threaten his status as a Politician, a rather wealthy one in fact... Though, of course, his source of income wasn't just from leeching off of funds that were intended for more ethical purposes. Ethan Castro was quite the celebrity in the underground, known for having been bribed by countless shady organizations to look the other way whenever they conducted their business, or even outright cover for them.

    Naturally, Ethan being the person he was took it upon himself to indulge in the "spoils" of his endeavors, and as a result... Bedded multiple women. Most of these one night stands were nothing more than that, but, inevtiably, due to a few careless actions, some of his previous partners eventually conceived children, and Clara, just happened to be one of them.

    In order to eliminate the possibility of his... Less than savory deeds to be publicised thanks to these bastard children, Ethan quickly had both the mothers, and most of their children offed, seeing as his roots within the shadier parts of Gotham City had only deepened over the years. However, sickeningly enough, of all the children he could have chosen, Ethan had decided to spare Clara's life of the slaughter, deeming her to be "worthy" enough to be his successor, and had the audacity to "adopt" her, claiming to the public that he was doing the only surviving victim of a brutal chain of killings a great favor... Keeping the truth neatly under wraps for the most part. He knew he was reaching the threshold between adulthood and seniority, even someone such as himself knew he had to carry on his twisted legacy after he came to pass.

    One problem. While Clara grew up looking up to Ethan as a father, it didn't take long for her to figure out his darker secrets... And at around the age of 10, she already harbored a deep sense of spite for him, even if she, at the time, was too afraid to speak up about it. So instead, Clara simply became more rebellious... In secret. Whenever her so called father was away on some sort of "business" rendezvous, most likely accepting another bribe, she ducked out of their home the first chance she got, and headed out into the Gotham Streets.

    At about the age of 11 she, mostly by coincidence, ran into an agent from an organization which had been bribing her father for countless years... And, unknown to her at the time, had their eye on Clara ever since her father had brought her home. Claiming to be able to teach Clara how to break free of her father's bonds, and even offering what seemed like a great sum of money at the time (1 grand seemed alot to her 11 year old mind, as this was twice the amount her father usually gave her every month), just as long as she did as she was told.

    And so, she did...

    At first, it was little more than a few strange flavored vitamin pills... Unlike anything she had ever tasted before, and gradually, as she grew older, and kept coming back whenever she had the chance, things escalated further and further. As she felt herself grow stronger, and her body, more resilient, the very limits of her body was tested... And tested, and the experiments were only ramped up, often requiring preliminary lessons in agility, weapons handling, and more.

    By the age of 16, she was able to hold and shoot most standard, military grade weapons, and had learned multiple styles of combat... And even a variety of acrobatics. She had begun to learn how to improvise in situations where she lacked the guns or ammunition to engage in a traditional firefight, and had even found it less and less painfull to be hit by obstacles that have popped up throughout her training courses.

    By now, she probably had more than enough skills to take down her so called father... But, it seemed that those who were in charge of this organization weren't keen on her leaving. In fact... Come to think of it, they have been keeping her in this facility at an increasingly more constant basis, with more and more frequent overnight stays... And what's more is that her father appeared to be taking "business trips" frequently. As if Clara cared; despite all of her hardships, she had felt more at home in this training facility than living with her father... And, after a few more weeks, made the ultimate decision to stay here... Permanently.

    She trained in the facility for a couple more years, until she was merely a few months away from her 18th birthday. This, was when the truth was revealed to her; she had been a labrat of sorts, in an experimental effort to push a human to the peak of their physical being and abilities... Acting as a near perfect soldier of sorts, designed to operate on their own. However, since this was merely the first test, and those at the facility claimed they wished to improve on their methods... It was apparant that her involvement with this experiment had come to an end.

    The remaining few months leading up to her 18th birthday were spent teaching her the basics of getting a job out in Gotham, fabricating a new identity for her... And when her 18th birthday finally rolled by, she was told to sign a document entailing that she should not under any circumstances, disclose her experiences inside this facility, nor details about their experiment... Failure to comply meant imminent termination.

    She was told that her new name was "Lilly Briant", an young adult with an untainted history, and one with a promising future... Since she had been kept from the prying eyes of the public after her initial adoption, it was near impossible for most folks to know who she really was. The ones in charge of the facility told her she would be free to do whatever she wished now, with her new abilities being a "gift" from them, to her. Right before she left, they had also told her not to worry about her father, as her absense, and his plans for her would be "taken care of".

    It didn't take long for Clara, now under the new identity of "Lilly Briant", to find a relatively stable job as an assistant manager at an army surplus store... Thanks to her impressive knowledge of the weapons the elderly owner had in stock, she was quick to get the job, seeing as there wasn't such a big demand for it.

    Though she wasn't exactly being paid the thousands she used to be when she had taken part in that experiment... Living on her own felt pretty dang good. Her past, however, quickly caught up to her when a news broadcast came on, detailing the apparant assassination of the Politician "Ethan Castro" and his adopted daughter "Clara Castro", both killed in an explosion that had torn through the apartment. Though Ethan's body was just intact enough to be recognized, Clara's body appeared to have been charred beyond recognition, only identified thanks to some DNA evidence.

    Well, living her life as Lilly Briant now, Clara couldn't say she missed her father... But at the same time, she felt almost indebted to help atone for his dark deeds. It started off as little favors here and there, intercepting and capturing the occasional petty thief... And soon, it escalated to hobby, of sorts. Fighting crime, whenever she saw it happening... Hell, it felt pretty good to be a hero for a change, and having something worthwhile attatched to her name. Though, of course, she couldn't reveal her true identity in battle... Keeping her face neatly covered up in a army green cloth, with an opening for her eyes... And had taken on the alias of the Argent Sentinel.

    Despite being a reborn woman, seemingly free at last, from the bonds of the past... She was blissfully unaware, that the organization that had made her who she was today... Was still watching her, from the shadows... Observing her. For whatever purpose, for whatever intent... It seemed that their little experiment was far from over...​
  6. Spider-Girl


    Anya Corazon
    Origin: Classic superhuman high school origin
    Age: 18
    Race: Mutated Hispanic human
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Height: 5'3"

    Intelligence 4
    Strength 4
    Speed 3
    Durability 4
    Fighting Ability 6
    Energy Webbing projection 4

    Skeletal Flexibility: As a skilled gymnast, Anya has developed her body's muscles and bones to an extraordinary point allowing her to compress/contort into small cavities, similarly against high impacts to soften the blows.
    Bilingual: She's also bilingual. She can speak in Spanish and English.
    Cunning Intellect: Though only of average intelligence Anya has seemed to developed amazing investigating skills and a powerful ability to evaluate the situation, stay calm under pressure, and improvise solutions.
    S.H.I.E.L.D Training: S.H.I.E.L.D. training teaches a variety of skills for on the field work in espionage, containment, and heroism. Combat training and hacking as well, which she took a liking to.

    While not starting out as a member of the Spider-Family, Anya was a member of the mystical part of the Spider Society and usually acted as their hunter. However, an adventure with Spider-Man eventually made her renounce her allegiance and pursue her own path.

    She was amongst the Pro-Registration heroes in Civil War acting as Carol Danver's sidekick, and while questioning her worst moments, she continued to be on Carol's side, the two helping each other out despite her father's misgivings. Carol once saved her from the mind control of Puppet Master, solidifying their relations.

    Like the rest of the Spider-Family, she wasn't heard from any more until Grim Hunt, where luckily for her, Araña managed to survive the events and helped Spider-Man defeat Kraven. In the aftermath, she was handpicked by Julia Carpenter as the successor of the Arachne suit and becomes Spider-Girl as Julia succeeds the late Madame Web.

    Spider-Girl became Jessica Drew's protegé, and joined the Multiversal Spider-Army when the Inheritors threatened to destroy every Spider from all realities. Her abilities were indispensable for the Spider-Army to discover the Inheritors' plan, as her powers and relationship with the Spider Society allowed her to read their scrolls.​
  7. "We're gonna get where we're going, you and me. Death and indignity be damned. We'll get there, and we will be the stars we were always meant to be."

    Captain Marvel


    Carol Danvers

    Origin: Genetic Kree/Human hybrid
    Age: 30s
    Race: American
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Blue
    Height: 5'11"

    Intelligence 3
    Strength 5(up to 7 if empowered by enough energy)
    Speed 5
    Durability 6
    Fighting Ability 5
    Energy projection 7


    Experienced Spy: Carol is an experienced spy, having worked various undercover operations for the NASA.

    Multilingual: Carol is fluent in English, Russian, and another unknown Earth language, as well as Kree, and Shi'ar languages. She speaks passable Rajaki and has a limited vocabulary in many other languages.

    Expert Pilot: Carol is an accomplished pilot, having extensive experience with USAF planes as well as with Kree, Shi'ar and other alien starships.

    Expert Combatant: She is extensively trained in armed and unarmed combat through Military Combatives.

    Talented Journalist: Carol is a talented journalist excelling as a freelance writer and magazine editor.


    Carol Danvers grew up as the oldest child of three in a traditional Boston home, with a contractor father who believed in the merits of hard work. When he built their Cape Cod summer home, Carol insisted on working as hard as her two younger brothers, trying to make equal in her father's eyes. A voracious reader, she dreamed of becoming an astronaut and traveling to distant planets; as a teen she even hitchhiked to Cape Canaveral to view a launch there. Her father however, could not accept women as men's equals, and when financial troubles meant he could only send one child to college, he chose middle child Steve despite Carol's superior grades. Carol graduated from high school first in her class and took a sales job.

    She turned 18 just a few months later, and the following day she turned her back on her father and joined the Air Force, intending to be a pilot and to get a college degree via the military. Her brother Steve's death in military action would eventually draw Carol back to her family, but she still never felt truly accepted by her father. She quickly rose to the top of her Air Force class and was recruited into military intelligence (Special Operations) and trained as a spy. She accomplished many missions and worked with other figures such as Logan and Benjamin Grimm, while opposing others such as Victor Creed and Natalia Romanova.

    NASA eventually requested her for an open position as head of security which she accepted, resigning from the Air Force bumping her to full Colonel at retirement. Becoming the youngest security captain in NASA's history, she became embroiled in the schemes of the interstellar alien Kree Empire. It was during this time that she met and eventually befriended the Kree soldier Mar-Vell whose enemies would soon be responsible for her future transformation. The next few months were disastrous as she was kidnapped by an alien robotic intelligence and then hospitalized in the events. The alien Yon-Rogg then kidnapped her while she was still concussed and eventually battled Mar-Vell. During this battle, Carol was knocked into a damaged Kree Psyche-Magnitron, a powerful device which could turn imagination into reality. Carol's genetic structure was altered effectively making her a half-Kree superhuman. She was unaware of this change for months.

    Carol Danvers, known throughout most of her superhero career as Ms. Marvel, has now adopted the venerated mantle of Captain Marvel. In remembrance of her late friend and mentor, Helen Cobb, Carol has undertaken the vast legacy of Captain Marvel with renewed vigor.​
  8. Heeeeeell, I should probably have a DC character. I'mma do it.


    Origin: Aussie criminal/boomerang enthusiast
    Age: 31
    Race: Australian
    Talented Normal
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Grayish-blue
    Height: 6'1"

    Intelligence 2
    Strength 2
    Speed 2
    Durability 2
    Fighting Ability 4
    Energy projection 1


    Peak physical condition: Captain Boomerang is in top physical condition, capable of knocking down an A.R.G.U.S. soldier with a single blow, and having 51 counts of aggravated assault to his name.

    Master boomerang thrower: Captain Boomerang is a master at throwing his bladed and edged trick boomerangs, hence his nickname and weapons of choice. He has displayed exceptional accuracy with his hurled boomerangs as well (swiftly knocking out his bank robber partner), though he is notably surpassed in accuracy by Deadshot.

    Skilled combatant: Captain Boomerang is also a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant (though not quite on Batman's and Katana's level), and thus can cut down multiple people in mere seconds when using the bladed edges of his boomerangs as close-quarter weapons, shown when he overpowered quite a few of Enchantress's monstrous troops.

    Expert thief: Captain Boomerang is a prolific and extremely skilled robber and thief, having 98 counts of burglary to his name, and being known for having robbed every bank in Australia at least once, and several more in the United States, only failing the last time because the Flash intercepted him.

    Skilled manipulator: Despite his less than trustworthy face and attitude, Captain Boomerang is a fairly skilled deceiver, easily tricking Slipknot into attempting to escape (claiming that the implanted nano-bombs are only a fake bluffing tactic of Amanda Waller. Thus successfully testing out how real Waller's nano-bomb threat actually was, without having to risk his own life.

    In addition, Boomerang managed to successfully plant boomerangs in every prison within a 100 mile radius of Central City, in order to help him escape if he were to ever be imprisoned there.


    Trick boomerangs: Captain Boomerang's primary weapons, with each of them a steel-made curved blade, sharpened on both sides. When thrown, his boomerangs spins about an axis that is perpendicular to their flight direction, and are designed to return to the thrower. He is a very formidable opponent when armed with his trick boomerangs, using them both as ranged and close-quarters weapons.​
    • Scout boomerang: Captain Boomerang utilized a boomerang with a video camera in order to help the Squad get a better look at Incubus before attacking.
    • Explosive boomerang: Captain Boomerang used an explosive boomerang while fighting Incubus however, his metahuman opponent was too powerful, so the weapon had no effect.

    Pinky: Captain Boomerang's beloved stuffed pink unicorn nicknamed Pinky, which he frequently carries around with him.


    George Harkness was born on September 12, 1985 in Korrumburra, Australia, to W.W. Wiggins, an American toy manufacturer, and Betty Harkness, an Australian woman, and raised in poverty as he was an illegitimate child. His stepfather, Ian, hated the boy and subjected him to abuse and cruelty. As a child, George learned how to craft sophisticated boomerangs and even developed them into weapons.

    At age 18, he and a friend robbed a general store and escaped with the money he obtained thanks to a boomerang. Nonetheless, his stepfather banished him from the house as a result of the incident. Betty then bought him a plane ticket to Central City, America. and told him to get in touch with his biological father. During the search for his father, George learned that Wiggins Game Company had been searching for a spokesman. Harkness took the chance and auditioned under the alias "George Green" for the job which he landed. Wiggins became impressed with his son's boomerang-throwing skills and gave him the title "Captain Boomerang".

    Boomerang however, had other plans for his new alter ego and began a string of jewelry thefts. In addition, he was known for having 54 counts of aggravated assault and 98 counts of burglary to his name, robbing every bank in Australia at least once until he was captured by the Flash. After that, he was forcibly recruited into Amanda Waller's task force.

  9. Grady Murtaugh
    Origin Gotham City ?
    No mask, no superhero or vigilante name yet.
    Age 21
    Race Scion of Morrigan
    Level enhanced
    Hair Black
    Eyes blue
    Height 6 ft.

    Intelligence 3
    Strength 5
    Speed 2
    Durability 6
    Fighting Ability 4
    Energy projection 1

    Skills : Streetwise, criminal connections based on his father's career as a mob hit man.
    Has a degree in computer and information systems, specializing in security systems.

    Equipment : Shillelagh made by the Irish Gods, inlaid with cold Iron and with a head carved as a Raven's head. Generally wears good sturdy clothing. Wears sturdy riding boots, made of leather and with fancy Celtic designs crafted by his mother's family. Has gloves, doesn't often wear them. Has a few older leftover guns at home that were his fathers. Is moderately wealthy, but has limited access to his inherited wealth. Has a nice upper middle class home and a three year old GMC Canyon truck.


    Grady's father was a honorable and successful hitman for the Irish mob in Gotham.
    It was that odd combination that brought the Morrigan to the man. Grady was born in the early 90's and the Morrigan was out of the picture by the time he was 5.

    Grady grew up being raised by his father and his " uncles " . At the age of 15, his father died in a car accident. His uncles < friends of his fathers, good Irishmen all> brought him up and made sure he wanted for nothing.

    Grady works out and has learned some basic martial arts now. He was made aware of his unusual background only a couple of years ago.

    Grady would be content with his life after dealing with his fathers death and his mother's reappearance. But, very recently one of his close friends, a daughter of one of his uncles who he treated as a sister, has disappeared. It seems like no one remembers much about her, aside from his uncle and himself.
  10. [​IMG]
    Eden Haller
    Origin Marvel universe
    Israeli American dual citizenship

    Intelligence 6
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Energy Projection 6
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 4

    Eden is the child of a famous mutant and an Israeli diplomat. He doesn't know she exists.
    She has served the compulsory 2 years military service in Israel and 2 years for Shield prior to her dismissal from that service due to difficulties during the Hydra incident. She currently lives in New York


    Eden is a Mentalist / Psionic with power commensurate with her famous father.
    She has not as yet developed a talent for true telepathy. Instead, she has what she calls a brain lock or psi lock. It effectively works like a mental paralysis. On John or Jane normal this might last a matter of hours. On super powered folk, the duration varies.

    She has Empathy and can tell peoples emotions or feelings very easily in most cases.

    She has a powerful level of Psychometry, reading items for their past, usually to help investigations.

    She has a low level telekinetic power, equal to roughly her own physical strength.

    She has the power of Anticipation. Seeing just a few moments into the future to help herself avoid enemy attacks.

    She can separate her mental perception a short distance from her body, effectively looking into buildings and past walls and doors. She can with some effort target her powers with this ability.

    She has inhuman defenses against mental attacks of any type.

    She has super genius intellect. Slightly less at this point in her life than her famous father.


    She is a trained agent and her skill set lends itself to firing agent level weapons, investigations, strategies and tactics.

    She can read body language separately from her mental powers.

    She has practiced danger room type maneuvers with other agents

    She has a doctorate of Psychology from Stanford. Achieve in a very quick time.

    She plays concert hall level piano.


    Agent level body armor
    Hi tech stun gun
    Goggles with flash defense and Infrared targeting an low light vision
    2 charges, large button size personal EMP
    Defensive helmet for motorcycle driving.
    BMW motorcycle
    Defensive baton

    She is not wealthy, most of her equipment is confiscated second hand gear. She works a few days a week as a psychologist and has a small apartment
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  11. Jaqueline ( Jack ) Rao Burton

    Daughter < illegitimate > of Sir Richard Burton. English Explorer

    Aparent age 25-30
    Level Street
    Origin India, 1860's

    5 ft 7 inches
    Green eyes
    Long Black hair

    Intelligence 5
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Fighting ability 4
    Ranged 1


    Ritual Magic. Jack knows several forms of Thatamaturgic Ritual magic from India, China and all parts of the East. Ritual magic's however take time to prepare.

    Evocation Magic. Skilled with Water magic, but only enough to produce water and some minor healing.

    Linguist. She speaks several languages. Primary among them, English, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, Latin, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

    Scholar of History, specializing in ancient India and Ancient China

    Has been trained in orienteering by her father. She has survival skills for forest, rain forest, Jungle, & Desert.

    She is an expert in Martial arts, secret not quite abandoned arts of India, arts of the Monks of the Himylayas, and of China.

    She is an expert swordswoman.

    She runs well and has good endurance running skills for an Victorian Woman.

    She has good social skills and charisma, thriving in social settings on three continents.

    Gifted with a Wizards constitution and long life.

    Gifted with a matter dissolving Curse
    This curse is centered on her hands and the soles of her feet.
    It doesn't work on anything made of Bamboo, cold Iron or Silver of any type.

    Jaqueline was born in India, daughter of Sir Richard Burton and an Indian woman who was a practicing Wizardess. Not gifted with a great deal of wizardly power but being a very smart woman, She raised young Jaqueline in a very open minded and adept manner. When Jack came of age, she had the opportunity to meet her father. He was convinced of her genuiness and took her to England. In the few years remaining of his life, he took her to all manner of places, introducing her to the great smoke filled halls of other Victorian adventurers. Visiting Egypt, Persian, Hong Kong and parts of Africa.

    He died when he was not yet 21. She was still voracious for knowledge and studied antiquities in Edinburgh. She picked up languages like other women shop for jewelry.

    When she graduated she traveled extensively, coming again to China. Finally running afoul of two feuding Chinese Warlords. Neither of which got any of her attentions in a positive manner, she thought them both perfectly fowl. Fu Man Chu and Lo Pan. Both Feuding over her. Fu started to try and woo her, to no avail. Lo Pan tried brute force... again.. to no avail, partly due to Fu's interference.

    In the end Fu Man Chu was able to drive Lo Pan off. But, he could neither bring himself to kill the woman he secretly loved...and hated... or let her go to the possibility of Lo Pan capturing her.

    He had her cursed, a powerful thing. Then had her bound and placed in a powerfully enchanted Silver cabinet with many odd locks and protective magic, expecting her to sleep an enchanted sleep forever, thus depriving Lo Pan.

    Lo Pan had one last trick to play.. He too both loved and hated Jaqueline. As much as that, he hated his rival Fu. He put many thousands of silver coins in the bottom of the cabinet. Two Enchanted blades and a set of expertly crafted robes made of Bamboo thread, white with entwined gold and Red Chinese Dragons. A Webley Pistol crafted of Cold Iron and a small bamboo box of Victorian Business cards.

    When found in the incredibly intricate Silver Cabinet, she will be in an Enchanted sleep and will wake up when it opens.

    Two enchanted swords from ancient India
    Expertly crafted robe made from Bamboo thread
    A small treasure of old Silver coins from China.
    Box of Victorian Business cards hand crafted in Hong Kong.
    One hand crafter Silver and Cold Iron hand gun resembling a Webley Pistol from the Victorian Era.

  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Stephanie Brown AKA: The Spoiler, Robin, Batgirl, HeronPower Level: Street

    Age: Twenty Six
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5'6"

    Bio: A former partner to Batman until she got fired, Stephanie later got the go ahead to take up the mantle of Batgirl. In her past is a rape and beating so bad that she was assumed dead, which she has come through admirably. She tends to narrate her own life, sometimes in her head, sometimes out loud, not always realizing she's speaking it aloud. Recently she got a scholarship to NCU (National City Univerisity), so rather than keep the Batgirl name, she took up the name of Heron, using a combination of her Batgirl and Spoiler costumes so that the presence of Batgirl in National City wouldn't cause any problems.
    • Acrobatics: She was trained by Batman and through her own experience in acrobatic tactics.
    • Computer Hacking: She was trained by Oracle to hack computers and computerized security systems.
    • Escapology: She was trained by Batman and through her own experience in the art of escaping.
    • Investigation: Stephanie's investigative nature has allowed her to uncover even Batman's secrets.
    • Martial Arts: Stephanie was trained by Batman and Oracle in hand-to-hand combat. Using her skills she has not only taken on Batman's villains but Superboy too.
    • Stealth: She was trained by Batman and Robin in stealthy maneuvers. She was able to sneak into the Batcave and Tim Drake's international hideout, and she has sneaked through Gotham City by its sewers.
    • Tactical Analysis: Seeking Batman's approval and to solidify her role as his sidekick she stole one of his most dangerous ultimatum plans and enacted it. Though she did not create this plan she was instrumental in its execution.
    • Throwing: She is skilled enough in throwing that she is able to contend with Batgirl (Cassandra Cain), Robin (Tim Drake) and many other sidekicks. She was trained by Batman and Oracle.
  13. [​IMG]
    Name: Doreen Green
    AKA: Squirrel Girl
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 100 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Power Level: Cosmic* (Unbeatable?) or Enhanced (Standard)

    Intelligence: 7* (2)
    Strength: 7* (4)
    Speed: 7* (3)
    Durability: 7* (3)
    Energy Projection: 7* (1)
    Fighting Skill: 7* (4)

    Squirrel Girl is a mutate with several traits that are similar to or usually associated with squirrels. Squirrel Girl possesses superhuman strength, speed, agility, and reflexes.
    Superhuman Strength: Squirrel Girl is super-humanly strong and can lift between 800 lbs and 25 tons.
    Leaping: Squirrel Girl can leap several stories.
    Climbing: Squirrel Girl has small claws on each finger and toe to enhance her gripping and climbing abilities.
    Knuckle Spike: Squirrel Girl has a retractable knuckle spike capable of carving through solid wood.
    Prehensile Tail: Squirrel Girl has a bushy, 3 foot long semi-prehensile tail that she can use to cover opponents’ eyes or wrap around herself for warmth. When in her civilian identity, she tucks it into her pants, passing off the extra bulge as "having a conspicuously awesome butt."
    Communication with Squirrels: Squirrel Girl can perfectly mimic squirrel sounds (which she refers to as "Squirrelese"), as well as actually communicate with and direct the actions of squirrels. She often uses a number of squirrels to distract or even assault others, chewing through circuitry and other materials. She shares a close, possibly empathic, bond with certain squirrels, such as Monkey Joe and Tippy Toe.
    Regenerative Healing Factor: Squirrel Girl is able to heal at an accelerated rate.

    According to the database's powergrid, Squirrel Girl possesses powers on par with those of the Living Tribunal.
    At some level some consider Squirrel Girl a "joke" character, but given how much they've embraced her into the mainstream, it is this author's opinion that she has some other secret reason for being unbeatable.


    Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains: A series of 4522 educational trading cards written by Deadpool. Doreen relies on these as a primary source of information for whatever villain she is facing.
    Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains Super Accessories: An appendix of Deadpool's Guide to Super Villains, a series of 1622 cards featuring different villain's methods of transportation.
    Doreen Green was born to Dor and Maureen Green. A few months after being born, her squirrel-like abilities manifested predominately in the form of her tail. When her parents consulted with a doctor, it was determined that Doreen suffered from modifications in her genes, but she wasn't a mutant, even though she believed so for a long time.
    With naturally born powers she wished to be a superheroine under the name of Squirrel Girl.


  14. [​IMG]

    Wukong Asaki, A.K.A. Noh


    Seishin Village; A remote settlement in the mountains of Japan. Long has it enjoyed peace and harmony, for from ancient times, to the rule of the samurai, to the empire of WW2, to the Japan of now, those in power both feared and found use in the peculiar ability native to the bloodlines of this place:

    Spirit channeling

    With training and the spiritual energy infused into the bloodlines of certain families in the village, those called 'spirit mediums' could call upon the souls of those who had died to take their bodies and walk the earth once more. They were sought to give advice and counsel, to reveal truths only the dead would know, and give loved ones who did not have it for one reason or another the chance for final goodbyes. It was once such family that the girl Asaki was born to. She was trained and taught the ways of her ancestors and excelled, a true prodigy of the art. But there was a restlessness to her. She saw the occasional comings and goings of outsiders who sought the services of the mediums, and their strange attire, vehicles, and mannerisms gave her a fiery curiosity of the outside world. So when tragedy struck the village, she offered to leave her secluded home and set to make it right.

    The elders said no, for she was still young, and had much more training to accomplish before she could be considered a true medium.

    So she just kinda snuck out and went to find it anyways :T

    Age: 19
    Race: Human, mystic bloodline
    street level. Unless she's being possessed by something not street level.
    Hair: brown
    Eyes: Red
    Height: 5'4"

    Intelligent 4
    Strength 2
    Speed 2
    Durability 2
    Fighting Ability 3
    Energy projection 1

    Skills and abilities:

    spirit channeling:

    With concentration,a centered mind, and certain chants, Asaki can call to the soul of a deceased person to take her body and walk among the living again. She must know what the person looked like and their true name. Due to her inexperience, she also requires free access to her hands to help her focus her energies.

    When she is possessed, her body quite literally transforms into one similar to the deceased, with the addendum that it is as healthy as Asakis was when she began her channeling; important, since otherwise she'd keel over on the spot and immediately join the spirit she was trying to bring back. Asaki takes a backseat in her mind when this happens, and no longer has any direct control over what the deceased does. However, she can dismiss a spirit from her body at will, so long as its spiritual energy is not greater than her own. Spirit medium clothing is slightly imbued with spiritual magic, so that it grows or shrinks in turn with the body of the spirit being channeled.

    While spirit channeling is a strange and wonderous ability, it does not come without its limitations and dangers. You cannot channel a soul if it is being channeled by someone else or if it is held by another being (like a demon's contract or something). Moreover, a spirit mediums' body can be possessed by ghosts and evil (or occasional good but just really wants to joyride some living person) spirits easier than a normal persons, due the their attunement to the spiritual world, even when they're not channeling. Most mediums are able to ward themselves to make this moot while they are awake, but they are vulnerable when unconscious or asleep, and will stay possessed till they would awaken from their slumber or recover from whatever made them unconcious

    Basic spiritual magic:

    Mediums are also trained in other methods of using their spiritual energy or interacting with spirits. Master channelers can call spirits to their bidding even without channeling, see through the eyes of ghosts, pull only the memories of the deceased through, and other such powers.... Asaki left before her training was done however, and can't do any of that. She has to rely on written charms for many things, and the only thing she can do without them is banishment.

    Martial arts:

    All spirit mediums are trained in the art of self defense, both to tune the body to be more accepting to spirits and for the occasions when the living would try and threaten them for their power. N

    The Guardian Spirits:

    Over the centuries, the mediums of Seishen Village have encountered many spirits. When one of particular power is encountered, they beseech it to join them as a guardian spirit. In return for offerings made by the villagers, the spirits allow themselves to be bound by divine masks that change the rules of spirit channeling. No longer is the true name or a face required; instead, one must be of one of the medium bloodlines and prove yourself worthy to the spirit. If done, they will tell you their title and chant, so that you may contract them to aide you in the physical world.

    Each Guardian spirit requires a specific offering to be summoned. They are usually very powerful, but they are still their own, unique beings. While they are bound to complete at least one task for the medium that has contracted them, after that anything more is considered a request at best. Moreover, if one does not dismiss them after the first request, you are once again subject to normal rules of spirit channeling in that it is a contest of wills to force them out if they are unwilling. Needless to say, such beings are very willful and full of spiritual energy, so even learned masters can have trouble achieving that. A Novice like Asaki would need hours or even days to kick an unwilling one out.

    That said, Asaki is a prodigy in this when it comes to the Guardian spirits. Many mediums only manage to earn the title and chant of one or two of these spirits, but Asaki has managed to acquire four.
    The Guardian Spirits (open)



    Intelligent 5
    Strength 1
    Speed 2
    Durability 1
    Fighting Ability 2
    Energy projection 6

    Usagi is the spirit of a human mystic from ancient times. He has wide reaching knowledge of all things arcane or strange, and is himself a master of many forms of magic. A quiet and kind soul, he enjoys imparting wisdom on the living.

    Offering: fresh fruit or a secret no one else knows


    Intelligent 4
    Strength 3
    Speed 3
    Durability 3
    Fighting Ability 4
    Energy projection 2

    Kitsune is a mischevious and clever spirit. While she is well equipped for a fight, her true worth lies in her ability to cast illusion and charms upon upon others. But while her illusions affect the world rather than the minds of others, any of her charms or other tricks of the mind only work on those attracted to women. Even without her magic she's cunning however, and more than one medium has been tricked into letting Kitsune take a far longer ride in their body than intended.

    Offering: something sweet or the kiss of another


    Intelligent 4
    Strength 5
    Speed 5
    Durability 5
    Fighting Ability 6
    Energy projection 1

    Tengu is the shrewd, jovial, and violent spirit of war, and the one most commonly channeled by Seishin village when others were foolish enough to attempt to coerce the mediums to do their bidding with force. Whether he is truly one of the old gods of war or simply a spirit who has taken their shape his unknown, but he is a master of combats, from a fight with a single adversary to the tactics of leading an army

    Offering: Something shiny or the blood of the medium.



    Intelligent 1
    Strength 6
    Speed 5
    Durability 6
    Fighting Ability 5
    Energy projection 3

    Oni in an incarnation of destruction and violence given form and a seemingless endless well of anger and hatred. Her lithe and light form hides terrifying physical power, and she can twist and shape the earth to do her bidding. She's not much use unless you really, really need to kick some ass and don't give a damn about the surroundings though. In addition, such is her rage and madness that while she will still follow the first command given, she will not willingly return the body of her host after completing. Hasn't been channeled in well over a hundred years for that exact reason. Whether this has made her even angrier is a question no one really wants to find out the answer to.

    Offering: The blood of another or an ounce of gold

  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Raphael
    Team: The Ninja Turles
    Race: Mutated Turtle
    New York City, New York, United States

    Like his brothers, Raphael was a simple pet shop turtle until exposure to toxic “ooze” mutated him. He was raised by Splinter along with his brothers, Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Donatello. (Source: From Comic Vine)

    Personality: Often misunderstood, or dismissed as the dark one, Raphael is known to go to the extremes with his anger. He has a hard time handling his temper, pressured from the unfair facts of life. Most known for his twin sai, red bandanna, and the nickname"Raph" from his brothers and friends. (Source: From Comic Vine)

    Weapons/Abilities: Raphael's defining weapon is the Sai Blades he carries often shoved in his belt. He displays a more erratic form of Ninjitsu, and is often unpredictable, but rash, in battle. Out of all of the turtles, Raphael is depicted the most often with other weapons. These vary from pikes to swords, and he still displays his brutality with each. (Source: From Comic Vine)

    Intelligence 3
    Strength 3
    Speed 3 (about 60 mph)
    Durability 3
    Energy Projection 1
    Fighting Skill 6
    Total Points: 19

  16. [​IMG]
    Equipment: Various firearms (Mostly pistols, most used is a pair of Glock 18Cs - 31 magazine clip, rate of fire up to 20 rounds per second), body armor, communications device, prototype LexCorp laptop computer recovered from a previous adventure.
    Name: Samuel Hildebrandt, aka "The Secret" Age: Twenty-Six Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Height: 5'10" Power Level: Street [​IMG] Powers/Abilities:
    • Secrets - By simply being in the presence of people, Samuel gleans secrets about them. This acts like a sense, and is always active, but very little is learned passively (Only surface thoughts or a secret being actively used by the target). By concentrating and focusing on a subject, Samuel can learn any secret that the target keeps. The more closely guarded the secret is, oddly, the easier it is for Samuel to glean it, as more neural pathways in the target's brain lead to thoughts about that secret and how to keep it. The more trivial the secret (where did you hide the spare key to your house), the harder it is for him to glean. He has read secrets from people with psychic powers, but his passive ability doesn't seem to register with his target even if they are psionic. Once the psionic is aware of the invasion, almost any active blocking of his ability tends to work, but requires some concentration as long as Samuel himself continues to try. He learned some basic secrets about the X-Men from Charles Xavier himself before the telepath discovered what was happening and blocked him - permanently - from discovering anything more from his mind. With this power, and his jetsetting idle rich upbringing, Samuel has traveled the world, meeting experts in many fields simply to gain their secrets. Examples include:

    Brief History: Born to a wealthy family, he came across his mutation earlier than most, at about age seven. By age 11, the precocious child was gleaning secrets everywhere and by 15 was jet-setting around the world, learning what he could from anyone he could come into contact with. Eventually, his family hit a financial bubble following the Clinton era and the final straw that set them from the ludicrously rich to the merely well-off was the housing crash of 2008. Since then, he has been working in Madripoor, where his abilities to find things out is at a premium - and makes him a prime target, so he tends to keep a low profile.
    Weaknesses: For all his secrets, he's merely near human maximums and is not superhuman physically.

    • Secrets of Combat - Met with various martial arts masters around the world and learned secret techniques from them.
    • Secrets of Health - Met with nutritionists, personal trainers, weightlifters,coaches, yogis, and gurus to gain secrets of staying fit and healthy. This has left Samuel in peak physical condition and strength.
    • Secrets of Movement - Met with circus acrobats, gymnasts, parkour experts and a few superheroes to gain olympic-winning level agility.
    • Secrets of Marksmanship - Met with many of the top competing shooters as well as soldiers from around the world to become an excellent shot.
    • Secrets of Charisma - Met with motivational speakers, politicians, actors, and models to learn what makes them so charming and attractive outside of physical beauty, but he did also pull the little beauty secrets out of supermodels as well and has a good working knowledge of makeup and makeup SFX.
  17. [​IMG]

    Codename: Beachhead/Beach Head
    Origin: Auburn, Alabama, United States
    Name: Wayne R Sneeden
    Race: Human
    Faction: SHIELD through the GI JOE branch

    Meticulous, patient, and strong-willed. Additionally, Sneeden is very intelligent, being the Valedictorian of his high school class.

    Beachhead doesn't get mad because he thinks that is a waste of energy, what he does is get even (and he is very good at that).

    The only thing that irritates him among his comrades is when they don't try their hardest to get the job done. Nothing irks Beachead like apathy. (Information source came from Comic Vine.)

    Wayne R Sneeden was born into abject poverty, living in Auburn, Alabama. For much of his youth, he was bullied due to his low economic-status. However, rather than letting this wear him down, Wayne devoted himself to rising above and beyond his environment, to be the best he could possibly be. Ultimately, Wayne became the star of his high school, in both athletics and academia.

    Beachhead is the ultimate Army Ranger. He is trained in ALL forms of combat and weapons. But his favorite thing is explosives. He is able to build or take apart an explosive device of any size.

    Beachhead was a lane instructor at the Ranger Schooling Fort Benning and an Observer/Adviser at the Covert Ops School in Central America. (Information source from Comic Vine)

    Intelligence: 3
    Strength: 3
    Speed: 2
    Durability: 3
    Energy Projection: 1
    Fighting Ability: 5
    Total Points: 17

    Power Level: Street Level

    Comic book source: IDW Publishing
  18. [​IMG]
    Name: Shades
    Real Name: Hernan Alvarez
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 175 lbs
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Brown
    Power Level: Enhanced
    • Magnificent Bastard: Shades excels at knowing just what to do, just who to push and how far, and most of the time, how to still seem like he's serving his bosses while serving up his personal plans to them - in a way that makes it seem to them that it was their idea.
    • Ruthless Bastard: Shades hasn't worked his way up the ladder under Cornell, and later Mariah, by not being able to handle himself in a fight. He's shown himself capable of fighting off three experienced combatants alone starting from ambush and being strangled.
    • Sick Bastard: He shows sociopathic tendencies and sees nearly everything through the eyes of logic, with very few emotional bonds at all. It's possible his loyalty to Mariah Dillard is entirely hinged upon his ability to manipulate the woman into doing anything he wants.
    • The Shades: His signature gear. He'll nearly always have access to a set of these during any given scene. See Below.

    Bio: Hernan "Shades" Alvarez was a long-time confidant and right hand man of Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes, working alongside him until his obsession to be the King of Harlem even in the face of enhanced opposition led him to instead throw his loyalties behind Mariah Dillard, whom he found much easier to manipulate to meet his plans.

    Equipment: Other than his signature gear, Shades often carries a .45 ACP pistol, but has been known to use weapons of opportunity as well.
    There are two pieces to the SHADES gear;
    A set of sunglasses that to all outward appearances appear like high end eyewear, undetectable as anything further due to a built in retinal scan. After the first "user" tries on the glasses, they only function for them.
    A device that functions and looks like a smartphone, albeit a bulky one with a battery pack case, that serves as the control panel for the optics as well as an actual cellular phone.
    SHADES has built into it filters that see into the infrared and ultraviolet range, and these can be triggered via the control panel on the device or one of the two 'softkey' buttons on the top left and top right of the sunglasses can be used after being keyed to a specific task.
    By pulling even more power from the battery via a transmitted power connection from the smartphone, a limited burst of X-Rays is possible, giving the user about five seconds of "X-Ray Vision" before the connection breaks to keep the device from overheating. Each burst drains about 20% of the device's power.
    It is theorized if this safeguard was removed (not recommended) one of two effects could be triggered, burning out the unit.
    A more targeted laser effect eminiating from the sunglasses themselves, sufficient to burn through a locked door.
    A small explosion of the smartphone could be triggered, with the approximate force of a military wall breaching charge.

  19. [​IMG]

    Name: Michelangelo
    Turtle Titan
    The Ninja Turles
    Race: Mutated Turtle
    New York City, New York, United States
    Level: Enhanced

    Like his brothers, Michelangelo was a simple pet shop turtle until exposure to toxic “ooze” mutated him. He was raised by Splinter along with his brothers, Leonardo, Raphael, and Donatello.) Physically the smallest of the Turtles and the least mature.

    Personality: "Mikey here. I'm definitely the funnest of all my brothers. I love video games, skateboarding, pranking my brothers and duh, pizza!! Who does NOT like New York City Style Pizza? I mean, THEY'RE THE BEST!!! Speaking of pizza... I'm hungry."

    Mikey is easily distracted and enthusiastic about... well, pretty much everything. He's also extremely creative. He has a thousand ideas, and every now and then, one of them will be brilliant. This combination of creativity and lack of focus gives him a kind of "flow" that the other Turtles cannot match. He's a social mutant and more than the others, pines to be part of the real world.

    There is no specific ninjutsu art for nunchaku technique, with the closest analogue being kusarigamajutsu, mastery of the chain sickle weapon (which Michelangelo does use.)

    Current Activities: Though he is strongly discouraged from this behavior by his brothers and Master Splinter, Mikey still occasionally patrols the streets as Turtle Titan. The Merged World made this a lot easier for him as there are far more superheroes in this version of New York and this makes it harder for him to be "outed".
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  20. NPC

    Name: April O'Rourke
    AKA: Doll
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 630 lbs
    Hair: Red
    Eyes: (Non functional, see below) Blue
    Age: 25 (now effectively immortal)


    Bio: April O'Rourke was a budding reporter for the Daily Planet, trying to break out of the Irish Mob lifestyle of her "father" Big Patrick. She ran afoul of the Ringmaster and Control Freak on one of their capers and was exposed at length to a Reality Shard, seeing dozens if not hundreds of versions of herself before the Shard finally changed her into Doll. She couldn't be changed anymore, and likely still cannot be, because she now 'sees' by some heretofore unknown means, and cannot 'look' into a Reality Shard any longer. Her body also no longer registers as a living thing on almost any way of sensing that does not sense her soul itself, which indeed resides in her much like a Golem's does.
    • Superhuman Strength: Doll has superhuman strength that allows her to lift in excess of 15 tons with no apparent effort on her part.
    • Superhuman Durability: Doll's body seems to be composed of a composite ceramic reinforced with compressed carbon fibers, making it about as durable as the armor on the average tank, and as temperature resistant as the panels on a re-entry capsule.
    • Cosmic Awareness: Doll has no sense of sight, smell or taste. She somehow senses the world about her, and is aware of color and distance as well. It is possible this is either psionic or magical, but this has yet to be explored.
    • Life Support: Doll no longer has to eat, breathe, or sleep.
    • Investigative Talent: Even before her transformation, April was very observant and had a natural knack for investigation and covert tactics.
    • Girl in a Family of Boys: Brought up in a rough and tumble horseplay environment, as well as being taught some basic self defense, Doll is a fairly capable hand to hand fighter.
    Trivia: - April loves to sing, even now, and engages in this hobby whenever she can.
    - She collects small bells as souvenirs wherever she goes, be they be made of metal, china, or wood.