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  2. [​IMG]

    "Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because people punched a piece of paper saying, I think you're right for this job, that gives them the right to do whatever it is they want, as long as their adoring public never finds out about it. Sometimes even after."

    "Not that Gotham doesn't still have it's share of trashy, slum-ridden neighborhoods. It does, even with that fancy new monorail zipping all around town like some demented theme park ride. I gotta admit though, a lot harder to dispose of a body via train 'accident' when you have to get 30 feet up in the air to do it. These are the neighborhoods that I cover. For some reason, I, and a select few other people, lucky or not, can remember how things were before. There were no Avengers, no SHIELD, no Daily Bugle or Spiderman. Or... and this is going to sound crazy, but there's these turtle guys who live in the sewers across the river. I swear, I saw one. Wearing a mask. Isn't that rich? As if a little swath of cloth across your face was going to hide you were some sort of mutant half human half turtle. People here, they need answers. Thankfully, I can answer them. Who am I? They call me..."

    "The Question."

    "You see, lately, people have been going missing. And not in the usual way. Not drugs, accidents, runaways. No, missing. As in, they're gone. Their homes are emptied, almost no one who knew them even remembers they were alive - even people who they owed money to. A few people, the ones closest to the missing, well, they remember. And three times now they've come to me, asking for my help. Because I have a reputation for remembering. And believing. But this is too big of a job for me to handle alone. Who'd believe me, though? It sounds crazy. Downright bat-shit insane, pun intended. So, I put my feelers out. Told all the locals that I'm looking to find other people on the streets who share my, God help me, altruistic motives of trying to skim the cream from the curdled milk that is this city, and to... if at all possible, make it better somehow. Of course you can't just sit yourself down in an office and recruit people like this. You gotta go where they'd be."


    "This here, is literally the Bar with No Name. Says it right on the sign. Used to be a hangout for all the low lifes and criminals. Still is, sometimes. Less so now. People like me, Rorschach, Casey Jones, Jessica Jones (no relation), and other low profile so-called vigilantes hang out here now. Blend with the people, find out what's going on in this dark, dark corner of New Jersey. Not that I wouldn't spend a night or two here a week anyway, but now... well it's almost like a vacation. I've been hanging out here for a week now. No bites, yet. But soon. I trust in people being pissed off enough to help me make a difference."

    Dateline: Thursday, September 1st, 2014 Approx 7pm
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  3. New Yorkers liked to brag about their city. So did Chicago. Shanghai. But as every true-born Gothamite knows?

    There ain't no place like home.

    And where else would you find a city so welcoming of trench coats and fedoras?


    No one gives me a second look and those that do, soon scurry for other prey. Masks represent something in this place, aided by the Bat and his followers. The creeps that come out at night. It was a mantle of power, to display ones might and warn others away. And I had chosen carefully myself, to craft something evocative of that night. This was my mantle.

    Welcome home 'Nosferatu.'

    My little joke there.

    Some homecoming though. I don't even have a place to stay, not here...Not anymore. Best I can do is a bar right now, away from the cold. Thankfully, I know just the place. Perfect for people like me, who aren't entirely with the White Hats. And so I trace my steps over to the Bar with No Name. I'm not too worried...All my crimes had mostly been in South America. And those who knew me well enough to sell me out, knew better then to do so. I...I hated to use fear, especially it...The thing. But you played the hand you were dealt with.

    I really had no other choice.

    And so, avoiding others I step inside and head for the bar, my voice raspy and with a hint of latin in my accent.

    "Whiskey please."

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  4. I see the guy walk in. At first, I even think that I've got another copycat. Colors are different, though, and the mask had eye holes. In the back of my mind, something nags at me. Why does he look familiar? I shake it off, for now, because, does it really even matter? Not if he could help. He didn't approach me. Which tells me that he wasn't responding directly to my little mustering call. Best to scope it out, first.

    I get up and head over to the bar, taking a stool a couple away from the newcomer. "Nice outfit." I quip, looking over at him. Not that he could tell, having a blank slate where my face is supposed to be makes me great at poker, not so great at other things.
  5. "I got it from your mother."

    I quip back, not really in the mood. I know who he is- Last thing I need is any sort of hero, identifying me. It'd defeat the whole purpose of a mask and my desire to stay low. My whiskey comes and I take out a straw, sliding it under my mask so I can enjoy without revealing. Just a little stubbornness there. A while later, I glance to the side and notice he's still there. Just watching...He shouldn't know me. Its been years since I was home, and I looked different then.

    I think back on that monster inside me and barely repress a shudder.

    Yep, much different.

    "What do you want, Question? If its about my costume, Parody is protected speech."

    @Michale CS
  6. "I'm flattered." I quip in response. "Just getting the lay of the land." I raise my hand for the bartender. "Club soda. Grenadine. With a straw. " I order. Can't let myself get under the influence, nor can I bring myself to call the pansy drink I ordered by its real name - a Shirley Temple.

    "Listen. I'm not sure if you're the kind of mask who gives a rip about the common man or not, but if you are, there's people going missing. Not usual missing either. Weird missing. Whole lives disappear. Birth certificates, work history, all of it. Most people? They have someone they know disappear like that, they don't even remember they knew 'em. Wives, husbands, parents, lovers, they'll remember, but no one else." My drink was served, and I said nothing else. I just got up and moved back to my usual booth in the corner. It was in his ballpark now.

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  7. I walk into this old hole in the wall bar. Big Patrick told me it was a place I could check for information.
    Used to be a hang out for the criminal crazies, but has more recently been taken over by the vigilante community.

    It's clean and seems to be relatively busy for the crap neighborhood it's in. I notice a couple of masked guys practicing snarky comments to one side of the bar. Few of the denizens of this place seem to be in a friendly mood. There is one odd looking blond with a sideshow hammer drinking a neon green drink with a big smile at one side. Doesn't seem safe somehow.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]" Pardon me guys, I'm looking for some information".[/BCOLOR]
  8. I look over at the guy. Something looks familiar about him, but I can't place it. Seems this is the night for that. The accent was distinctly Irish, and he had an air about him that I couldn't describe.

    So, I shrug and gesture for him to take a seat nearby. "I'm full of information. A lot of times, people don't want it once they've got it. Fair warning. Ask away."

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  9. "......"


    I did nothing. Didn't respond, didn't even so much as look at the Question. I was weighing the pros and cons, calculating the bits and pieces that would either engage me in this enterprise or have me leave it well enough alone. If I entered, it'd mean putting myself in the line of fire. It'd mean Batman on my tail, or anyone else who knew about my little...Problem.


    I take my drink and sit down at the booth, arms crossed as I growl, intentionally enhancing the accent I picked up....Though it sounds more like a discount Bane.

    "Are we getting paid for this?"

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  10. " Alright " I sit down, still looking around a bit. What is it with trench coats in this place ?

    " Kind of like this lads. I have got a friend, like a sister to me she is. Her father raised me after my father died. She disappeared you see, but it's like twilight zone stuff. No pictures, no records. I went to her place, nothing, no clothes, no stuff... nothing.

    Her dad is Big Patrick on twentieth street. I promised him I'd do everything I can.

    I heard from one of the newspaper guys on third that a mask guy is spreading the word about this, so here I am !

    I make my speech to the two masked guys hoping I made a dent in their sarcasm party. I sit very still trying to watch them and every other knot head in this place.

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  11. "I was the mask guy in Question. Listen, this may get rough, really rough. If you think you can handle it, I need all the warm bodies I can get on this. I've got a few leads, and you can pick which ones you want to follow. And as far as pay? Me, I'm doing this out of the kindness of my heart, but considering one of the missing folks was a spoiled brat of a rich family slumming it to cheese them off, I'd bet that you could get a nice little reward - if that's what floats your boat."

    I slap a small stack of manila folders on the table. "Here's what I've got so far. I'll start with her."

    "This here is Rayleen Thorne. The niece of one Rupert Thorne. Thorne's a Made Man, a minor boss in the local Mob. As far as most people know, Thorne runs a uniform supply service and some dry cleaning stores. Me, I know better. He launders things, all right. Mainly green things." I pause and let them take a look at the picture.

    "Rayleen here was the first to go missing - her gal-pal Silver Saint Cloud comes to me saying she thinks someone kidnapped her friend. I go looking and don't find a lot of what you'd normally find on people not there. No records at the DMV, no medical records, which is really funny because Rayleen was a guinea pig for a cure for Garrick's Disease - Garrick's is nasty. It burns through you and wears you out as if you had your life on fast forward. Anyway the only way I discovered anything about that is because Silver tells me she had the disease, and when I dig, I find that they just numbered the patients treated and don't talk about them by name, and the picture matches."{/td}
    {td=left|top}"This next one isn't worth any money. Sorry, the pic is kind of old. She keeps her hair short now. This is Betty Boyg. Used to have family, not so much anymore. Used to be homeless, also not so much anymore. Works at a place called Rags and Tatters, some kinda clothing store I guess. Well a friend of mine comes to me, telling me he can't find her. Well, I can't even find record she even worked at that store. Thing is, he should know, it's his store. Guy's name is Rory Regan. I hadn't had time to run this one down yet, cause people just kept popping up missing before I could even get to one of em. Maybe one of you can buzz down to his shop and see what you can dig up."{/td}
    "This last girl is April O'Rourke. Don't Know much about her except that her ex-beau contacted me yesterday morning that her place was empty and her cell phone was disconnected. Swears she ain't the deserting type. She has a nice plush secretary job at the Planet. (that must be a hell of a commute) That is, according to him and the old ID of hers he had on him. I did the first pass of digging, and there's no employee on file at the paper that has her name."

    I tap on the stack of folders. "There's a few more, but I got even less on those. Whispers, rumors, nothing to go on. These three are my most solid leads."{/td}
    "So boys, it's up to you. In or out?"

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  12. My best bet was to grab the girl who could get me what I needed. Money to fund my experiments. Money to get rid of this... Thing that swam beneath my humanity like a shark sensing blood. Catch her, I could squeeze out a reward...And take what I wanted, if they didn't. But people could die that way....Hell, people might die either way the way I am. May as well get the funds I need. And so I reached out for the picture of Rayleen Thorne.

    And picked up the one of Betty Boyg.


    Sliding it into my coat pocket, I give a nod and get up from the booth.

    "I'll be in touch. And leave my messages with the bartender."

    And with that, I was gone.


    Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid-!

    Well. I sighed out, my breath warm beneath the mask as I stared out at my native city. I could go to this guys place, but not as I looked now. I'd have Batman on my case faster then a speeding bullet. No. Only one place I felt would have answers...Oddly enough, it felt like coming home.

    And vanishing into an alleyway, I headed away for the Thompson Clinic.

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  13. " I can take care of myself lad, though I don't feel comfortable discussin my gifts in this place. "

    I watch as the other mask skulks out, concerned at this question guy's ability to recruit.

    " I didn't realize Thorne's girl was missing. I've met her. He's kept it on the down low.

    I point at my friend April's photo.

    " This is my friend Mister Question, She was proud of her job with the Planet. She's smart as hell yah know ? Aside from her choices in boyfriends, she's got everything to be proud of.
    We took training and schooling in honest professions. I skirt the business with my work in Security Systems, So I still know some of the made men."

    "By the way, What's the deal here, I come to you for help and I think you are trying to recruit me ? "

    I have my shillelagh across my lap, still a bit uncomfortable with being in this place. I've had some training and my mother's physical gifts and I heal really quickly, but pain is still pain.

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  14. Jesse Quick(Flash)

    ((I hope no one minds the 1st person perspective, also this does not in any way have to be a tie into the sandbox arc going on now, I just wanted to post something IC to feel out my character and have her build a premise for going into when things kick off.))

    My name is Jessica Chambers...and I'm the fastest woman alive. I'm what's called a Metahuman, an individual with supercyclic DNA that causes fluctuations that basically lead to metabolical and/or cellular abnormalities. These abnormalities happen to just be darn near god like manifestations of all sorts of abilities. And mine....mine was literally handed down from my parents. Strength from madre, speed from padre. Since I was 11 years old I'd knew about these powers, and my parents did their best to guide me in a way of light so that I would never run into darkness. Dad even gave his life in the very same path...but this...

    This was just insane. And I felt like no one knew about it but me.

    I stood underneath a metal pillar supporting the train tracks above my head that ran through Manhattan. Gold sparks of lightning flicker around me for split seconds before coming to a halt. Full in uniform, I zip to the tracks above in a blink, more lightning sparking around me. I shake my head in disbelief at the sight across the street. I thought I was going crazy. It was my high school, but it wasn't my high school at all. It was right where my school is...or was? The block, the square feet, all of it was exactly the same. However, the structure, the colors, and the landscape was all different. I knew my old high school, the one I used to walk around in, laugh and talk to friends in, that I used to crush on boys in (discreetly), but this new building that had come overnight threw me for a loop. This was a high school, but upon seeing the name Midtown High,I scratched my head at knowing it literally was never here until that moment.

    Now here I was, looking at yet another one of these energy rifts. This made the 3rd one that I've found so far. The first in Gotham City. I'd come to the conclusion after the 1st rift that no one else can see these rifts, seeing as how one was in the middle of the street in Times Square and people were walking by it, and even through it. The rift had no effect on the people whatsoever, and I can't just walk up to them and touch them in civilian clothing unless I wanted to expose what I was to the world. I finally managed to find myself a rift that was secluded, in the yards of some academy for "gifted youngsters" upstate New York that I never heard of. From my prior knowledge of the last one it seemed to emit some sort of quantum yet subatomic energy, aka dimensional. As in the energy is a separation of time and space. Once I'd tapped into the Speed Force for the first time I learned that the two are negligible when it compares to the actual point in which both meet. These rifts reminded me a lot of that, and it seems they are the point in which both meet has clashed with another point in which time and space meet....again. Confusing, I know.

    I was too paranoid to say anything to mom right now, not like she was the speedster anyways. She wouldn't have the slightest of what's going on. I log the GPS location of this new rift I found and I put it in my Notes app on my phone with the others. I walk down the sidewalk of Downtown Gotham blocks from the university, making my way to a store to get my usual dose of an energy drink and some Doritos. Balancing this hidden Meta life along with college classes and endless thesis papers, All the speed in the world won't help me outrun this lag of life I'm experiencing. Between asking people what happened to my old high school and them not remembering, and these rifts... I started to suspect something was moving in this universe. Something big.

    I walk into the store, with the clerk giving me a smile. I return a mild one and push up my glasses as I lock an eye on some Red Bull and a bag of chips. Not even seconds later the door chimes as another person enters, and in broad daylight my attention from my snacks are interrupted by the shouts of a man in a hoodie with his hood up wearing a skull cap. He flashes a snub .38 in the petrified clerk's face. I freeze in my tracks, the con doesn't even know I'm there. Didn't bother to look around! Jeez. I look around myself to make sure no one else was in here. There wasn't. Without another nanosecond I watch the world around me slow down to almost stop-mo as I run to ram the man out the way, while taking the time to remove the gun from his grip, empty the chambers, and toss them in the trash. I make a concise point to return directly to the exact spot and posture I was in before I ran, as time resumes as normal and the man flies across the floor with gold lightning flashing across the store. I push up my glasses with a finger onto my eyes and slowly creep to look at the unconscious man. The clerk looks at me surprised, and I fake an expression of the same.

    "Whoa....what did you do!?"
    Clerk: "I din' do nothin! One moment I'm looking at the gun the next...he flies across the floor knocked out!!! I...wait, I could....could I be a....one of those meta-thingys the news speculates on?? Hah!! Maybe it WAS me!!!"
    "....Yeah, either way...you should probably call someone, and here's the money for my items. I'm going to go now. You have fun Mr. Metaman."
    Clerk: "Hmm! Yeah of course, be on your way citizen! I have this under control! Have a great day!...wait, I may need a witness!!!"

    I was already gone. And I thought the day couldn't get any more weirder. I begin walking back to the college to where my dorm was, Martha Wayne Residence Hall. Once there, another day filled with studying for class and whatever the heck is going on. Just another day in the life of Jesse Quick, a nickname dad used to call me.

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  15. I shake my head, then give a little shrug. You have to take chances in this line of work sometimes. Go with your gut and my gut was saying these guys would work out just fine for what needed to be done. Either that or I was bored of going to the same dive bar every night for the past week and I was tired of waiting.

    "Sorry I didn't change up my spiel for each of you. I've been hanging out here for a week, trying to find people who remember enough about these people going missing to even care. The fact that you even remember these people, especially the Thorne chick who you say you barely met, tells me you're special. The kind of special this town needs to find these missing people. Also, people have been coming to me for nearly a month now asking me for help finding people who've dropped off the face of God's green Earth. Forgive me if I'm a little jaded by now. Best I can suggest you do now, since this April gal was your friend, is to try to trace her up until the last moment someone saw her. She worked at the Planet, so, get in there, because there will be cameras all over the place. I'll tag along with you. Maybe between the two of us we can get access to the security tapes on the last day she showed up to work. Maybe even see if she left there or not that day."

    I put up my hands for a moment and cock my head. "I realize you're looking for your friend, but unless someone finds out the how and why, people are going to keep disappearing. Finding her and not taking care of the perp isn't going to accomplish much."

  16. " I can handle that I think. I can use my connection with her father and my security business as a cover."

    I seem more relaxed now, but it seems in my mind how hopeless this seems.

    " Say, Mister Question, do you have a normal face you can use. I'm not sure if --- mask attention will help or not. No offense, but I just haven't done this type of thing before ".

    I look a bit flustered admitting this.

    @michaleCS @Ringmaster
  17. "Oh, don't worry. I have done this before. And you'll be the face. They won't have to see mine. Just run interference. Act natural. A woman you consider family is missing. Capitalize on that. Meanwhile, I'll be somewhere that if I get caught in, mask or no, I'd be in trouble at. But I won't get caught, so long as you do your job as a concerned brother and keep certain eyes off of where I need to be to get access to the video surveillance."

    "Capish?" I add, just for flavor.

  18. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|95%x95%]
    Leslie was there. The feud with the Bat taken care of - well at least to the point where he didn't consider her a murderer now that Stephanie Brown was alive and well, though he wasn't a fan of being deceived, especially by one who was practically his godmother.

    At the moment, she was poring over a computer, working on some kind of blood analysis from the looks of it. She also looked entirely oblivious that she had company, as her gaze kept going from the computer to a microscope nearby.

    No one really should have been at the clinic during these hours, as the clinic stopped being a trauma center since before Leslie had left for Africa all those years ago. Instead, the clinic did immunizations, blood tests, and DNA testing, with a dabble of research into blood borne diseases.{/td}

    Dateline: Thursday September 1st, 2014 Approx 8pm
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  19. " Alright, you can get ahold of me at this phone number ".

    I write down a phone number on the back of my business card and slide it across the table.

    " This is a private, relatively secure number. Do you have an idea when you want to do this ?"

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  20. "Day after tomorrow. I have some things to follow up on tomorrow, not totally related. We'll take the monorail to the MetroFerry, which is probably the route your gal took to work, it's about an hour and a half from downtown Gotham to the docks in Metropolis. Get what you think you'll need between now and then."

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