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  1. [​IMG]
    This, is National City. Home of CatCo Worldwide Media, Lord Technologies among other things.

    National City is a bustling city that lies between Los Angeles and San Diego along the coast of California, and home to several million people.

    Of course, strange things seem to happen here on the regular. Strangely, the city seems to take all of this in stride, maybe partially do to the masterful spins that CatCo seems to put on nearly every unusual event.

    It also boasts a large university National City University, touted for its teaching and law programs.

    [[ OOC - This will be the freeplay thread for those in the Epic Crossover clan who want to play in National CIty, if you want to play and aren't a member of the clan, please join! ]]​
  2. So, here I am. Settled into a dorm room - that's going to have to change soon, hiding the Heron gear in the little beater of a car I'm leasing makes quick changes hard - and ready to rock my first day at National City University.

    Whiiich goes about as I planned. With me spending a bunch of money on books - yeah, they're paying for tuition and the dorm room, not books, and going about 15 minutes into each class before getting the syllabus and list of stuff that needs to be bought for the class.

    So, with my credit cards straining near their limit, I check the job search board again in the Financial Services building.

    And find a job possibility in the Catco building downtown. It's sort of a glorified mailroom job, it looks like.

    Administrative Staff Wanted.
    Apply online, you will be notified if you are selected to come in for an interview.
    Attach resume and send to Kara.Danvers@catcoworldwide.net

    Now, I can't lie on my resume, but thankfully Bruce knew I would want to try to use some of my experience working with him on a resume, so he officially had me on the rolls in some night classes at one of the technical colleges that Wayne Enterprises owned, so it looks like I've had enough Administration of Justice and Paralegal experience to almost have a degree in one and an official Paralegal license in the other.

    Even I'm impressed with how this looks.

    Well, here's to hoping!

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  3. Kara emerged out of the elevator, balancing a coffee tray on top of a large box of paper documents. With her hip she pushed open the door to the main office, greeting everyone and handing out assigned papers. Most people would usually have a mailman wheel it to their office and leave it for everyone to have their way with it. But not Kara. Kara was the only personal assistant of Cat Grant who personally picked up deliveries and handed them out to everyone. There was a joke that went around the breakroom that Kara had super strength since she could lift the box by herself. She nervously laughed and brushed if off as her working out on a regular basis.

    When all deliveries had been made, Kara tucked the box under her desk and set the coffee tray on top, ready to hand to the company CEO when she arrived. She opened her email, skimming through the various spam and the occasional reminder of the upcoming employee picnic. One email, however, did catch her eye. It had the subject line “Application for Admin position.” Kara opened the email to see a resume attached with a cover letter going over the applicant’s qualifications and experience.

    “I swear, that boy is too stubborn to let go of that ratty old teddy bear.”

    “She’s here!” Kara called. All the employees in the office abruptly stood up. Kara adjusted her glasses and smoothed her pants. A pair of silver elevator doors opened and the only person allowed to use that particular elevator emerged. She strutted past employees with little more than a nod in their direction.

    “Ms. Grant, your latte.” Kara handed Cat Grant her preferred coffee drink.

    “Quota, Keera.”

    “It’s Kara and sales for National Magazine, Fashion this week, and Homes—“

    “Are projected to be subpar. I already saw the numbers. Give me something new.”

    “Vanity Fair wants to interview you. Again.”

    “Of course they want to but that’s not news.

    “Um . . . .” Kara flicked through her tablet, trying to find at least something intriguing for her boss. “We have an applicant for an admin position which I was not aware was being opened.” Kara looked at Cat who rolled her hand in the air. “Stephanie Brown, 25, used to work for Wayne Enterprises and has extensive experience in paralegal and business matters.”

    “For a girl with that much experience, she is either desperate or an idiot.”

    “Should I delete her resume then, Ms. Grant?” Kara’s finger hovered over the delete button on her screen.

    “No, because while I question her ambitions, I should at least give someone who is minimally qualified a chance. Once I hear her desired pay, I’ll know if we should hire her.” And with that, Cat walked into her own private office and closed the door behind her.

    “Alright then.” Kara sat down at her desk and immediately began to draft a letter.

    Dear Stephanie Brown,

    Thank you for your application at CatCo WorldWide Media. We would like to extend you an interview. We have scheduled a time for this Wednesday at 3:30pm in Conference room number 37 on the 8th floor. You will be interviewed by me, Kara Danvers.

    If this time does not work for you, please contact us at 817-555-5012 and we can reschedule.

    Kara Danvers
    Personal Assistant
    CatCo WorldWide Media Co.

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  4. I stared at that for a good five minutes before I even moved, as if, if I did, it would go away.

    Then, I got up, danced around the room and fistpumped a few times. Come on we've all done it. Haven't we?

    I quickly typed a reply.

    Dear Ms. Danvers,

    That date and time works perfectly for me. I will see you at 3:30 sharp.

    Stephanie Brown

    Dateline, Wednesday August 31st, 2014, 3:28 pm

    Okay Stephanie, you knew it was a bad idea to try to juggle the crime fighting thing with the job interviewing and the school going. But could you wait at least until you got a job to lose it?

    I was madly slapping the button in the elevator as I got in it. If there weren't too many stops I would make it. And really, The Girl From Ipanema on the elevator music? What kind of elevator even has musi- Oh there we are, the doors are opening.

    I stride in and just in time, too as I approach the desk to find... my interviewer, settling down to the desk looking like she'd just got there as well? Well, this could work.

    Of course there's the matter that a pointy corner of a batarang is sticking out of my purse and if you strain hard you might be able to see my cute little Heron logo on my chest underneath my nice white blouse.

    I'm sure it's okay, someone would have to have like super vision to notice the fact I'm kind of wearing most of my costume under my power outfit.

    "Ah. Ms. Danvers. Hello!" I extend my hand, grateful I thought at least to take my gloves off before dropping into the interview.

    Of course, in the nearby distance, Kara's hearing would pick up a GCPD car pulling up to the scene I just left - two thugs who attempted to rob one of my favorite hot dog carts - so I kicked their asses and tied them to a telephone pole, leaving a hastily scrawled note - in lipstick, don't judge, I had an interview to get to - These Turkeys tried to hijack some dogs. Your Friendly Neighborhood Heron.

    Not that I'd know that she could hear the radio chatter and be aware of sirens in the distance or anything. She was just a corporate face interviewing a college kid looking for a job.

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  5. Norin Radd, also known as the silver surfer landed near in the hills above National City. This city, he thought didn't exist in both worlds. It made a good place to study the phenomenon, and search for those dangerous crystals.

    To facilitate his studies he had decided to go in his normal humanoid form and act like the earth people did. He has a couple of consultant jobs and a one day a week teaching job at the local college.

    He bought a fixer upper house, and one night, courtesy the power cosmic, the old house was as good as new.

    His senses told him that there was another flying superhero in the city. Super girl.. He approved of what he read though.

    He occasionally does crime fighting, but by and large Super Girl does a pretty good job and he doesn't go out of his way to interfere in her city.

    There is a young woman in one of his classes that sometimes carries odd throwing weapons in her purse. Very Odd.
  6. "No more mutants! No more mutants! No more mutants!"

    Chanted a small crowd of angry students, wielding red letter signs with similar statements. They walked, up and down on the pavement of the park area of National City university

    Watching this collection of bigots from the sideline was a browned haired man, very fit, in his late twenties, wearing a gray security uniform, with his pistol holstered on the right hip. He appeared extremely calmed in spite of the ranting in front of him. In all honesty, Beachhead didn't think he would be stuck, doing something like this.

    Playing spy wasn't his primary specialty exactly, combat operations was. Yet SHIELD had picked up intelligence reports that the terrorist organization Cobra had set up a local cell in National City. So he was assigned to help root out the hidden snakes.

    Evidence had narrowed this campus as one of the few institutions that have been infiltrated. How did SHIELD find about this? Simple really, because they already had some operatives within the city, who detected the signs.

    While he understood his role in this operation, Beach wondered why him specifically. There were more than enough Joes better qualified than him in counter-intelligence, people like Scarlett came into mind.

    Such questions, made the ranger consider that this was possibly as much as a test as it was a mission for him. He spent nearly all of his adult life in the military, so much that some comrades in GI JOE joked that he bled green instead of red.

    Not far from the truth.

    Beach admitted to himself, civilian life wasn't his cup of tea. Thankfully with that in mind, the ranger's cover story was that of a recently discharged army veteran named Aaron Rogers, seeking employment in National City and found it at the college in security.

    It should be enough to draw suspicion off of him.

    His role to be more precise, was to back up the SHIELD agents on campus in search of the terrorist link. So far they found no suspect for the past few days, but it will be only a matter of time, snakes can't remain hidden forever.

    The protesters didn't let up, screaming out their hate for all things mutant for all to see and hear, believing their cause is just. Beach just shook his head in resignation and said out loud with his southern drawl evident.

    "Wasted potential."
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  7. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    {td}Then, inexplicably, a woman made her way through the protestors, and seemed to be having her own counter demonstration. "No More Chocolate! No More Chocolate! No More Chocolate!" and she actually had... a few people joining her in the chant.

    One of the protestors came up to her and yelled, "How can you make fun of our cause like that? Don't you realize how dangerous Muties are?"

    "And how can you think that mutants can help being mutants anymore than chocolate can help being chocolate? It makes just as much sense! And let me ask you, how do you think you're going to make it so there's no more mutants? Kill them? Maybe you're a mutant and you don't know it yet? Gonna stick by your guns then?" She replied.

    "Hey- no-no one said anything about killing anyone. And I'm no stinkin' mutie!"

    The girl sniffed a few times. "I dunno, I think you've worked up quite a sweat and stink pretty good from here!" This got a chuckle from the crowd, and some of the protestors were already walking away, some dumping their signs in the trash.

    "I thought so. If you're going to protest anything, protest why the cafeteria stopped stocking Banana Nut muffins, cause wishing people dead is mean, nasty, and kinda pointless. Who's with me?!" This got a cheer from the few people still hanging around, and afterward, she turned to face the probably stunned security officer.

    "Oh, hi. I wasn't like, trying to do your job or anything. I just don't like it when people are doing mean stuff." She stuck out her hand. "Name's Doreen. Doreen Green. Just your average, everyday, college student. Despite... what this all looks like. Heh."{/td}
  8. For a second, Beach was caught off guard by the counter-chant, no doubt made in mockery of the hateful protesters. He eyed with interest at the girl leading it, as she stood her ground against the bigots, while preparing to step in if it gets violent.

    Fortunately, the girl's wit defused the situation, clearly impressive, he thought in approval.

    Using reason and humor to get her point across, all marks of an intelligent woman. He was no stranger to such type in GI JOE and...in Cobra as well.

    The thought, however made Beachhead slightly suspicious, before pushing it in the back corner of his mind, until proven otherwise. Still one can't be too careful, enemies can take many forms, both figuratively and literally.

    Wayne you really have been out in field for too long.

    Maintaining an calm appearance, Beach shrugged his shoulders in understanding when the girl Doreen Green explained herself.

    "If I have stepped in earlier, those idiots would just hide behind freedom of speech and accuse me of harassment. Trust me, what ya did there ma'am was much better. You shut them up and no one got hurt, that's a win for me."

    Beachhead replied, with a thick southern accent, before adding.

    "Aaron Rogers by the way. So how are you enjoying college life so far Miss Green?"
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  9. "Yeah, trigger warnings, safe space and all that. Nut up or shut up, is what I always say. Well not always, but I do like nuts, so I say it kind of a lot..." She replied, grinning.
    "So, I'm in Mr. Rogers Neighborhood?" That smile just seemed to get wider. "I'm doing just fine so far. This is a great town. Most of the time you don't see garbage like I just broke up around here. That's more of midwest... and forgive me for saying, deep south, kinda thing. But there's nasty people everywhere. You never know when you're looking right at one and not even know it."

    At that point, an alarm chimed on her phone. It was one of the songs from an old cartoon show, Animaniacs.She stopped it - perhaps thankfully, before the song got too far in.

    "Whoops! It's nearly time for class Mr. Rogers, so I better get going!" She gave him a wave and took off. One thing he did notice as she departed, for a short girl - not even 5'5" - she had a rather conspicuously large butt.

    Of course, being security, it wouldn't be hard if he were still suspicious - especially with his connections - to check out Miss Doreen Green's background.

  10. Beachhead paid attention to Doreen, this young lady has a quirky personality to say the least. In an way she reminded him a bit like Shipwreck, he never thought that was possible. The uncover ranger shrugged his shoulders again, when she mentioned the south when talking about bigotry.

    It's a given, he knew his home all too well, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The girl's ringtone confirmed the similarities to Shipwreck.

    That sailor had the Popeye theme song played on his phone sometimes, he remembered in annoyance.

    He nodded with a polite smile to Miss Green as she said her goodbye and when she turned around that when he noticed her rear that seem beyond bigger than someone of her size. For a second, his eyes widen in shock before restoring his neutral expression, his suspicions increased.

    Much later after finishing 'work' for the day, Beachhead dig up information on Doreen Green back at an motel room he was renting. It is an interesting read for him to say the least.

    "Seriously, Squirrel Girl!?"

    He uttered to himself with no one else upon the revelation. As funny as her superhero name is, Beach heard of how capable she is, so much so that SHIELD had tried to recruit her, but turned them down.

    Obviously, she is not a Cobra terrorist, Beach decided, but that left him back to square one. Then he received a call from the other agents and picked up his cellphone.

    "What is it?"

    "We found the link. It's Harold Anderson."

    "The science professor, who popular with the students?" Beach asked.

    "Same one, turns out he is a Crimson Guardsman, we tracking him now, heading for the harbor seems to be in an hurry. We will transmit the location to you as soon we can. In the meantime gear up, we will need all hands for this."

    "Copy that Agent Davis, over and out."

    Finished with the call, Beachhead began his preparations. He had a feeling it's going to be a long night.
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  11. Boy was he right.

    Cobra always had a contingency plan. Having been discovered, they had hired muscle that wasn't overtly Cobra.

    Another call came in not five mintues later. The sound of automatic gunfire was the first thing he heard. "We have a sniper, and some armored guy with cybernetic enhancements. They've got us pinned down. Local LEOS are en route but they're going to get slaughtered out here! Sending a visual of the hostile now."​

    "We'll do what we can but we need another angle on this. We can't step out or the sniper will pick us off, and this guy is closing in. He's well armored. Three confirmed hits, one of them a head shot, and he keeps on coming." The operative finished up.

    "We're going to have to change positions, I think the sniper is moving in for a better angle at us. Hurry up. Over and out."

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  12. It was times like these, that Beach hated being right. He was in his full gear and uniform on when the next call came in.

    He narrowed his brown eyes, examining the image, that Agent Davis transmitted to his cell. Armored indeed, no wonder the bastard isn't going down, Beachhead thought.

    Yet he had no time, to ponder it further, fellow operatives were endangered. Swiftly leaving the motel armed with his M4A1 carbine along with an grenade launcher attached to it, Beach was picked by a MH-6M helicopter(Little Bird), at the next street, courtesy of SHIELD.

    Riding on the left angle as it ascended back up, Beachhead could already see gray plumes of smoke coming out of the at the harbor. He swore underneath his breath at the site of it. Their chopper was soon joined by several more MH-6Ms, plus two Black Hawks, all of them loaded with SHIELD strike teams, flying toward the harbor.

    From below, the Joe spotted numerous police cars racing through the narrow roads. National City is going to suffer war tonight.

    Focus on the objective Wayne, noting else.

    Beach silently reminded himself as they drew closer in full view of the docks. Suddenly a RPG missile was fired from one of the cargo ships docked and struck the MH-6M chopper dead center on the right of Beach in the formation, killing everyone on board.

    "Take us down!"

    Beachhead ordered the two pilots onboard who without hesitation obliged him. Flying low, for him to jump off a few feet to the pavement, they advance to provide supporting fire while the rest of strike teams landed at the nearest spots, at the harbor for them.

    Meanwhile one of the Black Hawks swerved on its side, a gunner unleashing a hail of bullets with her mini gun toward the boat where the missile came from. The vessel's deck along with everything on it was shredded to pieces.

    Explosions and gunfire soon erupted all across the eastern docks. Another little bird chopper went down, hit in its tail wing, crashing into the nearby water.

    Beachhead ran at full speed with rifle in hand toward the last known location of Davis and his team, a couple yards away, at the entrance of an large warehouse, belonging to Lord Technologies. He scanned his eyes for the sniper's location, at the other buildings surrounding it.

    It's offical now, everything is going straight to hell.
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  13. Looking for the sniper was a good idea - but the timing was a bit off. Around the corner came the armored man. By now, SHIELD had made him. A mercenary known as Crossbones, he'd been known to be able to go toe to toe with Captain America.

    Right now though, he was unloading an automatic shotgun in Beach's direction, forcing him to cover. "Just business. All you SHIELD flunkies have to do is back off for a bit and they'll be out of your hair. Instead you do this - putting innocent lives at risk." His hypocritical speech was punctuated by blasts from the street sweeper.

    Suddenly, Beach heard a series of screams coming from a nearby rooftop. "Agh! Get em off me!"

    Then a familiar head poked over the ledge above. "Hey! I got the sniper! Go get em! Yo, Joe!"
    It was Doreen, this time in her costume with tail free. She looked over her shoulder. "What did you say that your name was again? Bullfrog? Oh... Bullseye, that makes a lot more sense."

    She looked back again.
    "Anyway I got Bullseye, you can get crossing guard. See ya!" Then she popped out of sight, apparently restraining the sniper.

  14. Beach took cover behind a metal crate, away from Crossbones' murderous fire. He kept silent, when the merc taunted him about the chaos around them.

    The emerald balavaca masked Jone didn't intend to reply back, well at least not vocally. Steadying himself Beach then heard screaming up on an rooftop next to him.

    Looking above, Beachhead saw Doreen Girl, this time in costume. Never had he ever been so grateful to see a person in an squirrel outfit, when revealing who she beaten.

    Smiling underneath the mask, Beach focus back on the matter of Crossbones.

    He's armored, armed and vicious, Beach would be only wasting bullets on him, the ranger knew. That is why Beach choose an alternative tactic to employ.

    Taking out a flash bang grenade, Beach activate it and tossed the object up in the air, in full view of Crossbones when it went off. It gave off a bright light in an instant, intended to blind the mercenary temporarily.

    With another grenade already loaded in the launcher, from before Beachhead sprang from cover and fired it toward Crossbones, aiming for the center of the chest area. Such an impact won't kill the scumbag, but it should have enough force to cause extreme pain and to knock down him on his ass.
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  15. It had the intended effect. Crossbones actually looked up when the flash-bang was tossed and was clearly blinded by it. The second grenade tossed him back fifteen feet, and when he landed, there was a resounding crack.

    For a moment, Crossbones didn't move, and Beach thought he'd overestimated the man's armor. Beach wisely waited to see if that was the case before moving immediately in.

    But then Crossbones stood up, striding off to the left, tossing away the cracked helmet. His exoskeleton covered hand slammed through a windshield, dragging a screaming woman out of the car.

    "You upgraded your attack. Now, I've upgraded my armor. This job is no longer worth what they're paying me for it. So I'm walking out of here, or you'll have her life on your hands." The whole time, the woman was shrieking and struggling against the mechanical grip to no avail.
  16. The ranger now faced a dilemma as he aimed his carbine, let Crossbones escape or let the hostage die. Beach was known to be ruthless to get the job done, but never to recklessly endanger innocent lives.

    Yet what's stopping this skull themed gun-for-hire from murdering the woman anyway and him in return? The problem is he didn't know and hadn't much time which made him decide rather quickly.

    Lowering the gun, Beach said in an cold tone.

    "Fine, now let her go."
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  17. "Sure. Hope you're up on your first aid, boy scout." He tossed a punch to the woman's shoulder that made her cry out and, mercifully pass out, then literally threw her back into the front seat of her car, through the broken windshield.

    Then, Crossbones backed up a few steps and ran down a side alley. By the time that Beach got to the car where the woman was unceremoniously dumped, he could no longer see, but just hear the retreating footsteps of the exo-suited villain.

    And just to make it a better day, thunder pealed and the warm wind of the early fall evening opened up with a sudden downpour. Probably wouldn't last long, this was California after all, but it was just another annoyance.

    The radio lit up then. "SHIELD is bringing in one of the big birds to take care of the snakes once they're out to sea. Someone's responsible for engaging with Cobra in a populated area when we could have minimized civilian risk by simply letting them get out to sea first. That person, is not going to be happy to see me. Who was the ranking Joe on this mission?" The voice of General Hawk was unmistakable, and did not sound in the remotest way happy. And unfortunately, Beach was the one technically holding the highest rank, as a Sergeant Major. Though this did escalate outside of his supervision... Still this was not going to be a fun conversation.

  18. Beach cringed, at the sight of the hostage's newest injury and being thrown back into the front seat. Without hesitation he ran toward the wounded woman, dropping the gun and immediately began first aid with his kit after getting in. While he wasn't like Lifeline when it came to this sort of thing, the ranger knew enough to help for the moment until the victim can receive better treatment.

    Guilt laid heavy on Beachhead, looking at the unconscious woman as the rain came down. Coming out of the car, he spotted the motionless bodies of Agent Davis and his team, slaughtered by Crossbones, he failed them. The gunfire finally subsided as SHIELD regrouped, letting Cobra fall back to the sea, then and General Hawk spoke on the radio.

    Sighing in condemnation, the ranger answered back.

    "General, it's me, Beachhead. I'll explain when you get here...and I regret inform that we lost Agent Davis' team as well."
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  19. "Not...all of them. Wore my vest." Agent Davis coughed. The bleeding was from a nasty fall he took after the shotgun blast to the chest, not from a bullet wound. The rest of his team, however, except for one, an Agent Myrah, who had just taken a leg shot and had hidden in a garbage dumpster, were lost.

    "Agent Myrah reporting in. Wounded, shaken up, but I'll be fine. Looks like we lost Thompson and Sykes, though." Myrah limped around the corner, with her lower left leg looking pretty badly beaten up, but wrapped in what probably once was part of a homeless person's bed.

    "My ETA is 30 minutes. There will be a Coast Guard cutter at the docks in 10. That's where we'll meet. I know you, which is why I assigned you this mission. Looks like you spent more time worrying about the college kids than the agents under your command, but I'm going to hear you out. Fully. Hawk Out."

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  20. First surprise then relief came to Beach when Davis and Myrah revealed themselves to be alive. He helped them back up and tended to their wounds the best he can.

    It's the least the ranger can do, considering eveythting that happen. While Davis' team were the ones who pursued who the snakes to the harbor in the first place, he didn't stopped them, leading this mess.

    Hawk was completely right, he had been too distracted, a mistake that costed lives, and put innocents needlessly at risk. Putting that aside for the time being, Beachhead made sure the newly arriving medics treat Myrah and the surviving hostage and let the patched up Davis to see to their fallen.

    The total casualties for SHIELD tonight were eight dead and twelve wounded, along with three civilians injured, one of them critical. That new knowledge burdened his soul even more, while going to meet up with the Cutter boat that awaited him.

    Afterward, the General, came onboard precisely as foretold. Saluting his commander onboard the deck, Beach proceeded to tell him everything he knew that happen, sparing no detail.

    Once done, he finished with a labored sigh, before looking him dead in the eye. Beach owned the General that much.

    "In short, sir I failed to stop Davis' team from cornering the snakes at the docks, and wasn't even there with them when it happen. This shit storm is all on me and I accept full responsibilities for it."

    While Beachhead maintain a mostly disciplined appearance, Hawk will note the subtle hints in his body language of the guilt that was eating at the ranger from the inside. He will do anything to make up for this whole disaster.
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