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    Metropolis. The city most held up to symbolize the American dream. Liberty and Independence, Delaware's motto. Held tightly to by Metropolisians (or Metropolites, the terms are in about equal use).
    A city shaped by its savior, Superman. A symbol of how one man can accomplish anything, and do the right thing, despite the outside pressures of the world and opposition.
    Not that Metropolis doesn't have its dark side, it's ugly side. Many of its villains sit in glass skyscrapers, enacting their evils from inside of board rooms and on conference calls
    There's a dark side to Metropolis. It just gets a new coat of paint and some shiny chrome to hide it.

    Welcome to Metropolis.

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  2. James had somehow gotten a ticket to Metropolis. It may have been the fact that he had stolen enough money for busfare or it might have been the fact he had picked a late time and nobody had checked his ticket. He had arrived there, some stolen money in hand. The people in Metropolis seemed to be incredibly gullible and he rented a hotel room for the time being. He needed a break from entertaining New Yorkers. " I hope that everything goes well," he muttered, before going to wonder the streets of Metropolis.

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  3. A non descript building project on the edge of downtown attracted very little attention normally.

    Subcontractors from Stark corp and Wayne corp were very busy with the final touches. In the underground, out of sight of the bustling crowds of sparkly clean Metropolis, even more finishing touches on a tunnel to the warehouse district.

    There at a previously deserted warehouse, where the construction project had been far more secret was nearly done. Inside that warehouse....

    Does Hercules even know you are transferring him and all he owns here Coulson ?

    No, Dir... Nick, but I believe He'll be fully on board when he sees the facilities.

    Good, I've been very impressed by Golden Girl's reports on his efforts in Los Angeles.
    Is it just me Coulson, but why is it I don't fully trust the Boyscout ?

    It's a too good to be true kind of thing Sir.

    Stark has overseen the tech here, personally ?

    Yes Sir, it appears Herakles is a close personal friend and as you know, still listed as a Reserve avenger.

    Fury nodded. Yeah, I know. You know, Stark and I don't always see eye to eye.... but... he is good with Tech.

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  4. It was the same guy. Harper wasn't sure why she was following some small-time criminal, but too many strange things happened around this man to believe he was entirely normal.

    And he was in her city.

    Of course she knew better than to provoke someone with... abilities, but it didn't mean she was going to let him alone entirely either. "You look a little lost." she opened up with. Not the best line, but it might get him talking.

    Words are funny. No matter how you position them, if you've got a secret on your mind, that secret wants to come out in your heart of hearts, so it gives things away, even in the denial. It's also why Bullock hated playing cards with her. She'd learned to give false tells while reading his. Come to think of it, Bullock still owed her money from the last time they played. Not that he wasn't good for it.

    Officer Harper of the Science Police, granddaughter of the original Guardian, put on her best smile and concerned face for the potentially dangerous man.

  5. James wasn't about to pretend that he was normal, but nobody needed to know that he had unique powers. He did whatever he needed to do to survive. Being an orphan had taught him that everything was fair game.

    He was a long way from home and he knew it was dangerous.

    James stopped when a woman spoke up to him. He noticed that she had mentioned that he looked lost. " Being lost isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes the best things happen when you are lost," he said to her, not revealing much at all.

    He wondered what she wanted. Paranoia was something that was all too common for James. He was always paranoid that someone would steal from him, someone would take him. At the end of the day, he was still a mostly defenseless man. He wondered what she wanted. It seemed that she wanted something out of him and he wasn't about to let her down and he decided that talking was his best bet.

    " However, if you are asking what I am doing here, I am just taking a visit to Metropolis," he said to her. He hadn't done anything illegal or questionable yet anyway.

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  6. "No. I wasn't asking that, but thanks for offering the information." The defensiveness right away. Innocent people didn't usually respond to a good Samaritan offering help, which is how she couched her statement. "If you'd like not to be lost? I can help. However, hey, I understand the therapeutic value in a good walkabout if you're fine as you are."

    She gave him a quick salute and moved past him bringing up her phone to take a peek at it for a moment, giving him a chance to react before she did anything else.

  7. James paused as he wondered if he really needed to defend himself, she hadn't accuse him of anything yet. He was so used to people questioning him that he reacted that why. He looked at her and wondered if he wanted to not be lost. Being lost gave him an excuse to steal things, a good walkabout was a good thing for thieves and he was a thief.

    " Well, some directions would be nice. A map of the city or maybe the most popular places would work," he said. He worked at stealing in crowded places, harder for things to be noticed to be missing.

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  8. "This street here, down at the light? That's Main street. Runs clear through the middle of town. Everything sort of spirals out as a hub from there. Plenty of hotels there if you're visiting, plenty of restaurants if you're hungry." She pointed down toward the light just south of them half a block.

    "About three blocks east of that intersection is the Plaza square. You won't miss it. It has a big statue of Superman in the middle of it. Anything else I can do for you?"

  9. James looked at her and then looked down the street. Main street, it ran right through the middle of town. That would be busy in the day, good to note. " I got a hotel room already, but thanks for the advice," he said, as he wasn't going to address the restaurant part. He wasn't that hungry.

    " No, that should do," he said, as he was fine with exploring the place all by himself. He wasn't going to introduce himself, she hadn't ask who he was and that was good.

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  10. "Well I've been rude." She stuck out her hand. "I'm Jamie Harper. And you are?"

  11. James hide a groan as he looked at her. " James," he said, giving only his first name. His last name was more of a formality from his past.

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