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  1. Madripoor is a small island nation south of Singapore in the Indonesian archipelago. Conquered by freebooters centuries ago, its heritage of piracy evolved into the present laissez-faire government, permitting virtually any business transaction provided that the status quo is not threatened. Madripoor does not allow criminal extradition from within its borders, making it an exotic diplomatic haven for many international criminals, who help maintain the island's stability through a sophisticated system of corruption. Located near a major trade route, Madripoor's harbor and dock facilities are among the most extensive in the world; dependent upon imports for virtually everything, Madripoor is renowned for both its high-tech luxurious Hightown and its poverty-stricken Lowtown.


    Such is the official entry on Madripoor. For locals, its an entirely different story. Not much of life has changed here, in this part of the world. Here, though the Chancellor is the elected face for the world, his strings are pulled by those whose roots lie in the powers of the Eastern world and the piracy the nation was founded upon. Madame Viper rules as the main power, even as her chiefest rival the Demons Head watches from the side as they play chess with the city. On the lower levels, the Hand and the Foot clan of ninjas wage constant war in the shadows, led by opposite numbers assigned who give no quarter and ask for none. Though pragmatism does require them on occasion to work together. Ninjas, like in days of old are in high demand where Madripoor is concerned.

    And of course, there is the constant background of those seeking to scramble up the ladder and the martial artists who come seeking enlightenment and challenge, on the streets. Madripoor is merciless and though lawless through and through, people delight in her charms and toast her even as by fist, blade and charm they fight in her shadow.

    • Buccaneer Bay - This is where Madripoor corsairs ranged far and wide for their prey.
    • Hightown - A district of Madripoor for the rich and powerful. Hightown is one of the wealthiest places in the world. Its spectacular architecture and advanced technology make it truly a city of the 21st century.
      • Royal Palace & Museum
      • Sovereign Hotel - It is claimed to be the expensive yet finest hotel in the world.
    • Lowtown - The crime-impoverished district of Madripoor. Lowtown is a throwback to the lawlessness of a thousand years ago: a place of rampant crime and depravity where anything can be bought.
    • Princess Bar - A drinking establishment in Lowtown. The Princess Bar serves as an oasis of elegance and style. Frightened by Lowtown's dangerous reputation, tourists avoid the Princess Bar after dark. At night, the Princess Bar becomes a gathering place for local residents from both Hightown and Lowtown. The Princess Bar is also a fine restaurant with cabaret entertainment. It is connected to a wide network of smuggling tunnels via the basement. It is accorded 'Neutral Ground.' A weapon raised against one, is a weapon raised against all, as to do otherwise would let Madripoor slip into lawless chaos beyond the orderly violence it currently experiences.
    • Stinger - A S.H.I.E.L.D. safehouse and second generation secret base.
    • The Labyrinth - The Smuggling Tunnels that permeate all over beneath Lowtown. Some are even connected to places in Hightown, but otherwise are a confusing array of tunnels that house all manner of strange things.
    • Battle Nexus - An underground arena and village for martial artists, ruled by a powerful figure named the Daimyo. A tournament, every ten years is held for martial artists and the price of admission is getting past the challenges to the village.
    • The Church of Saint Nicholas of Myra - An old church in Lowtown, established during the buccaneer days by Christian Missionaries and turned into a monastery. Currently stands as the Foot Clan's HQ.
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  2. [​IMG]

    In a city with its roots in piracy, it was little wonder that Saint Nicholas of Myra- Patron saint of pirates, thieves and whores would be so popular among the Christian's that visited. Their attempts far and few to save the benighted souls as they could proved less than useful and more often than not, the Church became something else entirely as they shifted from Priest to Doctor and Undertaker. The catacombs filled with the bones of the victims and those who wandered and were lost, eventually creating the extensive network today. It was a mixture of holy ground where death wandered freely and the typical Madripoor mindset, as many bodies with the bones could be traced to....Other victims.

    Even then, someone had to ensure people disappeared.

    Today, it was a place where Monks of Saint Nicholas of Myra cared for. A tourist spot, for visitors and those who wished to visit the catacombs.

    It was also a lie.

    The Church belonged to the Foot Clan and it was their people who greeted others in their role of monk, as deep below the surface laid their hideout and the bulk of their forces. Its master, the costumed figure known as the Ronin.

    Its second in command, the man known as the Inquisitor.

    The doors slid open from an old elevator, water powered as he stepped through. A tall figure in black and white, eyes gleaming green beneath the hood as the mask hid his expression. He lazily glanced around and nodded in satisfaction. Not a sight greeted his eyes, as it should. The Genin had been doing well. Himself? He was exhausted and he would head off to his personal quarters, eventually engaging others as they passed. Not just ninja, not all of them could attain the Foot Clan's immediate forces but clerks, criminals, smugglers- All of whom he greeted wearily as he opened his door.

    Here, there was nothing that would indicate the man was high up on the hierarchy of the Madripoor Clan. Just a laptop on the desk, a shelf of various books, a television- A large one and below it, an array of Johnny Cage classic movies such as Ninja Mime, Dragon Fist and 7 Poisons stacked neatly in their proper place. His work was done. Now it was time for rest.

    The Foot Clan would do while he slept.

  3. Damp.

    That was the definitive word for the journey to this point for Wukong Asaki, First daughter of the Wukong clan, royal priestess and spirit medium of Seishan. It was damp on the stormy night she made her escape from home. It was damp in the hull of the boat she stowed away once she learned that her bloodline definitely did not impress people outside her village into giving her free plane tickets. And now, it was damp in these tunnels.

    Not that it was really a surprise. Madripoor was by the sea, and the sea was rarely content to keep to itself simply because man would find it convenient. She had entered them from the docks, but even as they moved farther into the city, the moisture kept its claws stubbornly into the air and slight breezes of salty wind still moaned through the tunnels. Which wasn't the only strange thing about the tunnels. They'd only been down here for a half hour at most, and she'd seen the lighting go from torchlit, to christmas lights, to one stretch of hallway made of pristine white tile with florescent lighting that her guide had them sprint through with frantic whispers to not look behind them.

    But, finally, they had reached their destination. A ladder, innocuous enough, with a small crown painted on the wall across from it. Her guide turned to her and smiled sideways. "As you can see, your holiness, Rasheed keeps his world ever and always. The Princess is above, reached safely without risking the streets at night, and should your lost item be within lady Madripoor, there is no better place to look.

    When Asaki had gotten off the boat, she'd been both enamored and intimidated by the vast swath of city before her. The docks were bustling with activity as crates, cars, people, and stranger things all fought for space on the narrows streets that led from the outside world to the heart of the city like a pair of gasping, choking lungs. Then, a hand found her in the chaos and asked her kindly where she was trying to go. Were she a less trusting person, Rasheed's slightly ragged clothes and the glock and knife both on his belt may have put her on edge, but he had been nothing but helpful. She beamed and put her hands together before she bowed her head. "I thank you, Rasheed. I would have been lost without you."

    "Ah, but such is my purpose as a guide. Of course...." His smile shifted slightly. "There is the matter of my payment."

    "Oh! Yes, of course." She'd almost forgotten, and she took a breath and extended her palm outwards. "In the name of the great spirits and the blood of my ancestors, be blessed with luck and fortune!"




    "........Did you want another blessin-"

    "Oh in the name of-" Rasheed huffed and snatched his pistol from his holster before he leveled it at Asaki's forehead. "I can play along with your silly delusions no longer girl! I am ashamed, but if you will not give me payment, I will take it. Perhaps that necklace?" He said with a glance at the gold coins laced around her neck. The look brought his attention elsewhere, and he briefly licked his lips before he added. "Or perhaps we could come to a more.... mutually beneficial arrangement."

    Asaki was shocked. Someone had pointed a weapon at her. Her, a royal priestess! So what if he didn't know of her village, he should have been able to hear the importance in her tone when she told him! That said.... importance didn't stop bullets, and she grasped possessively at her holy chain before her brow furrowed at the insinuation as she tried to puzzle it out.

    "...Oh! you wish me to channel a spirit!"


    "I will need a name of course, and their picture, but if you can provide those then I will gladly reunite you for a moment with the departed-"


    A hand suddenly lashed out and smacked the gun aside. Rasheed barely had time to blink before the other hand smacked straight into his nose. He howled in pain as he staggered backwards and blindly raised the gun to fire- WHACK!

    Rather, he tried to raise his arm to fire, but something struck his forehead and suddenly his whole body went rigid, stuck in the pose of surprise and pain as it slowly tilted over. The sound as it hit the ground had more in common with wood hitting rock than flesh, and his eyes went wide and glanced around in confusion as he frantically tried to open his mouth, but to no avail. All seemingly because of a piece of paper stuck to his forehead, marked with a strange symbol he couldn't make out from his angle.

    Asaki's pleasant smile had flipped into a combative snarl the moment she threw the first punch, and took a breath to calm herself before she shook her head with a sigh. "Foolish. I will remove the binding charm once my business concludes. If you do not behave yourself when I return, then I'm just going to stick it back on and leave you down here. Ruminate upon your sins."

    She gave him a far more somber nod of the head before she started up the ladder. Time to see if the Princess had what she hoped to find.​
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  4. The first thing to hit her was the music. Live music at that, reminiscent of the nineteen-forties and suited for a lounge. The second thing was the dust, a mild layer indicating it had been a while since this tunnel had been needed, yet not so thick as to make others believe that it was never in use. All around her, wine bottles cobwebbed and lit only by a single light bulb revealed her surroundings, in the wine cellar as the music played.

    At that moment, the door opened and a heavily tattooed figure in a tuxedo stepped in.


    His brow furrowed, like two continents in drift as he noted the girl climbing from the tunnel before rumbling.

    "Wait here."

    He stepped out.

    He stepped back in, grabbed a bottle and then stepped out as the door clicked with the turn of the lock.

    Ten minutes later, the door opened and a 3'3 old woman in evening dress and a fur stole raised her eyebrow all the way as she slapped the knee of the man who saw her earlier.

    "Doesn't look like a dangerous intruder! You get back to work, let Mamma Seraph deal with this."

    She shook her head and marched with an air of a woman whom authority gravitated to like a celestial body as she put her hands on her hips and said dryly.

    "Honey, if you were digging a hole from China, boy did you take a wrong turn! C'mere- Lets get you out."

    And without waiting for an answer, with surprising strength she hefted up Asaki from the hole and closed it after her.

    "Whats a little gal like you doing, wandering the Labyrinth?"

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  5. "Hello! I am-"
    An affronted squawk found its way out her throat. "Rude" She huffed as she finished climbing the ladder and dusted herself off. Her eyes looked around as she frowned and scratched the side of her chin.


    She really hoped that guy hadn't just left to get the guards or police.​
    Asaki gave a polite smile and bow of greeting to the woman as she came down the stairs. "Greetings. I am Wukong Asaki, first born of the Wukong Clan and medium of Seishan. and I... well I think I am in the right place. Is this not the Princess? There is something I seek, and I was told this was where I could find it. Although..." She rubbed the back of the her head and frowned as she tought aloud

    "... the person who told me that is currently bound at the bottom of this ladder, so perhaps I should doubt his words..."
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  6. Seraph beamed. Now that was manners. Which told her this person was obviously no native, if the wording was any indication besides the nature of her. And with experienced eyes, she flicked her gaze over before she nodded.

    "Yeah, this is the Princess Bar. Neutral ground of Madripoor and if I may add, one of the best kitchens in the city, whatever those Hightown idiots may say! Speaking of which...." She sniffed once and wrinkled her nose before smiling.

    "I bet some new clothes, a bath and some food might do you a world of good, hmm? I'll get one of my boys to deal with your problem down in the tunnel."

    She knocked on the wine cellar door and the tattooed man opened it. Seraph beamed.

    "Guest suite for Lady Asaki and get someone to run a bath. Poor thing smells like she was cramped in some trafficker hold. Oh and- Do you eat meat?"

    She asked out of the blue, looking at Asaki.

    Tattooed man saluted and with a nod to Asaki, opened the smuggler hatch and descended even as he spoke quietly on a comm in his ear.

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  7. The relief on Asaki's face was vibrant and ill-hidden at mention of a bath. Finally someone treating her with the respect she deserved! She started to bow-


    Her head tilted back up as her eyes narrowed slightly and her hand slowly started to move towards a pouch at her side. "What is the price you would require, fair patron of this establisment?"
  8. "Your story."

    She said idly, moving and expecting her to follow before adding.

    "I run an organization of women hun. We all got stories and while we stay neutral, my only rule is we watch out for each other. And color me otherwise, but you look as though you could use a bite and a hot bath."

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  9. "I will not deny that I have seen cleaner days" she said somberly as she weighed the cost. "...The story is not so interesting as you may think but... if that is the cost, I will gladly accept" she finally said with a nod and relieved smile. "I appreciate your service, and bless you"

  10. What came to your mind when you heard the phrase serial killer? Did you think of real life monsters like Jeffery Dahmer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy? Or did your mind drift off to more fictional movie monsters? Ones that primarily stalk teens for the 'terrible' crime of having sex? Well, if you thought of either of these then it's time you stepped outside of your small frame of reference and looked at a real serial killer! One who had come to Madripoor and was stalking the very Lowtown!

    Standing at least 5'9 with messy black hair, a pitch black jacket slung over his shoulders. Cloven-tripped boots and otherwise gothic looking clothing, the serial killer looked like one you certainly wouldn't want to meet in a dark alley!


    Or at least that's how the killer saw himself. The reality was a little bit less dramatic. In that while the killer in question absolutely adored black as it was one of his favorite colors, he hadn't really found a jacket that draped over his shoulders to such a badass degree. He doubted that he'd find one in this shithole of a town! This almost felt for a breeding ground for people like him! A lawless wasteland where the gun or the knife decided what went.

    This killer preferred to take somewhat of a more relaxed approach to things. With a backpack slung over his shoulders and a drink in hand, the killer chugged back the soda even as what appeared to be a severed bunny's head bounced on the bench beside him.


    "Johnny! You shouldn't stay in these grounds! I can sense bad omens here! Ones that'll haunt even your pitch black heart! Finish your drink and get on the next plane back to America!"

    The head exclaimed and to anybody else it would have seemed like this Johnny was speaking to thin air. Given that nobody, not even Johnny was really clear whether the head actually existed or if it was simply a figment of Johnny's shattered psyche. Taking a long sip on his drink before setting it down as he shrugged his shoulders.

    "As someone who has my kind of lifestyle, their's usually two things you end up wishing to see. The dark sky as you're disposing of 'waste' and the grey and drab ceiling when they finally catch up to you and strap you in. Maybe you'll even see a few friendly faces there to see you on your way off. But I'll tell you what, Nailbunny. I'm not FUCKING LEAVING UNTIL I GET ANOTHER DRINK! BECAUSE THIS WAS DAMN GOOD!"

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  11. "...Are...are you talking to that severed head??"


    "Stupid Batroc. Things are cheaper here, he says. Perfect town for our type, he says. Relax while I go get some things, he says. Pshaw! MODOK's criminal enterprise is rolling in dough, who cares about cheap. This town is a festering pit, whose definition of perfect is that?? And now this guy...how can one relax?" She murmured and kicked the ground in quiet, simmering frustration.​
  12. She chortled at that.

    "Well, ain't that a rare thing in Madripoor? 'Bless you?' Really?"

    She laughed and Asaki would be led upwards to a suite.

    The moment she left, she stopped smiling and gestured to a worker.

    "Put the word out on the street, we're looking up a name. 'Wukong Asaki. Medium of Seishan.' Nothing too obvious, just so we know what we're dealing with. Little darling smelt like the sea and those artifacts she held looked old. Hmm?"

    The tattoo'd man grunted, bringing in the man doing his best impersonation of planking as Seraph looked him over with a critical eye.

    Magic. And she said she was here to look for something....She sighed out.

    "Get this fool out of my cellar and someone find something suitable for a girl to wear. She gonna hang around at the Princess?"

    She flashed a smile and turned to go.

    "Little darling gonna look like one."


    While Foot and Hand had their own unique looking uniforms, in actuality that was mostly the Genin. The lower ranks, people who the Clans benefited from dressing like peoples perception of ninja while the real ones disguised as ordinary folk or workers went off to do their jobs. Madripoor was no exception, especially with things as they were.

    Even then, something such as this drew attention and a figure with a bag of groceries paused to take in the two. A costumed teenager and a...Person with a head. Adjusting his bag to one arm, he stepped forward.

    "Excuse me. Are you two lost?"

    He was a pleasant, green-eyed figure. His English had no trace of any accent, he was dressed in atypical traveling garb- Jeans and a sports jacket. His hat had an unique symbol, a three pronged red emblem over the black of the cap as he smiled.

    "Because if so, I might just be of service."

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  13. Asaki's smile was serene as she was led up the stairs. "Be joyful. There are many back home who would give great offerings for the blessing of a medium. Lead on servant. I'd like the bath first!"
  14. "You see what happens, Johnny? People see you and they judge you! This is why I said you shouldn't have listened to the Doughboys and came out here! You're surrounded by people who'll never understand you! Only these people might as well stab you for being different from them!" NailBunny proclaimed only to stop speaking as Johnny raised a hand and motioned for the head to be silent. Though had the head ever truly talked?

    Nah, it was probably all in Johnny's nutty head. Well, probably being the key word there.

    Finishing off his drink, Johnny tucked the head away within his backpack as he sheepishly looked over at the costumed hero. Well, if she'd been a self-proclaimed superhero, she likely would have arrested him for disturbing the peace or whatever. Yeah, well the peace was disturbed enough already without his help! It ought to go see a therapist and work out some of it's goddamn issues!


    "Uh, nooooooooo? You sure you didn't seem other tall, lanky, man in his early twenties talking to a severed bunny's head? Because I've heard of a guy like that walking around these parts, sounds like a total fucking nut."

    Johnny said rather calmly all things considered as he opened up his backpack and took out a walkman and a pair of headphones. Slipping the walkman onto his jeans, he'd place the headphones on and tossed the empty can somewhere. It's at this point that Johnny would have likely made his way off. Maybe go grab another drink, maybe brutally murder the man who sold it to him in the first place, decisions decisions. One thing was for sure though.


    "No matter where I go in the world, assholes will still be assholes spewing shit from their mouths. As for ol Johnny C? I'll keep knowing when they pop up because I'll get the tiniest of tingles when my asshole detection senses go off." Johnny mused to himself as he looked over Gwen's costume. "You here to do some superheroing? Stop some crimes, save some children?"


  15. "My enforcer/trainer/walking French stereotype buddy is getting some stuff and I'm stuck here until we're done--"

    ...a guy looking like he was casually shopping, completely at ease with the less than stellar surroundings. That set off all sorts of warning bells...then again, that's exactly Batroc was doing here. Casual shopping. And then again again...it's not like he's the weirdest guy here." Gwen directed a pointed look over at Johnny. Just play it off naturally, Gwen she thought to herself.

    "...Nah, I'm not in that show. It was good but JJ Abrams...well, I was expecting like triple the lens flare."

    Nailed it.

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  16. There was a slow, intrepid blink that might have signified confusion. When he spoke however, there was only polite intrigue in his tone as he cocked his head to the side and adjusted his bag.

    "I...Don't really see." He admitted before adding with a glance towards both.

    "Nevertheless, should you require aid you may find me at the Princess Bar. Madripoor has a vile reputation for visitors and while I doubt not your personal skill-."

    He glanced over Gwen's costume and Johnny's knives as he smiled.

    "-Those who call this place home have learned caution." He turned to leave and called over his shoulder.

    "My name is Ares by the way. May we meet again."

    And with that, he was soon lost in the crowd.

    @Chewy Rabbits @C.T.


    Meanwhile, the kitchen would be hopping as a steak dinner with the trimmings was set up, placed on a tray and glanced over with a casual eye. Everybody liked steak, and with a satisfied nod, the cook called out to the closest figure.

    "Yo! Seraph wants this up in the guest suite. Be a dear and do it for me?"

  17. In the bustle of the Princess Bar's kitchen in eveningtime it's easier than most places to get lost. Not geographically, but... sensorily, the kinda lost where you can just slip away beneath all the noise and movement and let a sea of white aprons and stainless steel mill around you while you're just there scrubbing a dish for over ten minutes because this one speck of dried something has discovered the power to set into food cement and WILL NOT COME OUT NO MATTER WHAT YOU TRY, its corruption of the once pure-white desert plate absolute, its conquest untameable. The enemy forces storm the gleaming scullery gates. In the distance, war drums.

    As opening narrations go this one sorta went a little bit off the tracks, but. Point is, on most nights it's easy for a grimy, redheaded dishwasher to keep a low profile. You just go right on washing dishes and you'll never be expected to so much as look up. Not tonight, apparently.

    The grimy, redheaded dishwasher who seemed to take a few seconds to notice she was being addressed stood back from the sink and wiped her forehead with an exhale out through the mouth, putting her hands on her hips and finally turning slightly to look over the shoulder at the cook who called out. Her short mop of auburn hair was pulled back loosely by a hairband, though it didn't stop a few eloping bangs flopping down annoyingly to cover her eyes, and the simple off-white shirt and grey sweatpants she wore were lightly damp or stained in places from being flecked by dishwater over the course of a shift.

    Basically, she was curious what exactly made her look like waitress material to this guy.

    "I'm just here to wash dishes."

    She breathed out reluctantly in a tone that was less a flat denial and more an "I'll do it if you really want me to", wiping her hands on a rag as she turned, made her way over to the tray and looked at the chef more directly.

    "Who's up there?"

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  18. "Dang it. Nevermind."

    "Now you're sounding like Batroc--wait a second--" And he was already gone, leaving her more than a bit puzzled. "Ares?" Her head tilted up to the sky above, as one could practically see the gears whirring.

    [​IMG] + [​IMG] + [​IMG] = ???

    "That can't be right." Gwen shook her head, cast a long look at Johnny now that she was alone with him...and just slowly and completely casually began tiptoeing backwards to blend into the crowd as only a girl in white and pink could.

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  19. [xtable=bcenter|100%x100%]
    They say knowledge is power.

    If so, I'm a power broker. I was born with a gift - well, ability, it's a double edged sword. If you have a secret, and I meet you, I'll know it. You won't tell me, I won't ask you. But I'll know it. And the more closely you guard that secret? The bigger it is? Well, those are the ones I get first. Don't ask me to tell you were you left your car keys, it doesn't work like that.

    I'm psychic. Or as Chuck told me, psionic. I got a few of his secrets too, until the douchebag built a permanent wall in my mind that prevented me from ever taking a peek at the mind of Xavier again. Showoff.

    Not that I'm not guilty of the same. I was a hell of a douchebag until a few years back. That happens when you find out the biggest secret your best friend of ten years was holding was that he loved you. He. And I don't swing that way. Before it got very awkward for both of us, I left. Not just the state. The country.

    All the way around the world to this hellpit of corruption, crime, and most importantly... Secrets.

    My specialty. My name is Samuel Hildebrandt, but over the years, I've gotten a nickname.

    They call me The Secret.


    Right now, I'm watching people. Here at the Princess Bar. One of those costumed folks, in pink and white, looking like HYDRA decided pastels were in this season.

    Others I knew by previous observation, but as usual, I didn't speak. I just sat around, gathering all the psionic dirt I could and filing it away for later sale. What? A guy's gotta eat.

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  20. "Bosses guest. I'd go, but I'm currently swamped at the moment."

    He shrugged and added with a sly grin.

    "Thought ye might enjoy the break while I get this other guy to take over. Lord knows, Cardin can stand to work a little more."

    "Hey!" Came the affronted outcry of the other dishwasher.


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