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  1. [​IMG]

    "Gotham City. Since everything changed, it went from being just another crime-infested pit of a city to being the capital of New Jersey - and still crime-infested. Only difference now, is some people get paid by the government to add to that infestation. Politicians. People who think that because people punched a piece of paper saying, I think you're right for this job, that gives them the right to do whatever it is they want, as long as their adoring public never finds out about it. Sometimes even after."

    "Not that Gotham doesn't still have it's share of trashy, slum-ridden neighborhoods. It does, even with that fancy new monorail zipping all around town like some demented theme park ride. I gotta admit though, a lot harder to dispose of a body via train 'accident' when you have to get 30 feet up in the air to do it. These are the neighborhoods that I cover. For some reason, I, and a select few other people, lucky or not, can remember how things were before. There were no Avengers, no SHIELD, no Daily Bugle or Spiderman. Or... and this is going to sound crazy, but there's these turtle guys who live in the sewers across the river. I swear, I saw one. Wearing a mask. Isn't that rich? As if a little swath of cloth across your face was going to hide you were some sort of mutant half human half turtle. People here, they need answers. Thankfully, I can answer them. Who am I? They call me..."

    "The Question."

    [[ OOC - This will serve as the freeplay thread for Gotham City for members of the Epic Crossover clan. Interested in playing here? Join!

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  2. Dateline: Monday September 8th, 2014 Approx 10pm
    Downtown Gotham
    Iceberg Lounge

    "So who are you supposed to be, some Harley Quinn knockoff?" The bouncer said. "You can't bring that in here." He gestured to what the woman was carrying, which was apparently... a lawn flamingo?

    "Fine, you take it." She hefted it easily and handed it to him.

    The big man staggered and nearly fell over. "What the Hell is this thing made of?"

    "Meteoric Iron. Weighs about 800 pounds. Oh, and don't scratch the paintjob!"

    Rayleen hadn't been in the bar long when the proprietor, one Oswald Cobblepot, made his way over to her. "I couldn't help but noticing your... lovely attire miss...?"

    "Thorne. Rayleen Thorne. Though I should take up a name to fit the outfit, shouldn't I?" She said, tapping her finger on her chin.

    "My dear, while your effort is admirable it takes more than an outfit to-" He started and then stopped as Rayleen 'booped' Cobblepot's rather impressive nose.

    "You were saying?" Rayleen said with a wide grin.

    "Ah. I was saying that a woman of your obvious talent and charm should most definitely have a fitting name. How about, the Queen of Hearts, in memory of how you stole mine?" Cobblepot's whole manner changed, just that quickly.

    "Hmm. But aren't the Royal Flush Gang using that one?" She countered.

    "No, not for some time. She's in Blackgate, and the King, well, he recently took his own life in that selfsame prison. Tragic story really."

    "Sold then. Thank you so much for the splendid idea. Has anyone ever told you that you have a singularly unique character about your face? Very wise and fatherly."

    "Ah. Well yes, I have heard that I cut a classic profile. You have fun tonight dear." The Gentleman of Crime waved at the nearest barkeep. "Put Miss Thorne's purchases tonight on my personal tab, won't you? There's a good fellow."

    He had waddled back to his office before the effect, whatever it was, had worn off. He was well aware he had been influenced, but didn't seem to mind overmuch. "Ah well. Cost of doing business. Thorne will appreciate the gesture." He said then sort of quacked to himself, a habit he had when he was pleased with his actions.{/td}
    @ anyone in Gotham who might frequent the Iceberg Lounge
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  3. [​IMG]

    Previously, in the daily adventures of our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man;

    But then, the blade-like object that cut his web earlier came back; a small remote-controlled Vulture drone.

    Oh crap!


    And now, the thrilling conclusion;

    "You have the right to remain silent!" shouted Spider-Man as he was rapidly thrown back and forth by the Vulture drone between a multitude of buildings making up the Gotham City skyline. Although the impact of his body didn't do any irreversible damage to the buildings, it still hurt like hell for the young hero. While normally he would just let go of the web-strand, this time it was a little different.

    To speak frankly, his hand had gotten tangled up in the web-strand and now, he was pretty much stuck. Great job, Spidey.

    In the distance, Adrian Toomes, aka "The Vulture", was rapidly approaching him, watching as his drone played with Spider-Man as if he were a yo-yo. A wicked smile spread across his face as the Vulture readied the vibranium blades attached to his feet (his 'talons') to slice the Spider in half, pressing a button on his suit's left wrist to call the drone back to him.

    "Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of--OH SHIT!" Peter watched wide-eyed as the Vulture-Drone suddenly did a U-Turn and rocketed him towards the Vulture, who was preparing his 'talons'. The constant tingling of his Spider-Sense wasn't making the situation easier to get through, but luckily, Spidey managed to come up with a quick solution. Quickly grabbing the snagged web-strand with his free hand, Spidey used all of his strength to pull himself into a swing, kicking his legs out in an arching motion. Unfortunately for Toomes, he wasn't expecting this and quickly tried to pull back, but the velocity of his drone was his undoing.

    Delivering a powerful kick to Adrian's chest, Spidey managed to knock the super villain into a mid-air spiral, giving him time to properly find a solution to his webbing dilemma. Reaching into his utility belt with his free hand as the drone circled around for another pass, Spidey pulled out a small pocket knife and quickly cut the strand, dropping him onto the roof of a nearby building. Quickly throwing the knife back into his bag, Spidey located the Vulture in the sky. He was just beginning to recover from the blow, having pulled himself out of the spiral, but Spider-Man wasn't going to give him the chance to attack again.

    Dashing off the roof, Spidey leapt into the air and fired off a few blasts of webbing towards the Vulture, hitting him directly in the face. Temporarily blinded, Toomes tried to clear his vision, but his attempts were interrupted by a sudden weight-shift originating from his back. Two legs wrapped around his neck and he felt a set of arms grab his wings; Spider-Man!

    "GET OFF ME!" shouted Toomes, still blinded by the earlier attack. Despite being unable to see, the Vulture began to swerve frantically in the sky, rocking violently back and forth to try and force the red-suited vigilante off of his back. "WOOHOO! Hey ma' look a' me! I'm in th' rodeo!" Spidey called out, putting on a fake southern accent as he yanked on the Vulture's wings, guiding him away from various buildings they passed.



    Almost as if on-que, the hover-blade on the Vulture's left wing suddenly exploded in a violent array of sparks, obviously having been over-encumbered while supporting both Spider-Man and the Vulture's weight.

    "Uh... Giddy up?"

    Immediately after the explosion, the Vulture began to veer off to the right, his suit now completely unstable due to the loss of equal propulsion. Spider-Man knew he had to act quickly otherwise risk seriously injuring both himself and Toomes, as well as putting civilians at risk. Moving swiftly, Spidey attached a few strands of webbing to the back of Toomes' wings and fired their opposite ends back towards a skyscraper just behind them. As the suit began to loose more altitude, Spidey's efforts increased, but the velocity of their descent was putting a lot of strain on the webs, forcing them to snap. Knowing that he wasn't going to get away with just webbing themselves up, Spidey quickly tore off the front of Toomes' suit before yanking the balding man out. Firing off a line of webbing, Spidey launched the two of them towards a nearby building and quickly strung up Toomes so he wouldn't fall until he came to get him.

    Then, Spidey turned his eyes back to the Vulture suit and pushed himself off the building, firing a cascade of web-lines between two more buildings in order to create a hammock-shape. Once he had weaved a proper pouch for his web-hammock, Spidey swung over to the falling suit and caught it just inches before it hit the ground. Civilians watched in shock and awe as he caught the suit before Spidey began promptly ripping out the wires keeping it running. The suit let out an audible 'hum' as it shut down and Spidey sighed with relief. Before he left, he removed the suit from the hammock and set it down on the street just as the police arrived on the scene. "Everyone okay?" Spider-Man asked, looking around the crowd of people to make sure his encounter with the Vulture hadn't affected anyone. A few people gave quiet nods while some various murmurs echoed through the crowd. Peter scoffed slightly under his breath. Of course Gothamites didn't feel completely comfortable talking to costumed vigilantes; most of theirs operated at night.

    Shaking his head lightly, Spider-Man pointed towards the strung-up Vulture and looked at the arriving GCPD officers. "Alright, so that's your guy up there. You're probably gonna need a crane. And make sure you give his suit to S.H.I.E.L.D. after you've filed the proper paperwork. Those guys are anal about people running around with bad-guys gear." he explained. The officers were just as dumbfounded as the civilians, obviously a bit shocked that the vigilante wasn't either brooding nor wearing a completely menacing costume. Giving them a small salute, Peter ran off in the opposite direction and jumped into the air, firing off another blast of webbing at the Gotham skyline as he got back to his patrol.

    As he swung by Vulture, he mockingly called out "Hope you like Arkham better then you like the Raft, Toomes!" He was pretty far when the Vulture finally offered him a response, but Peter chose to ignore it given its vulgar nature. But as he continued swinging, Peter thought about what the Vulture had mentioned earlier. He was in Gotham for a reason... But Spidey still didn't quite know why. Maybe later, he'd pay Commissioner Gordon a visit to see if they found anything out. After all, the Comish never seemed to have a problem working with vigilantes in the past.

    But for now; he had to get back to class.

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  4. Some weeks after he and the others rescued those women. Grady managed to find himself some time off. Big Patrick wasn't entirely happy with April's situation but didn't blame anything on him, least as far as he knew. Thorne was ecstatic, with Grady... him, not so much with his now super powered niece. Business was increasing though with Grady now providing security equipment for several Thorne establishments now. In essence business was booming.

    Grady prided himself at operating an honest security business. His stepfather did need security, there were devices to foil listening devices, computer security, things that detected listening devices. He used a lot of Stark devices, and some Wayne devices. He didn't trust Luther corp stuff. For now though, he needed a new employee, someone he could trust. The thought hit him last night, the Argent woman, he had remembered seeing her at the Army Surplus. Lilly she said her name was.

    Well, he could use a few things anyway. He headed over to the store. Once there, he shopped around a bit, wearing his old Yankee's cap. He discretely wandered about the shop, trying to spot Lilly, picking a few things for his business.

    Any sign of her ?

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  5. Lilly Briant (Argent Sentinel)
    @Gands @Michale CS

    Lilly was there alright... Looks like she was filling in for the manager today, though, for the moment, she was cleaning off what looked like a pretty lengthy looking sniper rifle, a little over one and a half meters or so in length, and packing quite the punch. Looks like the place was more or less in full stock, except a few guns missing here and there, naturally a place like this couldn't keep itself open without customers.

    As Grady wandered around the place, Lilly eventually looked up, gazing right at him with her reddish brown eyes. It was clear that she recognized him, but at the same time, she made no immediate motions just yet, her eyes darting around the place briefly, checking for the telltale signs of any other customers in the area. After a few moments, being as certain as she could be that no-one else was around, she finally decided to speak.

    "May I help you, sir?" She asked, offering a subtle smile.

    Even if there wasn't anyone here, she still seemed to fall into a habbit of well... Subtlety, old instincts that were there to stay, remnants of her training days.​
  6. I remembered that I had seen you in here some time back, before the incident. I was impressed by how you handled yourself that night. So I thought maybe, you and I could be of some use to one another.

    You see, I could use some help with my business. Security equipment.. My clientele is very sensitive with who does this stuff for them. Loyalty and discretion is important to them.

    I take a good look at Lilly now. I'm dressed in a thick blue lumberjack shirt with the leather patches on the elbows. An old yankee cap, workman's jeans with a fancy carved and decorated matching set of boots and belt.

    Now you and I would probably have to .. what's the term.. vette each other? I run an honest business. I don't inquire about my clients and I don't talk about any security options I provide for them. Some of my clients aren't nice people, but most are just business people.

    Failing that, I could use some more training with hand to hand. I've had a little work with escrima staff fighting, basic Kung fu and boxing.

    Lastly.... I was hoping just maybe, we could share a meal sometime ?
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  7. Lilly Briant (Argent Sentinel)
    @Gands @Michale CS

    Lilly seemed to be in some casual gear herself, grey jeans, black tanktop, and it looks like she had been keeping ths place in check for a while now. It was a bit hard to guage her reaction to Gary's words, but it was apparant she was considering his business request raising a brow a little.

    The request seemed tempting, as she would have something else to do other than fill in for her boss, but she would probably have to check up with her boss, just to be safe. Last thing she wanted was to lose her job after all. Moving on, she began considering his second request, well, sort of. It was certainly out of the blue and... If she were to be honest, she hadn't ever trained anyone before, but it was a start.

    She took a sip from a paper cup full of water near her, must be a water dispenser in the back room... But, nearly spit it out when Grady's last question fell into place. Was he... ... Asking her out on a date? Fortunately, she retained some degree of self control and, managed to circumvent what could very well have been a spit take, putting the cup down. For a moment, she glanced at the clock in the room, taking note of the time before she turned back to Grady, taking a quick moment to collect herself.

    "I won't mind a little change in routine... A little sparring wouldn't hurt either." She said, then she paused for a long moment, seriously thinking about his last request.

    Then, she smirked a little.

    "Free after 5. If it's on you." She finished.

    Well, who said it would be easy? But... Well, it looks like that was a yes, to all three, presuming her boss was onboard with the vetting thing, but he was a nice old man, so it shouldn't be too much trouble, right?​
  8. I smile as you listen to me and nearly spit out your water, politely covering my mouth.

    That's great Lilly, I brought some paperwork for you to fill out. Make sure your application has nothing the HR company will latch on to.

    Do you have a place you work out ? or perhaps someplace we could spar. It's been a while for me.

    And yes, dinner is on me, I would be happy to cook. You can either come to my place or I'll cook there and bring the food to wherever you'd like.

    I do a pretty mean beef stew, decent spaghetti or my dad's personal chicken pie recipe !

    Here is my card, my address, home phone and cell phone are on it.

    I feel almost dizzy, it's been a couple of years since my last date. The thing with April reminded me.. life is short.
    I lean over and give Lilly a soft kiss on the cheek.

    Thank you Lilly
  9. Lilly Briant (Argent Sentinel)

    Lilly nodded, looking over the application, while she mulled over a place they could train. Typically she just found a reasonably isolated spot out in Gotham, usually an empty lot, where something was supposed to be built, but people didn't quite get around to it. All the same, the prospect of food was sounding quite appetizing at the moment, she wasn't much of a cook after all, and her diet seemed to consist of mainly military rations; ideal for basic nutrition, but pretty bland after a while.

    She gladly took his card, looking it over a few times; exchanging contact information was a start, and she patted herself down, attempting to find something even remotely resembling a business card of her own. Fortunately, she had a few on her right now, just incase, perhaps it was for the best that she wasn't in her usual gear; she wouldn't be caught dead with information like that on her when she was looking to spring into action. Though, just as she reached inside of her pants pocket, to fish out a business card to hand to Grady, she was caught off-guard by that kiss on the cheek.

    Things certainly were moving quickly... At least to her; as much experience as she had in battle, she barely had any in the romance department. In the end, the situation got the best of her, only for a brief moment, and though her cheeks had flushed a little, she managed to keep her cool.

    "Any time." She said, shaking her head a little.

    Well, at least she was smiling, again, what an odd sight; if her boss could see her now, he'd think he had finally gone senile or something, really.

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  10. The next evening, promptly at 5:00 pm I am once again at the shop. I have flowers, the neighborhood florist having never seen me in her shop was all questions, smiles and grins. I am nervous, not so bad as shaking hands, but butterflies in my stomach.

    Today, I'm dressed in new black jeans, red denim shirt, my normal matching belt and boots. I broke out a silver and turquoise necklace for the occasion. I want it to look like I took effort...without making it look like I took..too much effort.

    I go into her shop, just inside and waited for her, caught her attention and then waited politely outside.
  11. Sometime ago....

    He came down with four, fat tuna. All as fresh as he could take it, wrapped in newspaper as the gleam of Nosferatu's mask permeated the sewers darkness. After coming to a suitable area, he spoke aloud.

    "I'm a man with enemies in this town....And its not a position I want to be with you. I've no quarrel for one and no reason to see why we should. But I need a place to do my work, to remain hidden from the prying eyes. So consider this little gift a gesture of goodwill."

    He unwrapped the fish and spoke idly.

    "I don't bother you, you don't bother me and we watch out for each other as good neighbors should down here in the dark. Does that sound fair?"

    He sliced the fish and let the blood drip into the water as he called out.

    "Mr. Jones?"

    @Michale CS
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  12. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    {td=left|top|33%x100%} [​IMG]{/td}

    {td} The water churned and suddenly he was there, with a growl. "You think bringing me sushi is going to buy me off?"

    But then, he snatched one of the tuna up, sniffed it, considering. "It's a good opening bid. Put em over there." Croc shoved the fish back at Nosferatu and indicated an alcove nearby.

    "I'm not always... here. I got, work. Work you don't need to know about." He paced, considering.

    "We gotta have house rules. No bringing anyone else down here, alive or dead. I don't need people sniffing after me, and... my employer... if dead people start showing up in my place, I ain't gonna be employed anymore."{/td}
    {td=left|top|33%x100%} {/td}

    {td}He stalked closer, clearly in a show of bravado. "I don't care what shit you do out there, you don't bring it here. Second... second is you keep up the sushi. Couple times a week. Do well enough, and Hell, if you need me to score something for you, maybe I'll do that. Not here, though, If I like you well enough we'll work that out later..."

    He paused for a moment, then thought of something else. "Last, if anyone, and I mean anyone miraculously finds out about where I am, I'm gonna assume you were the one who lead them to me and I take that out of your hide. If you got all that, we got a deal. Otherwise, beat feet."{/td}
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  13. He nodded, once.

    "Your terms are acceptable, with one stipulation. Nobody enters my laboratory. We ever need to talk? We do it here...I'll leave the fish here too."

    He turned to leave and spoke over his shoulder.

    "Till then, Mr. Jones."

    That was then. Now?

    Some splicing into the electrical cables, his own movements and he had a working laboratory beneath Gotham City. It was dark and dank, but quiet and now in addition, for the price of stolen fish from the docks he even had a security system of a sort. By day he slept and by night, he worked on his plasma batches and feverish notes on a cure, using the rats as his guinea pigs. He rarely left-He had no reason to do so. He didn't need food or drink the usual way so much and he had everything he needed here.


    Almost everything.

    His resources were running out. His funds, everything that couldn't be stolen in short supply as he paced back and forth. He needed more money, he needed quick cash and he needed it now.

    Which meant a quick search for jobs the local crimelords might want. It was risky to reveal himself, but it was either that or go cold bat.

    And no one in their right mind would want that.

    @Michale CS
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  14. Evening, a few days after meeting with Lilly. I'm still walking on clouds. This morning my mother's oil painting was smiling. Life is crazy sometimes.

    I hear a knock, I check my system, a merger of Stark and Wayne electronics with some additions of my own. Camera's, multiple and a heat sensor. One man, I recognize the mask. At least I think I recognize it... I laugh softly to myself.... you can never tell ... that's why they wear the damned mask in the first place.

    I buzz the entry and announce an invitation to come inside.

    @Ringmaster @Michale CS
  15. "Well, well. When I followed a lead for Big Patrick, I didn't expect you to be their Representative. Was that job Question roped us into part of official work? Wait- Don't answer."

    He didn't want to know and he waved a hand as he spoke, seated on the chair opposite in the office. Getting right to the point, he spoke.

    "I'm looking for work. I need a lot of money, in the immediate sense and I have my own array of skills to accomplish it. There are some things I will not do though, mostly because it'll advertise my presence far faster than I would like."

    The mask regarded the other, before the man behind it spoke.

    "So any openings right now? And if not, would you happen to know those who would?"

    @Gands @Michale CS
  16. Are yah certain yah want tah follow that road Nosferatu ? I can steer you don't that path, but once the mob sets it's teeth intah yah... They don't like tah let go, do yah understand ?

    Privacy is an issue ?

    Look, yah played a part in rescuing my step sister. I wont ask what yah need if for but I can see giving yah some for the moment. No drug use I hope ? No, sorry, I told you I wouldn't ask.

    I'd be happier if yah told me your side of that last adventure. My sister kinda came out of it without the best end of that deal yah see. It would just make me feel less like things went more tah hell than they should have.

    And, when we're done, tell me how much yah need tah start with, or maybe... what yah need ? I might be able tah get some things cheaper through connections right ?

    I let it go at that, he helped and deserved better than getting crapped on when he needed help.
  17. [xtable=skin1|bcenter|100%x100%]
    {td=left|top|25%x100%} [​IMG]{/td}
    That's when April walked into the room. Or rather, Doll, as she almost always insisted on calling herself.
    "I heard someone come in." She stated. The voice came from her throat rather than her mouth and her eyes, unblinking, and the lips didn't move.

    Nosferatu could sense no blood in her, because she had none. And her temperature? Exactly room temperature.

    "Oh, if this is business, I can busy myself in the study."{/td}
    @Gands @Ringmaster
  18. "Do I look like hero material? At any rate, it has to be this way."

    He settled back in, breathed quietly and tried not to burst. A moment later, he spoke.

    "There was a werewolf who attacked me. I kicked her on the side of her head and then that wizard showed up- Constantine. Beyond that, it went over my head and I decided that was my cue to leave....Not the first time I ran afoul of the law in Gotham City."

    He tapped his fingers and considered before saying briskly.

    "My current....Predicament requires a very expensive bit of equipment-."
    Ahhh. So that's what happened to her. Behind the mask, recognition shone in his eyes before he shrugged and gestured to her.

    "Is she in the same line of work?"

    @Gands @Michale CS
  19. Lo April, was just talking to one of the fellahs that helped us rescue that group of women.
    I you could wait just a moment, we'll be finished soon.

    Did yah process that woman's application ?

    We two have gotten used to things as they are. Neither of us are particularly happy, but April's strong minded. She uses office space here and helps me out with some administrative stuff.

    April's good with administrative stuff and she can use the office space whenever she has free time. My business has blossomed somewhat since the incident, so I'll be adding people.
  20. "I see. And aye, I did. I'll just wait in th back office, then." Her head swiveled to 'look' at Nosferatu and bowed slightly as she turned and went back into the rear of the place for now.

    @Ringmaster @Gands
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