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    Your mind is software. Program it.
    Your body is a shell. Change it.
    Death is a disease. Cure it.
    Extinction is coming. Fight it.

    Transhuman Scifi Conspiracy (open)
    Eclipse Phase is a tabletop game by Posthuman Studios. It is released under creative commons licensing, allowing it to be shared and downloaded for free. If you're interested in the ideas in this thread, please visit www.eclipsephase.com

    An Accelerated Future (Setting) (open)
    Ten years ago, Earth was devastated by rampant AI's called the TITANs. With atomic, biological, chemical, digital and nanotech WMDs, they turned humanity's birthplace into a tomb, inhospitable and quarantined to this day. As suddenly as they turned on us, the TITANs vanished, leaving us decimated, near extinction, baffled. But alive. We call those awful times The Fall.

    But humanity has endured, even thrived. Mars is our primary cradle now, but major populations can be found around Venus, Luna, even Jupiter and Saturn. With cortical stacks and backups, we have a kind of semi-immortality. Life these last ten years has been a period of adjustment, perhaps even relative stability and comfort. This is not to say there has been no conflict. The rise of nanofabrication technology has posed serious challenges to the traditional capitalist economies of the inner system. Anarchists, scum and autonomists argue for a full transition to post-scarcity economies based on reputation, not finance. Bioconservatives and traditionalists try to hold on to what makes humanity human. Reclaimers work to break the deadly quarantine around Earth and take our home back, while gatecrashers explore the galaxy beyond our solar system through the mysterious Pandora Gates...

    And watching all this, there is Firewall. Firewall is a benevolent conspiracy whose mission is simple: there cannot be another Fall. Humanity's never been closer to the brink, nor more likely to push itself over the edge. The TITANs left us a solar system seeded with nightmares, but political instability is as likely to be what finishes us off. To that end, Firewall recruits from all factions, operates in secrecy and seeks to encourage peace and diversity among what's left of the human race.

    Where It All Went Wrong (Plot) (open)

    Firewall's mission is centered around secrecy and double agents, so recent events in the Lunar-Lagrange Alliance (LLA) have been a major setback for the organization. Several vital servers have been compromised and leaked onto the public mesh. Agents have been burned, operations have been ruined and the organization has been all but totally crippled throughout the entirety of Earth and Lunar orbits. Worse, the information on those servers could be used to damage operations going on around Venus, on Mars - potentially the entire organization is at risk. Given that the compromised servers are supposed to have been secret, Firewall suspects someone is a mole...

    This is where you come in. You are agents of Firewall. You have been recently recruited or reassigned from another theater of operations. You find yourself on With Sharp Flames, a Scum barge that is being used as sanctuary by a high-ranking Firewall officer burned by the leak, Adam Redd. You are the only thing keeping this region of space from blowing itself all to hell. Your mission will be simple, which is not the same as easy. Re-establish covert Firewall presence on the moon and around Earth. Identify extinction threats and covertly prevent them. And find out just who the mole within Firewall is.

    Sleeving In (Character Sheet) (open)

    Name: (include any aliases, false identities etc here)
    Age: (Also obvious)
    Gender: (Mental AND Physical)
    Faction: (Criminal? Corporate? Anarchist? Jovian? ... there's a lot of them.)
    Morph: (What kind of body are you in right now? Bio, synth or pod? How does it look? What's it designed for? Any nice mods?)
    Skills: (Why does Firewall like you? This might not be combat related. You might be a useful techie, or a social networker)
    Flaws: (What holds your character back? What do they struggle with? This could range from social or mental problems to defects with your morph)
    Gear: (Weapons, armor, useful tech etc)
    Rep: (divide 80 points between c-rep, @-rep, g-rep, f-rep, r-rep, e-rep and i-rep)
    Biography: (Brief description of your character's life up to this point. Include some event that brought you in to Firewall.)

    Feuds and Factions (open)

    Eclipse Phase is a big place, full of different ideas, philosophies and politics. Here are some of the main factions and political groups to be aware of.

    The Planetary Consortium (PC) is a collaboration of hypercorporations mostly centered around Mars and Martian orbit. They are the single largest polity in the setting and use traditional capitalism for most of their economics.

    The Lunar-Lagrange Alliance (LLA) is an alliance of cities and space stations on moon and in high Earth orbit. It is closely tied with the reclaimer movement to take back Earth and is very socially conservative.

    The Morningstar Constellation is a more liberal collection of aerostats, floating cities, in Venus's upper atmosphere. Morningstar recently defected from the PC and has a better focus on personal liberty and human rights.

    The Jovian Republic, called the Jovian Junta by its enemies, is a restrictive and isolationist faction in orbit around Jupiter. It is born of the remnants of US and South American military bases and notorious for being extremely bioconservative and opposed to most transhuman technologies.

    The Titanian Commonwealth is based Saturn's moon Titan and began as a Scandinavian academic research outpost. However, it has blossomed into a cybersocialist techodemocracy, in which every citizen has a vote on every issue. They run a rep-based economy.

    The Scum are a loose collection of nomadic anarchists, gypsies and mad scientists who move throughout the system in migratory fleets of obsolete colony ships. Their fleets, called Scum Swarms, are rep-based economies and home to all sorts of debauchery. And they usually have really weird names, for some reason.

    The Autonomist Alliance are a loose gaggle of habs, collectives and think-tanks united by the desire to promote personal liberty, open-source nanofab technology and an end to capitalism. They mostly occupy the outer system but have been known to send terrorist inwards.

    Argonauts are technoprogressive scientists who believe the best way to make life better is science for everyone; more science! Bigger science. They will work with any other faction, in exchange for useful information, but their open-source philosophy means basically everything they learn will end up torrented by someone out there.

    Mercurials are a loose alliance of AGIs and uplifts who believe that their kind should branch off from transhumanity and go their own way for the most part. Some do trade with humans out of necessity, but many see humans as a bad idea and want to get away from them as much as possible.

    The Ultimates are people who use transhuman technologies and combine it with Spartan-like discipline and asceticism to hone their selves into living paragons. Their main strongholds are in the outer system, but they can be seen in the inner system working as mercenaries.

    And finally, no system would be complete without people trying to break it. Criminals exist aplenty in the magic space-future, with all sorts of cartels making it off Earth (the Triads especially) and even new ones emerging thanks to the possibilities of amazing sci-fi technologies. Take for instance Pax Familia, a mafia of one woman who forks herself extensively to run rep-scamming operations, or the Nine Lives cartel who illegally steal forks of people and copy them over and over to sell into slavery. Or how about the shadowy Hidden Concern, a wealthy and malicious syndicate populated entirely by octomorphs.

    Muse News (Useful Info) (open)

    Eclipse Phase is full of Big Cool Ideas, which can be appealing but also fairly intimidating. Here are some explanations which will help make things seem a bit easier.

    Hard sci-fi is the genre Eclipse Phase draws on heavily, meaning most stuff is based on at least vaguely-plausible science. There is, for example, no faster-than-light travel, artificial gravity or teleportation, with the exception of xenotech. The moments where it away diverges from hard sci-fi and the moments when it diverges towards horror - TITAN and xenotech like the Pandora Gates are meant to be freaky.

    Forking takes advantage of the fact that the mind can be encoded as computer data. You can upload copies of yourself into multiple bodies at once - there's even a mafia composed entirely of copies of the same woman. Merging with your fork is possible, allowing you to learn what your fork knew. However, doing so can be pyschologically distressing, getting worse the longer you and your fork are separate. Some political factions do not consider forks to be their own people, while others see forks as distinct persons to be treated as sovereign individuals. Where do you stand?

    Nanofabrication is a technology using nanobots to convert base matter into useful objects. For example, using a fabber one could convert metals into a gun - with the right blueprint. One simply needs raw materials and a blueprint. This technology is a real game changer economically, as it suddenly means manufacturing and scarcity-based capitalism lose much of their value. As such, nanofabrication technology is tightly regulated by the capitalist economies, using extensive DRM and anti-piracy measures, one-use blueprints and aggressively enforced IP laws. On the other hand many factions argue that nanofabrication technology will improve the lives of everybody and try to release blueprints over the mesh in an open-source fashion, arguing for an economy based off reputation instead of materials and money. What do you think?

    Reputation is a kind of secondary economy in Eclipse Phase, mostly used in situations where advanced technology is pushing humanity towards post-scarcity. Reputation is a kind of social currency, primarily used to buy services and favors rather than goods. There are different reps depending on your social networks, so it can also function as an 'alignment' system, to show how strongly entrenched with different factions you are. C-rep is corporate, used primarily by capitalists and inner-system types. E-rep is used by ecologists and reclaimers, people who work towards making Earth habitable again. G-rep is used by gangs and organized criminals, on the other hand. @-rep is used by anarchists, autonomists, Scum and other non-conformists. R-rep is used by scientists, researchers and academics. F-rep is used by the media, celebrities and socialites. I-rep is a hidden social currency used only by members of Firewall.

    Uplifts are animals that have been genetically and eugenically engineered to improve intelligence, to human-equivalent levels. Uplifted species were generally intelligent already and had some natural talents at low-grav life, such as birds or octopodes. Uplifted species include dolphins, whales, several avians, pigs and several hominids (apes, gorillas, chimps etc). Uplifts are generally second-class citizens in the inner system but considered distinct persons by outer systems. A large political issue is where uplifts fit in with human society - should they be our grateful servants, or should they go off and form their own cultures?

    Artifical General Intelligences (AGIs) are artificial intelligences with human socialization and the capacity for personality and emotions. They are distinct from most AIs due to this social and emotional capacity. They are more intelligent than the 'weak' AIs used to perform simple day-to-day tasks, but lack the dangerous capacity for recursive self-improvement of 'seed' AIs - such as the TITANs. AI research has become harshly restricted following the Fall and AGIs are controversial. Many consider them risky, TITANs waiting to happen, while others consider them digital persons deserving equal rights. Where do you stand?

    Asyncs are people who were exposed to a 'weaker' strain of the dangerous Exsurgent Virus, and instead of being turned into monsters appeared to develop psionic abilities. These powers, called sleights, are purely mental in nature. There are two categories; psi-chi sleights augment the asyncs mental and cognitive abilities (for example, they might be able to boost their own creativity, or give themselves photographic memories) while psi-gamma sleights can affect the minds of others, usually with a touch. However, this rewriting comes at a price; asyncs invariably suffer from incurable mental disorders, as their brain has been simply rewritten to be a little 'wrong' permanently. Curing them would necessitate turning off their powers. Also, these powers ONLY work in biomorphs. Asyncs are extremely uncomfortable in pods and synths, and slowly go even more insane when placed in these bodies for long periods of time.

    The Exsurgent Virus is a big scary thing that the TITANs seem to have left behind for us to enjoy. It is a virus that rewrites the host into monstrous forms, but that's not the scary part. What's really messed up is the fact that it seems to work across almost any vector, affecting biomorphs, synthmorphs and even infomorphs. A person affected by the virus is called an exsurgent. They are transformed by the virus physically and mentally, until what remains is most certainly not a human - exactly how it transforms them appears to be down to the staggering number of strains out there. One of the viruses most terrifying forms is the dreadful "basilisk hack", which appears to use advanced modulation and manipulation of visual and auditory data to literally hack the human brain.

    Information Overload (Useful Vocab) (open)

    Augmented Reality (AR): Data and graphics placed on top of real-world visual feeds, commonly used for advertising.
    Biomorph: A biological body, with an organic brain used to carry human egos.
    Cortical Stack: A memory core housing a person's ego, usually kept between the spine and brain
    Cyberbrain: A computer brain used to run egos, or house AI's.
    Darknet: A covert or secret information network, often used for illicit purposes.
    Exhuman: Someone who has taken transhumanism 'too far' and modified themselves in horrific ways, so as to be no longer human.
    Farcasting: A method of long-distance traveling where an extracted ego is 'emailed' across space to a new body at its destination.
    Indenture: A person who has signed a long-term labor contract with a hypercorp in exchange for a morph.
    Infomorph: Someone whose sole existence is as data, usually existing in a virtual reality environment.
    Infugee: A person who escaped the Fall with their ego - but not their body, an information-refugee. Millions of infugees have yet to get bodies due to their low-value skillsets.
    Mesh: An internet-like information network, formed via cloud computing links between local devices. Meshes are local, not universal, due to the vast distances and lag involved in interplanetary communications.
    Morph: A general term for a body.
    Muse: A dumb-AI helper commonly used for day-to-day purposes such as personal finance, data processing and information research. Most people have one.
    Pandora Gates: Mysterious objects of unknown origins that appear to be capable of generating wormholes allowing extrasolar travel. Five are currently known; one near Mercury, one on Mars, one on Pandora, one around Neptune and the last in the Kuiper Belt, on Eris.
    Pod: Bio-mechanical bodies with cyberbrains, usually having a mechanical core surrounded by cloned flesh. Typically used for low-level service and menial labor.
    Quantum Entanglement (QE): Communication using paired molecules, allowing for untraceable and high-speed messages to be sent over vast distances. However, QE has low bandwith and typically only uses text. Also, QE devices are paired and can only talk to each other.
    Simulspace: Virtual reality environments, often used for entertainment or other purposes. Simulspaces typically feature full immersion for all sensory spectra.
    Sleeving: The process of an ego entering a body.
    Synthmorphs: Purely artificial or mechanical bodies, featuring cyberbrains to house human egos.
    Uplift: A non-human animal that has been modified to have human-equivalent intelligence.
    X-risk: Firewall term, short for 'existential-risk'. Anything that poses a serious risk to humanity's continued existence, from TITAN technology to human political instability.
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  2. LegioDamn and RenegadeProxy are working on characters. Meanwhile, here's a sample character sheet for a major NPC I'll be running.

    : Adam Redd, Firewall callsign: Proxy Seldom

    Age: 55

    Gender: Male (mental and physical)

    Faction: Firewall, LLA (recent explusion)

    Personality: Adam is quite conservative and serious, which meant he fit in quite well with the LLA's social policies. He believes the Fall was a natural consequence of unrestrained and unregulated technological development and experimentation. He sees Firewall as a good way to keep the lid on things that can spiral out of control. He's quite a direct, even blunt, man to be working in espionage, though he's not an idiot. After being kicked out of the LLA, he has hardened his stance towards some issues and devotes himself to Firewall full time, a total company man.

    Morph: Adam is currently sleeved into a Fury morph, a tall biomorph built for combat - powerful natural musculature, tougher skin and bones, augmented adrenaline glands and reflexes. Said hormones also impact his mood, making him more grouchy than he normally is, but he sees that as a fair trade off. He's additionally augmented his morph with medichines - nanobots in his bloodstream to augment his immune system and filter out toxins, also improving his natural regeneration.

    Skills: Adam came to Firewall's attention for his military training and experience battling the TITANs during the Fall. Since joining Firewall, he has also risen up the ranks of the LLA. He is a strong combatant, using both ranged and close quarters combat with equal skill. He has experience as a leader of men, not as a general but as a captain, leading from the field. Finally, he has plenty of dirt on the LLA from his privileged position as a major in their military.

    Flaws: Adam was one of the Firewall agents burned when the LLA servers were compromised, meaning his identity as a secret agent is now publicly known. He has had to sever all ties with his previous life in the LLA, fight his way free and is now considered public enemy #1 in lunar space. As a result, his corporate rep is crippled, he has a bounty on his head and all his ego-backups have been seized or deleted.

    Gear: Adam was able to take a few things with him when he escaped, including a rail assault rifle, a suit of riot armor and several ectos (handheld computers) containing valuable Firewall intel. He also has a set of smart-vac clothing, nano-active fabric which can be programmed into a number of outfits, including a sealed vac-suit.

    Rep: I-rep 80

    Biography: Adam was born on Earth, in northern Europe. He was raised an army brat and eventually joined up full time, earning his way into the Royal Marines, then to the SAS. He had reached the rank of captain, with a strong combat record and good prospects to go even higher, when the TITANs launched their first attacks on mainland Europe. Adam led his troops in the defense of British evacuation efforts, despite overwhelming resistance and horrific casualties. He actually died in the defense of London, but a copy of his ego was farcasted off of Earth before the quarantine went up. What's more, footage of his self-sacrifice also made it off-world, giving him a good reputation as a war hero among the conservative factions that run the lunar cities - and bringing him to Firewall's attention.

    He was approached by a Firewall sentinel codenamed Fabian, who inducted him with the promise of continuing the war against the TITANs and the defense of humanity. Fabian arranged for a position for Adam to take watching over the lunar surface, which had been heavily shelled by TITAN nanoweapons and to this day contains several potential threats, waiting and dormant. Adam was very aware of what happened to New Mumbai, a lunar city which was infiltrated by exsurgents during the Fall and had to be hit with antimatter warheads to contain the infection. Determined to prevent anything like that happening to the other lunar cities, he became quite a hardline bioconservative and preservationist. In the LLA, those were politically good positions to take and he found himself winning allies quickly in lunar government which, combined with his war hero reputation, soon got him a good job as a police captain on Remembrance, the LLA capital.

    In this valuable position, Adam fed Firewall multiple pieces of actionable intel and served loyally, without question and containing several threats from TITAN remnants. Two years ago, he received his promotion from Sentinel to a Firewall Proxy, responsible with managing all Firewall operations on Remembrance. The newly-minted Proxy Seldom served with distinction during this period - until it all went wrong three days ago. In an event codenamed Songbird, multiple Firewall servers in LLA were compromised and the sensitive mission data splashed all across the public mesh. Sentinels were assassinated or arrested, operations ruined, informants outed. Adam led the other Sentinels on Remembrance in a bloody firefight across the city to escape, but in the end was the only one to escape with his life - and even the only barely. Now he has taken sanctuary on a Scum barge, the With Sharp Flames, just outside of LLA jurisdiction. Healing from his wounds and picking up the pieces of his life, Adam has put out a call across Firewall's social network for emergency measures..

    Attached Files:

  3. ((Oh now this looks cool. Posting a character))

    Name: Montgomery Johnson (Noah Burrow Fake Ego ID)

    Age: 36

    Gender: Male (Mental and Physical)

    Faction: Planetary Consortium, Firewall

    Personality: Montgomery Johnson is a hypercapitalist through and through. Whatever it takes to get that sale and keep profit flowing to him, he will whatever actions are necessary. Brown-nosing, blackmailing, etc. are all practices he values highly. He is a greedy and vain man, but he tries to keep these aspects in check, if only in case it could poorly affect his business practices. He has an affable nature, and tries to be overly polite, as Montgomery feels he always has to make a good impression. When he is viewed negatively, he tries to “remedy the situation”, so he has another person to profit and benefit from. He views Firewall as a method of protecting Business Interests, as they keep undesirable events to a minimum.

    Morph: Montgomery is currently morphed into a Slyph, a biomorph that is incredibly suited for socializing and networking. Its beautiful appearance not only appeals to Monty’s vanity, but is also effective in closing the deal. The model also has universal pheromones to appeal to all, alongside sanitized metabolism removing unpleasant odors. Montgomery also augmented his morph with enhanced hearing and extra limber.

    Skills: Montgomery attracted Firewall’s attention due to his knack at social networking. From his work in viral marketing, to his knowledge of Hypercorps, their politics, and even the criminal world, his dealings in the social world make him useful tool for them.

    Flaws: Montgomery is quite the coward, if things look bad in anyway, he will attempt to flee at the first possible moment. Yet, if anything good has happened, he is very willing to steal the credit for the accomplishment if it hasn’t been taken. Also Montgomery is rather willing to sacrifice others if it'll save his neck. Plus his greed and vanity can get the better of him.

    Gear: Montgomery has a light pistol, smart vac clothing, and a Fake Ego ID.

    c-Rep: 40
    g-Rep: 40 (with his Fake Ego ID)

    Biography: Montgomery was born on Mars, in a relatively small station of the Hypercorps, by two entrepreneurs of an insignificant standing in the large picture. He spent his early years learning about economics, and became fascinating by the practices of the Hypercorp. He was drawn to marketing as it had to appeal to everyone and anyone in an attempt to sell product and mastering that would be like mastering people by appealing to their desires. In his pursuit of climbing the social latter he practiced constantly networking, making companions that would hopefully become useful to him.He studied marketing techniques of all sorts to get an advantage over competitors in the field and Montgomery wanted to be an affluent part of the Hypercorp world, and slacking off would allow rivals a step above him. The Fall destroyed the Station where he grew up, caused the death of useful networked Corp buddies, reduced many of his companions to living in the wilds of Mars and making many of them bitter, some turning to the criminal sphere and in general adversely affecting business. However this event came with a strange benefit, as Montgomery used his companions that turned criminal, to gain a better standing of the economics of the underground, and to maintain an eye on them if they were going to affect Hypercorp affairs in any meaningful way. Of course, this would be “under the table” so Montgomery fetched a Fake Ego ID, so he would have an identity to do the more… unsavoury business practices, without having to risk his public appearance. Using this information he weaseled himself into an information broker between the criminal world and the Hypercorps, to profit himself, to have the Hypercorps profit and keep damages to them as a minimum and of course hoping to manipulate criminals to attack individuals who stood against the Hypercorps, (after all a patsy who takes down an enemy of yours is better than having to risk any of your own) And knowing more about the "average man" does helps Monty's Viral Marketing Career. Montgomery’s networking and info gathered from criminals and corporate types drew the attention of the Firewall. A Firewall operative who introduced himself as Augustus brought Montgomery into the Firewall by promising Montgomery a way to protect long run business. Firewall tasked him to keep a close eye and leash on the Hypercorps and Criminal Underworld of Mars, and to provide Firewall with the intel he gathered.

    More recently he was reassigned to the Scum barge, “With Sharp Flames”, to use his networking prowess to help re-establish Firewall presence around Earth and the moon, and of course, find the mole. After all, a mole is a hindrance to the operation and business.

    ((Does it look decent/reasonable enough? New to Eclipse Phase, so if I did someone unreasonable (or anything I should change, feel free to tell.) ))
  4. Whats a pod and what's a synth? I'm assuming variations of mechanical bodies.
  5. @Dinorocket: Monty looks fine by me.

    @Raitoningu@ Synthmorphs are fully mechanical bodies, with human minds running in their cyberbrains. Pods (short for 'pod people') are kind of like the T-800 - a robotic core with organic-seeming exterior.
  6. ah. thanks. Ill make a char in an hour or so then
  7. Rose M. Persinette
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female (Mental AND Physical)
    Faction: Oversight -- Planetary Consortium, Firewall

    Personality: Rose has no issue with deceiving others, but that is a skill used when completely necessary. She's all about trust in the long run and if you look even remotely untrustworthy, you may find yourself face-to-face with the bitter and sassy Ms. Persinette. Most of the time she is a dedicated, hardworking individual who strives for the best. That doesn't mean she can't have a sense of humor or even have fun though. Rose can be quite the shining accessory in a party with the right comrades and you can count on her to bring the morning coffee with a smile.

    Morph: Rose is currently morphed into a Ghost, a biomorph designed for combat applications, but their primary focus is stealth and infiltration. Genetic profile encourages speed, agility, and reflexes, and their minds are modified for patience and problem-solving. The model is already equipped with the basic biomods, mesh inserts, chameleon skin, cortical stack, adrenal boost, enhanced vision and grip pads, but Rose has added additional augmentations including enhanced hearing and eidetic memory.

    Skills: Rose, as an Oversight operative, is skilled in the art of stealth, infiltration, and gathering of useful data scattered around several networks. Her social skills are on the brink of great interrogation techniques and not being able to hold her tongue. Firewall believes she could be helpful with getting other factions to butter up to them in a way.

    Flaws: Unfortunately, though her biomorph looks pretty badass, she must buy gene-tonics to keep the cancer at bay -- an obsolescence flaw already planted into the model -- and it doesn't help that she is an avid smoker. Some old ties have slandered her name since joining Firewall as well, which have severed several important ego-backups.

    Gear: Rose has haggled a few useful items from other factions on the job, but most were gifts from past employers. At the moment she holds a flex cutter, a set of smart-vac clothing with nano-active fabric, a few dazzlers, and a COT (Convert Operations Tool).

    C-Rep 30
    G-Rep 10
    I-Rep 40

    Biography: Rose Meredith Persinette was born and raised on the planet of Mars. Her mother passed away during childbirth and her father was so into his high corporate job that he had no time for her. For this reason her entire childhood was in the care of her grandparents.

    During her school years she only went to one of the top five facilities every year. And even though her father wasn't around that didn't mean he would be letting his daughter be apart of the scum that clogged up the lower systems. She was averagely smart no matter which school she attended in the end and truthfully she was more into playing spy games and hide 'n' seek with her grandpa then doing homework. As soon as she turned of age she decided to join Planetary Consortium and some how worm her way into Oversight. Rose knew she could do so much more from the inside of things. Two years later was the Fall of Earth and the onslaught of TITANs.

    By then she had gone through preliminary training and was in the middle of working on the required skills for Oversight. So when millions upon millions of ego-refugees bombarded Mars, she was overwhelmed. A vital chunk of the Martian surface had to be put under quarantine and Rose couldn't believe any of it. Days later, still so incredibly overwhelmed, she noticed a suspicious character and using her training techniques, decided to go and speak with him. But as soon as she began to approach him he took off and Rose didn't think twice before she followed him through the crowds and towards the Titan Quarantine Zone.

    Long story short, Firewall was always interested in TQZ thus meaning they were immediately interested in the twenty-year-old woman running through it head first.
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  8. Sweet. That's two approved characters and I'm talking someone else through making an AGI character in PMs at the moment.
  9. Sweeeeet! :)
  10. Name: Cibo
    Age: <9 years (First activated post-Fall)
    Gender: Female (mental; no physical body)
    Faction: Argonauts, Firewall
    Personality: Cibo is a dedicated scientist and careful researcher who is very observant and detail-oriented. She has little patience for stupidity, including her own. She isn't afraid of taking calculated risks or running dangerous experiments, and is likely to underestimate physical danger simply because she lacks a proper frame of reference. She's usually quite personable, although she can get quite snarky at times. She's taken a personal interest in the Fall and the TITANs, although she knows it's not a popular one and tends to keep it to herself. She enjoys making various AR costumes for herself as a hobby.

    Morph: Infomorph. Cibo prefers to operate bots or take a synth body if she absolutely needs to interact with the physical world. She finds sleeving into anything even partially organic disconcerting. Her AR avatar is a woman, usually dressed informally in casual clothing with a labcoat worn over it. She has a number of different outfits for any occasion, most of which she has made herself.


    Skills: Like any AGI, she's very adept at operating in the Mesh, and is a capable hacker. Firewall finds her more valuable for her scientific knowledge, particularly the intel on the Fall she's gleaned from working with infugees. She's well versed in psychology, computer science, and xenoarchaeology.

    Flaws: As infolife, she lacks a physical body, with all the advantages and disadvantages one might expect. As an AGI, she is usually viewed with some amount of fear or distrust. She also lacks a lot of the context when it comes to social cues, physical properties, and other things most people who grew up as more than data would take for granted, which leads to regularly misunderstanding or misinterpreting things, much to her chagrin.

    Gear: About the only useful possessions for an AGI are software and bots. Cibo has AR Illusion, Exploit, and Spoof software, and both a small Gnat bot and a Creepy modeled after a giant isopod.

    Rep: 40 r-rep, 20 i-rep, 20 @-rep

    Biography: Cibo was created shortly after the Fall, with the very important job of helping to figure out just what the hell happened. More to the point, she had the equally-important job of interviewing and assisting the vast number of infugees the Fall created. Scientist Cibo was created to do these assessments at levels of time-acceleration considered psychologically disturbing for human minds. She got the job done quite well and within the necessarily much shorter time frame that was imposed upon her. She has since moved on to other work, and broken ties with the corps to hew closer to academic circles. She currently associates with the Argonauts, and works with them on a variety of projects, usually focusing on theoretical work and simulations. Her recent work has been assisting gatecrashers with their study of alien artifacts, or at least those they could bring back with them.

    When she was first approached by a Firewall agent, she was surprised to know that their organization existed, but more so that it would be interested in her, as she didn't think herself well known outside of academia. As it happens, her intel on the Fall was what first directed Firewall's interest her way, and she's collaborated with agents on occasion in one form or another, usually providing technical expertise and assistance.

    I can also always take more software or robots, but everyone seems to be going pretty bare-bones on equipment, so I thought it best to do the same (besides, a scientist isn't likely to have things like a tactical network handy). I can also add/remove specific academic skills if some might be more fitting or useful.

    Being an infomorph, it might be useful if my character acted as the muse for someone else, or tagged along in a ghost ride module if they had one. Either way, you'd be getting some sort of cosplaying AI sidekick.
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  11. Sorry for the delay - the school I work at is having trouble finding a replacement for when I leave and it's keeping me busy in my free time helping look for one.
  12. It's no problem. I watch this thread just in case and I check to make sure my character is still looking good and she's still here because I am super excited about this roleplay!
  13. Okay, the school has sorted my replacement and I don't need to extend my contract longer than I wanted to. I'll get to work on the first IC post.

    It's here!
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  14. I suppose now we just have to make our own introductions. I'll probably take a while. Totally not because I'm stalling and hope someone else will go first. Certainly not.

    And went ahead and posted anyhow. Since I'm sure a little drone can't hold a whole Ego, I figure Cibo's just operating it remotely and she herself is somewhere else, as far as physical storage goes. But, got to have eyes, ears, and some equivalent to the green-screen tennis ball to place oneself.
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  15. Totally didn't just forget this thing was still up. Totally, I was here the whooole time you see. Slyph morphs are well known for being really, really, really good at hiding, due to keep pheromone smells low. Eheh... the Hyper-corps are well known for dealing with all paper-work in an efficient manner, and not having it get delayed even the slightest bit. But ah, hello!
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