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  1. What's up what are you going Tuesday how's the cat?
  2. O.o

    Are you talking to talk to Envyverse...? Cause you could just use PMs.
  3. Yes but it's also for everyone else too! I picked Tuesday cause everyone hates Monday :) it's late I'm being random
  4. Being random? Sounds like you should be in the Asylum!
  5. Yes, general chatting is for actual relevant topics. Moving thread to asylum in 3... 2...
  6. *signs the release papers*

    And no dressing in a skimpy outfit and inventing fantasy worlds to escape your sexual degradation!

  7. Aww but Doctor, do I have to? * looks at my old leather skin suit*
  8. So, I just met you.

    And this is crazy.
  9. Here's a saber.

    Call me master.
  10. It's hard to look tight
    at you right
  11. This is dumb.
    Write love notes to your new boytoy in private. :|
  12. ?? Dude this is just for shits and giggles relax cat
  13. Uh oh. Someone called Kitti a cat.

    Watch out. Next he'll call her cute.
  14. Kitti cat picture it made sense but I didn't know it was a her :/ sorry bout the dude part and that's so not a call out
  15. Oh, yes obviously I'm a cat.
    With fairly advanced typing skills for a cat, if I do say so myself.
    Also an unprecedented access to computers, in contrast to the other felines I've seen who only get laptop access once a week.
  16. *scratching my beard now* I use an iPhone for all my posts I'm Internet depraved on my laptop :) smartest cat I ever did see well except Garfield
  17. I am horribly offended that you called a female person a "dude". That is completely insensitive. >:[
  18. You didn't notice where I admitted it a mistake and apologized? No cake for you!
  19. SCREW CAKE. Cake is disgusting. :U

    And it's a lie.
  20. Cake is no lie. It's the cookies who lie hiding their chips