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Which do you prefer?

  1. Urban

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  2. Suburban

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  3. Rural

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  4. A mix! Let me tell you about it below:

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  5. Polls go against my principles, why did you do this, Gwazi?

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  1. What kind of environment do you feel fits you best?




    Artistic, quiet, touristy?

  2. Hate urban. Pain in the ass to drive in. Crowded.

    Dislike suburban. Same as city, except with more winding same looking streets. Also homeowner associations.

    Rural or bust. Besides specific amenities (specialty stores) being less prolific it's generally a longer drive to acquire even groceries. A fair trade given lighter traffic and (anecdotally) more pleasant people.

    A comfortable mix of rural and suburban isn't bad. Once they turn cow pastures into subdivisions is the line I draw.
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  3. Urban is too loud and crowded, but has plenty to do.
    Rural has outright nothing to do, but is really peaceful.

    While Suburban (at least the town I live in) is a beautiful hybrid of both. No noise or crowds, but with some things to do in walking or short driving distance. And is also damn peaceful and practically crime free. Only down side is some arrogant rich people who hate bikers and have a love for fucking up local malls.
  4. Urban. Get some well done construction in and you can soundproof walls to the point that you won't hear shit, and I don't need much space to be satisfied with life.
  5. A mix between rural and suburban for me, I reckon.

    Urban is something I've lived in for a while and can adapt too. Even if loud drunk neighbours are around, I can get used to that. It's the crazy traffic and being stuck in a concrete jungle that gets to me really.

    Suburban is nice, but still not as great as rural. The only problem with rural is that things tend to be rather far, everything needs to be located with a car and even then, a twenty minutes drive at best.

    I like small towns, where you can find whatever you need, but there's still greenery around, natural water, open expanses if you just want to drive around and see nothing but fields and mountains and water. Oh and the animals of course! People are friendly and polite, and the traffic won't give me an anxiety attack.
  6. Rural. I grew up in The Middle of Nowhere.

    Unfortunately, I have to live in the city for school now. Hmpf.
  7. Urban!

    I can't drive so living in a rural area would be pretty handicapping for me.

    Though, I definitely miss the coastal rural area where I come from. For me, best would be urban with an easy getaway maritime rural area not too far (as in, no more than 4-5 hour drive).
  8. As someone who's lived in all three, I have to say I prefer either urban or suburban. I like having lots to do at my disposal and the bustling noises can be pretty cool sometimes. I despise rural because it's inconvenient and has nothing to do. I'm not driving tons of miles just to do something simple as grocery shopping!
  9. i like living out of one duffel bag.

    so all three?
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  10. Give me a nice rural property where I can justify buying an ATV, have bonfires, set up a small shooting range, and some space to sleep out in a tent and you've sold me.
  11. Suburban but not too far from somewhere very crowded ; v ;
  12. I'm a urban guy. I don't owe a drivers license becouse I never needed one. That said. I hunt and like camping so I would need to live in a city that isn't to sprawling
  13. @Kitti, could you add a poll to this thread? :3
    So Rural. Half of those would be outright illegal in most urban and suburban areas.
  14. You want a poll? I can give you a poll!
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  16. I'm torn between suburban and urban life. Naturally, the big city has all of the cool shit going on all the time, but is crowded, loud, and if shit goes down, that's where it's going to be. The suburbs are the opposite of the city, but are also boring.

    Rural living is just not something I can wrap my mind around.
  17. Living in a rural area was kinda my fantasy my whole life to be honest ^_^. Always wanted that little house on the prairie.
  18. You mean I can't do half of that in a downtown high rise? Colour me shocked.
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