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    Once upon a time in 2303, there was a new continent of Dragnia. The medieval capital of the continent was the city of Kopper Syne. Kopper Syne was populated by fairies representing all kinds of flowers. It was also the home to many yokai, of whom all lived under the matriarchal rule of Queen Barame Kusoyne and Princess Anthracite (Anthy for short).

    Barame was strict but fair and had ruled for nearly a whole generation. Her only heir, Anthy, had much to learn about leadership and was untrustworthy for the throne, insofar. The princess was certain she could take her mother's place one day, but hadn't done anything to prove her worth.

    What it Looks Like! (open)

    The Queen quite clearly told Anthy that she was not allowed to make any orders for the populace, unless her directives were reviewed first. Since Anthracite never got to have her way when she played by the rules, she decided to break them just once to have some fun. She waited for the perfect opportunity to come around, and her patience would not have to be tested for too long until she had her chance: Barame-sama needed to visit some king of Waruzi to have a word with him. Barame wouldn't be back for several days. However, Anthracite wanted to explore a forest ruled by a wonderful but unfathomably tasty Queen.

    Humans and yokai call the wonderful Entwyne (EH-twah-nee) Garden "The Sparkly Mesh" or "Fairy Meadows" The flowers and the sparkly dew looked so enchanting, with long green grass and colorful flowers flourishing about. Unbeknownst to them, "Entwyne Forest" is a more accurate name for this bodacious land. It was so huge, it literally covered something equivalent to five football fields!

    Yokai & fairies do live there. The fairies gotten very good over the years at concealing their whereabouts. The yokai still tend to frighten the villagers and the humans around the forest. Other than the occasional human who comes to picnic here in the spring, the forest is left alone, giving the yokai and fairies plenty of opportunities to go about their business.

    The city of Namours is ruled over by Queen Augustine Marigold, who all agree is just and wise, and who does her utmost to keep peace between Entwyne Meadows and the other yokai homes of the world. But other than the occasional diplomatic foray into other territories, life has a pleasant routine to it. She was called "Konpaku-san" by the Japanese-native faeries because of her trait as a half-human, half-ghost. Marigold was, ironically, allergic to flowers. She always kept a bubble over her head as to reduce inhalation of the product.

    In the meantime, Anthracite was told to only act within the parameters of a handwritten list of instructions -- basically, nothing the Queen wouldn't have done, herself. Of course, Anthy ignored the rules and began her long-awaited advertisement: She stood at the castle grounds and rallied all her subjects to proclaim unto them:

    "Gather, all brave souls; those with armor and blades of steel! I give unto you a quest to be fulfilled by only the boldest adventurers of the entire region. A trek into the Bottle-nose of which lies to the south of Copper Syne. An area so dangerous, that none who have entered have ever came out!"

    Already, most of the group before her began to deteriorate and leave their leader behind. Anthracite's proclamation was unperturbed, and she continued, "Who of you will accompany me in this journey? We shall tread the dark grounds of the Forbidden Thicket, and come out to see what lingers on the other side!"

    Cities and Rulers! (open)
    Namours (Where Entwyne Forest is! The Center of the continent)
    Queen Augustine Clarissa "Konpaku" Marigold (half-human/half-ghost)
    King Charles Draco Marigold (ghost)
    Lady and King of the Forest

    Copper Syne (A little southeast of Namours; still in Entwyne Forest)
    Queen Barame Iroha Kusoyne-Momoko (Flower Yokai/Angel)
    King Kyosuke Shinichiro Kusoyne (human)
    Lady and King of Eternal Life

    Waruzi (west of Copper Syne)--Evil to all of Dragnia
    Queen Kaori Svenja Ayres (Lamia)
    King Nero Thagus Theodore Marthalde III (Anaconda Lamia)
    Lady and King of the Desert

    Aurania (North of Namours; southeast of Copper Syne; east of Waruzi)
    Queen Neroine Caramel de Solani (Mermaid/Sea Bishop)
    King Marino Alucard de Solani-Chandresh (Merman)
    Lady and King of the Sea

    Mortelyne (South of all cities)--Evil to all of Dragnia
    Queen Claudia Satchel Koffin (Witch)
    King Reginald Solomon Koffin (Vampire)
    Lady and King of the Vampires

    Angras (East of Aurania)
    Queen Chrysanthemum Noria Guild (Flower Fairy; can increase to human size)
    King Verde Gangrene Thaddeus Guild (Seelie Fairy; Can increase to human size)
    Lady and King of the Flowers
  2. A brave centaur stepped out of the crowd of warriors. "I shall accompany!" he said strongly before bowing to to the princess. He kneeled down looking up at the beautiful girl that he respected so much. He was a young Centaur. Raiden was his name. He knew how to wield his weapon and he took pride in fighting. It was something he loved to do, for his whole line of males were all warriors. Raiden was born to fight and he found this the perfect chance to take his skills to the next level. He smiled at the thought.