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    Once upon a time in 2303, there was a new continent of Dragnia. The medieval capital of the continent was the city of Kopper Syne. Kopper Syne was populated by fairies representing all kinds of flowers. It was also the home to many yokai, of whom all lived under the matriarchal rule of Queen Barame Kusoyne and Princess Anthracite (Anthy for short).

    Barame was strict but fair and had ruled for nearly a whole generation. Her only heir, Anthy, had much to learn about leadership and was untrustworthy for the throne, insofar. The princess was certain she could take her mother's place one day, but hadn't done anything to prove her worth.

    What it Looks Like! (open)

    The Queen quite clearly told Anthy that she was not allowed to make any orders for the populace, unless her directives were reviewed first. Since Anthracite never got to have her way when she played by the rules, she decided to break them just once to have some fun. She waited for the perfect opportunity to come around, and her patience would not have to be tested for too long until she had her chance: Barame-sama needed to visit some king of Waruzi to have a word with him. Barame wouldn't be back for several days. However, Anthracite wanted to explore a forest ruled by a wonderful but "unfathomably tasty woman" as Queen Barame indicated.

    Humans and demons call the wonderful Entwyne (EH-twah-nee) Garden "The Sparkly Mesh" or "Fairy Meadows" The flowers and the sparkly dew looked so enchanting, with long green grass and colorful flowers flourishing about. Unbeknownst to them, "Entwyne Forest" is a more accurate name for this bodacious land. It was so huge, it literally covered something equivalent to five football fields!

    Demons & fairies do live there. The fairies gotten very good over the years at concealing their whereabouts. The demons still tend to frighten the villagers and the humans around the forest. Other than the occasional human who comes to picnic there in the spring, the Entwyne Forest is left alone, giving the yokai and fairies plenty of opportunities to go about their business.

    The city of Namours is ruled over by Queen Augustine Marigold, who all agree is just and wise, and who does her utmost to keep peace between Entwyne Meadows and the other yokai homes of the world. But other than the occasional diplomatic foray into other territories, life has a pleasant routine to it. She was called "Konpaku-san" by the Japanese-native faeries because of her trait as a half-human, half-ghost. Marigold was, ironically, allergic to flowers. She always kept a bubble over her head as to reduce inhalation of the product.

    In the meantime, Anthracite was told to only act within the parameters of a handwritten list of instructions -- basically, nothing the Queen wouldn't have done, herself. Of course, Anthy ignored the rules and began her long-awaited advertisement: She stood at the castle grounds and rallied all her subjects to proclaim unto them:

    "Gather, all brave souls; those with armor and blades of steel! I give unto you a quest to be fulfilled by only the boldest adventurers of the entire region. A trek into the Bottle-nose of which lies to the south of Copper Syne. An area so dangerous, that none who have entered have ever came out!"

    Already, most of the group before her began to deteriorate and leave their leader behind. Anthracite's proclamation was unperturbed, and she continued, "Who of you will accompany me in this journey? We shall tread the dark grounds of the Forbidden Thicket, and come out to see what lingers on the other side!"

    Character Skeleton (open)
    Placement: (if you wish to have a role not listed, PM me. If you are, please write down the accurate name of the Queen you wish to play as; you may play an adventurer. And you can develop what side you're on to me or in-character)
    Sexuality: (Homosexual? Lesbian? Add it here!)
    Birthday: (Must correspond to May 3, 2303)
    Species: (anything awesome and reasonable)
    Personality: (At least a paragraph~!)
    Abilities/Equipment: (you may want to be specific)
    Appearance: (please try and find an original anime or realistic drawing; no mainstream. You must also include a description)
    Short Biography: (Basically a reason why they're at the city of Namours or at Copper Syne)
    Dialogue Color: (optional, but if you want to make it pomp and awesome, go RIGHT ahead~!)

    CITIES and Queens
    Important NPCs (open)
    Namours (Where Entwyne Forest is! The Center of the continent)
    Queen Augustine Clarissa "Konpaku" Marigold (half-human/half-ghost)
    King Charles Draco Marigold (ghost)
    Lady and King of the Forest
    Arlene Miranda Marigold (Gardener/only daughter)(Half-human/Half-ghost)
    Weiss (Security Guard)(Blue Oni)

    Copper Syne (A little southeast of Namours; still in Entwyne Forest)
    Queen Barame Iroha Kusoyne-Momoko (Flower Fairy/Angel)
    King Kyosuke Shinichiro Kusoyne (human)
    Lady and King of Eternal Life
    Princess Anthracite Dandelion Joyce (Flower Fairy/Delinquent)

    Waruzi (west of Copper Syne)--Evil to all of Dragnia
    Queen Kaori Svenja Ayres (Lamia)
    King Nero Thagus Theodore Marthalde III (Anaconda Lamia)
    Lady and King of the Desert

    Aurania (North of Namours; southeast of Copper Syne; east of Waruzi)
    Queen Neroine Caramel de Solani (Mermaid/Sea Bishop)
    King Marino Alucard de Solani-Chandresh (Merman)
    Lady and King of the Sea

    Mortelyne (South of all cities)--Evil to all of Dragnia
    Queen Claudia Satchel Koffin (Witch)
    King Reginald Solomon Koffin (Vampire)
    Lady and King of the Vampires

    Angras (East of Aurania)
    Queen Chrysanthemum Noria Guild (Flower Fairy; can increase to human size)
    King Verde Gangrene Thaddeus Guild (Seelie Fairy; Can increase to human size)
    Lady and King of the Flowers

    Infernas (East of all cities)
    Queen Roja Osiris Calle (fire fairy)
    Lady of Fire
    ((Queen Roja is single))

    Rules (open)
    1: I would like to have at least a week's worth of activity. I understand if you have a lot going on, but please take your time. Please let me know if you have to take your leave. I will control your character or kill them if you give me permission. If you do not respond within two weeks, I will have your character vanish to the background and use them as a NPC. It's better than killing, right?
    2: Please correspond to the weather of each scenario I add on. This is to keep up with time in the game and to get a form of sleep.
    3: No racism, bigoted thoughts, or anything like that. This may contain killing, but please tone down the language. there are children present! Also, please try to have interpersonal interaction.
    4: Have fun~!
  2. Mind if i say something about this RP?
  3. Sure! If there's anything wrong with it, let me know so I can make it a great experience.
  4. I may be joining, depends on if I have enough time. It really looks good though and I will read it if I can't play it >.>
  5. You all have enough time. It is a newbie friendly RP! It just has a lot of exposition!
  6. Righto, here's my character skeleton

    Name: Svertjarl Karlsefni Gormsson, "Karl" for short.
    Age: 244
    Gender: Male
    Placement: He is the lord of the Svertülfar, better known as "dwarves" or "gnomes" by man.
    Sexuality: Straight, but uninterested (at least at first.)
    Birthday: January 17, 2059
    Species: Svertülf (Dwarf). They are short, sturdy creatures, fond of heavy drink and heavier industry. They're pretty good fighters, too.
    Personality: Given that Svertülf society is a mercilessly meritocratical, Karl had to be quite ruthless and driven to acquire his current station as king. Such traits persist now. Karl is known for his long, but explosive fuse. It takes much to truly insult him, but those who reach that far often regret it, for Karlsefni's enmity spells doom for the impetuous person. When Karl is not stark, raving berserk, he is as calm and unmovable as stone. As far as anybody knows, there is no inbetween.
    Abilities: He is tirelessly enduring, able to keep a rapid pace for hours at a time. He carries a large war-maul (a particularly large sort of warhammer), wrought of gromril, a material harder yet lighter than iron, with which he smashes his foes into the rock. Karl's muscles are hard and firm, capable of lifting great weights and inflicting horrendous blows.

    Karlsefni is quite learned about rocks, jewels, and minerals of all kinds, and is able to identify them at a glance. He is an able leader of dwarves (though perhaps not of fairies or men).

    Appearance: WH DORF.jpg

    His appearance’s basically the picture, except Karl has a longer, more ornately braided beard that is a very fair blonde. Karl also does not bear a shield.

    Svertjarl Karlsefni is in Copper Syne to meet with Queen Barame, in order to negotiate a trade deal between the fae of Copper Syne and the dwarves of Svertheim (the name for the underground tunnels and caverns honeycombing the earth below Dragnia). Upon finding that Barame herself was absent, Karlsefni grimly set himself to negotiate with the terror of embassies and diplomats everywhere, Princess Anthracite.
  7. Wow, Love it; You're accepted~!
  8. Keep in mind that everything i write down is just a suggestion. None of this is necessary.

    It may be just me but you use Japanese terms for some things. I have no problem with that, but for those who don't know that "Youkai" means "Demon" might be confused by that.
    "Konpaku" is a exception since you use it as a name so there is nothing wrong with that idea.

    The "possible roles list" has 12 free slots. I recommend that you forget about them or at least lower their number. It will take a miracle to get 12 players at all ((And i'm sure Sanae won't do you that favor if you get what i mean))
    Since i don't have any experience with similar things i can't help you with that, but it's probably better not to rely on 12 players.
  9. They're NPCs anyway!
    Nobody has to select them if they don't want to!
    At this rate, we can add plain-ass adventurers to the cities.
    That's what we REALLY need.
  10. Plain-Ass Adventurers?
    If you are fine with medium long posts i'll gladly join in.
  11. Yes, I'm fine with anything you got!
  12. Name: Nova
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: May 3
    Species: Human
    Show Spoiler
    Nova has a cold personality. Only saying what is necessary, doing what he has to do and hiding his feelings to those he doesn't trust.
    At his best times he is just and protective. At his worst stubborn and Authoritarian.
    Although he trusts his own ears more then rumors he is a bit naive and will at least doubt rumors that he thinks are interesting.
    While he tends to be booksmart as opposed to streetsmart, he also tends to be a tad socially awkward, but he still somehow manages to help his friends.
    He cares much for his friends and tends to hide his own problems when he knows that they would be worried because of it.
    It takes time and trust for him to warm up to others.

    Abilities: Swordsmanship. User of the Chaos Force
    Show Spoiler
    Swordsmanship: Nova uses his own fighting style. He moves quick and slashes with his short sword in his right hand while using chaos in his left hand. Big or slow enemies will have a hard time dealing with him. Thanks to his high speed reflexes he can ether dodge or block incoming projectiles as long as their mass is not too big.

    Chaos Force: The chaos force is a energy source. Unlike energies like KI or Mana, it is not drawn from the user.
    This fact allows nova to use near infinite amounts of chaos. But the output is limited to the users stamina. If he reaches that limit he becomes exhausted and has to rest for a while.
    Chaos can be used for many different things.
    Currently known uses are Energy blasts, projectiles, beams, regeneration and even teleportation

    Appearance: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=19936&d=1363721401
    Short Biography:
    Show Spoiler

    He is a traveler who seeks a meaning for his life. Whenever he has a chance, he takes some jobs to make money. If that is not possible he camps outside and eats what nature has to offer.
    Being a traveler taught him many things. He knows how to survive in the many environments, cook with nothing but a pot, and how to identify poisonous plants.

    Dialogue Color: Navy

    Additional info:
    Show Spoiler
    -He knows most of the stuff that is taught at school, and complex facts about supernatural powers. This makes him a good strategist and clever fighter. If the enemy has a weak spot, he will find it.
    -Instead of striking power, he relies on speed and defense. This is complimented by his own fighting style.
    -If separated from his sword, he will use chaos along with strong kicks.
    -His shortsword is nearly indestructible and is used for close combat. Despite being only a short sword, it weights 30Kilo
  13. This is good! However, I want to know what alignment you're in. Are you going for the Good (Queen Barame) or the evil?
  14. Oh. My bad.
    He will be working on the good side. Or neutral good to be a little more exact.
  15. Well, that's good.
    Once I have enough adventurers, I think we can start from there.
  16. Name: Called: Old Teller -Real Name: Gadreial (g-ae-dree-el)
    Age: 67
    Gender: Male
    Placement: Good
    Sexuality: Straight
    Birthday: A long lost secret (April 1st)
    Species: Angel

    He is quiet and keeps to himself unless asked a question which he will normally answer with a riddle or with something that needs to be interpreted. If one can unlock the meaning then they will have information that can help them. Most of the younger people call him 'Old Fool' because they think he is faking it. He has a wrath that lets loose only against those who are armed and dangerous to the well being of others or himself. He does not like to play around though no one has seen his wrath in a while. Most people like his calm, compassionate, and soothing look that always seems to be on his face.


    Speed Step: It almost looks like he vanishes for a second and then appears on another side. This is normally interpreted as a strange angel move, which it is, but they over estimate it. They almost never will see his sword, just a slash mark. He cannot do this constantly on opponents though he can use it for as long as he likes. It takes a great toll on his stamina and will almost always leave him panting should it be held for a longer amount of time to the point of him not even being able to stand.

    Flight: He has wings and can sore like an eagle. He doesn't fly often but when he does it normally only looks like he is floating.

    Lightning: He can point his finger and shoot a concentrated and powerful bolt of lighting. If he uses an open palm it become even stronger though is much less controlled.

    Healing: He can heal minor things instantly, such as light cuts, gashes and sicknesses. Anything too serious and it would take hours, days and to some point even weeks for him to finish.


    His eyes glow whitish yellow which normally attracts others eyes away from the rest of him. He had a single jewel (unlike picture) which holds his robe like a clamp. (blue diamond) He is commonly found with a wight robe outlined with gold trimming and a hidden sash which hides underneath his cloak. Behind a fold in his Robe he has a sword which will grow from just a light rapier to a large double handed sword. Most do not see the warrior in his peaceful look.

    Short Biography:

    He is known for being wise and understanding ever since he first stepped foot in the city. He was a strange traveler who seemed to have some wealth by the way he dressed. As he walked people had starred at him and were all amazed when he made a blind man see. Without any words he just continued walking again and people started flocking around him asking him questions. He did not answer most of them but then he heard a small boy ask him a question, "Sir, My parents are fighting. How do I make them stop." that made the crowd hiss at him and push the small boy away. They figured such a petty personal question was not worth anyone's time. They quieted as he raised a single hand and to their amazement he answered it with something most of them spent days trying to figure out.

    (Basically a reason why they're at the city of Namours or at Copper Syne)
    Dialogue Color: Gold
  17. Okay...
    Since nobody else said so, then all the adventurers will start out at the Copper Syne Castle--Euphoria.
    If you wish to start at another place, please let me know via Pm and I'll see what I can do.
    The King can join the party.

    I'll make two girls to equalize the party. I may make a person who is allied with the evil (Norway and Nova, you are free to make an evil person if you wish.)
    Queens and Kings will be NPCs unless if someone wishes to control some of them.
    Once we have that, we can start with what we have.
    And I'll change the "Newbie-Friendly" tag to "join this any time!"
    Well, who's ready on an adventure?
  19. *raises his hand*
    I am. When will we start?
  20. Only when....
    I was waiting on Magus, but hey, we can start when everyone's comfortable.
    As I have homework, we cannot start right now.
    If today, definitely later tonight (in an hour)