Entropy (Challenge)

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  1. Good day Iwaku community, am looking for a someone to do an short and descriptive roleplay with me off a video called; Entropy. I am a big fan of this short video and would love to do an RP of it. But just like the video, I see the RP being short.
    Like a short but grand RP.

    Here is the video:

    I know this RP can be a wee bit of a challenge, but I am not looking for just any roleplayer. Not that I am dis-respecting others, I think we all have our own talents and deep down we are all fantastic. But I am looking for one who can be descriptive to the deepest details while making it flow so well. Not only may it be a challenge for you, but for myself. I am not looking for a post frequently. Once a week is fine. I tend to be on everyday for short periods of time, or long periods of time.

    There is only two characters in this story, but I am going to add my own twist. Here are some do and don'ts.
    • Change the characters but still representing the original in some way. Like the female is still curious and cover her basic feature of patchy clothing. The Male is still a "magician" from the moon.
    • They don't have names in the video, but we do.
    • Change part's of the story while still following the basic concept.
    • IF the story goes smoothly and I feel like I can keep going, we could stretch the story further.
    • Like in the video, there were no words spoken. Though sometimes not speaking can prove a challenge.
    • Lose the base of the story.
    What Who I am looking for:

    -Someone to play the magician.
    -Someone who can do long descriptive posts. (Not Like ridiculous big, unless you want.)
    -Commited to the RP.
    -Make the posts emotional and flowing.
    Anyone who wants to do this RP with me, I am asking for a example through PM of a descriptive RP. Not based on the story but something similar. Also a description of the character. I will let this thread know when I have found someone.

    I hope I find someone! Thanks for reading~