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  1. There are some people who don't believe in entities. Some people devote their whole life studies to them. Other people however....other people can see these entities, sometimes they have a human figure, other times they look like monsters.

    I was one of those girls that had an entity stuck to me. He was powerful....so powerful that he could manipulate objects in our world. He clung onto me so much that if he wandered too far away from me, I would begin to feel pain.
    His name was Issac, and he completely ruined my life, ever since I was a kid.

    There was no way to get rid of him, if he left...then I would be in pain for the rest of my life...I had to deal with him.

    I grew up with no friends, father said I wasn't suppose to play outside...and when I did it anyway, he got so angry that he tried to spank me...the next day, he was dead. Issac doesn't like it when people hurt me.

    People ask me all the time if I can control my entity...no one can control an entity, Issac was a lion in a cage....I ask permission for anything I need help from him and that is it.

    My name....Cia....Cia Andrews

    Cia was walking along the rainy street wearing a purple sweater, blue jeans and black rain boots. Today was her birthday, she finally turned 18, her mom told her to go out shopping...to buy anything she wanted. Cia insisted on doing something else instead but her mother said that she never goes out.
    Mom didn't like Issac and didn't like it when she went out and Cia knew it, that's why she always chose to stay in her room. Today was different, she gets to go out...she gets to be free for once.
    The rain pitter pattered on the windowsill of a new store that was just opened up. Cia didn't want to shop just yet...she wanted to walk, to be free.

    Thunder roared in the sky and Cia lifted her hood over her short, silver hair. She wanted this night to be as long as possible.
  2. Can I Be Isaac? :D dw,i'll add my own character too :D
  3. (sorry but i already had issac planned out)
  4. My name is Zeia. I am one of the few who can see entities. I am bound to my entity, Atami. I don't see it as a curse. I am withdrawn from society, and Atami is my best friend. I see him as a black cat, with piercing green eyes that make my heart melt.
  5. Elena could always see him.
    the man who always wears black all over and wears a blank mask,the man who would always stand somewhere near her,the man that scared her to death when she was a child.
    And the man who nobody else but her could see.
    He never spoke to her,he just stood her,watching her from a distance every single day.
    it started when she was a child. she was playing all alone by herself,her brother was busy playing with his friends,her mother was busy working,and her father was never home.
    On a small corner,Elena played with her favorite toy by herself,when suddenly He appeared. Elena spoke to him,but he never answered. Neverthless,Elena was happy. At least she had a friend.
    Sadly,Her mother never believe her,she would always say:"Fairy Tales are for people who dream. people who dream could never get somewhere in life. so wake up,child." and her brother would always tease her and bully her about it.
    Neverthless,Elena was happy.


    Elena shivered,as she tucked away a strand of her platinum blonde hair behind her ear. Even if she was inside the safety of a warm cafe,Elena still shivered.
    She glanced down at her outfit,a warm rose colored hoodie,underneath it was a simple black shirt and black pants and comfortable converse.
    She wasnt suppose to be out late today.
    Today,Elena was suppose to be at home,helping her mother prepare her brother's birthday party. like every year,her brother would always have a surprise party ready for him,and Elena would watch at the sidelines,hoping him a wonderful year.
    Only for him.
    But today,Elena was here,at a cafe,drinking hot chocolate and just staring at the sidewalk infront of her,wondering what is it like to be free.
    Her Lilac eyes stared at the street more,until something caught her attention. infront of the cafe, A Tall Hoodlum stood,wearing black all over. in his face,he wore a white,porcelain,mask. he wasnt bothered by the rain. he just stood there,staring at Elena.(she wasnt really sure about that,Nero wears a mask afterall.)
    Elena smiled a little. Nero was always like this.
    Nero wasnt really his name,Elena began calling him that when she grew tired of just by calling him "Friend".
    Elena smiled. drinking her cup of Hot chocolate,Nero was there for her afterall.
    her eyes glued to the street again,then another person caught her attention.
    it was a girl,with short silver hair and a man following her.
    Elena's eyes widend. She somehow knew that the man following her wasnt human.
    That man was Like Nero.
  6. After my mother had forced me to get a part-time job, I finally found a position in a small cafe on a main road. I mainly worked in the back kitchen, cleaning dishes for three hours a night on weekdays, but I would sit on the outside tables for some fresh air. The kitchen was smelt of grease and burnt cooking, and I was always glad to get out. Atami would help do the dishes where he could, but he mainly sat at my feet just so I had some company. When I sat outside, he would sit next to me on the table and we would talk.
  7. On this particular day, a girl around my age was sat in the cafe by herself. Other than her, the cafe was deserted. We were about to close, and the owner had left me to finish off the dishes and lock up. A man had stood outside the cafe all afternoon watching the girl, and I assumed it was some sort of prank. When I walked up to the girl to tell her we were closing, the man outside shifted, as if worried I would hurt the girl. Her eyes were fixed on another girl and a man following her outside. How strange, that the only people in sight were both girls my own age, followed by two strange men in black.
  8. (Ooh, could I perhaps be a lonely entity looking for someone to latch onto? Would someone help me out with that story line?)
  9. ((You could be an entity looking for somebody since you had always believe that nobody could see you...ui could help out :D))
  10. (Would you do that? Awesome! Lemme come up with a bit of a character description)
  11. She saw the wind. She saw the way it rustled the leaves of the trees and the way it took them and carried them, the way it moved them.

    The way they moved...

    Priscilla could see the wind. Sometimes she would watch it all day, watching it move the trees, play with the people below her, make their cheeks pink with cold. Her cheeks were not pink. She could feel no cold. And no matter how much she wanted, she could not feel that wind. No matter how much she wanted, that wind would not blow through her lifeless, faded golden hair. Priscilla wanted to feel. She'd watched the people living around her feel. However,

    she could not.
  12. Cherie went out to the park again. She was feeling lonely and tired. She can hear voices but can't seem to find their owners. "I think I'm going crazy!", she told herself.
  13. She felt so alone. The loneliness, she thought it might be described as cold, if she remembered what cold felt like. What she'd give to feel real cold.

    Suddenly, Priscilla was aware that whilst in thought, she'd drifted. She found herself in a park. Still, she'd heard that there were many, many spirits when she was a little girl, the bits and pieces that still remained in her memory from her childhood. But, she had never seen one. Was she sentenced to her own personal hell, for eternity? It seemed that way.

    All these things manifested suddenly, and Priscilla broke into sorrowful, hauntingly beautiful song.
  14. *hears a song and snaps her head towards where the song was coming from* "What a lonely song. It makes me remember..." *tears spilled on her eyes and as if one with the voice she also began to sang* "In the world of darkness and cold, I am here alone..Why does it hurt? Come sing with me. Ease the pain and longing. I'll be with you. Just be with me..."
  15. Priscilla stopped instantly, this girl, singing the words of her song, simultaneously, it couldn't be a coincidence! But... No. No. It couldn't possibly. She backed away from this girl, this girl that now frightened her so.
  16. She continued singing, trying to reach out. "I'll wipe your tears. Try to give you happy memories. Just stay by my side. Don't leave. Ease my pain. I'm here for you."
    Tears still flowing, she said to herself, "I don't wanna be alone anymore."
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