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  1. Archer laid in the grass on the side of a road. He hadn't had an interesting job in forever, and nothing interesting seemed to happen around him at all lately. Was he cursed? Had a witch decided to play around with his mortal soul and cursed him with eternal boredom? Not too likely he had to admit, but at least it would make the world slightly more entertaining if it had been true.

    "God.. Demons... Devil... Whoever's listening. I'll give you my damn soul if you'd just give me something interesting. Even if it's only for a second or two." He spoke to the air, hopefully someone would be listening and save his mind from drying out, cracking up and eventually fall to pieces.

    He could just take on another job, and maybe he'd find entertainment there. But so far it had done nothing to ease his frustration, so to think the next time would be different didn't seem realistic. Though it did simply get down to chance. It was like throwing three dices, once you got three sixes at one try something interesting would happen, but every other time would be boring or mediocre.

    "Maybe I should find myself a brothel. At least it'll be something to do." He mumbled to himself as he sat up in the grass. Awkwardly enough, sex hadn't been on his mind for quite some time. Was he so bored even his libido protested? Damn, it must have been a curse. No one could get that bored.
  2. Adrian was not having the best day. He had been exploring the forest around his castle looking for some herbs that couldn’t be grown in the castle gardens when he came across some odd structure covered in moss. Or at least he thought it was a structure at first. Once he approached it more closely he realized that it was made of metal and…glass? There was some material he did not recognize.

    It was at that point he realized what it must be. Some techno had dared cross their borders with this machine but then must have had some sort of incident where they had to leave this machine. Or died. Adrian wasn’t too concerned with their fate as they had been gone for quite a while either way.

    What he was was absolutely fascinated by this piece of technology. He used his magic to clean it off almost to the state it arrived in and quickly figured out that ‘green’ must mean open. Green was always the color of choice for good things right? It certainly let him into the machine, but once inside he was lost. There was some counter with numbers but it was surrounded by 5 different buttons and there were many more buttons and knobs and handles. “At this point it probably won’t work at all…”He mused to himself as he poked a few of the buttons around the numbers. He found some buttons increased the numbers and some decreased the numbers. He was confused, but decided lower numbers must be better right?

    At that point he just started randomly pushing buttons in the hope that something would happen. The board started to light up and he was starting to think this was some sort of game until he hit just the right button and suddenly the machine was lifting up into the air! Adrian let out a string of expletives as he clutched at the seat behind him, suddenly feeling both dizzy and tired, like he had expended a lot of magic in a short amount of time. “Wha-“ The world around him seemed to blur and next thing he knew the world around the machine cleared, but had changed. He was now next to a road and another person. “What…what…” He gazed down at the control board. Had he unlocked the secrets of teleportation? If he had it was going to be a while before he could get back, he was still standing mostly because he was stubborn and had put himself in this state several times before.

    “Well…shit…” He ran a hand over his face and tried to think. Well perhaps he could start with questioning the person to at least figure out where he was. He pushed the button to make the door open and couldn’t help but stumble a bit as he let himself out to meet the no doubt quite startled person. “Hello there.” He said awkwardly. “I don’t suppose you could tell me where I am?”
  3. After a long while of just sitting there, Archer decided to just get to a brothel. At least that would kill some time. But just as he was about to stand up he heard a strange sound. When turning his head, a strange object he did not recognize appeared in the air and landed on the ground.

    "Wow." He exclaimed and tried to stand up while backing away, but ended up falling backwards instead. "What the heck is that..." He had yet not noticed the human inside of the machine. Archer had never been one to believe in God's, or at least he hadn't believed that the God's cared about humans enough to actually answer their prayers or get involved in their lives in any way. But for a split second he was certain that some God had sent that thing. Well, that was until a human walked out of it, or rather stumbled.

    Archer stared at the boy for a few seconds before he realized that the stranger was talking to him. He fast got up on his feet, this time without falling over, and he brushed himself off quickly. "You're in the outskirt of Ruuk." He answered while trying to collect his thoughts. "..What.... Is that... Thing?" He then continued to ask. What was going on? Was that boy really a human? Where did he even get such a machine?
  4. Adrian stared at Archer for several moments in silence, the name barely tickling something in the back of his head but he was coming up with no clues as to where he might have gone. Just how far across the world had he traveled? He slowly processed that the other person had asked a question as well. “Uhm I…” He ran a hand through his hair nervously, not entirely sure what to tell this person but he was currently completely lost and knew no one else so it wasn’t like he had an exceptional amount of choice. His manner of garb would set him apart from anyone else he met as well.

    “Well I sort of…found it…I’m not entirely sure what it is…” Adrian hated admitting his lack of knowledge. “I just found it and well I pushed a few of the buttons and it did this…” He felt himself sway and caught himself on the side of the machine muttering a soft curse. “Damn…” The machine had drained more of his magic than he thought. Just what had it done?! He was lucky he hadn’t been killed at this rate. He needed to find somewhere safe to rest but he was too wary to show more weakness than he already had.
  5. That was an awfully hard story for Archer to believe in, who could just find a fantastic machine that could just pop out of the blue? That must be the greatest luck of all, or the worse curse ever. He weren't sure if he should trust the boy, but once he started to become unsteady on his feet, Archer couldn't help but get closer.

    "Are you okay?" He asked slightly worried. What a weird feeling, he hadn't been worried about someone since... ... It had been a long time ago, and too painful to be remembered. As his teacher had taught him, learn to forget the passed, or else you'll be killed before getting to the future. He couldn't look back anymore, no matter what. "Maybe you shouldn't try to make that thing take you back to wherever you came from. It seems a bit unpredictable." Obviously since the boy himself didn't seem to know how it worked or where he now was. "Where do you come from anyway?" He asked, so that he could know how far the boy had traveled. It was probably far as he didn't recognize the name of the city. Ruuk was far too famous to not have been heard of by someone within the country.
  6. Adrian closed his eyes and rested his head on the rather warm metal of the machine, agreeing with the other boy that using it again was probably not a good idea, even if he could figure out how, but the thought of never returning home was not a pleasant one. Just the thought had been enough to make tears prick at the corners of his eyes but he knew he had more important things to worry about. He would have to find a safe place to rest and get himself together before even thinking further in the future. Perhaps things would seem better once he wasn’t nearly falling down where he stood.

    “I…I was in Debune, the capital of Laesin.” He already had a bad feeling that the other boy would not recognize the name either. He made a point not to mention he was the prince of said capital though. He sighed softly and slid to the ground. Perhaps he would just take a nap here, moving any father seemed like too much effort. “My name is Adrian by the way.”
  7. Laesin. Archer's eyebrows wrinkled as he heard the name. He had looked at hundreds of maps of the world, and non had mentioned such a country. Even if some of the maps simply translated the name wrongly, he had still looked at maps that had their countries name in their native language. But it did not ring a bell at all.

    "Are you sure you remember the name correctly?" He asked Adrian. It might seem like a stupid question, you wouldn't forget your own country's name. But if no such country existed, then there were no other explanation. "No country with such a name exists in the known world. If it's not a secluded Island you're talking about, then there's no way it can be real."

    He stopped himself from continuing. Such words most be heartbreaking to hear for someone completely lost. It was stupid of him to care about that, especially since the boy could be lying. But he had the strangest feeling that there was no possibility of any of it being a lie.

    "We should probably calm down for now and figure things out when we get into town. You don't have a place to stay I suppose, there's an inn not far from here where I'm staying. You could stay there until we know how to get you back to Laesin." It might be stupid of him to make such promises. But he could always kill the guy if he noticed something suspicious about him.
  8. Adrian gave Archer a dirty look when he asked him if he remembered the name correctly. He was the freaking prince of the country he was pretty sure he knew what his country was called. Hearing the rest of Archers words though he had to do his best not to panic because this boy seemed to think he had seen maps of most the world and that was a very bad thing indeed. Just what the hell had the machine done?

    He winced when he heard the word ‘inn’ as he didn’t know what kind of currency this place took. He had a few silver and couple gold coins on him because he didn’t like telling people to just bill the palace but that would not go far, assuming it worked at all. The worst part was that he now had to get back up or he was just going to lay here forever. He groaned softly before slowly pushing himself up to his feet. “Very well, it is worth a try at least.” He tried to steady himself, taking a couple shaky steps. The worst part of being like this was that he was defenseless in this new world. If he tried to use magic right now it would either not work or kill him, depending how hard he tried. He took a couple more steps before just barely catching himself before falling on his face. “I…may require some assistance…if you would provide it.”
  9. Even if Adrian hadn't asked, Archer would have tried to help him. What had happened to the boy? It seemed as if his energy had been drained out of him. Archer went to Adrian's side and put a hand around his waist while his other hand took the strangers arm and pulled it over his shoulder, which would give him as much support as he needed.

    "Is this okay, or should a carry you like a princess?" Archer asked, with a cheeky smile. He would probably not be able to carry even a teenage boy for very long, and definitely not all the way to the inn. He wasn't that strong. Most of his strength laid in his sword skill, and his sneaking skills. Upper body strength was nothing he possessed at that point of his life.

    "I'm Archer by the way." He mentioned, as he remembered he hadn't told Adrian his name yet.
  10. Adrian tried not to lean on Archer too much but he was quite weak and did so a lot more than he liked to admit. “I will curse you and all of your children if you try to carry me like that.” He growled with a grimace, this situation was bad enough without being made out to be a maiden in distress. He was on his way to being a master magician, he would find out what was going on here and he would find his way home.

    After a couple days sleep. He was worse than useless right now. “Hello Archer, you’ll forgive me if I say…the circumstances…surrounding our meeting…make it less than pleasant.” He needed to stop talking so much; he was out of breath already. “What kind of currency…does this place take?” That would be the last thing he would say for a while, in theory.
  11. Archer couldn't help but laugh at that statement. It seemed like something had answered his prayers after all, something interesting did come to him. And now it was trying to curse him. "You'll probably have to settle for me in that case. Women aren't allowed into my bed, so the chances of children are quite slim." Eventually he would become more lenient with that rule, even though women didn't interest him, but at that moment, women were a complete no goes.

    "You should probably not speak too much, it sounds as if you're going to suffocate any second if you say another word." Archer warned him. "We're using the zech currency." He then replied, pretty certain that the boy didn't know of it as he didn't even know which country he were in.
  12. Adrian was briefly distracted by how easily Archer admitted to being homosexual. It was sort of accepted in his own country but even he as the prince didn’t brute it about so easily. “Mmm..” He grunted in agreement with Archer. He was done talking and the name of currency made absolutely no sense to him so he was starting to have a really bad feeling about this whole thing. There was nothing he could do though aside from hold on to Archer for dear life while they made their way slowly to the town.

    He could feel curious eyes upon him, probably both at his dress and the fact he was clinging to another man like he would fall over at any second. Which he would."I don't...suppose...they just take silver?" He panted out painfully as they neared the inn.
  13. They walked in silence for a while until they got close to the inn. Then the boy spoke again. "They don't. If we get to a jeweler though, they might considering buying it. Silver is one of the most common used metals in necklaces. But that can wait until you're able to stand on your own. I'm not going to drag you across town in this state." Archer said.

    They walked into the inn and Archer told the inn keeper to bring something eatable to his room, anything was fine. He guessed Adrian would need some energy, and food was the best source for that, and sleep of course. "You can use my bed for the night." He said as he held Adrian up with one arm while trying to unlock the door with the other. Somehow he was able to do it.

    It was the kind of inn that only was made for sleeping, thus there was only one room with a bed, and a bathroom. Mainly guests ate downstairs, but he knew the innkeeper and after seeing the boy on Archer's shoulder, he would understand that it wasn't possible any other way. Archer let him down on the bed and then stretched his back. Walking with such a heavy thing over himself was not something his body liked.
  14. Adrian wasn’t really thrilled to hear that, though at least he might have some means of providing for himself for a little while. Once he recovered his strength he could then use his magic to perform tasks for people and earn more money that way. Assuming of course he didn’t figure out a way home by then.

    Adrian really did not want to owe this boy more than he already had by sleeping in his bed but he was past the point of protesting pretty much anything he decided at this point. He just so desperately needed his sleep. He could deal with it all in the morning. He practically fell down on the bed and felt himself nearly passing out right then and there. He really needed that food too though so he forced himself to sit up and lean back against the wall with a tired groan. “My apologies…” He forced his eyes to stay open. “I will certainly pay you back once I can speak with the jewelers.” Or magically, if the jewelers turned out to not take his coins but hopefully they would.
  15. "Don't worry about it. I weren't going to use the bed tonight either way." Archer said as he thought of continue on his earlier plan. Adrian would most likely pass out right after having gotten something into his stomach, and after that he wouldn't be able to wake up for hours. So it was probably safe to leave him there. It wasn't like he would die if Archer left for a while. And he would certainly not go anywhere.

    A knock on the door interrupted them and the innkeepers wife gave him the food, she looked worried over Archer's shoulder, obviously having hear about the boy from her husband. "He's just tired." Archer replied to her thought. Sometimes it was too obvious what people were thinking, she thought someone had hurt him, and was probably thinking about getting a doctor. That would just be bothersome as he didn't seem to be dying.

    He closed the doors, not caring if she seemed to be relieved or not. "Here you go. It's probably not as good as what you're used to, but it's better than nothing." He said. While he didn't know where Adrian's clothes came from, it was quite obvious that he weren't a simple commoner living in random inns. The material seemed far too expensive.
  16. Adrian gave him a curious look but was too tired at the moment to pursue whatever it was. It did make him feel a little better about using the bed though. He could barely keep himself from snatching the food from Archer as he brought it over. He didn’t care what it was so long it was edible and gave him the energy he needed. His tired mind didn’t quite process the other meanings to what Archer said though when he woke up later he would probably be a little concerned for a moment. Until he remembered what he was wearing anyway.

    “Thanks.” He muttered quickly before pulling the food close to him. He had to eat slower than he liked because he was so weak right now but he refused to make any mess or need to be fed so he burned through the last dregs of his stubbornness and energy to painfully feed himself before setting the plate aside. He then immediately passed out, before he could even scoot down into a more comfortable position.
  17. As predicted, Adrian passed out as fast as the plate was finished. Archer waited for an hour before he went out, just to make sure the guy wasn't actually ill and about to die of a heart attack or something. But he seemed to just be needing sleep so Archer didn't feel too bad about leaving him.

    Downstairs he met some curious eyes, and once again he told them that the boy just needed some sleep. Then he left for the night. He wasn't seen again before early morning. Even though he had slept very little, he still felt incredibly refreshed. Who needed sleep when you could have sex? Though that would probably not work for an extended period of time. But he were willing to test the theory out, though maybe not at that very moment.

    He silently walked back into his room and picked up a small book from his bag. Then he sat down and read until Adrian would wake up. He didn't have much else to do at that very moment, and he didn't know how long it would take for the boy to wake up, neither was he so cruel as to wake him when he had been so exhausted the day before.
  18. Adrian slept like the dead until well into the morning. It was just about time when the rest of the world would start thinking about lunch when he finally crawled his way out of sleep. He felt less dizzy and tired though there was a distinct ‘other’ exhaustion that told him magic was probably still something he should not be using for a while. “Morning.” He mumbled at the other boy reading, pushing himself up from where he had slid down at some point during the 16ish hours he had slept.

    He sat on the edge of the bed and rubbed at his face with a sigh, already feeling the weight of his situation crashing down on him again. He firmly pushed the panic to the back of his mind and focused on Archer. “I take it your night went well.” He couldn’t quite pin point what it was about Archer but he seemed to be a little too…cheerful or something for just reading a book.
  19. "Morning." Archer replied and put down the book after finishing the page. The next thing Adrian said did surprise him quite a bit, mainly because there was nothing on the surface that could indicate if it had been going well or not that evening. Of course some people would consider it 'going well' as long as they came back unharmed, no matter what was going on. But he guessed that boy wasn't the kind of person to think like that.

    "I Guess you could say that. It was certainly pleasurable." Archer smirked and rose from his seat. "Are you feeling better today, you have been asleep for more than fifteen hours."
  20. “Well I was completely drained by whatever that machine did.” Adrian sighed irritably and stood up himself, hiding a yawn before stretching. “I am feeling passably better though. Magic is still out of the question for me but give it a few days and I’ll be back to my usual self.” He spoke casually of his skill, assuming magic was a common thing here since it looked more like what his country would look like than what he had heard the techno countries described.

    “I think some breakfast might be in order and then you can show me these jewelers you talked about.” He continued, patting his stomach with an absent look. “Can’t recharge on fumes alone.”