Enter: Sierra Arcanum!

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  1. Rayane: Umm...h-hi...There... *stares awkwardly at the floor*
    Sierra: What the #&@%@!? That's not the "grand and dramatique" opening I was hoping for! Go behind the curtains, I'll take charge!
    Rayane: Uh... Allright. *goes hide in embarassment*

    *While Rayane goes behind the curtains, Sierra drinks from her bottle of scotch and starts to speak*

    Sierra: Hey there lads and lassies! forgive me' owner and creator, she's a bit shy and insecure, the poor thing. Dat's why I'm here to help her out!
    Her name is Rayane (but call her "Rain' if you can't spell her name) and she's 20 years old. She works as a digital artist, tho' she never had money to pay an art school and had to learn everythin' on her own.
    She's very creative and love us - her characters/creations - to her very core.
    She has no friends outside the internet and has a virtual romantic relationship with her manga partner. So she's a very lonely person. *shivers*
    She used to be goth and depressed, but after she created me and her "She Wolf" series, she changed into a lighter person. Of course, depression still affects her, but I'm here to heal her heart and soul.
    Anyways, she has RP'ed in her country's RPG Maker forums and in her own forums, so she's not new to RP business. Tho' she doesn't knows if the rules of RPing here are the same from where she has played, so I beg you to be patient with her.
    Also, she's not a native english speaker, so I apologize for any mistakes and incoherences in advance in her place. Grammar and punctuation tips would be appreciated!
    Thank you for your time!
  2. *come out of shadows* Greetings stranger *bows* I'm HollowEastword, welcome to the madness *steps closer* enjoy you stay and don't get lost *goes back into shadows*
  3. *scratches the back of the head* Thank you! ^^'
  4. Hullo darling, welcome to Iwaku. :) We hope you'll love it here.
  5. @Asena: Thank you very much! ^u^
  6. Hallo Rayane and creations! :D Welcome to the community!
  7. @Diana
    Rayane: Thank you so much! ^^''
    Sierra: Ayup! >:D