Enter Scarrlet Reach! The strange warrior from a distant place?

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Character Name: Scarrlet L. Reach
Name Meaning: First name has no real meaning, middle name "Lucas" was given to him by his father.
Alias: Scarr, Hymn, Moonlit Man
Gender: Male
Species/Race: Photolian
Age: 17 (Earth Years)
B-Day: February 14
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Bloodtype: A-
Place of Birth: The House On The Hill, Photola
Current Residence: No permanent home, can be found often in a carved out log in the forest.
Occupation: None, steals money or food when it is needed.
School/Grade: Graduated Early.
Family: Mother- In a mental ward Father- Deceased Everyone else- Deceased
Gemstone: Amethyst


Height: 6'7
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Black Color, falls to the lower back, no style, parted in the middle of the forehead.
Eyes: Sky Blue
Distinguishing Marks: Two transmutation circles hidden beneath bandages on his hands.
General Appearance: Skinny figure for his height, normally wearing a black trench coat, blue skin tight shirt, grey sweat pants, white and green sneakers and rectangular frame-less glasses. Also wears a satchel on a belt around his waist that has a seemingly endless capacity. He wears two military style dog-tags around his neck that have never been removedd for anything.
Strengths: Martial arts, negotiation, running, jumping, climbing, swimming.
Weaknesses: No current weaknesses other than being easily distracte- Ooh, look a butterfly!!~


Allies: "Trust nobody fully, only tell what has to be told and suspect everyone."
Enemies: Technically, everybody. But mostly people who threaten his life.
Current Goal/Purpose: Preserve and protect life.
Aspirations: Figuring out why I'm not on my home planet.
Hobbies: Make battle plans in a little book, training, video games, writing.
Likes: Loud music (preferable Techno, Dubstep, or any genre of Metal), hiding in trees, fighting, playing music.
Dislikes: Stubborn people who can't take direction when needed to, Justin B***** fans, boring speeches.
Talents: Fighting, thinking, making battle plans, team attacks, getting along with animals, anything technology related.
Inabilities: Cannot be trusted with anything explosive, angered easily, listen to pop, pay attention to something uninteresting for long periods of time.
Fears: Himself and only himself.
General Personality: A happy personality with a dark underside to it. People tend to enjoy his company as he is a well known optimist and is fairly good at being a problem solver.
Inner Personality: Creepy, almost demented, personality with an unquenchable blood-lust and the urge to kill anything that moves. This is not shown normally and is kept hidden away as much as possible.
Fondest Memory: Character has very few memories.
Biggest Regret: Killing his father.
Secret: Nobody will ever know the real him, he just wants people to think that they do.
More: Has multiple personalities and tends to talk to himself sometimes. His brain power is immense because of the over-developed syndrome.


Special Items: The dog-tags, the satchel.
Weapons: Most firearms, swords and martial arts.
Magics: Control over all sound, soul resonance with his partner, regeneration from most wounds quickly.
More: Has a Lucario as a partner (pictures below) who he is never without. When in public, Lucario usually lurks in the shadows to keep hidden but as soon as he is called upon or feels the need to protect Scarrlet he jumps out of his hiding and joins in.

Lucario (Lu) Pictures:

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Left: Normal mode
Right: Battle mode