Enter Mork-Mork

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  1. Greetings!! Here comes another one enthusiastic Mork-Mork stumbling into Iwaku territory (not yet my natural habitat, but that is viable to change).

    Said creature has very little experience with all these role-play shenanigans (but that too is soon to change, hopefully). I'm really sorry for all the inevitable fumbling to come!! Oh, and the slightly-more-than-occasional lack of common sense. Must apologize for that too.

    That said, please let me know if I do anything... not good. I feel like I've gotten a handle on the written rules, but I have a feeling that there are unwritten ones out there waiting for me figure them out. Also, in general, please tell me if I offend you or someone you know. Got to keep Mork-Mork in line! For justice!

    Anyways, I'm insanely excited to be here! After going for a lurk on the Forums, I've found so many awesome people doing awesome things. Still trying to work up the bravado to actually sign up for something, but all in due time, eh?

    By now, you've probably reached the conclusion that Mork-Mork is slightly weird (that's an understatement). I guess that means that you guys can be as strange as you want with me! No hostility here~

    Well, thank you so much for reading all of this!!! (See you soon!)
  2. Hi there morkmork! >:3 Dun be scared, we dun bite a lot! Not enough to kill anybody, anyway! Welcome to the communityyyy!
  3. @Diana Aw, thank you! And I promise I won't be scared for long. All the people I've talked to here are so nice and friendly~ Honestly, I'm less scared of you guys than of me doing something wrong.

    @LogicfromLogic Resources and Tolkien things in the same post? Oh goody~! And thank you so much for all the help!! I would've had a hard time figuring out a lot of stuff if not for these links. Must now peruse...