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Enter, Me!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Psuedoku, Sep 29, 2016.

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  1. Hey guys, I'm Psuedoku.

    I'm 21 years old, and from Hawaii; it might be a bit of an issue posting at the same time as others, but I hope it won't be too much trouble.

    I've RPed for a while actually, but not consistently for the past five years or so. I think that was around high school. I started RPing at 10 or so and have developed an alright writing style. You can check out on my resume where I think I stand at least. I used to RP back at the old Pendragon forums. If you're from there, I'd be happy to chat about the good ole' days. I jumped to Gaia for some time to RP there, another large site.

    So, while it's been years, I've always wanted to get back into RPing. My RPing helped when I started playing DnD a couple years back, and made me crave writing again. I wanted to start anew, so here I am! Hopefully I find a place, but thanks for reading.
  2. Welcome Psuedoku!
  3. I read your title as "Enter Me!". No comma. And was like. "Whoa, that dude is forward. We haven't even gone to dinner yet."

    Welcome to Iwaku!
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  4. Hello, you!

    I don't think you should need to worry overly much about Hawaii's time zone. I've seen a fair number of people outside of mainland U.S. here as well... though I'm not sure how many there are. I'm from central U.S. so I don't fit into that myself. I'm not from Pendragon or familiar with what the forum was either, so... that's a thing. I wish you the best of luck in finding a place!
  5. Oh, heaven forbid. I didn't get that sexual innuendo until you pointed it out. Which makes my greeting kind of...dangerous. Lmao, my bad. I was going for a stage queue sort of thing. Thanks though!

    And awesome, it was an issue in the past before, so I think it was good to bring it up. Thanks for having me!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.