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Pineapple on pizza?


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  2. Yes, yes and yes again.

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  1. Hello there, my name is Min. I used to have an account on Iwaku but that was before I took some time off for IRL situations and matters. But now I'm back!

    I don't really have a clue as to what I should say now but I guess starting off with myself is the key.

    I'm a college student who's contemplating killing themself over their mountain of student loans. I absolutely dislike pineapple on pizza (each to their own) and would rather eat a whole raw egg than indulge in anything avacado. If you can't tell already, I can be a cynical person at times. Not to mention, a pessimistic asshole who has the empathy range of a celery stick soooo

    Let's be friends?

    Alright, in all honesty, I am a softie. I just don't seem like one because I find using emojis slightly annoying because I need to press an extra button and take the trouble to look for the exact emoji.

    Anywho, I'm up for roleplays if anyone is interested in RP-ing with me. Good day!
  2. Hello and welcome back!
    Student loans can be a real fright. Horror movie industry needs to tap into the vast unexplored possibilities of psychological horror involving piles and piles of debt. What are you majoring in, though?

    I hope you find some cool rp partners and roleplays to take your mind off things!
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  3. Thank you! If amy production studio requires a subject that is bracing through such a psychological casualty, I would be the perfect pick.

    I major in journalism and broadcasting so at least I can complain about it almost all the timr.

    And thanks again! Here’s a biscuit for your interworld enjoyment. (:::)

    .....is that a biscuit? Maybe (...)?
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  4. Don't forget your membership cookie :cookie: Min! Very glad to have you, and glad you chose Iwaku to spend your Good Times™. Hope you enjoy your stay, and if you've got any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
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  5. Hello, person who I feel had a very similar and exactly smaely titled intro post a few years ago maybe? Urgh, now this nag at me. But! Welcome to you! :D
  6. Oh? And who might that be? >3>

    Thank you!
  7. Thank you! Here's a biscuit in return. (:::)
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