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  1. Well if you're reading this now, then welcome. Glad you were brave enough to check this out.

    So I've been searching for a few new rp partners lately and I have a few plots I'd like to do, so here I am, posting this thread and crossing my fingers that at least one person will be interested in one of these plots or pairings.

    About Me
    * First of all, i am in school and christmas break just finished for me and tomorrow I go back to school. I also have work ontop of that so my replies won't be a lot every day. There might be a day every now and then that I can't respond but I can normally get in at least one or two responses a day, usually more.

    * I'm a girl so I prefer to have my main character a female. I don't mind writing as a male but prefer to do them as side characters. I have thought about expanding my writing skills and have my main character a male but I'm not sure yet. Either way, if someone asks for this, be prepared to be very patient with me since I'm not used to it and replies might take a bit longer. That being said, I just do straight pairings but have been thinking about trying mxm.

    * Response length depends on how long my partner writes and what's going on during the rp. If characters are talking, the responses will be a bit shorter to allow the characters time to interact and respond to what the other says. However, if they're not talking, responses will be longer. Normally, my responses range from 1 paragraph to about 4. I tend to match my partners length though.

    * I don't have many limits and I"m fine with smut in the story. No heavy bdsm though or a lot of gore.

    About You
    * respond at least once a day or every other day. I understand we all have lives so I don't mind if you go a bit longer without responding but if you're going to be gone for a week or longer, please let me know.

    * Also, if you're getting tired of the rp, let me know. Don't just disappear on me.

    * have decent grammar and punctuation. Do NOT write one liners. Those bug me a lot and I can't stay interested in the rp.

    Now onto the fun part :) If you're still with me awesome!^^


    #1 ~~ Winters Storm ---- Closed
    Time Period: The old west
    Late in October or early November, a huge snow storm unlike any other hits a small town hidden deep in a valley. On the edge of the town is a small farm where a young man lives alone besides his animals. As the storm hits, one of the horses gets out and he has to go after it. When he finally finds it, he sees a lone figure leaning up against the animal. When the person turns around, he sees it's a young lady. Suddenly, she collapses since she's not in good condition and is burning up with a fever. The guy takes her home and begins to care for her and during that, he descovers that she's really an elf which aren't supposed to exit anymore except for the ones that are slaves but even then they're very rare to see. And little does he know the adventure this will bring him along with her hidden secrets which will slowly come to light.

    #2 ~~ Hidden Powers
    They survive out in the wild away from human civilization. However, the leader of the pack is in danger and so is his one month old baby daughter. A war breaks out and their home is attacked so the mother takes the baby girl and runs. She gets to a human town and leaves her daughter on someone’s doorstep and takes off, leading her persuers away.

    Now many years later, the girl has grown as a human but she’s noticing some changes that just aren’t normal amongst humans. For example, her senses are starting to get stronger and after a few months, she starts to experiance her first heat as well. However, no one seems to understand her and she leaves the town to go stay at a cabin out in the forest for a night. That’s when she runs into others like her.

    #3 ~~ A New World
    In ancient times, all races lived out in the open, none were in hiding. However, the world grew more and more corrupt as time went on, forcing the supernatural creatures into hiding. Now that over two hundred years have passed, a girl is wandering around in a forest, completely lost. Little did she know she was being followed. She comes near a cliff and peers over it a little when the ground suddenly starts to shift under her.
    Before she could fall to her death, a hand reaches out and grabs her, pulling her back to safety. When she sees her rescuer, she’s surprised to see that he’s not even human. Both aren’t sure what to make of each other when suddenly the guy’s older brother comes out and sees her. The boys are princes and quite opposite in personality and bring her back home. The oldest brother decides she will be his mate simply because he’ll be the first supernatural to have a human mate in over two hundred years. But as preparations are being made for the upcoming wedding, she gets to know both brothers and gets along pretty well with the younger of the two brothers. However, in the end, will she fall for the older brother or will she fall for the younger one?

    #4 ~~ A Musical Murder Spree
    A band has been performing traveling for almost 3 years now. Their fame has steadily increased over the years but now they believe it's time for a change. For the next year, they decide to split up a bit and go back to school to live a 'normal' life for a bit. However, those plans quickly change when a bandmate disappears without a trace and another shows up dead a week later. A note is found, threatening that another will die soon as well. With the note was a girl who was missing since the band was discovered and began their road to fame. With her back now, it raises many questions on what is going on. But are they prepared for the answers?

    #5 ~~ Broken World
    The world is starting to fall apart. World War III has struck and the after math is devestating. There are almost no survivors and the ones that did survive, usually die within a year or two because of all the toxic fumes and chemicals in the air. Others grow mutations from the chemical exposure and survive. However, the ones that grow mutation are considered evil and ruthless. So what will happen when one of these mutated humans runs into a normal human who's in a state of weakness? Will they attack, or show mercy to show that not all people with mutations are evil? Or perhaps something else will happen.

    #6 ~~ Survival Test
    here's a plane crash and only one survives. Because the plane crashed in uncharted land, no one can find it. But one day, a hiker gets lost and ends up going deeper and deeper into the land without realizing it. They run into the person who survived the crash, but after being alone for several years, does the survivor even remember how to talk? Have they gone crazy yet or have they managed to hold onto some sort of humanity? Will the two get along enough to work together and finally find their way out of the forest? Only one way to find out.

    human x werewolf
    pirate x stowaway
    bad boy x stubborn girl
    prince x commoner
    mermaid x human
    kitsune x werewolf
    (if you don't see something you wanna do, feel free to suggest it^^ There's more for my list, I just can't remember them right now :P)​
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  2. I'm super-interested in that first plot.

    Send me a PM if nobody has taken you up on it yet~!
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  3. Hi!! Your plot idea "A New World" sounds super interesting. I'd love to write it with you, if that's alright. (Also, the title reminds me of that one song from Aladdin. You know the one.)
  4. *still looking :)*
  5. Anyone else interested? Anyone at all?
  6. I'm interested in the human and werewolf or kitsune and werewolf.
  7. Still looking^^

  8. I'd be interested in the Hidden Powers plot, if your still looking for that shoot me a Pm and we can discuss the details!
    Merry Meet!
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