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Are you interested in a roleplay where you don't necessarily know what's going to happen?

Have you become tired of the same boring plots and characters?

Then you have come to the right request thread!


First and foremost, I am looking for roleplayers that are going to be in the very least adept writers. This includes: good punctuation, no run-on sentences, well-developed characters, decent amounts of writing (though quality is better than quantity), few spelling and grammar errors, and the ability to take control of a situation and lead the plot when needed. Please do not be offended by this, I simply consider myself an advanced writer and would like to see replies that are on par with my own writing. I believe that roleplay done right is like reading a good book.

On that note.

Story and character development are very important to me, and that is my primary focus when I roleplay and why I have so many pre-made characters. These characters have developed their backgrounds through continued use, as opposed to having a background I simply made up out of the blue. They've developed over the years and have very distinct personalities.

By no means do you have to use a pre-made character of my or your own creation, and these are not pre-made plots or scenarios. I rarely make new characters these days because I do not have the time to flesh out entire backstories like I used to, I simply want to use characters that already have an in-depth backstory that I can expand on by continuing to roleplay with them. Sometimes, one character may have a cameo appearance in the story of another, because some of my characters live in the same 'world' together, and I enjoy roleplaying multiple characters at once on occasion. If you find one of these characters interesting, please send me a message and we can work on figuring out a setting and basic plot. Character information will be updated as their stories progress. You can find my character descriptions and references in my character thread here:

Tsimmu's Character Reference

However, this does not mean that I won't make a new character under any circumstances! I realize these characters are a little restricted to their own world and time period, so I am very willing to make new characters if the situation calls for it. I will also make minor and side characters and play multiple characters when the story calls for it.


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Well I am still on the hunt. Takers, anyone? Again, I have no problem making new characters as well as my old ones. I just like to use my characters.


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Hello! I'd be interested in roleplaying with one of your characters! Maybe either Neon or Marcel? I've been looking to push my writing abilities and I think all of your characters are pretty wonderful. I have a few that I think would work with them too.


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Hopefully I'm not to late to this!!
I would love to roleplay with either Marcel or Neon (though they're all so interesting!) I know I have a few characters that both could and probably work with them, if none seem to fit, I can easily make one to.