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  1. Castiel sighed. His life was far from exciting. He thought that college life would be more entertaining than it had been. All he had seen was the books he was now pretending to be absorbed in. The lectures did nothing for him. He learned best by reading the material himself. So during class, he usually was found zoning out pretending to be following along in his book. Looking at his clock, he could see that class was about over. He packed up his things, being the first one out the door so he could beat the crowd that gathered around the door. He had to do something to liven things up. He lived on his own so it was boring around his place. He had friends, but they were usuallly busy if they didn't have work they had school or if they didn't have school, they had work. However, he had to do something to kill the boredom. He pulled out his phone. He sent a mass text to his few buddies he had.

    Hey, Thinking about having a party around my place tonight. Come if you aren't busy and bring friends. I am super bored and need something to kill time after homework. Bring food and again, bring friends. Many of them. As many as you want.

    He hoped that this would bring fruit. He hoped he would meet some new friends, at least so that his boredom would be lessened. He headed home planning his party and heading out to get some snacks to have at the party. After setting up his place to have a party, since he rented a small one bedroom home and a huge backyard to go with it, Castiel felt that this party would help cure his boredom.
  2. Silver sat close by her friends, as always talking about parties and boys though she wasn't in the mood to talk all she could think about was getting things off her mind at a bar of some sort. As the girls and her began to walk down the mall they started looking at cute guys that passed by them, some whistled but she didn't care or didn't pay attention in fact; she wanted a real man that would put her in her place but also be fiestie and seductive at the same time not a boy who would take her out shopping for pointless items she could easily get herself .They made there way to the car as one of her closest friends starts jumping with joy of god knows what.

    "Hey girls we just got invited to a party, i'm not sure who's it is but its a party and where going"

    As all the girls cheered most hoping to get layed, silver just wanted to go and drink maybe even hoping to met a guy but she never gets her hoped up, less of now if its just some random party of god knows who but maybe she'll have fun like she used to in highschool.
  3. Castiel changed into an outfit that was a bit more casual. Slipping on a white wifebeater and a black buttonup which he left unbuttoned. He then changed into a pair of his nice black jeans. Making sure everything was set for his party, all he had to do now was wait for people to come. Castiel was a strange one. Since his IQ was high and he got bored easily, school was a breeze for him. That also meant that homework was nothing more than a nuisance. Pulling out his homework, he was able to complete his math homework and english homework in about an hour. Finishing it up and picking up the books, he moved them to his room so they wouldn't be in his way at the party.

    Castiel liked to party, but he also liked to keep his grades up so that his parents wouldn't make a fuss about him living on his own since he was, merely, 20 years old. He held a job that also helped him use his intelligence. He programmed games and prepared them for mass marketing. He did it for a friend, but it helped him use his IQ positively. He didn't have to work today though. Grabbing his phone, he could see that he had many hits on people coming to the party. He pulled out his loudspeakers and his computer and hooked them up to each other, getting some party music ready to play as soon as people started coming. Going into the kitchen, he started preparing some appetizers he had bought to kill time waiting for people to come.
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