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  1. 100 years from our present level of advancement, God once more sends a global flood to cleanse it of sin, ending life on Earth as we know it. The population is greatly reduced, cities sunk and lost, the face of the planet changed entirely. People make due as best they can, until a mysterious and deadly virus known was the Vitusdance appears and ravages the remaining population, killing all the adults on the planet. Anyone who has already gone through puberty is dead, leaving only children to fend for themselves and rebuild society. From this rises the Angelitic Church, led by the glorious Pontifex Maximus Petrus Secondus, the child Pope who sits on the throne of what is for all intents and purposes the center of civilization, Roma Aeturna, formerly Vatican City and Rome.
    Under the rule of the Pontifex, the Angelitic Church spreads throughout the land and civilization flourishes. There are still heretic holdouts against the Church; junklords who insist upon the sin of using and studying antediluvian technology. They are dealt with harshly.
    There are also other threats; gigantic beasts called Dreamseed wreak havoc and Infernos scorch the land, creating impassable territories known as The Brandlands around what is left of Europe, cutting it off from the rest of the world.
    But God saw that The Lord of Flies plagued the lands of the Angelitic Church, and so He sent to them His Engel in their time of need.

    There are six Orders of Engel: Michaelitin, Remielitin, Raphaelitin, Gabrielitin, Urielitin, and Sarielitin. Each have different powers or miracles called "Potestates" that are unique to their order. All Engel are children. They are sent to Earth from Heaven resembling young children and are Purified and sent back to Heaven when they are older and the corruption of the physical plane is too much for them. When they are very young, Engel recieve training in their respective Himmels- giant towers that house them and are hubs of the Church- in order to learn how to use their Potestates and fight the Dreamseed.
    When the Engel complete their training they are taken to Roma Aeturna to form fellowships with the other orders and receive blessing from the Pontifex before going out into the world to do the Lord's work.

    This is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi RPG with horror elements and some pretty wicked plot twists, and a lot of potential for in-depth character growth. You play as Engel, (unless for some reason you decide you don't want to. Why wouldn't you want to?) and so your characters basically grow up together. There's drama, there's possible romance, there's a lot of psychology and self-discovery!

    So, all that said (and there's still so much more to say!), does anyone have any thoughts on this? I would very much like to start something but a) I'm new to the forum thing and I'm not exactly sure how to run a game this way and b) I don't know how this might translate from the tabletop to the forum. Ideas and mentorship would be greatly appreciated! Please let me know if anyone would be interested in something like this?
  2. this sounds interesting.
  3. Thanks! I've really enjoyed playing it and think that something like this in a group forum setting would be really fun. I sorta hate that it isn't generating much interest. :/ Maybe I put the cart before the horse here in terms of 'selling' the game.

    An edit may be in order here, I think.
  4. interested ^^. I would just like a little more insight on each Rder of Engel. Like their powers and so on
  5. Of course! Here's the rundown:

    The Order of Michael are beautiful and the designated leaders of the other orders. Their miracles are Fulminis and Logos, powers over divine lightning and holy speech respectively.

    The Order of Gabriel are terrible and the deliverers of judgment of the other orders. Their miracles are Spathe and Ignis, mastery over the holy swords they wield and the fire of judgment that imbues them respectively.

    The Order of Raphael are gentle and the bearers of The Lord's mercy. Their miracles are Vitalis and Secare, the powers to give life and to take it away respectively.

    The Order of Remiel are knowledgeable and prophets of God. Their miracles are Astutae and Aetheris, the ability to process and retain information and the ability to tap into the omniscience of The Lord.

    The Order of Uriel are swift and stealthy, the heralds of God. Their miracles are Celare and Bestae, the powers of stealth and endurance and the authority over animals and their gifts respectively.

    The Order of Sariel are all the voices of the heavenly choir. Their miracles are Concordae and Absonus, the powers to bolster and invigorate their fellowship or to sing the songs of destruction that tear down God's adversaries. Sarielites cannot fly, as they have no wings.

    That's the bare bones on the various orders; feel free to ask questions or comment!
  6. Omg! so interesting. I'd be totally interested
  7. Awesome! I'd like to have enough people interested to put a fellowship together before starting with character creation, so I'm looking for up to 5, maybe 6 players for this. I really do hope that enough people are interested to move forward. 9_9