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  1. Engel: Fiat Lux

    Good angels are fallible ... they sin every day and fall from Heaven like flies.
    ANATOLE FRANCE, The Revolt of the Angels


    Roma Æturna, Vernal Equinox:

    The Lord has smiled upon this Consecration Day; the ever-present rain that bathes all of Europe has ceased its fall for a time as God's holy emissary, the Pontifex Maximus Petrus Secundus, delivers his blessing on those servants of His will arrayed below him. The ceremony lasts from dawn's first light until the last weak rays that make it through the ever-present clouds are seen over the roof of the Lateran. The wide courtyard echoes with the pronouncements and blessings in His Holiness' clear and flawless Latin.

    Beneath where the Pontifex stands, heads bowed in quiet prayer as they stand in ordered formation around the plaza, those for whom this supplication is meant try not to shuffle. They have been trained rigorously for years; however even that amount of discipline can wear thin after such a time, and they are nothing if not eager to Serve.

    Dictated by centuries of tradition as unchanging as the child pope himself, the Consecration comes to its inevitable majestic conclusion. As one, the gathered raise their eyes to the heavens. As one, they ascend, and flights of angels fill the dusk-painted skies.


    Welcome to Engel: Fiat Lux! This is a post-apocalyptic science fiction RP with some horror elements. The world is complex and richly detailed, and has a lot to do with religion, belief, duty, and how views on these things change as we get older. I'm hoping to assemble 5 players for this, one for each Order of Engel, so spaces are limited. Interested? Here's a little more about the world in which Engel takes place:

    Setting Info:The Setting: The year is 2654, the setting is Europe. In the space of time between our present and this future, the world has become a drastically different place; the seas have risen to overtake the world in a second biblical-scale flood, the very face of the planet now a system of wide rivers, lakes, and seas dotted by islands of high ground as a direct result of the events of the third World War. The population was further reduced to near-extinction by the proliferation of the Vitusdance Virus, a plague that effectively sent the world back into the Dark Ages. Pillars of fire scarred the land, creating impassable territories know as Brandlands from which horrific creatures known as Dreamseed sprang. These monstrosities, appearing to be gigantic nightmare versions of insects under the control of The Adversary, The Lord of the Flies, were a vermin to the people who were powerless to fight against them. God had turned his eyes from the world, leaving his cherished creation to suffer for their sins.

    It was at this time that the Pontifex Maximus Petrus Secundus arrived, performing miracles and claiming to be a messenger of God tasked with returning the world to its former glory from its present state of sin in order to restore God's love for humanity. In order to demonstrate, the Pontifex called the Archangels from Heaven and formed the Orders of Engel in their names. From this, the Angelitic Church began its meteoric rise to power with the Pontifex as its most holy leader-on-high. This was nearly 300 years ago; the Pontifex has never aged a day, a testament to his holy nature.
    During those 300 years the church grew, its reach extending over the whole of Europe that remained accessible. Massive towers called Himmels were raised, one for each of the Archangels called to earth at the behest of the Pontifex, and they became the homes and training grounds for the Engel who arrived there from heaven to fight in the Holy Crusade against the Dreamseed. Life under church rule flourished, and the stalwart holdouts who clung to the sinful antediluvean artifacts of the past, those causes for God's wrath, were labeled heretics and sought out, the heretical books and items destroyed along with them. The Church has armies of Templars for each Order who carry out these tasks, as well as monks dedicated to the writings and record-keeping of the orders.

    Before coming together to be Consecrated by the Pontifex and form Fellowships with Engel of other Orders, the Engel who are fresh from Heaven are trained intensively for years in everything from the teachings of the Church, how to use their holy weapons and powers, and how to fly. Their mentors, or Nonnae, oversee everything about the Engel's development until they are sent out into the world to serve and defend humanity.

    Map of Europa[​IMG]

    Church Info:The Church: The Angelitic Church is an all-powerful autonomous entity with full control over the people and resources of its lands. Its word is law, and it has the power to enforce it. Few challenge it, and any who do are labeled heretics and dealt with harshly.
    The teachings of the Angelitic Church are very much like those of the traditional Judeo-Christian faith, with an emphasis on servitude unto God and the goodness and purity of children. Children are revered; some say because the Pontifex himself resembles a child, and they are given their own holiday in celebration.
    The Church collects taxes and performs government functions in its cities and townships, as well as taking a tithe in children, selecting the best a brightest to be brought to the Himmels to be trained as church officials.
    There is a strict hierarchy with the Pontifex reigning at the top, followed in order of importance by the Abs and Cardinals, Priors, Baptists, Archbishops, Bishops, Nonnae, Pater and Mater. Templar military has its own heirarchy: Dux, Archkomtur, Komtur, Grimrider and Decani, Armatura, Templar Soldier.

    The Orders of the Engel: Five orders of angels serve mankind and the Angelitic Church in Roma Æterna. The Michaelites are the leaders of the hosts; the Urielites are the messengers of the Lord; the Gabrielites are the angels of death; the Ramielites are the keepers of knowledge; and the Raphaelites are the divine healers.

    The Order of Michael Named after the archangel Michael, the members of this order are trained in the arts of strategy, tactics and leadership. With their unique mental powers, they are the perfect commanders of the heavenly hosts. Like the archangel himself, the Michaelites are deemed the purest and most godlike of all Engel. Their crest features a radiant crown and a key. The Himmel of the Michaelites stands in Roma Æterna. Their traditional color is gold.

    The Order of Uriel Named after the archangel Uriel, this order keeps the knowledge of the ways of the Lord. The Urielites are the scouts and messengers among the Engel. As such, their gift enables them to find their way even in the dark of night or in the middle of a thunderstorm. They are also very capable foragers, and can find food and water in the loneliest desert. The all-seeing eye is their crest. The Himmel of the Urielites has been erected in Mont Salvage in the Pyrenees. Their color is green.

    The Order of Gabriel Named after the archangel Gabriel, this order is the most widely feared. These warriors of God, also called the angels of death, are trained to fight and kill in every imaginable way. With the flaming sword, which is also the symbol of the order, they deal out the Lord's judgment. The Himmel of the Gabrielites is located near the ancient German town of Nürnberg. The color of their order is black.

    The Order of Ramiel This order follows the archangel Ramiel or Jeremiel. The Ramielites are the keepers of knowledge and the sages among the other orders. Their divine gift lets them see the past as well as the future. Their crest is the book and the alpha and omega. The Himmel of the Ramielites is located in the ancient Czech town of Prague, the new Venice of the east. The color of their order is blue.

    The Order of Raphael This order, named after the archangel Raphael, is accustomed to the ways of healing. A touch of their hands can soothe pain, heal wounds, and even banish misery. Many Raphaelites refrain from violence completely and do not even carry weapons. Their crest shows the healing hand. The Himmel of the Raphaelites is located near Grenoble in the French Alps. Their color is white or silver.


    You are Engel. You have come from Heaven in the purest of mortal forms: children.
    Make no mistake, you are mortal. You age and bleed and you can die. But in death- or if you are lucky and skilled enough, through Purification- you will return to heaven in glory for your service to God against the threat of The Lord of Flies. Years have been spent in your respective Himmels, receiving intense training in order to master your holy powers and condition your bodies to endure the hardships of all-out holy war. Holy tattoos mark your bodies with heavenly script that focus and intensify your powers.

    You now resemble human children in their mid-teen years, this mortal world unfortunately affecting your bodies in much the same way. You have been trained to rise above this corruption of your heavenly purity, but in truth this is much more easily said than done.

    Character Sheet:
    Name: (Angelic, should end with -iel/-ael, -oth, -aal; Archangel names are forbidden)
    Appearance: (Written or picture, wing colors may vary, please try to keep in mind the color of your order)
    Weapon of choice:

    Our Engel:

    TheGrimBunny as Nurnadael, a Ramielite

    Kisara as Akiel, a Raphaelite

    Ming as Sheogariel, a Ramielite

    Lady of the Dragons as Serefaal, a Gabrielite

    XxStephxX as Tiel, a Michaelite

    DawnsLight as Demoloth, a Urielite
    Name: Demoloth
    Order: Uriel
    Olive skinned, with glossy dark hair tied off in a topknot. Tall and lean, everything about him speaks of speed. Intensely green eyes seem to hold an expression of constant amusement. Clad in the green robes of his order and soft leather accents and accessories. His wings are a warm chestnut brown.

    Personality: Demoloth has been trained well and he knows it. The Engel is well aware of his abilities and takes great pride in them, almost to the point of vanity. He makes a show of it, preferring this to be the face that others see instead of the cynical, contemplative nature that only a select few have been allowed to glimpse. Intelligent, crafty, and as sarcastic as he is skilled.

    Weapon of choice: Traditional longbow and arrows fletched with his own feathers. Carries a long utility dagger that he is able to fight with in close quarters.

    Strengths: Speed and stealth; You'll never know he's there until he is right up on you. Urielites possess larger wings than the other orders, allowing the messengers to fly for longer distances at greater speed.

    Weaknesses: Overconfident, thinks everything is a joke.

    Quirks: Has a deep, protective love of his Nonnus Meryn; is intensely torn about leaving her and his Himmel and wanting to go out into the world and prove himself in service to God.

    This little section is for any notes/problems/various points that need to be made.

    • This RP, though rather fantastical, is based heavily in reality. Keep that in mind.
    • The Church controls everything. Everything. They are swift in handing out punishment for infractions on their laws or stamping out anything heretical. This includes Engel.
    • You, as Engel, serve the Church. You are not worshiped, although the common folk will treat you reverently. You are tools.
    • Dreamseed, not demons. Lord of the Flies, not Satan/Lucifer. Keep in mind that though the Angelitic Church is based heavily on Catholicism they are not directly interchangeable.
    • You're all roughly 15 years old as far as your mortal appearance, starting out.

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    Hey there, looks interesting, I might tag along if there's room.
  3. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    Sweet! Glad to have you!
  4. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    May I join in with Schaliel? :3
  5. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux


    Yes with a Schaliel!!!! Although I don't know that there will be a Cathetel around... haven't decided for this ^_-
  6. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    Hahaha yaaay! :P That's cool, it'll be fun to start anew! I might make Schaliel a girl... o_o lol
  7. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    *imagines genderswapped Schali* *nosebleeds* Waaaaahahaha, cute!

    I hate to say it but there isn't much interest in this. Should I try to get together who I can, do you think? Or we could do a private RP to get the writer muscles flexing. I tried to PM you but your thingie isn't active yet.
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    "Another shall recieve judgement."

    Name: Serefaal

    Order: Gabriel

    Appearance: His appearance:

    What his wings look like:

    He's a quiet man who sometimes plants fear into others. The atmosphere around him is brooding and tense. However, he does not ever lash out or attack unless ordered to. He speaks few words unless he needs to, letting his actions speak. He never loses his temper and always remains calm and monotonous.

    Weapon of choice: At long range, his bow Dusfir. It shoots arrows of white fire at his foes. At close range, his sword Follow.

    His bow:

    His sword:

    Strengths: Has a lot of power and stamina

    Weaknesses: Does not have a lot of skill, bad at hand-to-hand combat

    Quirks: One might hear the call of an owl near him, or see one fly past. He has a close bond with these birds.

    Theme Song:
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    I would like to join. I have a good idea for an Angelic character in mind.
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    Thanks for the notification! I'm still in ^^
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    Well I'll be darned if we don't have a fellowship now. o_o There's one more player who may be joining and that will give us the 5 we need as long as everyone is still on board; if she or someone else drops out then I'll just play a PC ^.^

    Now, I would like to see one of each of the orders represented. Can you guys work out among yourselves who is which order or should I assign them at random? Also, I'll be updating the opening info post, so keep an eye out!

    I'm so so thrilled to have players! Thank you all so much for the interest and let's do something amazing here!
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    Woohoo! That's the fellowship, then!!
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    I'd prefer Uriel or Michael, whichever we need the most.
  14. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    AHHH I'm sorry for not replying, still getting used to the place! :P I'm totally in, and I think I'll keep Schali a boy, 'cause it's fun :P

    ENGEL ORDER ROLE CALL! Who wants what order? I would like to play a Gabrielite, but if there's someone that is absolutely dying to play one, I can certainly switch! :) What order is everyone else choosing?
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    [MENTION=2100]XxStephxX[/MENTION], by any chance, is that Kyou Fujibayashi as your avatar? XD Or is it Kagami Hiiragi, drawn more maturely? (I never realized how similar they look!)
    I looove Clannad and Lucky Star! ^_^
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    If you don't mind, depeanding on If you will let me, I would like to be Lucifer before he was cast from heaven down to the pits of hell to be the devil. I believe that this story needs someone like this character seeing how it is kind of Biblical.
  17. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    While I love the idea and honestly couldn't agree more, I'm afraid I can't let you play Lucifer. I WILL, however, offer this alternative: break down just exactly what personality traits The Morningstar would have had before the fall and use them. Jealousy for humanity, a deep love for God, questioning authority, and anything else you can think of that might round out the character. Am I making sense?

    I suppose what I'm trying to say is play Lucifer, but not AS Lucifer. My reasoning for this would give away a little too much of a major plot point, and I would really like to have a few surprises up my sleeve for you guys! I suggest being a Michaelite, oddly enough, since their powers would be beneficial for your character. I have to say I am intrigued.
  18. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    I see ^_ ^. So you have something planned for the story/whats to come in the series. Allright, I understand.

    I'll just make my character as best as I can based off of what I think he is, but name him differently, Ie: a different person with simalir traits. I'll begin working my character creasion.

    And one idea I had for him/her/it: Do you mind if my character can change genders from time to time? seperating the sinful traits; Greed, Lust, Envy, Etc. in two. It would give me two characters to controll.
  19. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    I'm so sorry, I'm going to have to deny you again! I feel like a jerk >.<

    But, while I can't allow your character to physically change genders, their mental gender association and their physical appearance are totally up to you. So you could still run with the idea if you don't mind this compromise. :)
  20. Re: Engel: Fiat Lux

    So yes to the change genders, but no to the multipal-personality disorder?
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