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  1. Enforcers of the Bureau OOC (Science Fantasy)

    Setting: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

    Alright, my first attempt at being the GM of a forum RP so I'm quite a bit intimidated. I decided to go with this setting, decided by a die roll bewteeen settings I couldn't make up my mind between.

    Essentially you the players are Enforcers, elite mages working for the Time and Space Administration Bureau (TSAB). You are sent on missions of great importance: to answer distress calls, to look for leads on Lost Logia (precursor items of great power basically) and to combat threats to the stability of the TSAB and its worlds.

    Now for those who are unfamiliar with this setting you need not worry overly much, you are not required to be a girl nor are you required to wear pink frilly maid outfit into battle. You may tailor your barrier jacket to look like that if you wish (See Equipment).

    Currently I am considering having 8 as the limit for characters, could maybe be expanded later. If you have any questions please ask, I can answer most things about the setting, you need not watch all 3 seasons of the anime.


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    GM Characters

    Nenomus Gils: Captain of the Gilded Spirit the interdimensional ship serving as your transport through the dimensional sea. The man is a light skinned man appearing around sixty or so with a scraggly white beard on his scarred face.

    This man is a surly and withdrawn veteran, that speaks mostly only when neccessary. He has a mage rank of A and a good combat record, he uses an armed device called Hell Bolter which is optimised for ranged combat and which resembles a high-tech crossbow.

    His barrier jacket typically takes the form of a black trenchcoat with gilded trimmings and poofy shoulder pads. Though the man rarely fights these days, he is getting too old for that.

    (More to be put in later).

    Posting Rules

    1. Standard Iwaku rules, no exceptions.

    2. Please post at least twice per week.

    3. If you have somthing troubling preventing you from posting or intend to leave, PLEASE INFORM US!

    4. No godmodding and metagaming, the only exception is if the one you are interacting with hasn't posted this week, then you may godmod in order to get from the interaction and back to the others but no more.

    5. No OP chars, yadda yadda.

    6. I expect that posts will be at least one or two short paragraphs, no one sentence replies. Posts should also not contain spelling errors, if they do then edit the post and fix them.

    Character Sheet (Template for Players)




    Appearance (Pic or Description or both): In addition to characters description you should describe his or her clothing. Description of the characters barrier Jacket should go either here or under equipment.



    Mage Rank and Magic System: I am trying to keep the players around B or A rank, higher or lower requires my explicit permission.


    Equipment: the most important piece of equipment for your character will be her Device, its the enabler for her magic and a versatile tool both in and out of combat.

    Of course any other equipment of significant note should also be listed.

    Some links to help you out.





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