Enfeebled [memorium]

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  1. Void travel was the most direct, if not the most comfortable, way into the human realm. The sensation was something akin to being turned inside out as one passed through darkness into the light of the mortal world. Ethien didn't think it was a fitting transport for someone of his status, but this trip required something a bit more low-profile than bursting through the sky in a brightly-colored puff of smoke. He couldn't risk his rite of passage, after all.

    The portal let him out in a dingy alleyway, most likely in the middle of some human city. Looking around, his mouth curved into a grin as he spotted a grimy mirror that had no doubt been tossed outside by someone who no longer had need of it. His gain. The young prince stepped up to observe his new human form.

    Dark red hair fell into pale green eyes, and a wry smile came across his face as he made some...adjustments to his attire. Soon his lanky form was clad in a flannel button-up shirt, the sleeves of which had been rolled up to his elbows, as well as dark jeans and some bright blue Chuck Taylors.

    "Ready, I think."
  2. She grabbed her keys and flicked the lock on the door as she left the apartment. Pulling all of her unruly dark hair over her shoulder, Veri braided it tightly and snapped a rubber band around it to hold it in place for a while. She flashed a bright smile toward her neighbor, coming home after the late shift at work, and then went downstairs, soon finding herself outside and wandering down the sidewalk.

    The city was pleasant enough, especially in the daytime. Laughter of children surrounded her as she passed through the park, heading out for a morning coffee before she figured out what she was going to do with her day off. She tossed her lanyard up and caught it by her key ring with a resounding jingle.

    The girl stood at an even five feet and seven inches and wore a pair of bright red jeans and a t-shirt with a cursive scrawl she hadn't taken the time to read this morning across it. Her feet were covered with a pair of beat up sneakers that had probably seen better days, though she didn't distinctly remember them.

    As the coffee shop was a side entrance, she walked into the alley and barely batted an eye at the stranger that was making use of a discarded mirror.
  3. He was staring into the mirror, with an almost condescending grin on his face when she first noticed him. She peered around the entry to the alley and gazed at him, the theoretical gears spinning in her head, trying and failing to match his appearance to his name. It wasn't often that she saw people she didn't recognize in the small town she called 'Home'.

    She was unsure of how to make her next move, strangers had always led to trouble for her. Always.
    Feeling brave, however, she took a step towards him. She reached her dirt-covered hands up to her long black hair, a habit she'd adapted at a young age. She looked him up and down. His clothes were impeccable. She brushed the dirt off her sweater and leggings, and hoped he wouldn't notice her brown-tinted vans.

    "Ready for what?"