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  1. I have been studying Yoga, Ayurveda, and Eastern Philosophies over the past six years. It is said that everything on this earth is made up of energy that all have different frequencies.

    Meditation is also highly recommended. Through strong devotion and practice it is believed that one can become "fully conscious" and become one with all. If you've ever seen the movie Lucy it can be described as the ending of that movie.

    Below is a video by Jill Bolte Taylor, a brain scientist, who was able to observe what happened to her during an actual stroke she was having. The things she described was amazing, and further confirms what many have been saying for thousands of years.

    I found this video particularly interesting and thought I'd share it with you all.
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  2. I'll always promote watching of a Ted Talk! If anything, it's guaranteed to be an interesting, if short, lecture on something I know little of. At best, it's a wildly educational lecture on something I may know little or a lot of!

    This particular one though is really interesting. Certainly offering entertainment in her short lecture, Neuroresearcher Jill Bolte Taylor offers a really interesting perspective on insight to something that people have been studying and making their life for hundreds and hundreds of years. Through a freak accident, a blood clot that caused a freakin' stroke, this woman was able to achieve something that these people work years towards.

    She was able to be at one with the universe.

    I'm not religious by any means, but I find myself to be a highly spiritual person. In my personal belief, I believe what this woman found was the scientific bridge of what all these "aums" and "ohms" and Yoga stretching leads to. Eastern philosophy teaches the detachment from the material world and the physical plane, but who would've thunk that a literal one-- by destroying a sense of self in the brain-- would lead to Nirvana? Or at least, allow her to see it and know it was something real.
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  3. What the hell did I just watch.
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  4. Funnily enough, I'm studying similar things right now. The Sadhu ascetics of India. Since they renounce all connections to the physical world, the Indian government considers them officially dead, and in some cases the Sadhu have to attend their own funeral.


    As for energy, I found this groovy thing. Since our energy fields can be viewed as a certain colour via Kirlian photography, we're naturally attracted to colours that represent our present issues/states.

    I picked number 29 for myself. I guess I'm "old energy". o_o
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  5. I don't understand your question. However I can refer you to the original post that briefly describes what the video is about. If that isn't detailed enough the page with the video contains a description as well. @Seiji also offered a great perspective to what the video was about.
  6. Less a question more a statement.

    I'm sure this could turn into a lengthy discussion about pseudosciences and other things that I don't really care for or desire to understand (if that's even possible).


    Let's just leave me at the skeptical door on this one and I'll bow out without questioning anything.
  7. I find it extremely interesting that the Sadhu attend their own funeral and the government actually considers them dead. I love to learn about the extremely different cultures than our own. India's culture and Philosophies are some of my favorites.
    Ah I see. Well I started this thread so we can discuss our opinions and thoughts in a mature manner. If you have anything you'd like to share feel free to. It doesn't bother me when people have opposing opinions.

    However, if you don't have anything to add I can absolutely respect that so long as there is mutual respect among everyone.
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  8. I don't think there's anything for me to add that won't come off as abrasive or downright rude no matter how I put it into this little text box. Everyone has their own beliefs and values in regards to this God or that set of sky wizards or the way how we're all our very own universe thing.

    Spirituality isn't my thing. No matter how hard I try to believe or research on it none of it clicks with me. Christian family, pagan friends, Islamic pen pal. Not a thing really floats the boat so to say.

    Hell, I just want to dismiss this woman's word as her brain coping with a possibly deadly situation by letting her see all that. Maybe wrong, maybe right. Not my place to say, didn't even finish the entire video, plan on it once I get off of work though.
  9. Thing is, you're entitled to your beliefs. You can say that you don't believe she saw what she saw. You can say you think Sky Wizards are for silly people. You can say that auras are make believe. You can disagree with their and anyone else's beliefs 100%, and go so far as to say that we need to be logical in our thinking, and that all of these spiritual reachings is just humanity trying to find answers.

    However, shit like "What the hell did I just watch." is simply dismissive and rude. And honestly, if you know you won't come off as anything but abrasive or rude, why even bother to say anything? It's one thing to question someone's beliefs, even challenge them, but belitting is hardly the course for par.

    I picked 31. Hermit!
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  10. Edit: Practice what you preach.
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  11. Let's keep on topic, everyone.

    I personally meditate fairly often. Usually before bed, but sometimes just when I have a spare moment. I also have personal beliefs in what our energy is and where it goes, but I do not usually share them. The video is rather fascinating, though I am not typically a fan of TED Talks for various reasons. Still neat though.
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  12. What is this 'energy' that you speak of? It is the most ill-defined term I have come across in any text on this stuff.
  13. Watched the TED Talk. She had a stroke and thought she became one with the universe, well, that is... Interesting. Unique. Maybe not particularly scientific but she is free to believe whatever she thinks makes the most sense about the universe.

    Personally, the only really... Arguable spiritual thing I subscribe to is: That we are comprised of the very atoms that make up the entirety of everything. These atoms come and go all the time, the atoms that made up who you were when you were born have long since been replaced by other atoms. The same atoms make up stars, they make up space, they make up air, plants, animals, other people, extra-terrestrials, and so on. You are a piece of the universe made manifest, attempting to understand itself in the great vastness of everything.

    I have never needed anything more beautiful than that to rationalize the point of my existence. Yet I also know that my existence, accordingly to what it is I can know, is pure happenstance: The elements that came together to make up the foundation of me was not the greater will of anything in particular, just the byproduct of a series of processes that have gone on for many ages prior to me, and will go on unabated by my demise for many ages after.

    "Energy", or God, or spirits, or Chi, or eating certain colours of food that will balance your eight points of magic chakra, or whatever else you happen to believe... Is pure faith. It is absolutely, pure faith. What you believe in, is up to you to decide obviously, and I can't disprove your faith, I won't even try. What I know is this: I am fully capable of understanding the universe in all of its beauty, and all of its flaws, without believing in a universal cosmic energy, or karma, or the alignment of the planets, or other pseudoscientific mumbo jumbo. I can fully and absolutely answer that I do not know why things are they way they are, and I don't understand all the cosmic rules of how things work, but that with scientific progress we can come to understand what is over time. I'm just an ant trying to make his way across his ant-hill within the universe, hoping not to get squashed each day, but knowing that it will inevitable happen at some point.

    So, just, keep in mind... Scientifically speaking... Meditation, while relaxing, does not open up a third eye, or make you supernaturally aware of things, or open up a blockage of your magic chi chakra god-soul opening things. While there is energy, in many forms, we don't suddenly gain the ability to interact with untapped energy by changing how we perceive the universe: You can think differently all you like, the universe doesn't have a consciousness to register that change and give a shit about it. At least, so far as we understand it. Wearing a pasta strainer on your head isn't going to balance your chakras. Either way, if you have faith in any of this, be prepared for people to sell you a lot of bullshit hoping to capitalize on your faith.

    Also, despite what I've said above, no, I don't necessarily think any of you are wrong for believing this stuff. If it makes sense to you, it comforts you, and you use it for personal guidance rather than as a beating stick to force others in line with your views, I have utterly no problems with you. I don't believe it myself, I'm a skeptic at heart, but hey, if it works for you, and it's harmless, great. Just... Be aware that it's not scientific, it's not physically real. It's faith. Faith can be a pretty thing, it can drive people to do astounding things, but faith is not evidence of anything more than your willingness to believe in something which may not be real.

    That's about my entire opinion on this as a skeptic: I don't believe in this alternative reality energy stuff, but I don't fault believers, so long as they realize there's no scientific basis for it. Figured @Windsong might need a little help explaining a skeptical view in a somewhat respectful tone.

    There. Now to go cuddle a ferret, my psuedo-sciency feel better tool.
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  14. All I can add is I believe she has found a version of the truth which seems to work very well for her. It's an interesting and thought provoking way of life at the very least. As for TED talks, I usually catch segments on public radio international, though the program I usually listen to is the BBC overnight broadcast.

    Otherwise I've not much to add. I don't quite contain the vocabulary to cover some of this, but I'd have to say @Brovo stated quite a bit of what I'm aware of but have no extensive knowledge of. Though an interesting subject, healthy skepticism tells me she lost a few too many brain cells with that stroke which led to a stroke of genius. (sorry, horrible pun) But I do believe on the very base of the idea that we could attain the ability to really control our bodies as a hole with out conscious minds or at the very least be able to sense all the actions at work.

    As for meditation, I can't say it's something I practice. Though I suppose I do take about half an hour or so before sleep and reflect on the day and the week. Sometimes an hour floats by and I've thought about past events which hadn't been unlocked in the mind for years. But I'm straying.

    Interesting subject and TED talks are generally fascinating.
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  16. This is not a faith vs science debate. It's not a debate of any kind. Let's leave this one alone.

    This is Kirlian Photography, which I believe is a way to see energy auras. A huge number of factors play into the colour that manifests, and I guess some could claim that past lives and karmic states are among those factors.

    I'll definitely be using this in my own creative works.
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  17. @Asmodeus Thank you for pointing out the point I was about to make. This thread is a discussion to share your thoughts. And that's pretty much for the most part what we're doing.

    the universe is so insanely mysterious to us that I don't pretend to know how everything works in relation to faith or otherwise. I keep an open mind to everything, including the possibility that there is nothing at all.

    @Brovo I see your points, and appreciate the way you explained your opinion. I should be clear, though, that the video I posted was not necessarily a direct reflection of my own beliefs. I wouldn't really go into what I believe because I don really want to start a debate. I posted the video because I found it interesting. Food for thought.

    @SlamifiedBuddafied I too have had experiences like your own. Scientifically, physically, and mentally meditation does wonders. Now I'm not saying it will make you "fully aware," but im not saying it won't either. There are some that believe it will.

    I just looked up the Kirlian Photography. That is awesome! Also some great food for thought. I will definitely be looking into this some more.
  18. God Damnit, Ferret-Man.

    Nail on the head every single time.
  19. To be fair ...

    The deepest bowels of physics contain things that we simply accept as is.

    For example, we once thought particles were the constituents of reality. It turns out that it is better (or truer?) to think of fields as the true reality. Particles instead are excitations, or pertubations, of fields. Fermions, that is, anything that occupies space, are excitations of a Schrodinger field. Bosons, that is, anything you can put an infinite amount of in one space (like light), are excitations of a bosonic field.

    What the fuck is a field? Why does it cover all space-time? What is the mechanism by which the field is excited? What is a particle? ...
  20. I'm one of those skeptic types. After watching the video, my conclusion was that she did not experience any mystical truth of the universe, she just had a blood clot in her brain and it messed with her thoughts. It screwed with her ability to speak and concentrate on things, and it clearly screwed with other things as well. I've heard similar musings on the oneness of the universe from people who are stoned out of their minds, so I'm not really surprised that another form of alteration to the brain could bring up such thoughts. That's a perfectly rational explanation that relies on zero mysticism, so I find it a preferable explanation to anything like "she tapped into a higher level of consciousness."

    That said, I do find the whole idea pretty interesting. There's a certain elegance to the idea of everything being connected. It appeals to both the part of my mind that seeks to understand my place in the universe (which seems a pretty much universal thing among humans) and the parts that deal with general creative endeavors. For the former part, if I had to pick any sort of spiritual explanation of the universe to believe in, I'd almost certainly choose the whole "we're all connected, we're all one" thing because it's at once a simple and mind-bogglingly complex idea that makes far fewer assumptions than organized systems of religion. For the latter part, it gives me tons of ideas for fictional worlds and stories and characters that could make use of this concept. It's neat.

    Also, at the risk of dipping my toes into the treacherous waters of pseudoscience, there's really nothing out there to firmly discount the idea of everything being interconnected forms of energy. Einstein's good old E=mc2 shows the relation between mass and energy, which could be reinterpreted to mean that everything is indeed energy; hypothetically speaking, the equation could mean it's possible to take any physical object and reduce it to pure energy. There may be some rules of physics that make this not a real possibility, but it's still a neat thought. Even if total conversion is not possible, mass is a form of energy and we all have mass, thus we are all made up of a lot of energy. Oh, and then there's the Big Bang. The whole idea of the Big Bang is that everything that exists, all the energy and matter that makes up the universe, was compacted into one infinitesimal point before some form of shenanigans caused expansion. Given that theory (which is a scientific theory, meaning so heavily supported by evidence and experimentation that it's as close to being considered 100% fact as anything in science ever gets), everything is indeed connected by way of having come from one point of origin. It's the same sort of thing as what Brovo mentioned about atoms, but at a more fundamental level.

    So yeah, I don't go in for spirituality in general, but I can appreciate the idea and the broader thoughts behind it. If nothing else, it's fun to think about.
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