Enemy Nurse

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  1. Let me just throw out the basic idea here.

    So it's set within a war out in the countryside somewhere in a far off land, where a cruel regime seeks to take control of the country. The states are divided now amongst four primary factions.

    Supreme Regime: A force seeking to establish a dictatorship. Made up mostly of both loyal soldiers and bands of wild mercenaries. They have been taking much of the land, and fast with their resources. Their leader has promised them a new order after the lack of improvement by the Central Government.

    Central Army: The previous government whose system allowed for a decent way of life, but still fell prey to certain problems. It is the primary force against the Regime's conquest, but waning support levels have them being seen as the cause of the war.

    The Militia: A ragtag resistance movement looking to prevent either government from taking over, preferring that they both be taken down to make way for a new establishment. This is where one of the main characters come from.

    The Mafia: A group looking to profit from the war. They supply weapons to the highest bidder, and have mostly helped the Regime find good private military companies.


    The main characters

    The trooper: A Militiaman at heart. He is injured gravely during an attempted raid on a Regime armory. He's a lean fellow, not exactly the beefcake soldier they wanted. Despite that and his meager frame, he boasts great endurance and speed, and undying patriotism to his homeland. He sacrifices himself to save the nurse even though she's with the enemy, dooming his own unit to capture and eventual public execution. After the nurse saves and heals him, he develops a crush on her for saving his life and her defection.

    The nurse: A member of the regime. Propaganda has fooled many, including her to serve the regime with loyalty, as she offers her services on the field, though primarily being delegated to field work. She finds the trooper and thinks he, like the rest of the militia, are merely greedy pigs looking to take over the country so they can become what everyone else believes the regime to be. However, the trooper saves her and dooms his men to capture as a result. After realizing how wrong the regime was, she defects and dedicates herself to figuring out how to end the war. She holds true to this, focusing on this difficult goal while struggling with the trooper's own affections towards her.
  2. Hmm...sounds pretty interesting. Do you still want to continue this one?