Enemies collide.

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  1. Two teens have always hated each other since the seventh grade when she moved here, she stole all of his friends and made him the laughing stock of the school. Now they are forced to spend the Summer together, and neither one is happy about it. She's popular and he's kind of nerdy, and her and her friends always pick on him and his loser friends. Their parents have just became the best of friends. His family doesn't have much money which is why they keep sucking up to her parents since they are wealthy. The girls family goes on vacation to this island every year, and they decided to take his family with them. The parents don't care that they don't want t go, and he even have to share the same hotel room but separate beds of course. After spending a lot of time together they realize the other actually isn't that bad, so they start taking a liking to each other. Will this last once they get back to school, will she just go back to picking on him, or will he be the one taking her down this time?

    Name: Paige Kennedy
    Nickname: Some of the jocks call her by her last name, but she is just Paige.
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female.
    Personality: Paige is what an outsider would call arrogant, an airhead, a hypocrite, a piece of work, and much more. Her friends would call her loyal, a leader, loud, funny, and the list continues. Everyone has good and bad traits, so she has her good and bad moments. She is considered just some dumb blonde, and believe it or not but that actually makes her feel terrible at herself. She has a learning disability, it nobody of course knows that. Paige is the kind of person who is only nice to someone if she likes them, she takes pity on some people though so there are a select few she will be nice to. She seems like a nasty little b**** but she's really not that bad, she is a bully yes but doesn't do it to the extent others do. She would never physically harm someone, and most of her bullying is just teasing. The only reason why it's so powerful is because whatever she says people at school listen to her, so if she teases someone they will follow her lead. If other people wouldn't follow her then her teasing would be more of a ha ha kind of joke, and there would be no harm. She does have an attitude, but only gives that to people she really doesn't like. Paige can be sweet if you get deeper into her personality, she is a very good friend to have if you get to make friends with her. She is not a backstabber, and if she makes a promise to you then she's coming through. Relationship wise she has been in a few, but none worked out since she felt it was more of a chore to be in a relationship. Paige always got told she should go out with that guy or this guy, so to please people she agreed though in the end she always ended up breaking it off.

    History: Paige has always had trouble with reading and math, and it wasn't until she was six they found out she had a learning disability. Just dyslexia, but even so it always made things harder for it. Paige was constantly bullied for it when she was little, she used to be that cute little blonde girl in pigtails who was super sweet. Though she started to become quiet, and dropped all of her friends to be by herself. She didn't want anyone to know about her being dyslexic, so they just considered her stupid. This all happened in first grade too since Kindergarten for her was a blast. She go along well with the kids, or most of them at least. A boy named Jake had a little crush on her, but like all little kids he picked on her because of it. Though having her intelligence made fun of hurt Paige, so that's why she dropped her friends since they were his friends too.
    In the third grade he no longer liked her, he just considered her weird so his teasing led to bullying. Paige wasn't liked by anyone at her school, so it was very damaging as a kid to go through. Nothing had changed since the fifth grade and that's just when she couldn't handle it anymore, she went off on Jake and basically told him he was just a big mean jerk. The kids thought that was funny so they laughed at him for that, but Paige wasn't laughing. Fourth grade was no different, and slowly she pieced together herself but only with the help of the wrong group. Paige hung around with some mean little girls who always pushed around the others, but she was just earning friends so she never said anything. She ended up being close to the leader of the group and became pretty good friends with her, so when the girl moved in the fifth grade they all turned to Paige for what to do.
    Paige took over the role as the mean girl around, and quite frankly she liked the attention and let it get to her head. In fifth grade she built up a little army, and once middle school came around in the sixth grade she tried out for the cheerleading team and made it. Paige was pretty much known and liked by everyone, but she was just less liked with every person she teased though people still followed her since she was popular. It seemed like she controlled everything, but people just let her because they were intimidated. Sadly her parents found a bigger house and a better job, so unfortunately she had to move in the seventh grade which she was very mad about.
    Her mom doesn't really pay Paige much attention and let's her do as she pleases, but her dad is the one always trying to watch out for her, but he can only do so much. In seventh grade Paige wasn't the popular girl now, so she decided she would claim her place an diet everyone know who she was. Paige randomly chose some guy as her target, she basically used him to get her popularity status. She just teased him and made of fun of him in which of course people followed her lead, so she had his friends all turn on him and her plan was pretty successful. Paige still teases him today, but it's more of the point of just messing with him since she messes with a lot of kids. Nothing too intense though since she couldn't severely bully a person.

    Likes: Paige loves animals and anything cute and fluffy, she likes playing the piano, she likes to have fun of course, cheerleading and dance are her specialties, and most of all she likes the beach at night.
    Dislikes: Paige dislikes meat as she is a vegetarian, she doesn't like people not listening to her, clowns are her biggest fear so carnivals are not too fun for her, and lastly she dislikes herself.
    Crush or GF/BF: Just got out of a relationship.
    Looks: 35596_10150384453590171_721820170_16783069_6275109_n_large.jpg
    Other: Sometimes she doesn't realize she's as mean as she is, but she really can't help it since she was pretty much conditioned to act the way she does since elementary school.

    Crush or GF/BF:
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