「*Endo-kun is a chuunibyou。 」

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  1. 遠藤君が中二病です。

    It All Seemed Like A Normal Day...
    Eichiko High School is known for it's moderate entrance exams and students of all sorts of potential. Every year new bright minds enter through the gates to be welcomed by a highly trained and welcoming staff. Our story focuses on the day-to-day adventures of two students that met in 1-B. The intimidating transfer student, Sato Daiki, and the ever enigmatic chuunibyou, Endo Naozumi. This roleplay is between @Dragnia and @CRiTiCAL ERR0R


  2. The time was currently 15:02:48… 49… 50…

    Et cetera.

    A lot of things had happened since that fateful day, here at Eichiko High. The day the new kid arrived. And the day that he had been volunteered to show said new kid around. The new kid who looked like he was ready to kill anybody who gave him a funny look.

    Since then, Nao had decided that it had to be fate. Sato-san, the young man with a serious demeanor, and most definitely anti-hero material, was sent here by the messengers of the Higher Plane to be his foil. How else could he, Endo Naozumi, grow to be the savior of the planet?

    It was obviously decided by the Higher Folks. Obviously.

    He, Endo-sama, future savior of the universe and his foil, Sato-san…

    At least, that’s how he put it. Doodling away at his journal, Nao was completely oblivious to the fact that it had now been time to start getting in a group.

    For this class, they had previously announced to prepare for some engineering/craft/something projects. Of course, Nao was working on the blueprints to his Mega Giga Cannon or Galaxy Buster Gun, but the thing he had completely forgotten about was the fact that, well… It was a group project.

    … His least-favorite thing.

    And what was worse, it was typically a three-person group… Thing. So right now, Nao was trying his hardest to ignore the fact that everybody already had their party of three. The more he thought about it, though… There was an odd number of students, wasn’t there…?

    Looking up from his doodles, he realized that he and Sato-san were the last ones…

    “Since Endo-kun and Sato-kun aren’t in a group yet, you two can be a two-person group,” the professor said, beginning to hand out sheets for the specifics of the group.

    For a moment, Nao had no idea what was going on, until he realized that everybody was already in a group of three, except for himself and Sato-san…

    Then it hit him.

    He glanced around for a moment, counted the number of kids in his class three times, and allowed his shoulders to droop forward in dismay.

    It really was fate, huh? It kept on throwing them together like this! Slapping himself, he sat there for a moment, and then simply collapsed on his table.

    This again. And what was worse, it was a longer-term project. They were going to have to make an excuse to get together more often! And, god forbid… Meet outside of class…

    He peeked over his arm back to the taller classmate, and frowned internally. One of them had to take the initiative to go to one or the other’s desk… It was just a matter of time… A matter of ti—

    “Go grab your things and sit with Sato-kun, Endo-kun,” the professor said, placing the sheet on Nao’s head.

    “… Yes, Sensei…” he mumbled, and did just that. He paused in front of Sato-san, though, and suddenly held the paper out to him.

    “I-I look forward to working with you!” he exclaimed with a bow… Barely loud enough for Sato-san to hear.
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