Endless River, Eternal Lies

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  1. The year is 2354. Humans have destroyed Earth to the point they have moved to the poles. This is not only caused human numbers and ice to dwindle, but the KLANDEZ emerged. These shape shifters were attacked and were quickly suppressed. Most were killed or suppressed. The issue is, they are now almost gone. The undersground resistance known as the Xander is here to destroy the human government. This, combined with a new prophecy:

    There will be two, Klandez of young, that hold the power of the stars in their paws.

    There are now two...and now they are powerful...

    (POST 1)

    Ronnak, lone wolf, one of the two wolves of prophecy, wandered down the streets of new New York city. The city was a little cold, and he was looking for his other partner within the snowy chills.
  2. Sheila slipped her way through the alleyway of a falling down building, knowing just how precariously close it was to collapsing. She preferred it not to crash on her head so she moved swiftly, lightly whispering Ronnak's name. He should have been somewhere nearby, she had just seen him.
  3. Ronnak changed into a wolf and bounded over towards where he heard his name. When he saw her, he hid in the shadows to morph. He changed into his human form: a teen boy with brown hair and stariling green eyes, thin, and strong.
  4. Sheila sensed something move in the darkness behind her and she whipped her head around, instantly on defense. Recognizing the smell though, she allowed herself to relax, knowing that it was not an enemy who sought her out. "Ronnak. Took you long enough. Where were you?" She said, letting a smile and a raised eyebrow show on her normally uptight face. She, in contrast to Ronnak's looks, had light red hair and golden brown eyes.
  5. Ronnak walked out, staring at her. He smiled at her, even thought he knew that she was most likely angry at him, "There is a problem moving through the city in the middle of the day, there are four times as many of us out and I must watch, correct Sheila?"
  6. "It would be nice if I didn't have to lose you completely," Sheila replied, resisting the urge to smile back at his magnetic grin. "Did you find anything of interest?" She asked in order to change the subject, as she continued to scour the edges of streets, wishing for a warmer jacket or a nice warm meal to eat. That would be heaven, she hadn't had those luxuries in a long time. Sheila barely even remembered what her childhood was like, it was a blur and not something she needed to concern herself with when the present was here and it was always tinged with danger.
  7. Ronnak moved a bit closer, holding a large box, "Before you ask, I didn't steal it I...borrowed this without asking." He smiled and handed the box of food to her. Food, escecially for the Klandez, was scarce. They had to take and eat what they had, "Eat it now, I've made sure we're alone."
  8. Sheila grabbed the box and breathed in the wonderful smell of food. Her mouth watered at the very smell of it and she couldn't help but smile. "What would I do without you?" She said and took a couple of bites, closing her eyes and savoring the taste. It was heavenly and divine and she let out a small noise of pleasure. She held out the box so that he could take some as well.
  9. Ronnak took a small bit, but he didn't need food as much as her. He gave her a soft smile, "The same thing I would do without you: die." He moved to sit down on the small alleyway curb, patting for her to sit down. He loved seeing that he was helping her; most Klandez simply grunted when he gave them their food. But he was done stealing for tonight, and let her enjoy her meal.
Thread Status:
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