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  1. clearing up some confusion. two teams death( female) dream(male) and destiny( male) opposite side is destruction(male) desire(female) despair(unsure). Delrium(female) is to insane do do anything at the moment, and judgement(genderless) is not on a side. any one can control anyone elses character, as long as they dont plot reroute. ex. akuma can play destruction for a turn if he so chooses, but can only add to whats already been built by viper. he cannot for example, kill off destruction. viper can play death for a turn, but cannot make death bow to destruction.
  2. (That sounds a little like godmoding :/ I dunno, but I would prefer to have control over destruction for the time being if that's cool but feel free to have a go any either Dispair or Desire.)
  3. (im sort of just being myself for a bit i dont mind if you have destruction )
  4. Alright well as long as we don't confuse each other I don't mind what happens, I just didn't want to people to control all the main character if you get what I'm saying
  5. (That's what I was trying to do until it was implied that I had two new characters to play around with... I think we should just keep doing what we were doing)
  6. Got it do me a favor and delete this ooc posts on the thread. you too akuma. ill delte this post once the others are gone. now lets get back to the RP ^^
  7. Hey guys, I saw that you deleted your OOC posts, but I thought it might be useful to have them around for future reference, so I restored them and moved them to your OOC thread. :]

    If you don't want them, feel free to delete them again! Just know that for future reference, moderators can move posts for you.