Endless Nights

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  2. Amelia, red
    Amy ran through the woods. Enjoying the thrill of it, the wind on her fur. This is the closest thing she can get to truly enjoying herself ever since she left....a few months ago. She came to the edge of the woods suddenly and stopped, still encompassed by trees that would hide her from anyone passing by. Her eyes automatically looked north. Home was 70 miles that direction. She just sat there, and looked. Missing her husband...she kept turning away potential 'mates' in the pack. Her affection belonged to her husband alone. No one could win her heart like he did....a pang of pain went through her heart. She probably had broken his heart by leaving the way she did....but it was for the best. The sooner she left, the sooner he could move on. She would never love again, she knew that. But maybe he could have a chance once more. Maybe he could move on. A very small voice in her head told her that was wishful thinking. She thought of what she would do if he left instead. A small part of her guessed what would come. But she pushed it back, convinced he wasn't foolish enough to walk into a thriving wolf pack.
    Sitting on her haunches, she leaned her head back and let loose a long howl. She longed for the days before she was sick.....before she needed the cure. She poured all her longing into that long, mournful howl. Once she shut her giant maw, she turned and sprinted back into the woods. Weaving between the trees, she made it back to the pack within a few minutes. She lay down and shut her eyes, ignoring the rest of the pack for a while. She was quickly in a light sleep.

    Rory, orange
    Rory had finished preparing for his journey. He had taken a course in survival, and bought all the necessary supplies. He had 3 huge canteens, 3 changes of clothes, lots of rope, flint and striker, and some more supplies. He had also bought some heavy duty traveling boots that would last a long time. He was sensible enough to prepare before setting out on what would probably get him killed. He prepared for his journey one last night, planning to leave in the morning. He went to bed, and dreamt of Amy.

    He set out shortly after dawn. Walking in the direction that made the most sense: South. He walked until the sun started to go down, and then stopped to make camp. He ate some of his packed food, but only a meager portion, and went to sleep. He had covered about 20 miles that day, if he kept it up he should reach the edge of the woods by the end of the week.
  3. Farrah, lightblue Farrah breathed in a small breath of cool air, the sun at it's lowest peak within the forest, surrounded by beautiful depictions of tall, leafy emerald green trees in a closed area. It was summer, the sun going down later than in winter and fall. Despite it being around eight o'clock, Farrah had not shifted just yet. Her mind, being lost in time, allowing the cool breeze to whisper into her ear and hear nothing but the sound of nature. The flapping of a bird's wings reached her ears, as did wonderful clicking noises of bugs nearby, then, off in the distance, she heard a howl. She allowed a small ghostly smile to raise the edges of her lips as she inhaled deeply, holding it for a few moments. Finally releasing her breath, she stood up, rejuvenated from her relaxation. It was that time of night. The night where she would shift into a werewolf again.

    She still found it all hard to believe that she in a situation such as this one. Farrah didn't complain, though. She left her spot in the forest, beginning to pick up speed on her light weight feet, immersing herself into that of a beautiful ginger coated wolf, standing at nearly six feet tall. Her senses immediately picked up that of her other pack mates, and her ears flicked in recognition, tail flowing freely as she bounded towards the group to join them, dipping her head in respect to every single one. It didn't matter to her what rank anyone was in the pack, only simply that each and every one was treated with respect, especially towards her alpha, Xavier. He was the head of the pack, their leader, and Farrah would give anything to be beside him, to share a life with him.

    Her ginger and white tail flicked rapidly as she came to a stop, tongue hanging out as she panted, allowing herself to cool down from the run. It seemed that tonight would be a peaceful one again, without her loved ones around. It was best for them to stay away, anyways.
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  4. Zephyr, purple Zephyr stood on the edge of a ravine that scarred the pack's territory. He gazed down, imagining it to be the mouth of some great beast waiting to consume his very being. As the sun began to sink into the horizon, the shadows crept upwards to consume the remaining light. Zephyr wished that he too could be consumed by the darkness and just forget. He shook his head as a familiar howl rang up through the dusk sky.

    Zephyr ran his hand through his hair, casting a glance to the continually darkening sky. He turned away from the ravine, facing the forest that had been his home for years. The others would be there now, as wolves. He smiled softly, he felt so much more alive as a wolf, a deferring view from most of the others in the pack. He could feel the familiar tingles down his spine as the change began to set in. He began to move towards the pack, a casual jog morphing into a run as he carried himself to the pack. Shifting came as easily as breathing for Zephyr at this point. The smooth transition from running on two legs to four. His point of few not changing all that much due to his natural height. His senses, so much better in this form, caught everything. He could smell the animals in the trees and the rush of water a quarter of a mile away. He could see much farther away and in such a vivid detail that it seemed unreal. He adored the feeling of the wind against his fur, his massive paws digging into the ground as he pushed himself towards the pack.

    He was alive. And that was all that mattered.
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  5. Xavier, blue At the edge of the northern border beyond the woods in which his Pack rest, Xavier stood. In the darkness, his figure was tall and slender, like a shadow in the moonlight, like a lost soul. However, his piercing yellow eyes glowed in the faint light that accompanied the night. The Alpha gazed at the ever-growing army of stars. Sometimes, actually, more often than not, Xavier spent time away from his group and alone, lost in thought that usually consisted of his life, his friends, and the life he could have had.

    However, in the end, he wouldn't change his life for the world. The people he had come to know and lead, felt like his family. Some more than others. It was true he had a hard time making friendships or even carrying on a conversation, but he cared. He knew he did. It was because he didn't have the heart to tell anyone that he was slowly dying.

    Xavier ran a hand through his hair, and noticed the moon reaching it's peak in the star-laden sky. The man bowed his head as he transformed into the monster he was every night. A wolf, one of which was a lot more muscular and defined than he was, and stood his human height of six feet. He sat down, tail wrapped closely to his side as his yellow eyes closed in deeper thought. The male's fur was neat and soft, his face sculpted and snout long, though he had the same, mesmerizing gaze that showed with wisdom beyond his years.

    Alpha raised his head to the sky and flattened his ears, opening his powerful jaws as a deep and beautiful howl emitted from his powerful jaws, lasting just over a minute. Once he finished, his head bowed as he shook it, sniffing as his warm breath erupted into the crisp air.
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  6. Benjamin, #2D7DFC
    As per usual, Benjamin was lurking a few feet away from the pack. He couldn't bring himself to immerse himself fully into their affectionate harmony. He knew that he would be more than welcome to join in, but he just couldn't. A side effect of his former life, he assumed.

    As the moon rose high in the sky, Benjamin breathed in and out slowly as he made the change. Despite having been a werewolf for some time now, Benjamin still felt a dull ache in his chest, whenever he turned. He chalked it up to being a psychologically induced injury. Despite her downfalls, he really missed his mother and wished he could see her again. But he knew that if he ever returned, she would never let him go.

    Not seeing any more point to just standing around awkwardly, Benjamin trotted forward quickly, picking up the pace gradually until he was running full speed through the forest. He would never go so far that he was beyond the woods or even near the border line, but he liked to run in an area so that he could see beyond the trees. He liked seeing the expanse of land and sky blur past as he leaped and ducked over and under fallen trees and bushes. In a way, it was all beautiful. Sad, but beautiful all the same.
    After running around for some time, Benjamin came to a slow stop and returned to his former position in the shadows, watching the pack.

    Sabrina, #FF6600
    Sabrina had already made the change along with others in her pack. Her transformation was quick and fluid like it always was. Even though she hadn't been wolf for as long as some of the others, her detachment from her old life, made it easier for her to transition into a new one. She prided her ability to do so, and regularly told any new pack members about her experience.

    At the moment, Sabrina was listening to the sad howls of her pack members. She curled her lip in annoyance, and if wolves could roll their eyes, hers would be spinning in their sockets. She never saw the point of howling out feelings. The entire notion was idiotic. It wasn't as if the ones they left behind would hear them. And even if they did, what would change? The same sad saps would howl ever day for years because they still feel like crap.

    "Lame." She muttered under her breath, as she went to stand under one of her favorites. The wolf she was currently resting under was quite tall, with long legs and equally long fluffy fur. When the other wolf huffed in annoyance, Sabrina just titled her head up and gave them her best 'pwease' look and they gave in.

    Being a pup, was the best.
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  7. April KK-kikki-kannibal-6587863-600-900.jpg

    April crossed her legs and sat Indian style on her bed, red duvet pillows pushed up to allow her back a rest. Light green fluffy shorts and a pastel yellow tank top. Her room was cold, and she used to be cold all the time when she was human, a lack of Iron in her blood or something like that. Now that she was a wolf her body heat was far more than it should be, she was never cold and had forgotten what it was like to be cold, just like she couldn't imagine what feelings were when she was human. Her nails painted in bright red like the ends over her hair, reached into a wet bag and pulled out and apple slice, bringing it up to her lips and leaving it to rest on her bottom lip as her eyes scanned over the fine print of a book. "The Invention of Murder" one of her favorite books. Her snow white hair in a messy bun at the top of her head, an oval pair of glasses covering her blue eyes. She didn't need glasses, but some of her human ticks couldn't be removed, even if she was wolf.

    She remembered what it felt like to be human. Her mind was full of astronomy and secrets of Organized Crime. Highschool was easy for her, yet unlike her brother, she found it all boring. Her friends gossiped about boys and their daddy's money, and she was there in an endless void. April was never interested in boys, she longed for emotion and the only boy she allowed into her life was her brother, he understood her and that was all she needed. April couldn't feel the feeling of love, or having a crush. She went through her school days thinking she was Asexual and wasn't interested in anything dealing with love. While her brother had found a gf and was living with her with two jobs and a perfect life, he had left and made himself better, and she had been stuck in a rut of an abusive father and no tears.

    April gave a long sigh, removing the glasses from her face and chewing pieces of her apple slice with little emotion. Her legs lifted and the thick book closed between them. Her blue eyes shifted to the window and she pushed herself from the bed, walking barefoot out of her room and slipping next door into her brothers. Her back leaned against the door as it closed, her blue eyes turning icy. "Conny poo, come on I wanna go outside, get me a latte. Get your fat butt off that floor, what were you born in a barn?" April barked at her brother, watching him with a playful smile.

    Connor tumblr_na5z47m3171telcpwo1_500.jpg

    Connor paused his game when he heard the door close, the only one who barged in was his sister. He looked down when she mentioned he was sitting on the floor, he gave a sigh of relief that he was still wearing his pants. Usually when he gamed, he wore nothing. It was a naughty habit. Leaning over and turning off his flatscreen, giving a sigh. Connor stood up and stretched, his muscles flexing as if they were carved by stone. Grabbing a black shirt to slip on, Connor fixed his belt and walked over to his sister after a yawn. Both hands reaching to lean against the door around his sister, his chest leaning in to enclose the space. His face mocked his sisters pouty one, he made fun of her a lot, his voice getting soft "Apey poo, come on let me escort you outside like the little princess you are, let me open the door for you, push you out the window maybe. Get me a cigarette" He mocked, acting whinny like her. His lips made contact with her forehead and he pushed himself off the door. He started smoking for fun since he was cured, finding his wolf form unaffected by the cigarettes and his human form as good as new each time. He stayed away from drinking, however, he didn't want it to change him,, like it had their father.

    Connor opened the door and sprinted once he was out of his room, his converse making soft thumps against the floor. He could hear his sister behind him but he kept running. Turning the corner and giving a small jump as his body seemed to burn like paper, he felt no pain after his transformations, just the endless freedom it offered. His paws scrapped against the dirt outside, leaving marks as he moved. His now blue eyes and chiseled head moving like a white shadow in the night. His sister following close behind, she must have taken the time to turn when she had gotten outside, or she was trotting about like she usually does. His body felt connected to hers, their wolf forms connected by spirit, he knew without looking back that she had chosen her wolf form.

    Connor stopped in the open field they had as a base, his nose sniffed the air and his ears turned forward to hear. His huge body took to the ground, his haunches finding the ground as he sat in the middle of the field, listening as closely as he could. Wanting some action. His sister choosing to lay down a few inches from him, her back touching his thigh.
  8. Xavier, blue Xavier rolled his shoulders, and finally, he decided it was time he returned to the Pack. It was odd he had taken up the role of being Alpha when he would have been thought of as the lone wolf by anyone he knew him well enough. Xae just liked being on his own, it was who he was. Then again, he had a responsibility to uphold, and he would do so as well as he could. The huge beast stood, muscles gliding beneath his soft fur.

    It was about a fifteen minute walk back to the clearing in which the Pack resided. It didn't bother Xavier; he liked listening to the sounds of the forest and looking at everything he passed, even though he'd traveled this path so many times.

    Once he returned, he flicked an ear, glad to find no one had been put into harm's way whilst he was gone. He thanked his warriors for that, if there had been trouble, which he doubted. Alpha offered a soft smile to those whose attention was drawn to him as he entered. Xavier laid down, examining everyone.
  9. Amelia, Red
    Amy stirred, and sat up. She had opened her eyes right as the Alpha had come into view. She looked at him, and bowed her head. It looked weird, a human gesture on a wolfs body, but it was a sign of respect nonetheless. She wasn't feeling sorry for herself anymore, she rarely allowed that to happen. That was the first time she had gone and had a pity party in 2 months. The first month she left, she was a wreck. But spending time with the pack, Xavier, Farrah, all of them, it seemed to help. They functioned perfectly, seeming to read each others thoughts. She wanted to be a part of that, but she also didn't want to forget. Forget the man she loved most, and she wouldn't.
    She had started training. She wanted to be a fighter, to fight to protect the pack. She hoped to one day learn from Alpha, to learn his tricks. But she would settle for her mentor now. Speaking of her mentor, she looked around, but didn't see him anywhere. She shrugged.
    Suddenly in a better mood, Amy stood, and and stretched, her front half low and a yawn escaping her maw. After that, she went down into a play bow. Inviting anyone to come and just have some fun.

    Rory, orange
    Rory woke a few hours later. It was still dark, but he couldn't go back to sleep. So he packed his stuff, and set on his way.
    Few hours later
    After traveling for 3 hours, the terrain changed. There were no more signs of civilization, and the terrain had more hills. He had always loved hiking, but didn't get the chance to do it often. He continued trudging on, covering a few miles within a couple hours with his long strides.
    When dawn approached, he began to feel tired again. So, he leaned up against a tree, and set up camp. Falling asleep, he slept a deep and dreamless sleep.
  10. Zephyr, purple Zephyr broke the tree line and slowed to a trot as he came into the clearing where the pack rested. He let his tongue loll out of his mouth as he slowed to a walk, panting from his run. He looked around at all of them. His pack, his family... Zephyr felt so at peace here, at home.

    Zephyr smiled and nodded to the alpha as he passed. He picked a spot a small distance away from the others and lay down. He watched the pack from this distance. His orange eyes moved between each wolf slowly. He noticed one wolf playing by herself, probably looking for someone to join her. He watched her, finding amusement in her behavior.
  11. Keira Jones , #993366
    As the day was coming to a close, the sun going down and the stars rising up in the inky blue sky, Keira found herself standing beneath a canopy of oak trees, under the edge of the branches full of thick leaves, staring up at the gorgeous, clear sky. From here, she had a perfect view of the stars and the moon, uninterrupted by the pollution of the city and the smog and the airplanes that blinded out the twinkling stars from the rest of the world- and for that, she loved the forest. For that, she was okay with all that had happened to her. For that, she had come to make peace with everything- with the cancer, for the depression, for the insomnia and sleepless nights, and for her little sister. It was comforting to know that, somewhere, from the window of her bedroom, her sister was looking out at the same stars, although her view was fuzzy and diluted compared to Keira's own.

    A part of her yearned to have her sister with her, but she knew that it would be impracticable. It wouldn't be safe, either. Her sister was human, and Keira- well. She was a wolf.

    And as the sun fully set into a heavy slumber for the night, Keira felt the shift coming on. It made her bones ache every time, a dreadful memory of things past, and she couldn't help but shudder, even though she wasn't cold and wasn't particularly scared. She's shifted plenty before. It wasn't new to her. But she couldn't help the shivers that ran up her spine each time.

    Before she knew it, she was a wolf, standing on all fours, her tail swaying slightly behind her as she continued to gaze at the sky. Any one would take one look at her and know she was unnatural, that she was a freak of nature, something strange. But this was her forest, the home to her and her pack, and she'd be damned if anyone was going to disturb their haven. They were all weird, all unnatural, but this was their place to be so. It's not like they could help it.

    She shook out her fur, feeling free and loose, and felt her heart lift as she began to run. This was the best part of the entire ordeal. The freedom. Before, she'd been bedridden, hardly able to lift a glass to drink from, unable to move and unwilling to live. She'd had to give up dancing, her entire life and more. But she had that back now, and as a wolf, it was absolutely thrilling. She loved the crunch of her paws over the dry leaves and the forest floor, the way she could hear the slight noises and rustlings of the foliage around her, and the way it felt to simply run, the wind blowing through her russet fur.

    Then she heard a growing-familiar howl. The night had truly begun.

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  12. Amelia, red
    Amelia stood up from her position. No one seemed to be in the mood for games. She sat on her haunches and listened to the long howl. She was tempted to join in, but figured they wouldn't have appreciated that. Being a newcomer to the pack, Amy wasn't as comfortable with them as they were with each other. She noticed one of the other wolves gazing at her, and quickly met his eyes. Zephyr. She remembered the name matching the quiet, burning orange eyes. She nodded in acknowledgement, and stood up. She had always been one who had to be doing something, otherwise she felt completely useless.
    Deciding to do a quick patrol around the clearing where the pack was resting. She jogged just out of sight, and worked her way in a slow circle around her family. Yes, she cared for them, yes they had become family, but she just didn't seem to....fit. At least that's how she felt. As she made circles of her pack, her thoughts went to how she would fit in. How could she? As far as she could tell, she was the only one who had left a husband behind. She refused anyone who wanted to become...a mate, repeating that she was married. The fact that she barely knew any members of the pack after three months was starting to worry her. She'd seen members bond in seconds of meeting each other. Why couldn't that happen to her? Why couldn't she make friends here? Maybe she should let go. Let go of her old life and completely embrace this new one. Maybe she should move on, and let Rory fade from her memory...no. That was too painful. She would love him till the day she died. She couldn't possibly forget him, even if she wanted to.
    Despite all this doubt and confusion, her loyalty was with the pack. She would do anything to protect them. Even if it meant dying for them. She would gladly lay her life down for her pack. While she didn't have any attachments to the pack yet, she would do her duty and protect them. She finished her circle, and started on another, making sure that nothing dangerous was lurking in the shadows.
  13. Skylar, orange 'Third time is a charm' never seemed to be working for her. Just as she was getting the hang of it, the tower of cards collapsed dramatically. Skylar sighed and stared into a pile of cards. This is supposed to be that 'almighty' training Eden was talking about? She growled lightly and picked cards up and into the box. Being patient. Whatever THAT had to do with anything. Annoyed, she tossed the box aside and got up. She hated it. Admitting defeat was something she never accepted, but she never would have thought how that simple task can be so hard to handle. For the first time, she found herself jealous of others that were all better at it. For Skylar, it was just not impossible to sit as long as it takes to finish the task. It was always now or never.

    The darkness settled and the time was approaching. She stepped outside into the cool night's breeze under the countless stars on the clear sky. Human figures of all shapes and sizes move towards the meeting spot, expecting the change along the way. Again, as every night someone was missing. She waited some time and as the moments passed by she became more and more annoyed. He was late. So late. AGAIN! If there was something Skylar hated, then those were lazy and irresponsible people. However, for some reason, it fit him well and changing that just wouldn't feel right. Rolling her eyes, she shoved her hands into the pockets of her wide, grey hoodie, and walked in the opposite direction of other pack members, deeper into the forest area.

    Strangely enough for someone as hyper and friendly as Ren, his "den" as he preferred calling his home, was in a quite calm and quiet place, decently distanced from all other homes and pack members. There was only one reasonable explanation to that kind of isolation and it was fairly obvious. The guy really, among all other things, loved to sleep. Indeed, his sleeping skills were fascinating, and number of poses he was able to fall asleep in was horrifically high. She smirked at the thought of his large wolf-like figure snoring on the thin branch the moment before it collapsed under his massive weight. Falling asleep on 'human proof only' places, right before the change, was never a good thing an it seemed like his bed might as well suffer the same faith if help doesn't arrive soon. Approaching the house, Skylar banged at the door, not so politely. "Hey!" She shouted at her friend through the doors "Get up, lazy ass! We will be late!" There was no answer. "You gotta be kidding me..." She mumbled and walked around the small house to the backside. The window was opened and the instant, mischievous smirk appeared on her lips.

    Ren, lightblue The smell of home made cookies in all shapes and sizes circled around his head in his sleep and he smiled happily. Ever since he had a taste of Mrs. Greyford's food, it was the only thing he could have possibly dreamed about. Tons and tons of food. He stretched his body like a starfish across the bed that was obviously too small for him, and mumbled on about how all that was tasty. Banging on the door didn't do well in even making him turn over or change position and he slept through all of Skylar's raging. Then again, it has been a while now and he already got used to her going bonkers. In a dream, he scratched his nose again and again. Misbehaving food kept teasing him instead of jumping straight into his mouth. "Stop. Be nice..." He mumbled and turned his head, but the itchiness of his nose continued to bother him. Now, he was turned into a 'big bad wolf' and in his dream he chased all those mean foods, winning. However, it was a much of a surprise when a pie approached and pleaded with highly familiar voice to whisper something to him. Ren eagerly laid down his head and listened. "Yes?" He whispered. "WAKE THE HELL UP!" the pie screamed and slammed him across the snout before it disappeared and he woke up, moving his cap of his eyes and panting. "That was...eh..."

    "Morning, sunshine. Glad to have you back." Skylar mumbled sarcastically and stick her tongue out. Ren frowned lightly and chuckled. "You got yourself a sense of humour over the night I see. Eden really does wonders." Skylar chuckled coldly. "Really funny, R.J. I think I just died of laughter." Ren laughed sincerely and sat up, stretching and rubbing his cheek, removing the drool. "What time is it?" Skylar leaned on the outer side of the window and threw away the grass she used to torture him. "It will be one second too late if you don't get going. It is nearly midnight." Instantly, Ren jumped off the bed and scattered around the room, looking for his shirt and hoodie. Skylar chuckled and whistled teasingly. "I do not think girls would mind seeing you like that you know?" Ren chuckled insecurely. "Maybe. But I do not think Xavier would be too pleased if I screwed up the scouting mission." Even though he was indifferent of Skylar's opinion, he still couldn't help but feel slightly embarrassed about the lack of clothes on his body. Finding what he was looking for, he hurried and jumped out of the window. "Aren't you forgetting something?" Ren stopped and turned back around. "Forgetting what?" Skylar pointed down and Ren instantly flinched back into the house. "Pants!"

    "That could have get ugly." Skylar nodded. "Yes yes, let's go!" Ren shouted once he jumped out, fixing his pants along the way. Skylar thought about asking him, what are the doors for, but she dropped it figuring he already got one critic too many for tonight. Once they were half the way there, Ren stopped and shook slightly. He looked at his friend and grinned widely as he always tended to. "I think it is time for party." Turning his head towards the sky, he howled loudly, first as a human, insecurely and weak, then gradually louder and clearer as his body started to change into a dark and strong beast. He listened to other wolves, howling each for their own reason. But he was happy. Happy and impatient to run free around the grounds. Even in his dark and somewhat intimidating wolf form, his gentle smirk was visible. He darted his percing yellow eyes towards Skylar impatiently. She gazed back with her bloody red eyes and nodded her sandy and greyish coloured wolf head.

    Ren barked lightly and poked her with his big paw, silently telling her that she is 'IT', before he jumped up and ran forward with already made pact of ten seconds of advantage. Skylar was just way too fast. She waited, patiently counting. It wasn't her favourite way to train or get to places, but it didn't hurt and it made him happy. On ten, she swiftly got up and ran full speed forward. She wasn't getting easy on him. Passing through the group of wolves gathered on the grounds, he caused a mess, breaking violently, happy that he finally won. That is, until he saw Skylar sitting there in front of him, tilting her head. He let out unsatisfied groan and lowered his ears in defeat that he didn't truly mind.

    Eden, violet The painting was coming out just fine and Eden was pleased. Most of the time she would spend redoing her work, unsatisfied by what she had done before, but this time, things seemed to turn out perfectly. There was a lake, surrounded by willows, with fireflies and fairies dancing over the happy baby on the leaf in the middle of calm surface of water. Harmony of colours simply soothed sour eyes and made her smirk happily. This one would go on the wall. The best painting, she figured, always came after she would spend time with her pack "children" helping them in their journey however she could. She was worried. Naturally as any other mother. Worried about how well her children were doing and how well will they manage to handle the hard times that are unquestionably ahead of them. She could only do everything she knew and could do to prepare them, but nothing could prepare her for losses.

    Eden jerked lightly, overpowered by the grim thoughts, taking her mind back to present moment where everything was still fine. She frowned lightly when she noticed the wild line that she drew, that didn't belonged where it was. She sighed lightly and put down the brush. One could hardly call her face expression frowned, but it was as close as it gets to unsatisfied expression, even though it was still mild, dear and calm. Eden got up calmly, and blow out the candle. The thoughts of her past life and what else could have been done, still sometimes bothered her after restless nights and intimidating dreams that occurred from time to time, somehow always before something bad or big was about to happen. And she was having a dream like that lately. It left her restless and in need to train her children harder than before, even though she never dared to tell them why. Calling her crazy wouldn't be the worst or the most wrong thing in the world, but it would most certainly cause the young ones to get lazy and that, she couldn't allow.

    Out in the dark chilly night, she stretched lightly and silently greeted the forest around her, embracing the smells and sounds as the world around her changed into something wild and beautiful. Howls became loud and clear, and as soon as somewhere clock of the world struck midnight, she joined them, howling somewhat sadly but sincerely. There was such beauty in everything they created and she couldn't have been more proud. Soon, she stepped into the forest, towards the borders, silently walking over the leaves and branches, listening to distant movements of her pack. She had time. Enough time to make sure every member on the border was safe and sound that night. One particular scent caught her attention. The familiar scent of a new loner of the pack. She already got used to Zephyr's antics and those never made her worries as much as she did.

    Eden approached from behind, her grey and white soft coat brushing against the trees and yet staying as clean as it can be. Amelia was busy. She was too busy, sniffing every inch of the border carefully, not to miss anything. But even then, Eden could feel it. Her new child was scared and sad. She just knew. Careful not to startle her, she came from Amelia's side, poking her gently with her cold nose and rubbing against her, comforting her as a true mother would do. She didn't knew her entire story, but if she was ought to tell, she was sure it wasn't the happiest story in the world. None of their stories were. Something was bothering that lovely young girl and she wanted to be there for her. She nodded and spoke in calm, motherly voice. "Pretty face like that should never be so sad, you know?" Even though she worried, her bright purple eyes were smiling towards Amelia. "Tell me, my dear. Do you want to talk about it?" Patiently waiting for an answer, she kept walking in a slow, light pace along her side.
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  14. Zephyr, purple Zephyr offered a smile and a nod in return to Amelia. It seemed that she had decided to do a mini patrol. Zephyr considered joining her for something to do but he saw that another wolf had joined her. Zephyr tried not to get into other wolf's businesses and so he stood up and headed the opposite direction. He looked around, a sense of boredom growing in the back of his skull. He watched as a young wolf darted playfully about the field. Oh, to be that young and hope filled again... He let out a contented sigh and wandered through the pack's domain, eyes on the pack and ears on the forest behind him. He would never let anyone be hurt by outsiders. They'd have to go through him first. He came close by the alpha and greeted him respectfully, "Evening, Xaiver. Beautiful night, don't you think?" Zephyr tilted his head upwards towards the plethora of stars twinkling high above them.
  15. Farrah, lightblue The rejoining of every wolf in the sanctuary didn't make her feel uneasy at all. In fact, it made her feel so much more at home. She felt like every single one of them was her family, even if none of them were related by blood. Farrah's eyes flicked over to the alpha, who she'd sense the moment he walked into the area. One of the other wolves were talking to him; she felt a surge of envy course through her. What were they conversing about? Her ears flicked straining to listen, but getting nothing out of it.

    Panting, she pawed at the ground before making her way over to a couple people she did know- April and Connor. They were wonderful, always able to make her laugh because of the way they argued and complained. Connor had a thing for teasing April, which was funny as well, especially getting to see April's reaction when she had the chance. Silently, she approached them, sat down, and let her bushy tail flick to the side.
  16. Amy, Red
    Amy had smelled Eden even before she had rubbed up against her. She had trained her well. She smiled slightly, the gesture looking strange on a wolf face. When she thought she had no friends, she was fibbing slightly. She had one. Her mentor, and her mother figure. She nudged Eden with her muzzle, and let out a small huff of greeting.
    "Pretty face like that should never be so sad, you know?...Tell me, my dear. Do you want to talk about it?" She looked into the purple eyes of the white and grey wolf next to her. How did she always seem to be able to read her?
    She looked away, seemingly to ignore the question. But in reality, she was figuring out a way to tell her. She hadn't talked about Rory to anyone, even Xavier. It hurt to much. But maybe some of the pain may diminish if she talked about it. She looked down, and took a deep breath. "You read me too well, Eden." she said, her Scottish accent thick in her voice. Smiling, she continued. "My husband. Rory. 3 months ago is when I first changed. I had been diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's disease, and my memory was being eaten away. Even my memory of our marriage. When he heard of the cure, he crushed it up and slipped it into my water. When I had finished, I was cured overnight." she was stating what happened to all of them. But it was necessary. A tear slipped down her cheek, and her heart yearned to see her husband again.
    "But even before the cure, when I was diagnosed, he loved me even more. He cared for me, he went out of his way to help with anything I needed. I would scream at him, tell him I hated him, and wanted him to leave me alone. But the guy never did. He put up with me, even after the horror of my disease." She paused and a true smile was on her muzzle for the first time in a long time. She walked along with her in silence for a few minutes, memories of him seeping through the walls she had put up.
    "Then the change happened. I nearly crushed him to death. But he didn't react the way most would have...sure I scared him. But in my fear and confusion, I had backpedaled into a wall, and he recognized me. Even as a wolf, he knew it was me. How does one do that?" she asked. Before she could continue a strong wind came from the north. She breathed in deep, taking pleasure in the smells. Late night dew, earth, rain, Rory. She froze. Rory? She sniffed again. Yep. It was definitely him. The smell was very faint, but he was coming. "Rory?" she said so softly, she wasn't sure even Eden would hear her.
    She leaned her head back and howled a long, melodic howl. Maybe if he heard her howl, he would know she knew. She looked at her mentor, a look of longing in her eyes before she took off running north. Running to Rory.
    She didn't think, she just reacted. She didn't think of what the pack would do to a human wandering into the sanctuary, she didn't think of what could happen. She just wanted her husband back.
    Rory, Orange
    Rory had only slept for about 5 hours before he moved on. He had entered the forest about an hour ago. He must be close to 60 miles from home. He trudged on through the woods, searching for any sign of Amy or the pack. It was then that a long deep howl sounded, making Rory freeze in his tracks. He was getting close, he could feel it. He started again, even more determined to find her than he was before.

    ((Note: I'm making it so he had traveled before the start of the RP, so he would have been travelling for about 4 or 5 days before, so he would be pretty close to the pack.))
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  17. April & Connor
    April & Connor
    Connor was relaxing in his sitting position, his eyes blinked slowly and scanned every spot his eyes could pick up. The more he stared at a single object the more tired he began to get, he needed to get up and go for a run if his sister's body wasn't holding his tail down. He would have pushed her aside but she was sleeping, he felt her heart beat slow and steady as his own. Connor understood the human bond of brother and sister, but wolves, there bond was more connected. There was times when he felt April's emotions, when she was scared or angry, as if they were his own. Connor would often dream about April's dreams. When she was asleep, Connor could see her dreams, they flashed by like movies in his head. And then, they stopped.

    April lifted her head and yawned, her head shaking a little as she did so. Her blue eyes opening and her back arched into a stretch, her front touching the ground. Feet came from the side of her view and April whimpered a hello. Moving a step to Farrah and licking her forehead. "Lovely weather today, Don't you think, Farrah?" April sat down and sniffed the air silently. There was a odd smell in the air, smelt like metal and rust, which would have only meant that someone was bleeding. It smelt far off, about a mile or so from the pack grounds. And it made April uneasy. But she acted as if nothing had happened and forced her lips to curve and make a smile. Even as a wolf with emotions, she still wasn't used to showing them.

    Connor stood up now that he was free to do so. He said a lazy hello to Farrah and nudged his sister. "I gotta piss, be back shortly" Connor sneezed and trotted past the Alpha and Zephyr and into the bushes nearby. Leaving April and Farrah alone, which was fine.

    April shook her head, annoyed by her brothers lack of control with the things he said. But that was who he was and April was thankful for it. But the smell of blood had her worried and she wondered if she was the only one who could smell it. Maybe it was moss.
  18. @Keekayani

    OOC: I apologize for that late reply.

    IC: Xavier's ears perked as his name was said, and his gaze was averted onto his warrior. "Indeed, it is," the massive wolf replied, "I always enjoyed the night. Even before the change. It was my only source of comfort- I admired the stars. After all, I knew, and still know, that when the day comes I'll join those bright lights in the darkened sky. I see more beauty in it than anything. I'm not afraid of death, nor dying. To be honest, I live simply for the safety of my Pack. It continues to grow, sadly. Seems the hunters have yet to erase the so-called medicine from the public's grasp. No matter. The Pack is like family to me, and with the help of my warriors, I intend to make sure no harm comes to the Pack. Then we can all enjoy the beautiful night together, and someday in peace."

    Xae shook his head, and offered a good-natured grin as well as his muzzle could form, "Sorry for the ramble. I've had a lot of my mind, dear Zephyr."
  19. Skylar and Ren, brown "It is not fair. Just saying." Skylar chuckled at Ren's pouting face. "Oh for the love of...you are such a sour looser." Instead of replying, Ren put on the best 'puppy face' he was able to put and, truth be told, it was quite adorable. Quite, but not enough. "Yeah, champ. Ain't gonna work. You are a full grown man...well... seemingly." Letting out the quiet 'pfft' sound, Ren stood up and stretched his massive dark wolf form. "Well then..." He brushed her face with his strong black tail and smirked mischievously. "I will go where I am appreciated..." While he changed his place, Skylar replied mockingly "And where is that?" Ren nodded, not being able not to reply. "See? Miracle! You are funny!" Regardless of their closeness, the sibling-like relationship, without a doubt, brought a decent lever of healthy rivalry between them, at least when it came to comebacks. "No, I am serious. Hunters would indeed appreciate that pelt. It is quite rare around here."

    Ren's pelt was indeed one of high quality ones for whatever reason since he really didn't give too much damn about it. It was one of the rare things he was indeed proud about. He found his friend's words as yet another compliment. He waved his heavy paw in a 'awh you' manner. "Oh you flattery muzzle, you. I deeply appreciate your concern, but I ain't planning on selling my pelt for drugs and whores anytime soon." With that he chuckled and placed himself close to the smallest, but one of the wolves with the 'loudest' spirit. "I shall now engage the 'accept me' process." Ren announced dramatically, before he proceeded poking the wolf pup. Very much aware of her feisty nature, he found her raging way too adorable to be missed out. Even if it meant scratched snout. While he kept poking the pup, Skylar rolled her eyes. "Wow, you would be the world's most annoying dad." She observed his annoying tactics, before she turned away and sat comfortably, straightening up her backs. One question remained; how come a guy like that ever wished to ruin himself like that in the first place. From what she had seen, Ren was way too strong to fail life's tests like that. Thinking about all the things he would be able to do, if he wasn't changed the way he was, made her uneasy and somewhat sad. Even so, she always appreciated his twisted sense of humour and jokes about his past addiction and disease. It always made things less awkward. Things like those would usually mark the person in a bad way, but not him. As much as he knew his way around evil minds, he knew how to change their mind in a matter of days, if not hours. Ren's presence was highly appreciated in Skylar's book. She was ready to defend his sorry ass from anyone, as much as he would hers. For the same reason, his calmness about the threat that Hunters presented worried her from time to time, even though it was understandable. To be as close to the death as he was, probably would numb anyone's fear of dying even if it was painful enough. Skylar sniffed the air lightly and then spoke loud and clear to the present wolves. "Anything new about the current position of Hunters and their actions?"

    Eden, violet "You read me too well, Eden.", Amy replied and Eden smirked gently, humbly lowering her head. "I have to. It is the only way to be able to keep you all alive." Nodding, she allowed her to continue. She listened to the story carefully, gazing at the ground and stepping carefully. She caught the glimpse of the tear streaming down the wolf's face, but she said nothing, nor gave any sign that she was too much aware of it. Her child needed that moment, and she would let her have it, no matter how long it took. "He put up with me, even after the horror of my disease." It ran in her head over and over again. She never knew how it is to have someone that cared that much. Her one and only ran away as soon as he heard his wife couldn't be a normal, non-demanding wife. Eden sighed. For the first time she felt mild envy and almost instantly she felt intense shame about that feeling. It was no one's fault but her own for allowing that onto herself. All the times he yelled at her and pushed her away just because she was sick. Even with those thoughts running through her head, she smiled sincerely with Amy and nodded. "He seems like something indeed." She chuckled, swallowing her own bothers. "Then the change happened. I nearly crushed him to death. But he didn't react the way most would have...sure I scared him. But in my fear and confusion, I had backpedaled into a wall, and he recognized me. Even as a wolf, he knew it was me. How does one do that?"

    Eden chuckled. "It is simple, my dear. It is love. True, unconditional love" Amy went silent and Eden patiently waited. She listened sounds in the nigh, before her ears caught a faint longing sound, coming from Amy. "Rory?" She whispered quietly, before letting out long and somewhat painful howl. "Wait, Amy..." But the look in those eyes made her stop and gulp lightly, unsure what to say. Before she got enough strength in her mind to say something, Amy took off fast and eagerly, not turning back. "Amy!" She barked after her, but to no avail. She was very much aware that her child isn't going to give up that easily. The thought of the threats lurking in the forest, waiting for the chance to get them made her shiver and her throat suddenly felt dry and her feet cold as never before. There was no end to that darkness, no way to get away so easily. They were only able to hide and fight. Their lives were the infinite struggle. She sighed and smirked in all the fear. Members like Amy always made her remember; there is always the way. With that, she took off into the forest, following Amy. "Wait!" She shouted after her. Regardless of the danger, and regardless of whether she wanted her there or not, she will be there to protect her, because no one is left behind and left for dead. Eden followed Amy's steps swiftly through the trees, her ears sharp as usual. She was determined.

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  20. Amy and Rory, red

    As she ran, the smell of her husband grew. Her heart thudded loudly, not only from the run, but from awe. "Wait!" she heard Eden's voice behind her. But she took no heed. Her long strides took her to the edge of the forest within minutes. Rory! I'm here, I'm right here. You're so close! Keep coming. was all she was thinking the entire time. She froze at the edge of a clearing. He was standing there. Walking. She was standing out of sight, and she felt Eden walking up beside her. Rubbing up against her Mentor, she didn't take her eyes off her husband. How could he be here? She smirked slightly. Of course he would come after her. What had Eden said? "It is simple, my dear. It is love. True, unconditional love" She breathed in sharply, inhaling his scent. Of course. His love would lead him to foolishness, possibly even death by coming here. He wouldn't care that the pack would likely kill him. He wouldn't care that the cold out here could and would kill him. All he cared about was her. His whole world was her. And Jesus. She smiled thinking of their shared love of Jesus. As much as they loved each other, they loved Jesus more. It was one of the things that drew her to him...his longing and heartfelt love for the Lord.
    She watched him walking. It was the same determined walk she was familiar with. She walked in the trees next to the clearing, Eden on her heels. Joy surged through her. He was right there. All she had to do was step out and he would see her. What held her back was love for him. If he walked into the sanctuary, unexpectedly, the pack would likely kill him. But if he came with her....her resolve settled. "AMY!!" She jumped when he called her name. He knew he was getting close, there were probably tracks everywhere. She smiled at Eden and then took a few steps out into the clearing and met Rory's eyes.
    Rory was walking again. He had just taken a short rest and eaten some food. He was getting close. He had seen huge wolf tracks a few miles back, which made him move even faster. Thoughts of Amy kept pushing him onward. That and he would freeze if he was still for to long. He stopped when he thought he heard something nearby. He breathed deeply, but didn't smell anything weird. He felt as if he were being watched. Shaking off the feeling, he continued on. He looked around, "AMY!!!!" he yelled hoping she would hear me. He heard a crunch of a footstep and then he froze. Right there, was a giant wolf with bright green eyes. Amy.
    Rory started running. Amy met him halfway there. He threw his arms around her, and buried his face in her fur. "Amy." he choked. That's all he had to say, for he knew she knew what he wanted to convey. Amy whimpered with contentment. She lowered her head, hugging him the best she could as a wolf. She pulled back and nudged him in the chest with a cold wet nose. Laughing for the first time in months, Rory took her head in both his hands and planted a kiss on her forehead. "You didn't think you could get rid of me that easily, did you?" he chuckled. Amy huffed a laugh at him. She sat on her haunches, looking her husband up and down. He was thinner. He hadn't been eating well, probably worried sick about her. She didn't blame him. She smiled for real this time. For the first time in a long time, she felt...happy. She lay down, her head on his lap. She wondered what Eden would say...she looked back, knowing she had followed her. She barked briefly, beckoning her forward. It was time for Rory to meet her Mentor.
    Rory sat there, his wife's head in his lap. Absentmindedly stroking her, he was surprised when she barked towards the woods. He froze as he realized they weren't alone. But if Amy trusted them....he would. But one thing was certain: He was not leaving. Never leaving his wife alone. He saw a pair of bright purple eyes lurking in the woods and he waved, knowing there was likely a human behind those eyes. And every human life was precious.
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