Endless Horizons: Revolution and Evolution

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  1. "Long ago there was a land. A land much like ours, yet different. This land had many creatures, some human, most not. It had great treasures, greats wars, and great lovers. It was a place of beauty and repulsiveness, a place of acceptance and prejudiced. This place could not be defined by a single world, for it was many things and nothing was ever black or white. This was a world of shades, much like our own, but they were different shades. Shades of yellow and red instead of silver and grey. It is in this world that you were born, and it is here that you will die. For that is the way of Daea, and Daea is the way of our world."

    With that the hooded figure grew silent and from that figure the silence enveloped the room. A multitude of hidden faces faced the one on the elevated pedestal. They gave the one who stood there everything, they gave the one who stood there all. Such was the way of their people, since time before time.

    The Town of Serres, Western edge of Inveron:

    A subtle breeze enveloped the small town, giving hint to the storm that would come. Few people lived in this tiny enclave on the Western border of Inveron. The Nation of Terraria was only a Days travel away, and soon a lone traveller would be entering town from that direction*.

    The People of Serres were nice enough, often showing proper hospitality to any wearied traveler that came their way. The town itself existed only because of the road that ran through it. This road was the only known crossing for a day in either direction over the Hypresius River. The river was known for its deep waters and dangerous currents. For this reason the People of Serres charged a small toll for crossing the bridge located on the eastern border of the town. Half of this toll went to the town Baron, and Half to the Duke of Inveron.

    The People of Serres were peaceful, and had enjoyed a rather pleasant life for the past twenty to thirty years. the memories of war were all to real for this small border town however, for the area it occupied was heavily contested in past conflicts between Duke's. With the death of the previous king, and the lack of a king to sit upon the throne this memory was becoming reality again.

    The people of Serres were on edge, and passers by could feel it. It had been a few weeks since Serres had seen any traveler's and that was strange. To add to the strangeness, no increase in military activity had taken place, even though the Duke of Inveron had been known to be building up his armies. Was the Duke abandoning them? Were they to fall to Terrarrian Soldiers?

    These question relayed through everyone's mind, and the option of leaving town did as well...**

  2. Kuradeel walked along a path in the forest, not too far away from the village but enough to get away from the noise. He watched his feet as he walked along, thinking yet again about poor Matilda. He looked up and saw he was really close to the border, so close he could smell the cleanliness on the other side. Oh how he wished to go away from Inveron recently, and imagined how nice it would be to sleep in peace knowing there weren't any burglars in your house at night.

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  3. Kuradeel shook his head and headed back down the path, towards the village that was really actually less dangerous than some other villages, considering how far away it was from the kingdom. Walking into town, he watched the hustle and bustle of people going on with their lives in relative peace.

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  4. Kuradeel sighed, shaking his head, and headed off to the main path that led through the forest. He often came here to check the sides of the roads for any small animals that were injured because of the oftentimes rude travelers that could kick rabbits and have their horses stomp on mice. Walking along the long stretch of road, he would only go to the border of the town, as the outskirts of any city could become rough. The rough roots that grew in the road and grass growing in the middle were the least of your worries when the trees seemed to stretch towards you as they amplify the sounds of wolves howling at night or laughter in broad daylight. Burglars and assassins were heavy in this forest, since it was the perfect place to hide yourself... and the bodies you don't know what to do with. More often than not, he had come across wolves as he was searching for injured animals, feasting on the rotten flesh of some poor person who had had the misfortune of dealing with one of the sadistic mercenaries who leaded in bloody murders.
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