Ending the Chaos

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  1. The Citar military build their bases to survive their foes strongest weapons, metal and concrete set together in such a way that even the Syina's mages will have a hard time busting in. However the Citar military stationed in this base had not anticipated their building suddenly being ripped from their world and slammed into this one. The force brought an earthquake that caused the concrete to collapse and the metal to warp. Slabs of metal and concrete fell from the ceiling, corridors were twisted and broken. The military within left, trecking their way toward the nearest portal home, leaving this building abandoned.

    Nature moved in to reclaim this building first, vines twisted their way through the cracks opening them more, rain water started its slow progress toward rusting the metal. Then came the animals, mana wolves and arcane bears were the primary occupants of this building now. Other animals eventually found their way here, most were confused creatures from Gaia, though the occasional pet from Citar also found its way.

    The wild beasts avoided one room, the room where a powerful presence could be felt.

    Syrus was the first to find himself in the building, followed rapidly by Zara, a very confused Reia, Danial, Alex, then MB who had arrived at the outside of the base only to find himself inside it, and finally Daesy.
    "This group will do." The voice seemed to come from all around them. "Yes. It will do for now. My name would be unpronounceable in your language so you may just call me...Balance? Yes Balance." The voice was feminine, mature almost elderly in tone. "You'll forgive me for not letting you see my form but this is all I can do else risk him knowing I'm here. Ages ago we granted you our portals. Letting each of your races travel through them, survive however you wished. You used them nicely, even if you did fight wars through them. And when you destroyed one we agreed that you had been punished enough thanks to the destruction of your lands."

    "However one of us, I shall just call him 'Chaos' decided that you no longer could...'handle' three worlds. He came in and has started to use his power to pull all three worlds together into one. You've already seen the effects, chunks of land from one world thrust into another. But more will come, he will keep combining until three become two, then until two becomes one. The others dont wish to help and I am not strong enough alone. So I've decided to grant each of you the ability to...change, to grow stronger than any other of your race. It's not quite enough, you will also require the blessings of the 'gods' of your worlds."

    The voice fell silent, leaving the group to talk amongst themselves.
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  2. “Tch.” His tongue clicked in annoyance as the disheveled man kicked off the building’s wall and threw himself out of the alley behind. He tucked into himself as he hit the ground in a roll, sparks flying as metal scraped against concrete. Pieces of fabric were left behind, scraped off as he tumbled over the rough surface, but his clothes had already been far from pristine. As the crowd cleared away from Dan, exposing him to his pursuers, he bit his lower lip in frustration. These thugs were damn persistent for someone who was simply around. He could vent later though, after he wasn’t in immediate threat of dying, and with that thought he scrambled to his feet without wasting another second. Kicking off the ground and into the air, the movement was accompanied by a sharp hiss. With a soft squish, the wire’s tip struck and stuck to a nearby building’s side. A few cracks echoed through the busy area, but the bullets fell short; their target already gone with the whir of his equipment.

    The mad chase was on once again. Through the makeshift city that had been built up over the years, Dan fled for his life. The “city” was built by its inhabitants, each design of their own maker, with no grand plan in mind. Hundreds of styles blended and piled up on one another in possibly the most haphazard mess one would ever see in Citar. It was dangerous enough to walk around the higher up someone went. Shoddy construction work with even shoddier materials meant floorings and walls could give way with little notice. And that was when one was on foot. Using the 3DMG was a whole nother ball game, albeit one both him and his pursuers had probably played for quite a while. Still, despite a fairly good chase, the odds had been against Dan from the start and it was starting to show.

    Despite having lost a few of his pursuers in the labyrinth-like nature of the “city”, those that had stuck to him were getting closer and Dan could feel it. Quite literally given he was bleeding from several new wounds where bullets had cut a line across his skin. Turning the next corner sharply, there was a rather deathly thunk rather than the smooth click when he hit the release. ‘Oh shit.’ Even as he continued to tap the release desperately, Dan tried to angle himself to fire out the second line. The momentum was simply too much though to overcome though. As he came at the building’s wall at breakneck speeds, he could only mutter, “Fuck me.” Then things went black.
    Stumbling at the complete loss of his balance, Dan managed to catch himself before he face planted, even if he did fall to his knees. Focusing on the floor beneath him as his vision swam, Dan tried to get his bearings without relying on his sight. It was pretty obvious that he was no longer underground, given the sharp difference in the air’s smell. He couldn’t quite describe it given that he only really knew the mechanical, musty stench that seemed to fill the air in the tunnels, but it was certainly more pleasant.

    Finally, as his vision settled, Dan turned his head upwards and looked around, realizing that he wasn’t quite alone in the room. And what a room it was. Rundown and almost certainly long abandoned given the vines that seemed to have cracked through the walls room, burrowing through concrete over the years. Focusing on the other individuals in the room for the moment though, Dan was quickly baffled, though he hid that behind an expression of suspicion. There were some that had clearly come from Gaia or Synia, like the dark skinned chick whose attire looked right out of a fantasy game. As he tried to stand though, two things stopped Dan in his tracks. One was that his exoskeleton was essentially broken and did little more than weigh him down at the moment. The other was the disembodied voice that filled the room, coming at him from every direction.

    It wasn't really hard nor did it take long for Dan to buy into what the voice was selling. Even in the “slums” the changes had been pretty big news despite their isolation from the surface world. With some of the populace screaming that the end was nigh, rumors, and eventually, actual information trickled downwards. Even without all that, he’d been moments from death before he’d been pulled here by, he presumed, Balance’s actions. And even if he were to put aside the fact that “she” had saved his life in a roundabout sort of fashion, was this really such a bad thing? Compared to the comfortable, if stagnant, lifestyle of the “slums”, was a chance to apparently save all three worlds really that horrible? No, not to Dan it wasn’t. The question now was, did the others think the same?

    But before he could ask that, he had to get out of this, now useless, pile of scrap. Staring down at the exoskeleton, he sighed before beginning to take it apart regretfully. The piece had been with him and seen Dan through some rough times, so breaking it was done with a heavy heart. Whatever had happened, the electronic components were completely fried, meaning he had to manually pry each clasp and lock apart to free himself. Pulling a multi-tool from his belt, he got started with his freeing his legs first; though he still kept an eye on the others in the room as he worked.
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  3. MB, one of the last to arrive, eyed the guy with a mohawk as he made repairs on his exoskeleton. Either he had taken that in a war between the other cities, or it was his and he was also from Citar. From the look of things, the two of them were the only ones with that connection; all of the other people were almost certainly from the other cities. And absolutely none of them were his brother. He was worried, but he did his best to shove the feeling down; panic, he had learned, never solved anything.

    His thoughts turned to that odd voice. The voice had made its proposition, but what did it even mean? "Grow stronger than the others of your race"? "Blessings of the 'gods' of your worlds"? What was it talking about? And could he trust it?

    Well, whatever it was, he was just a completely unrelated bystander. These people apparently were affiliated with the voice for some big plan, something that didn't involve him at all. After all, he had only come for his brother, nothing more.

    With a mental shrug, MB placed his old-fashioned headphones around his neck and turned to the nearest person, a guy with blond hair who looked about his age. He was torn for a second between curiosity and familial duty, but he supposed it couldn't hurt to learn a bit more about these people.

    "Hey, so...who are you guys, anyway? I thought this place was abandoned."
  4. It was just a normal day of wandering outside his hometown, checking out the wilderness without paying any attention. He had just finished his very specific training regimen, a set of physical exercises his uncles had taught him during his childhood whenever they'd been able to stop in town before going off again. They had been a part of the military, but have been missing for several years. His father hadn't let him run off to join up and try to search for them, sure he'd get himself killed, so Alex trained harder after their disappearance so that when he was older he could leave and his father couldn't say anything.

    As he walked, things got a little weird in the air around him and, being a little dim in the head, stopped to look around instead of try to run his ass off. No part of him thought he could possibly be in danger. With the way the thin hair on his arms was standing up, it would make sense to at least squat down in case there was a freak lightning strike.

    Hey, stranger things have happened.

    Instead, his vision went black, he felt a little dizzy, and then BAM! he was in some weird place he'd never seen before and there were others around him. He looked around curiously, figuring this place had to have something to do with a military, but nothing except the ruined layout of a typical military base setup seemed familiar to him.

    A booming voice spoke of the portal things his dad said had blown up and taken out a lot of the planet far from their town (he thought that's what the voice was talking about anyway, but he couldn't be sure). A few of the others present looked a little confused too, but he couldn't tell if it was from the words or the situation.

    The guy next to him spoke, and Alex turned to look at him.

    "This place looks like it shoulda been abandoned, so if you say it was supposed to be, then I'll believe you." He grinned and offered a hand before adding a little louder so the others would hear him too, "My name's Alex Exactrianus, but call only call me Alex. It's way easier than trying to say all that every time."
  5. Reia had been enjoying her spoils of a successful hunt, skinning the beast, scattering what she wouldnt eat around to divert other beasts away from her current 'home', setting up a fire, and cooking the her dinner. The pelt and bones would be added to her pack for later use. It wasn't anything major, just a deer, something plentiful enough in this world. But at the same time Reia had to be thankful that the smells of her hunt didn't draw anything large. The beasts of Gaia were cruel, large, and drawn toward any smell of blood.
    As her meat finished cooking she quickly skewered it and pulled it from the fire, she would enjoy her food then sleep.

    Well she would have if she didnt feel some form of magic. Without a second thought she grabbed her sword then readied for what was coming. The world around her disappeard for a second, and was quickly replaced by some old concrete building. She had seen something similar on Gaia remnants of Citar's attempt at making a forward base. The trees had reclaimed that land similar to what was happening here, however one look at the roots told her she wasn't on Gaia, they were too...kind looking.
    Around her stood others, similarly confused, then came the voice. It had no 'home' just seeming to surround the room itself, it laid out its 'quest' then fell silent. Reia looked toward the ground, then toward her weapon, "You took me from my dinner." She stated, upset at having to hunt down food once again.

    Not far away from her someone started to try and...escape some metal thing. Definitely Citar technology. Then there was two men talking, the bigger one saying his name. With a sigh Reia decided she should also give her name, "Reia Grimm."
  6. MB shook Alex's hand, slightly confused. So they didn't all know each other? They were all strangers, coming here for one reason or another? That sounded a bit too coincidental to him. Or maybe he just wasn't the only bystander, and the rest of them were involved with that voice. Yeah, that had to be it.

    "...Call me MB." He wasn't sure if it would be a good idea to trust a bunch of strangers with his full name. Besides, he'd never liked it anyway. "Any of you seen a guy who looks like me, only taller?"

    MB looked at the girl who had just given her name, Reia. She seemed annoyed about something, but he had no idea what. He wondered if it would matter whether or not he cared. Probably not.

    As MB waited for some response to his question, he leaned against the most stable part of the wall, thinking about TB. Where in this place could he have gone? Did he really expect to find their dead parents here? If so, TB was definitely not in a good mental state. MB really hoped they would find eachother soon.
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  7. A strange presence loomed over a young woman in her small home. She bolted upright in her cot, grasping one of her twin daggers that slept beneath her pillow with her. "Who goes there?" she asked into the air, but not a whisper or a shuffling answered back. Her eyes scanned the abandoned cottage she had been residing in for the past three years, searching for any signs of intrusion and when she kicked the thin sheets off her body to stand without hassle she felt the presence once more. It was thick, almost suffocating her, but again she seemed to be the only person inside the four oak walls. Hurriedly, fearing the worst was yet to come, Daesy Romano threw on the proper attire and holstered her twin daggers upon her thighs along with a brown sack across her shoulder. A third weapon, a looming ebony staff with an engorged road top, was grasped in her palm before she exited the cottage.

    As soon as her brown boots passed the threshold her vision became blinded by darkness, her head pounded as if two large bears had crashed into her, and then she was hurled into the coldest room imaginable. Her butt smacked hard on the cement floor and she had to grasp her head to keep her brain from falling out. Before she could process much, or even get up for that matter, a bellowing voice echoed through the concrete walls and it became clear that Daesy had been picked out for something larger than herself. The voice cut-out and the blonde had more time to look at her surroundings. It seemed to have been abandoned many years ago; vines and flowers occupied the spaces where the building had been split apart and the sight reminded Daesy of home, of Gaia. She shook her head quickly, returning to the task at hand, which was figuring out exactly where she was and who these other people were. She was unsure if she even wanted to face them. After three years of solace, Daesy was feeling particularly shy at the moment. She needed something else to dwell on...

    "It certainly looks abandoned... That omniscient feeling is all around though," she spoke loud enough for everyone to hear as she brushed off some dirt from her clothes. She wasn't ready to sit up yet though. A young man, with quite the hairdo, was working diligently on the suit he wore. It seemed he too traveled through the darkness, and even though he was alright, his suit looked practically fried. She watched him for a moment, catching the light conversation that the others were enthralled in and then spoke, "Would you like some help with that?" Her voice was clear, but it was lowered so she didn't draw too much attention to herself. The other two males and the young female began to exchange names. Daesy's thoughts were still scrambled, plus she wasn't too trusting to give out her name yet.
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  8. The day had started off like any other for Syrus. He had just left a nearby city the preceding morning, and as such had a fair supply of food and water- enough to last him at least a week. Of course, it would last much longer, as the forests he would be traveling through would be rich with wild game. After a late lunch of slightly overcooked rabbit meat, Syrus had resumed his monotonous walk, hoping that the next sign of civilization would be more welcoming than the last. It was then that he heard a slight rustling in the bushes about fifty feet away. Naturally, he was attracted to the sound, and found its source: a deer. As soon as he saw its white tail, he quietly crouched into the brush nearby. As he drew his sword, he felt a strong presence in the air. His target must have felt it too, as it sprinted out of view. This was the last thing Syrus saw before the world went black around him.

    He woke up in the concrete room with a severe headache, and knew he wasn't alone. Although he could see no other forms of life, he could still feel that same presence, but it was stonger. Much stronger. As he came to his senses, more people suddenly appeared in the room. The first was a girl, and Syrus could tell that she was just a few years younger than him. Next came a young girl- early teens most likely. Syrus felt something strange- almost like déjà vu- about her. Shortly after he realized that it must be her clothes. She was quite clearly from Gaia. During the time he spent musing about the girl, the three men had appeared. He could tell quite clearly their lands of origin: two from Citar and one from Gaia. Finally, another young woman had appeared- also from Gaia. Then a strange voice began to speak.

    After the voice finished its monologue, the others in the room began to converse. Unsure of whether or not to participate, Syrus simply stood back and watched. Once he felt comfortable, he introduced himself. "I guess I'd better introduce myself as well. I'm Syrus. Syrus Blackwater. I don't suppose any of you know any better than I do about what's going on here?"
  9. With a sharp twist of the tool, he snapped the connectors before wrenching them out of place. Giving his right leg a shake, Dan watched the leg portion clattered to the ground in pieces with mixed feelings. With the starting conversation as background noise, he continued to working on getting himself free of the dead weight. As he brought his other foot up so he could actually reach the machinery he needed to work on though, a sharp jolt of pain forced him to stop.

    “Fuck…” Hissing quietly to himself, it was as if a spell, or more accurately the adrenaline rush, had been broken and the pain began to come back. Accurately aware of the numerous wounds he sported as each of them stung with every twitch he made, Dan focused on controlling his breathing. With each deep, if shaky, breath the pain abated ever so slightly. Opening his eyes as his pained expression slowly changed, he hoped that nobody had noticed that moment of his.

    Picking up the dropped multi-tool, he was about to figure out how to resume freeing himself when a soft voice took his attention instead. It was almost quiet enough that the others nearly drowned it out and had he been focused on his task Dan was sure he would have missed it. As it was though, he turned away from his exoskeleton and found himself looking up at a young lady probably somewhere around his own age. Her hair was probably the most notable feature of her appearance, though Dan also took note of her attire and equipment before looking aside so as not to stare.

    While normally he would have been reluctant to let someone touch his 3DMG, much less a stranger, their situation was rather unique. It seemed that he’d be around these individuals for the immediate future, which judging by what Blance had said, wasn’t exactly going to be a safe one. If none of them trusted one another they’d probably get themselves killed before they managed to save anything. So with a nod, he shuffled around on the ground so that his back was towards her.

    On his back, just below his rib cage was a circular disk of metal. Connected to it were four rods, two went to his shoulders while the other two connected to pieces at his hips. Turning his head to face the blonde, Dan gave her instructions on what to do. “I’m going to need you to detach the bottom two rods. Just twist them clockwise until they lo-” Breaking off halfway through, he turned around to hide a painful wince as he coughed, the action shaking his body and flaring his wounds for a moment. Biting his lips so as not to make any sound, he stilled for a second before turning around to continue, “Until they lock, push up, twist them back to their original position and that should be good.”
  10. The blonde was dutifully surprised at how trusting the man was towards her. She thought he would be the one to deny all accounts of help from a silly girl who had just landed on her bottom rather harshly. As he shuffled around to position himself in front of her, giving her clear acces to what looked like the main mechanics of his suit, Daesy adjusted herself as well so she sat on her calves, which was more comfortable for this line of work. Her mind wandered back to that split second before, when Mohawk man had stared a second longer at her appearance than what was necessary. Confused as to why, she looked down at her attire only to realize she was wearing the haltered white-lace dress a tailor made for her a few weeks back.

    Daesy had accommodated the thick fabric dress with her favorite brown cable-knitted socks that reached mid thigh and the matching brown boots that had probably seen better days. The heavily forested area where she once lived (she knew she wouldn't be seeing more of that place anytime soon) was always warm in temperature and the old pair of jeans and dirty shirt she wore upon traveling to Syina had become just too heavy to carry upon her back. She had gone through several wardrobe changes in the past three years to match up with the warm climates surrounding her home. Her most recent outfit was actually not in her plan when she visited old Martha in town. The gray-haired woman had insisted though and here she was. She usually wore a jacket as well, but she had rushed out of the cottage in a panic.

    The tattered gold straps upon her thighs, which held her twin daggers, rattled as she set her staff down and nodded at the man's instructions. Her eyes inspected the strange technology upon the suit, but her fingers found the disk of metal immediately.

    "Alright... Detach the bottom two rods..." Daesy was thrown into reality suddenly at the sound of the stranger voice, but he was unable to continue as a pained expression warped his features and a deathly cough racked his body. With this, she became very concerned. "Are you alright?" she asked softly, trying not to pry too much and unsure if this mohawked stranger was going to burst angrily at her question. Some people were weird... She listened to his next instructions irregardless, awaiting some sort of answer as her fingers clasped the two rods, twisting them clockwise, pushing up until an audible click was heard, and then returning them to their original position.

    She patted his shoulder in a friendly manner, indicating she was done, "There you go." The chatter around the two continued as another dark-haired male introduced himself.
  11. Cursing mentally that she’d noticed, Dan just scoffed at himself as he kept quiet while he felt her work at the mechanics. Really now, thinking that someone wouldn’t notice when they were literally right next to him was probably a bit insulting. It didn’t take long before he felt the residual tension in the exoskeleton dissipate, just before she touched him on the shoulder to notify him Dan guessed. Sitting up straight now that the lower and upper portions weren’t locked to one another, he supposed it was good that there weren’t any wounds near the area she’d touched; hearing and seeing someone in pain was fairly different from seeing their blood on your hands. “I don’t suppose I am,” he admitted before he got to work again, more easily now that his range of movement wasn’t limited even if doing so caused him quite a bit of pain. He simply bit down on his lower lip and toughed through it, prying the broken pieces off one at a time.

    It didn’t take long from there on, probably only a minute or two at most before he’d freed his lower body. The upper portion was laughably easy in comparison. Working his multi-tool into several spots let him literally shrug the entire section off, and it clattered to the ground behind him with a racket.

    With the burden off his shoulders, it did become quite clear as to what was causing Dan pain though. His clothes hadn’t escaped the run for his life unscathed and revealed the damage underneath. Numerous tears and rips in both shirts lined up with red gashes that dripped blood, soaking the remaining fabric around the wounds. His pants were torn in various areas from scrapping against buildings or tumbling over the rough ground. While not life threatening, most people probably would have been more concerned about them than getting out of a broken down exoskeleton. Even after he’d finally gotten free, Dan didn’t take any immediate action to treat the wounds, but sat still with his eyes closed.

    After several deep breaths, he finally looked towards the blonde, his voice clearer and more relaxed now, “Thanks. It would have taken a lot longer to get it off myself.” Pressing a hand to the ground as if to push himself up, his muscles tensed before relaxing; evidently having realized out that wasn’t the best of ideas at the moment. Slumping slightly as he sighed, he regarded her with a thoughtful expression before asking, “I don’t suppose there’s anything I can do to pay off this “debt” right now?”
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  12. The last thing Zara Vol Ra remembered before her slumber was the small twinge of regret that she never confessed to her love. It would have been pointless however, since they could never be together. Waking up was something she never expected. At least, waking up in Syina again. However, Zara couldn't be completely sure it was still... Syina. Looking about the chamber, now completely open on one side, Zara saw that something had completely split the room in two. It looked like some massive cataclysm had struck the city and desert of Vol Ra. Half the city was gone. The half Zara was in contained herself and four other skeletons, no longer generating magical energy. As she stepped out and turned around, her fears were made true. Before she could really let it all sink in, a low humming sounds started resonating from behind her. Whipping around, Zara felt some invisible pull yanking her into the portal that appeared. Almost as soon as she was swallowed, Zara felt the pressure lift. She found herself in a dark and cold room.

    Zara heard voices and noticed that she wasn't alone. A voice was speaking, however it wasn't from any of the occupants in the room. The voice felt like it was coming from the very building itself. The others in the room started conversing and there was also someone stuck under some sort of metal furniture. Zara tried to listen, but so far the only voice she understood was the voice of "Balance".

    "What is going on? Where am I? Who are you people?" Unfortunately, Zara's language of Vol Ra was at least two hundred years old, it would be very unlikely anyone would understand her and even if they did, would she understand them?
  13. Visica would hear a voice speak to her, "Young child, lost and alone." The voice was elderly, came through the world around her but yet no one around her seemed to even notice it. "Your home destroyed by Chaos' magics. Young priestess, I have gathered a small group to fight against Chaos so will you join them. Will you fight against Chaos and save all three worlds." Though both were clearly questions the way the voice 'asked' them it was clearly not one. In fact before Visica could even answer she would suddenly find herself pulled from the world and into the bunker with the others.

    "Finding the gods of the worlds wont be easy." The voice spoke around the room once again, "None of you have the ability to feel their energies. So I shall grant you one last boon, one of my priestesses. Born with the ability to sense the powers of the gods. She will guide you." Now it would be understandable for everyone to think this was Visica, after all she was just suddenly dropped in with them. However Zara would feel something sit on her shoulder, "Your language is old and secluded. I only ever heard that in Vol Ra, and that place was destroyed about fifty-ish years ago. It wouldn't be so bad if your people actually left their city to spread that language around."
    On Zara's shoulder sat a tiny woman, she was just about four inches tall, her skin was lavender in color while her eyes were bright green but with this purple glow in the center. Her clothing consisted of what looked to be a handkerchief cut into a sleeveless dress. She was currently speaking to Zara in her native language, which the others couldn't fully understand. "If you'd like I could give you knowledge of some basic languages so you can speak to the rest of them. It would be better than me translating everything."

    With a light giggle the small woman floated up off Zara and turned to everyone, "Hello." She spoke in a common language now, "My name is Proxistari'Lisnatisuria, though to save time I'll permit you to call me Prox. I am a Fairy of Syina, not to be confused with the Sprites of Gaia, evil little things. Anyway I was told that due to the...fun nature of the worlds I will be guiding you to the gods locations. She wouldn't listen to me when I told her that the gods are not in a...talkative mood." Prox started to float around the room, looking at the group, assessing the group's strength right now. Attempting to figure out who had something she could 'hide' in when fights started.
  14. "Happy Birthday, Visica!"
    "May Neria smile upon you, our daughter.."
    Visica's mothers spoke will joy as they revealed the pie they had been hiding behind their backs. It was Visica's favorite, filled with berries of all sorts, and she couldn't help but smile as she felt the warmth of her parents love after taking the first bite. Soft smiles spread across their faces as they watched her hold her cheeks and delight which only caused Visica to chuckle happily. Once again she was able to spend another year with her beloved family.
    "I lov--"
    Before Visica could even finish her sentence, she heards the strange elderly voice in her head. Looking around she searched for the source of the voice, and as she did so, she felt as though her seat was pulled from under her and she suddenly fell down on to an unfamiliar floor. Confused, Visica slowly got up and eyed everyone in the room. She was just eating pie with her family...why was she suddenly taken away?! She could feel herself getting a bit too anxious and slowly took a deep breath to calm her nerves. Her attention was soon turned to the small woman on Zara's shoulder, hearing that she was of being from Syina helped Visica relax more and once the being, who she now knew was named Proxy, approached her she piped up. "Um...excuse me, Proxy...but I'm still very puzzled...why was I chosen to be a part of this...quest and not a preacher of Neria...?" Visica asked with a soft, silvery voice.
  15. Not wanting to make him uncomfortable by watching him undo his suit, Daesy looked around at the array of people that also occupied the concrete enclosure. Each one stood out in one way or another, but the blonde though it rude to pick apart at their appearances. There was a strange sound emitting across the room and Daesy realized it was the gray-haired female who was attempting to address them all. Unfortunately, her language seemed ancient and not one person in the room could understand her completely.

    Mohawk man had only taken a minute or two to get his suit off completely and let it clatter to the floor. Daesy's eyebrow furrowed suddenly as she saw the red glow of blood drip from more than several wounds across his body, but she did not turn away like most would, she simply clasped a hand upon his shoulder again, squeezing to give him some comfort. He seemed drained from whatever adventure he had gone through before being warped into this haven. She knew her and the others around her would be working closely together from then on, so it was only kind to offer the male a slight smile to ease his nerves. The wounds were not life-threatening; if mohawk man simply stayed in this position and prevented further damage, he would be just fine. "The human body is not a machine; it requires rest whenever possible," a quote her 'grandmother' would tell her when young Daesy over-exerted herself in the wilderness. She would return home with mud caked into her hair, twigs stuck in her clothes, and with lungs that burned from running so far and so fast.

    She replied to his thanks with a nod, her voice trying to express that he would be okay, "You're very welcome." Her hand dropped into her lap and she suddenly heard the omniscient voice ring clear once more. The gods of the world? Daesy had definitely gotten herself into something big, something that may just change her life and the perspective she's harbored against the worlds around her. A sigh rang out beside her and she patted the man's back gently as she replied to his question with a shake of her head. A debt? He was quite comical. "If you give me your name-- that would be helpful. Also, just give yourself some time to relax. I'm Daesy." She placed her hand out in front of him to shake, aware of the other conversations going on around them. She was listening, but if she completely turned away from the current conversation she would be deemed rude and her 'grandmother 'brought her up well enough not to be rude.
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  16. Prox was a fairly unique little thing, flying around the room with no wings, seeming to float, though every so often she would walk on the air and occasionally stand on one of the other's shoulders. She landed on Visica's shoulder before starting to lightly hum and dance, "Well its quite simple Priestess. Your worlds are threatened, so you all were chosen. I think that...what did she call herself to you...Balance? Yea that sounds right. Anyway she chose about fifty or so people of all different races from all around the three worlds and granted some of her powers to them. A fair bit died but you, and a few others who she decided not to bring here for one reason or another, survived. Now this group will get stronger by meeting the gods of the various worlds. The two gods of magic, the phoenix goddess of Gaia, the Leviathan, that one rock thing that no one remembers its name, even those ancient and forgotten gods of Citar. Anyway once your strong enough you'll fight Chaos and kill him, or seal him...she was kinda vague on that." She giggled some before relaxing, "I believe your goddess is currently somewhere in Citar freaking out. Its actually fairly common, most cant cope with suddenly finding themselves in another world. Take the phoenix, shes currently burning down a massive Citar city. In a way you'll be helping your goddess by traveling and helping to calm her down, granted the weakest goddess is not far away so I'll be taking you there first, but still."
    Yea Prox probably had a different meaning of the word 'simple' though her words would let the group know that the situation may be a bit more dire than originally proposed to them...not that the ending of their worlds wasn't dire or anything, but rampaging gods was a bit more than the rampaging animals that they would be used to. Oh and the group would have learned that they could have died...yea that was another detail that Balance didn't mention.
  17. Alex's jaw dropped as he listened. Sure, a few things went over his head, but that wasn't new to him. He figured someone would simplify it for him later, if it was that important. The two biggest things he heard were "getting stronger" and "could have died."

    "Why should we do this whole... friends with gods thing, anyway? I mean, this trip could have killed us and sounds like we could die elsewhere too. So what's to keep us from just ignoring being chosen?" He looked around at the others and shrugged. "I mean, I have no problem with doing this to get stronger or whatever. I could use a little power to do what I need back home, but this is a little out there, know what I mean?"

    He wasn't trying to say he refused the job, but Alex wanted to make sure he knew what would happen if he did. After all, if shit hit the fan and he ran off, then he could end up on the bad side of a voice thing or a bug human.
  18. Zara flinched a bit when she realized a tiny lavender woman appeared on her shoulder. She quickly relaxed though, when the mystical little being spoke to her in the language of Vol Ra. Realizing that her language was not understood at all earlier, Zara quickly nodded in acceptance to the offer. Suddenly, her forehead felt tight as if there was a knot right underneath the front of her skull. Rubbing the spot, Zara leaned back against the nearby wall, only to flinch due to the coldness on her mostly bare skin. "Ah!"

    However, when the little priestess introduced herself as Proxy, Zara was able to understand what she was saying, despite it not being the language of Vol Ra. It felt so strange that she knew it was not her native language, yet could understand it as if she knew it since childhood.

    As the others questioned Proxy about the situation, Zara was able to figure out the gist. Whatever that had broken her eternal slumber was affecting not only the desert, but also other worlds even. She was very confused right now and knew sometime later when things calmed down, she could take her time to truly fathom what had transpired since starting her sleep. For now, Zara decided she would do what she could to help restore the balance of the worlds. It would surely distract her from her thoughts of all the loved ones she knew were no longer alive anymore.

    "...I-I accept. I accept this duty." Though she could easily understand the new language she was granted proficiency in, actually speaking it was very surreal and she spoke out quite clumsily.
  19. MB took a step back, becoming less and less sure what to think about the situation. Proxy in particular made him nervous, with her talk about other people being gathered and dying for their cause, not to mention a phoenix burning a large city in Citar. Whatever these guys were getting into, it was something way bigger than he had expected. So the crime dramas he occasionally watched hadn't been lying; big plans really were made in the unlikeliest of places.

    It was all too much for MB, and when nobody was looking at him, he went down the nearest hallway and began his search. He didn't have time to get mixed up with those people, and they were probably too busy to help him anyway.
  20. "Well, since it is the will of Balance and all the other gods that the worlds be set in order by us....I have no real reason to argue...." Visica spoke with a soft smile before looking towards everyone. Though the fact that some gods may be dead was mention, Visica strongly believed her god would be fine. She looked around at the others and noticed that they were all just as nervous as she felt. She decided to grab the hand of the person closest to her, holding it tightly to express how strongly she wanted to work together with everyone. "I'm sure if we all join hands and make a promise to overcome this together we'll be able to do it..! I really believe that. Also, I'd really love to know all your names, it would help make things feel less....distant."
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