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  1. The worlds of Gaia, Syina, and Citar, three worlds acting as perfect natural mirrors of one another, each one only changed by those who reside on them. Gaia, the natural world, has had the fewest change with massive forests, vast oceans, and unyielding beasts. Syina, the magic world, temples and cities built along magical lay lines, large springs of magic scattered across the world. Citar, the world of progress, massive cities cover most of the land and even over the oceans, forests are few and far between with those that remain being ‘protected’.
    Each world completely separate from one another, but connected by various portals. Most use these portals for trade between the worlds, diplomatic solutions being sought. However each world has at one time used the portals as a means of war, invading and seeking to lay claim to the lands.

    In the past each world remained separate, nothing affected the worlds from the outside, the portals had no effect on the wildlife, and non natural changes only affected the world where the changes were caused. At least until Citar attempted to destroy a portal, the portal was one between Citar and Gaia. Citar had attacked Gaia in an attempt to gain its natural resources, however when they were pushed back they decided to shut the portal down before any retaliation could be made. The resulting explosion ripped a hole in the planet, it is unknown how deep the hole is but it is a massive jagged six thousand miles. Not only was both Citar and Gaia damaged, but in the same place Syina gained a massive hole.
    At the very center of all three holes floating about ten thousand foot from the ground is one massive portal.

    In the last fifty years since the explosion all three worlds have been experiencing tremors and massive sudden storms. Though none were entirely prepared for the worlds colliding. With a horrible ripping sound followed by an explosion entire chunks of land suddenly gets ‘replaced’ with another worlds land. Cities of technology suddenly gets replaced by ones of magic, oceans ‘appear’ where they had been ‘diverted from’ years prior, massive jungles appear where magic temples used to be.
    The population of all three worlds entered a panic, fearing the end of the world, fighting one another for any scrap of food as all notions of civilization flew out the window.

    Recently however various beings from across the worlds have found themselves pulled to Syina, transported from their homes and havens. They have found themselves in what used to be a Citar military base, now run down and destroyed. Here they will learn the cause, and how to stop further damage to their worlds.

    Rules (open)
    1: Be respectful. This should be self explanatory, I don’t mind your character being an ass, but keep the OOC chatter clean, I don’t want to see arguments.
    2: Respect the Die. You may cheer when you get a 20, but don’t go throwing a hissy fit when you roll a 1. All damage, actions, even enemy ‘targets’ are processed by the dice. Don’t blame me if you keep rolling 1’s, or if that boss keeps stomping on your face because the dice doesn’t feel like targeting anyone else.
    3: No godmoding (or anything in that ‘vein’). This should be hard to do considering the dice, but I’ve seen it happen. I’m fine if you go off and try and make your character a tank by focusing on defense, but don’t try and make your character into a god
    4: Follow the character sheet. Simple enough, you have character sheets, they have stats, and skills on them. Don’t magically claim your character has ‘mystical fireballs’ if your character doesn’t. And don’t edit your character to switch out powers as you need them. (that last one often results in an instaban from my rp’s)
    5: Be as descriptive as you wish. But please post more than just one sentence. Even if your character is just getting up from being tripped, surely your character is thinking or saying something. Try to get out at least 3 sentences per post (would prefer more but I know that I sometimes have a writers block also)
    6: More rules can and will be added as needed. I reserve the right to say ‘I didn’t think that rule was needed, but I see it is and will add it now’ at any point in time.
    7: Lets not forget, its a game, have fun.

    Worlds (open)
    The World of Technology
    Citar is a world of progress, technological marvels cover nearly every portion of the planet. The natural forests of the world had been removed and now the oxygen the planet requires is synthesized from the few remaining ‘protected parks’. Nearly every inch of this planet, from the earth, to the oceans, even in the mountains and the sky has been inhabited. The world looks like a network of buildings, with no noticeable difference between any of them.
    There are only afew exceptions, one being the crater which the Citar have been attempting to ‘fill’ to little success. The others being the locations where their world collided with one of the other two, the number of which has been increasing exponentially.
    There are five portals on this world, two go to Syina while the other three go to Gaia.

    The World of Magic
    The laws of nature hold little meaning within Syina where cities regularly defy gravity. The cities of Syina appear small with roughly the same number of buildings as a traditional ‘village’. However each building within Syina house hundreds of ‘pocket dimension’ homes, shops or offices. The biggest buildings in Syina are temples, which sit on powerful locations of pure magic and are used as schools. Travel around the world is often done through teleportation magic, primarily thanks to the fact that cities can often be thousands of miles away from one another.
    The crater of Syina is located behind a massive forcefield created from the fear that the crater may expand.
    There are only three portals on Syina, two go to Citar while only one goes to Gaia.

    The World of Nature
    Gaia resembles a massive forest and ocean. Absolutely nothing is removed to make room, homes are built around or into the land or trees. Life on Gaia is the hardest due to the fact that the creatures are the most aggressive and often in tune with some element. The elemental guardians reside within this world keeping harmony to the elements and are often revered as ‘gods’ by the more…savage of Gaia’s inhabitants.
    The crater of Gaia is avoided and seen as ‘cursed’.
    There are four portals on Gaia, one to Syina and three to Citar.

    The Dice (open)
    The dice run differently in the two ‘phases’

    In the non combat phase (the normal walk around talk to people get to know everyone, have good times) only actions like searching, guarding the camp, sneaking by enemies, picking locks, bashing down doors, etc. require a dice roll

    In the combat phase every action besides walking, and running requires a roll, and without specific ‘abilities’ only one action can be taken per turn (think of combat phase as happening in the span of approximately one to seven seconds)

    No matter what the dice rolling is simple. At the very end of your post you will put what action your character took. Then you post, once your post is made you click the option under your post that says ‘more options’ There you will see an option that reads ‘roll dice’, you will roll 1d20 per action.

    1 - A one means you critically failed and something bad will happen to you
    2-7 - Yea nothing happened (miss)
    8-19 - Something happened (hit)
    20+ - Critical hit, something good happened (in combat its double damage)

    Leveling (open)
    Each character starts at lvl 1 and every 100 exp you gain 1 level
    Exp is dished out evenly to all participants of a battle, or event. You even gain exp for avoiding conflict (though less than normal)

    For each level you gain 1 ability point to use on an ability or magic skill
    And 5 stat points to place in any stat you desire.

    Each character will start out at level 1 with 50 stat points to distribute as you so desire and 3 ability points

    Stats (open)
    The stats run your characters damage and protection. They are as follows

    Health - Self explanatory, hits zero you lose consciousness and 1 hp per turn (you can still be targeted) when it hits -10 you die (For every 1 stat point allocated you gain 10 hp)

    Attack - Basic run of the mill simple physical attack. This shows how much damage you will do if you run up and punch someone in the face.

    Defense - Basic run of the mill physical defense. This shows how well you can resist that guy punching you in the face.

    Magic - Any non physical damage including magic and elemental. This shows how well your spells can hurt people.

    Willpower - Protection from non physical damage including magic and elemental. This shows how well you can resist a spell.

    The damage is calculated simply as
    (Attack + modifiers) - (Defense + modifiers) = Damage
    (Magic + modifiers) - (Willpower + modifiers) = Damage

    Status effects (open)
    These are status effects, both good and bad

    Bless - All rolls receives +1
    Stoneskin - All physical damage reduced by 1
    Resist - All magic damage reduced by 1
    Elemental barrier - All elemental damage reduced by 1
    Hyper active - Unable to be put to sleep, paralyzed, or frozen for 1-6 turns

    Poison - A bad status effect which removes 1hp per turn
    Blindness - All rolls receive a -2
    Silence - Unable to use any magic
    Sleep - Fall into a deep sleep, unable to awaken unless hit with a physical attack or cured
    Frozen - A cold effect which prevents you from moving and causes all fire damage to be doubled (lasts 1-4 turns)
    Paralysis - Renders the body unable to move for 1-6 turns
    Bleeding - Removes 1hp per turn and can only be removed with a bandage (first aid) or a healing spell (not cure or similar ‘cure’ spells)
    Burn - A searing and blistering burn, all physical attacks deal 1.5x more damage, all cold damage doubled

    Magic/Abilities (open)
    This is the massive list of abilities your character can gain split up in ‘costs’
    If you have an idea for an ability or spell please send it to me and we can work out what it does.
    I'm still trying to think of some 'physical attack' abilities, any ideas would be greatly welcome

    Magic (open)
    Magic 1 cost (open)
    These are spells that only cost 1 ability point

    Scan - Scan your foes learning their stats, skills and any items they have in their inventory

    Weak heal - Heal target for half your magic

    Cure - Remove 1 negative status effect

    Lesser Shield - Places a shield around target absorbing 1 attack (lasts 1-3 turns (Roll 1d3 when casting spell along with the 1d20))

    Magic Missile - standard magic attack with no modifier to damage.

    Magic 2 cost (open)
    These are stronger spells that require 2 ability points

    Drain - Steal the life from target and heal back half of the damage dealt

    Ice spike - A spike of frozen water dealing cold element damage to the target

    Fireball - A blast of fire dealing fire element damage to the target

    Bolt - Shoot a spear of electric element damage at the target

    Light beam - A focused beam of light element damage

    Shadow strike - Attack with the shadows dealing darkness element damage

    Heal - Heal target for magic (requires weak heal)

    Lesser Blessing - Grants target Bless status effect for 1 turn

    Shield - Places a shield around target absorbing 2 attacks (lasts 1-3 turns) (requires Lesser Shield)

    Stone Armor - Grants the stoneskin status effect to target until end of battle

    Magic 3 cost (open)
    High level spells that require 3 ability points

    Steal Life - Steals the life from target at 2x magic and heals back half the damage dealt (requires drain)

    Blizzard - Envelops the area in a thick blizzard causing 3 cold damage per turn to enemies and 1 cold damage per turn to allies (including self) (Heatwave, Typhoon, and Blizzard cancel each other out)

    Heat wave - Envelops the area in a blistering heat which scorches the skin and deals 3 fire damage per turn to everyone (Heatwave, Typhoon and Blizzard cancel each other out)

    Typhoon - Envelops the area in a typhoon causing foes to suffer a -2 to all rolls. Allies suffer -1 to all rolls. (Heatwave, Typhoon, and Blizzard cancel each other out)

    Tremor - Deal earth element damage to target and has a chance to trip up target causing them to fall

    Lightning strike - Deal electrical damage (magic x2) to target (requires bolt)

    Reflect - Places a shield around target that absorbs and reflects 1 attack (lasts 1-3 turns) (requires Shield)

    Revive - Bring back target from death (-10 hp) or awakens an unconscious target (0 hp) heals target for magic (requires heal and cure)

    Levitate - Grants target a form of flight for 3-6 turns (roll 1d3)

    Perfect Cure - Removes all negative status effects from allies (requires cure)

    Arcane Blast - Deals magic x2 damage to target (requires Magic Missile)

    Magic 4 cost (open)
    Deadly spells which require 4 ability points

    Full Heal - Heals target for magic x3 (requires Revive)

    Magic barrier - Places a perfect shield around target that absorbs and reflects 3 attacks per turn for 1-3 turns (requires reflect)

    Earthquake - Causes earth elemental damage to everyone (except those flying or levitating) Has a chance to trip up all affected causing them to fall. (Requires Tremor)

    Chain lightning - Attacks target with lightning element damage dealing magic x2 damage. Attack then ‘chains’ to three other random targets dealing magic damage, attack then further chains to three more random targets (including self) dealing half magic damage (capable of hitting any target multiple times in a row) (requires lightning)

    Arctic Fury - Attack target for 3x cold element damage freezes on critical (auto freeze if blizzard is active) (Requires Ice spike)

    Molten fury - Attack target for 4x Fire damage burns on critical (Auto burn if Heatwave is active) (Requires Fireball)

    Cleansing Rain - causes healing rains to fall across the battlefield, all allies heal 5 hp per turn. All enemies heal 2 hp per turn. (If Typhoon active causes allies to no longer suffer roll penalty and enemies to no longer gain hp per turn)

    Sun Burst - Damages all enemies with a blast of light dealing and causing blindness to enemies and allies (but not self) (requires Light Beam)

    Darkness - Envelops target in a shroud of pure darkness dealing magic x4 damage (Requires Shadow Strike)

    Magic 9 cost (open)
    Ultimate spells which cost 9 ability points

    Apocalypse - Damages all enemies for 10x magic damage (Requires Sun Burst, Darkness, Molten Fury, Arctic Fury, Chain Lightning, Earth Quake, and Arcane Blast)

    Salvation - Revives and heals all allies to full health, removes all status effects, and applies Magic Barrier effect for 3 turns (Can only be used once and only during a boss battle) (Requires Cleansing Rain, Full Heal, Perfect Cure, and Magic Barrier)

    Physical Attacks (open)
    1 - Bait - Lure a target foe to attack you

    1 - Divert - Force a foe to target an ally

    2 - Trip - Attacks the foe causing damage but also forcing the foe to fall causing them to take a turn to get up.

    2 - Venom - Poison’s foe on hit

    2 - Sand - Throw sand at the foe causing blindness for 2 turns

    2 - Silence - An attack that cuts a foes ability to cast spells for 2 turns

    2 - Stunning Strike - A focused attack that causes paralysis in the foe for 1 turn

    2 - Pounce - Tackle a foe to the ground pinning it but dealing no damage (any attack to foe while pinned deals 2x damage) Foe may roll a d20 to escape (Foe is trapped until either let back up, attacked, or it escapes) Beware, a critical escape causes the foe to pin you instead

    3 - Freezing Strike - Strikes the foe with an attack ruled by the element of ice, freezing the foe on critical

    3 - Burning Strike - Strikes the foe with an attack ruled by the element of fire, burning the foe on critical

    3 - Counter - Retaliate and attack a foe that attempts a physical attack (even if said foes attack misses)

    Abilities (open)
    Abilities are passive bonuses, once you ‘acquire’ them you will always have their bonus. The number in front of the abilities is the ‘cost’ in ability points.

    One time purchase (open)
    These are skills that once they are ‘acquired’ there is no point in getting them again

    (2) Halve damage from Cold

    (2) Halve damage from Water

    (2) Halve damage from Fire

    (2) Halve damage from Electricity

    (2) Halve damage from Earth

    (2) Halve damage from Wind

    (4) Halve damage from Physical

    (4) Halve damage from Magic

    (5) High Crit Rate - ‘Critical’ margin increased from 20 to 18-20

    (5) Double Attack - Make two physical attacks each turn

    (5) Double Magic - Make two magical attacks each turn

    (4) Lucky - Add +1 to all rolls (Never be plagued by critical failures again) (Stacks with Bless effect)

    (6) Null Critical - Enemies are unable to critically strike against you

    (8) Full Critical - Critical attacks deal 4x damage instead of 2x (Enemies with Null Criticals take 2x damage once again)

    (8) Null Death - Resist magic attack ‘Death’

    (6) Magic hands - Add magic stat into physical attacks

    (6) Physical magic - Add attack stat into magical attacks

    (10) Perfect defense - Willpower and Defense is now added together into one stat

    Stackable Purchase (open)
    These are skills that you are able to purchase multiple times to increase their effects

    (1) Allocate - Converts ability points into 1 stat point (Infinitely Stackable)

    (3) Calm Mind - Magic stat increased by 4 (Stackable 2x)

    (3) Body Control - Attack stat increased by 4 (Stackable 2x)

    (3) Fortress - Defense stat increased by 4 (Stackable 2x)

    (3) Mind Barrier - Willpower stat increased by 4 (Stackable 2x)

    (4) Regenerate - Automatically heal 1 damage each turn (Stackable 5x)

    Character Sheets (open)

    The character information required can be as descriptive as you wish, you can even add more if you so desire. And you can move information around to make the sheet ‘look good’ to you.

    Character name: Whats your characters name?
    Age: How old be your character (no limit on this but obviously avoid children as this will be a combat rp and while a baby with a machete may be hilarious its not practical)
    Appearance: What does your character look like? (Anime picture, description, drawing, or ’real’ pic is accepted. However if I can’t ‘see’ some things I may ask for ‘more’)
    Bio: Come on, whats your characters background? History? Tell me about your character.
    Stats: Level __
    Health __
    Attack __
    Defense __
    Magic __
    Willpower __


    Accepted Characters

    Reia Grimm

    Syrus Blackwater

    Zara Vol Ra

    Daniel Harken

    Professor Objection
    Umberto Aldebrandi

    Visica Thorngage

    Alex Exectrianus
    F L Y
    Catherine Dae Romano
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  2. Enemies Encountered (open)
    Young Mana Wolf
    Lvl 1
    Hp 2
    Attack 12
    Defense 1
    Magic 0
    Willpower 3

    Reserved for extra information
    and character

    Character name: Reia Grimm
    Age: She looks 14…
    Appearance: Height: Four foot two inches
    Weight: 65
    Reia has eyes of pure black with the exception of her pupils which is a bright red color. Her long dark red hair reaches her butt and she always keeps up in a carefully folded tail. Her hair is accented by several onyx ‘streaks’ that seem to absorb light. Her over all figure is lean, but toned, and though she does have a fair chest she wraps it so that it appears flat primarily so she doesn’t have to deal with it when she fights.
    Clothing wise Reia wears wrappings, literally her entire outfit is a series of wrappings. Several around her chest, several over her lower body, then a mass of far looser wrappings around her waist, arms and legs which clearly serve as extras incase she requires them.
    She also always carries around a wooden training sword, gnarled and bent by age and use.

    Bio: Reia was born in Gaia, though many assume she is a member of the more ‘civilized’ humans she is actually not. No Reia is an elemental, well half elemental. Her father was a random wilder human who died not long after she was conceived while her mother was a death elemental. She doesn’t like talking about this and avoids any mention of her parents.

    She had left home at around the age of seven, primarily because she started to realize she wasn’t resistant to the death elementals aura. So most of her life she spent training herself, learning how to fight with a sword, how to protect herself. In the wilds of Gaia this meant that she had to learn extremely quickly else risk death.

    For most of her life she traveled around Gaia, moving from encampment to encampment, tribe to tribe, even trees and caves provided temporary homes for her. She learned to avoid going out at night when the bigger beasts come out to play. She never remained in place for long, never agreeing to stay in any encampments or tribes because they never felt like her home.
    Recently she started to feel a strange pull, she couldnt place her finger on it but it was almost like being called, until she wound up in some strange metal and concrete bunker.
    Stats: Level 1
    Health 19
    Attack 10
    Defense 10
    Magic 1
    Willpower 10

    (1) Shield
    (2) Empty
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  3. I guess I'm gonna be the first one.

    Character name: Syrus Blackwater
    Age: 24
    MyStyle.jpg (that's all I could provide for now. Might replace with something better later. Source)
    Bio: Born and raised in Syina, Syrus was taught magic and basic swordplay from his father. Throughout his younger years, he would sneak through the portals to Gaia, hiding in crates, to train his skills on the wildlife there. One day at the age of 19, when returning to his home, he found that it had been replaced by a chunk of land from Citar. Realizing that his parents and home were completely gone, he began searching for a new home. After nearly five years of almost ceaseless travel, he somehow found himself at the Citar military base.
    Stats: Level 1
    Health 15
    Attack 8
    Defense 10
    Magic 10
    Willpower 7

    Weak Heal
  4. Catherine Dae Romano

    Nickname: Daesy (day-zee), Rin
    Age: Twenty (20)

    Appearance Logistics
    Height: 165cm (5ft. 5in.)
    Weight: 50kg (110lbs.)
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Hazel

    Daesy has a mop of bright blonde hair that is cut short simply because, one, it is very stunning and two it doesn't get in her face when she is exploring, which she does often. She has semi-strong facial features; rounded cheeks and forehead, but an angled jaw that helps her achieve her "thinking look." Her eyebrows are sculpted nicely to her face and she also harbors dark, long eyelashes that also aid this look of both suspicion and planning (thinking look). Her skin is lightly tanned from the sun, but no blemishes cover her face or body, except for the few freckles beneath her eyes.
    Picture (open)

    Daesy was born and raised in Gaia by her lovely Grandmother, Antoinette. Her Grandmother used to tell her all sorts of stories about her parents who traveled between the three different worlds trying to help people return to where they once belonged, but eventually, Daesy figured out that these were just stories. Her parents had abandoned her as a young'in and her "Grandmother" was simply a passerby that felt pity for the young baby in the bayonet. This information leaked when Daesy was sixteen and with pubescent hormones raging, the young girl ran away from her cottage in the trees and fell face first in the nearest portal that occupied the far off woods.

    The portal was the only one that traveled to Syina and Daesy was more than just a bit frightened. She began to journey around though, intrigued by the ways that this world differed from her own, but of course she wanted to go home. So she really did try her hardest to find the returning portal... Three years later, Daesy was sitting cozy in a small abandoned shed that she found upon her arrival and decided to fix up when she couldn't figure out where to go. She's done many things since to help Syina, believing she could make those stories that her "Grandmother" once told a reality.

    Stats (0/50)
    Level 1
    Health 18
    Attack 5
    Defense 11
    Magic 6
    Willpower 10

    Abilities (0/3)
    (1) Scan
    (2) Bolt
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  5. Penguin - Accepted
    Should you make any edits or tweaks to your character let me know

    I know your still editing your character but you've only spent 49 points so far so you still have 1 point to place wherever you wish
  6. Frey.(Fisheye.Placebo).full.13611832.jpg
    Character name: Umberto "MB" Aldebrandi
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 126 lb.
    Bio: MB lived in Citar for his whole life with his older brother, Teobaldo, or "TB". They lived their days with less focus on work than on play, and they were rich enough to live like that for a long time, provided "live" meant "stay home and play video games together until someone needs to buy food and water". Their parents were killed in the last war between Citar and Gaia. MB didn't particularly feel anything; he hadn't heard from or seen his parents since he was a two-year-old, as they had spent their whole lives within the military, so hearing the news felt more like hearing about the deaths of two strangers. TB, however, seemed completely unable to cope. In the past, though the two were thirteen years apart, he had been much like his younger brother: flippant, sarcastic, and carefree. Now, however, TB never left his room when his brother was awake. He just lay on his bed and stared at the ceiling. MB wasn't sure what he should do, so he tried to just hang out by himself and give his brother some alone time. But one day, a few weeks later, MB found a note in his room from TB. It said:
    Hey bro,
    I'm heading to Syina where that old base ended up, the one Dad used to work at. He always told great stories about that place more than anywhere else, so it makes sense that he'd be there, right? Stay home and wait for me. Once I find Mom and Dad, I'll come back.
    At this point, MB knew he had to do something, whether or not this was some kind of prank. So after making sure TB was really gone, he made his way to the old base, hoping for some sort of clue.
    Level 1
    Health 12
    Attack 8
    Defense 9
    Magic 10
    Willpower 11
    Current EXP: 15

    (1) Cure Divert
    (2) Drain Trip
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  7. Name
    Zara Vol Ra



    Born into the temple of Vol Ra, central to an extremely isolated desert city of the same name located in the world of Syina, Zara was predestined to become one of the twenty-three priestess' that would devote their lives and magical energy to maintain the costly but powerful shield protecting the city from external threat. Deep under the temple, in a chamber with twenty-three stone slabs, lay the twenty-three priestesses. While they were all alive and their magical energy would continually flow from their bodies to be harnessed, they would be unconscious for the rest of their lives.

    Due to civil wars, the family history and much of the magical knowledge of Vol Ra was destroyed from the records and historians lost track of the bloodline of Vol Ra, the founding royal family of the city. Out of shame, the royals that found themselves in power adopted the family name of Vol Ra. However, Zara was a descendant of the true Vol Ra bloodline, unknown to all including herself, so her compatibility with the ancient city defense spell was exponentially greater. What the post-war scholars did not know was that the ancient city defense spell was never meant to be used on more than a single person - someone of the Vol Ra bloodline. The spell would immortalize the sacrifice as long as the spell was upheld. It was unknown what would happen after the spell ended, since the intention was that it never would.

    When the three worlds collided, the city of Vol Ra was torn asunder. The ancient city defense spell did not stand a chance to a cataclysm of this scale, and so it shattered. More than two hundred years since she first went into slumber, Zara awoke, finding herself in a very dark and foreign place that seemed to be a completely different world.

    Before her slumber, Zara's hair was dark brown. It is unknown why her hair changed to the light gray it is today despite the spell preventing her from actually aging. The best guess is due to the dilution of the Vol Ra bloodline, the spell did not completely shield Zara from the affects of time.

    Level: 1 (15/100)
    Health: 20
    Attack: 2
    Defense: 7
    Magic: 10
    Willpower: 11

    Lesser Shield
    Magic Missile
    Notes (open)
    +15xp - Wolf Battles, Citar Base
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  8. Character name: Daniel (Dan) Harken
    Age: 23

    Appearance: Bit hard to see, but Dan's eyes are a light shade of blue while his hair, in a short mohawk style, is black. Stands at 5'11 or 1.8m and weighs just over 180lb. with a fairly muscular build. Tattoos go from his forearms onto his shoulder blades and all the way around to join together on his back. Generally wears fairly plain and unremarkable attire; t-shirts, cargo pants, running shoes, etc. Usually has a watch on his wrist, but he'll take it off if he knows he might be doing something that could damage it.

    Bio: A world of progress has to leave some things behind as it steps forward, and Daniel Harken was just one of the many that didn't enjoy the advances in technology on Citar. While on the surface the world is highly developed, the lower one goes, well, the uglier it gets. Things are still rather developed even on the old surface level, but underneath the massive underground tunnels systems, the "slums of Citar" rear their ugly heads. Buried away from the public eye by layers and layers of earth and strict access points, this is where the "undesirables" go to eke out their lives or waste away.

    Dan, as he was usually called, wasn't condemned to live in the slums by some action of his own. His parents just figured that a child would be possible and nearly a year later he was born.

    Growing up in the slum wasn't as bad as someone might think from just the word alone. While it wasn't as easy or even remotely luxurious, his parents weren't boneheads that'd just decided to have a kid at random. They had planned and prepared, so as Dan grew up, he was never needing anything. There were sometimes where he'd go a bit hungry, the things he used were never brand new, and when things got by the three of them just managed to scrape by, but things were alright for the most part.

    While technology wasn't exactly scarce in the slum due to the abundance on the surface, there was much less variety of it underground. Those of importance or utility such as omni-tools were common enough to see, with some of the better off even able to obtain high-spec vehicles. Those strictly for entertainment were treasures used only by those that could afford to do so, so the children found older ways to have fun. Given the massive size and complexity of the underground tunnels, free-running or 3-dimensional-maneuvering (3D-M) were pretty popular. The gear for 3D-M was basic enough that a fair number of people could get their hands on a set, not to mention it was damn useful for moving from point A to point B given the slums' layouts.

    As he grew up, spending most of his free time in the streets, it was sort of inevitable that Dan would eventually get involved with the shadier sides of the underground slums. Frankly, he was rather lucky, considering how old he was for his first encounter. What started off as helping out a friend escalated into a brawl that left a gang pissed and Dan on the run. With people out for blood, he hightailed it out of the ward as fast as he could, planning to lay low for a few days or weeks to let things simmer down.

    Too bad something decided to yank him to another world a few days into his little plan.

    Stats: Level 01 (0/50 left)
    Health 15
    Attack 17
    Defense 11
    Magic 0
    Willpower 7

    Abilities: [3/3 left (Saving Up)]

    Misc.: The 3D-MG has a number of variations, but is primarily based around a lightweight exoskeleton. Fitted to the user, the exoskeleton serves to brace them against the significant forces sustained when moving around at high speeds and the sudden changes possible with sharp movements and maneuvers.
    Though the number and location are variable, 3D-MGs are, generally, mounted with a pair of wire guns. Location is usually at the waist to keep the user's hands free, but it depends on the user's preference in the end. The wires are tipped with an adhesive that de/activates with electricity, allowing for use without damaging one's surroundings. A greater number of wire guns allows for finer control and more advanced maneuvers, but is also more difficult to handle.

    An action oriented individual, Dan is someone who lives to perform rather than plan. Though not dumb or a brute by any means, he's not the type of person who can sit in a room with others and talk at lengths about things too far in the future. He has a much easier time focusing and thinking on immediate problems and concerns.
    Loyal to those he considers friends, and willing to make new ones, Dan's the person who'll be by his pal's side at a moment's notice. Generally in the midst of action and the high-paced fun is what he enjoys most, so its not surprise that he's willing to help his pals out; generally in the "slums" that meant something was going down.
    And while he might be loyal to those he knows, Dan seems to have little problem with breaking the "rules" others set in place if he has to. While he doesn't trample on others without reason if he has to to help out a pal, it's probably more likely than not that he will.
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  9. Professor Objection - Looks good except one thing, your characters age. If your character was alive when the explosion happened (the effect of Citar attempting to destroy a portal to Gaia) he would be exactly 50 years of age.
    So its easy to assume that there would be another battle between Citar and Gaia, after all Citar would still want more resources while Gaia probably wouldnt be quick to forgive their lands suddenly being marred by a giant hole. So really all that needs to be edited is either your characters age (which I assume you wont want to change that) or the closing of the portal.

    Risani - Character looks good accepted

    Zombehs - Looks good so far, just need the bio (and abilities but similar to my character you can leave some blank spaces if your 'aiming' for a specific higher cost ability
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  10. That was the intent yes, and it's done now.
  11. XD Attack on Titan gear :P

    Zombehs - Accepted
  12. Thank you for pointing that out to me gently. The change has been made.
  13. Professor Objection - Accepted

    Okay so tomorrow I will get the IC up and running
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  14. Hoping this isn't too late.

    This is a work in progress, but I THINK I have most of it prepared in my head so I wanted to get that written down here since this sounds like an awesome way to roleplay and I wanna see where it goes, how it happens, etc. Nice world background, by the way.

    I'm too lazy (mostly from being tired) right now to really code this to look nice, so I'll have to apologize about that some. If I get around to it later I'll try to get around to making the thing look nice if I need to, or even just for the archives' sake.

    Character name: Alex Exectrianus
    Age: 18

    Appearance Photo (open)

    Bio: Originally from Gaia, Alex was pulled through to the Citar base on Syina at the age of 18 while doing nothing more than wandering and wishing he could do more for his fellow Gaia...ns. Although strong from a harsh training regimen, he has little interest in magical abilities of any kind. He prefers to think with fists and is therefore a little on the dim side. All he really knows is that there are some troubles and he wants to find something to do to help. Since he didn't really have a say in his trip to Syina, Alex has made it a point to make a difference before he goes home.

    Stats: Level 1
    Health 150 (15 points worth 10 HP each should equal 150, right? Unless I misunderstood the stat allocation)
    Attack 16
    Defense 13
    Magic 3
    Willpower 7

    Body Control

    If I'm missing anything, I'll be sure to make the changes. I believe the only things I'm unsure on is whether the bio is really too short or not, and if I need to be more picky on his appearance outside of the picture. My mental thought process for him is similar to a body building lunk head sort of guy with a big heart.
  15. Jovian - Accepted
    The health was fine.

    The rp should be up abit before or after lunch time (1-2 hours)
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  16. Yay welcome Jovian you joined =)
  17. FLY - Accepted
  18. Have a post I guess?
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