Ending a War, and an Era

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  1. It was almost like something out of a twisted fairy tale. Humans siding with the Fairies, and even after having everything they chose to take what rightfully belonged to the Vampires and Werewolves. Now, as if they were prisoners in some sort of camp, the Vampires had been forced to share their land with the beasts called Werewolves. The elders hated them, but the newer Vampire's had grown to like them. All except one, Fionna Cherwood. She had always hated them since they had killed her parents. If her parents were still alive, they would have prevented this war from happening. Not everyone saw eye to eye with her. Now she watches from her old cabin outsides the Vampire's kingdom. With no electricity, she lives alone in the candle light, and forced to hunt alone.

    Humans and the Fairies had a different story. They believed the Vampires and Werewolves to be dangerous because they hunted their kind. After years of tolerating them, they grew tired of their livestock and citizens being picked off one by one as dinner. They took over their fields and drove the Werewolves to live with the Vampires, with this plan they hoped that eventually both species would starve and finally die. This plan didn't seem to go well.

    Now after years of war a young fairy has been assigned to work with a human sniper and aid him in sneaking into the Vampire’s kingdom to take down their King and Queen. The only problem is, she isn't so keen with her fighting skills; could he protect her long enough to fulfill their mission?


    Fionna received a letter at her door. Of course when delivered a letter, no one bothered to speak to her. Instead they would drop it at her door and run away. It was the middle of the night, and she had just finished preparing herself to hunt when she stepped on a letter at her door.

    ‘Fionna Cherwood. You have been assigned the task of working with the Werewolf who calls himself Shadow. He will meet you at the entrance gate to the Vampire kingdom at 1 am. Please be on time, your assignment is to stop any Humans or Fairies from intruding into our territory. Eliminate anyone who does so and you will be rewarded with forgiveness for your family’s mistakes.’

    She had no other choice but to follow order. With a loud sigh she knew she had no time to hunt, so instead she made her way to the kingdom’s entrance gates. Oh how she hated Werewolves, but it was either tough it up and work with him or risk getting turned over to the Humans.
  2. Shadow was in his quarters in a vampire kingdom doing nothing but pacing the room he did this so much he knew every crack and hole in that damn thing. It was late at night about 12midnight he assumed from looking out the window he heard a knocked at his room. It was usual but this time the person kept knocking and knocking he walked over and opened the door and was handed a letter and the vampire left whats this about he thought

    Shadow you are to work with a Vampire in protecting are borders and territory from the humans and fairies is any are in the territory at all doesn't matter who kill them on sight your King trust you will do your duties for all he's done for you be at the gates at 1am to meet her your companions name is Fionna Cherwood

    Well an assignment guarding damn borders he didnt mind Vampires after all one had raised him as his son you could say even though he is a werewolf he got ready which wasnt hard he had everything he needed on him he walked out the door and closed it behind him and headed for the city gates to meet his new companion
  3. The forest was quiet as per usual, sometimes the usual small creatures but nothing major. She missed the days when Vampires roamed the lands by the dozen, but now they were dying. There were only a few thousand remaining, and she was determined to keep them alive. Even though most of the vampires treated her like dirt, she stayed true to race.

    After letting her mind wander, she noticed she had arrived at the kingdom gates. The moon was almost full tonight, and her eyes were glowing a bright blue. Almost like pure sapphires.

    "Where is this, Shadow? He's going to be late." She said quietly to herself as she stood next to the dirt path, looking up at the moonlight.
  4. The town was active people talking about the war asking questions about whats happening in it and who knows what else they talk about betraying others don't.

    As Shadow walk he thought of that how bad could it be working with a vampire I have before he reached the gates and walkout and saw her
    "Fionna Cherwood is that you" he called as he walked up to her and stopped in front of her he looked around and listening to all the creatures real quick then got focused on her waiting for her to reply
  5. Fionna jumped when she heard a voice call out to her. She looked around and noticed someone walk up to her. Her eyes looked deep into his, as if she was looking into his soul.

    "Shadow, I presume?" She didn't frown, nor did she smile. Her eyes filled with hate and anger. How was this going to work out? Only time would tell, she was starting to reconsider this mission. Being turned over to the humans started to sound very good right now.
  6. "Yes and your Fionna I take it from the jump" he looked into her eyes back and then broke eye contact "well I take it you already know what where suppose to patrol the border and some territory a little farther into are lands" He thought to himself she didn't seem pleased with him being here then again he'd heard about her and other things so it didnt surprise.

    "I'll follow you to the border rumor has it there have bin sightings already" he looked at her eyes again and waited his eyes didnt show any emotion he just looked at her wondering if this would work
  7. "Well we're wasting time then..." Before taking off, she noticed he was looking into her eyes. She looked back at him, staring at his eyes. For a moment she kept her eyes on him, waiting for a reaction.

    "Pfft, we don't have time for this. Come on." She grunted with anger and walke down the path she had come from. The path was long, but it lead to her home and then to the border.

    "We have to stop at my home first, I nee to pick something up. Think you can keep up with me, wolf?" Her tone of voice was cold and tense, it was obvious that she didn't like him one bit.
  8. "Yes I can keep up just fine" he said in a deep calm voice he walked behind her keeping pace it was a warm night and there was a slight breeze blowing in scent and he took them all in "so why are we going to your house" he didnt mind her voice or tone he just walked behind her keeping calm
  9. "Unless you want me to drink all your blood for dinner, I need to pick up my stash of blood back at my cabin. Anything else you need to know, wolf?" She grunted once again and kept walking at her fast pace. Her bare feet felt the cool soil that they walked on, this was always her favorite feeling. The only thing ruining this beautiful night was the wolf she was stuck with.
  10. "Drink my blood" he laughed a little at the comment "so after we grabbed your blood where heading for the border next" he liked these nights he usual changed and went ontop of the Buildings and then went hunting for deer this night was perfect for hunting he loved that but he had his mission and he had to deal with her "how long have you lived out here for?" He voice still calm and he kept perfect pace
  11. "I don't drink from little wolves..." Her voice trailed off as she began to imagined Werewolves eating away at her parents. Violently, she shook her head to snap her back into reality.

    "I've lived out here for over one thousand years. I'm sure you know that though, everyone knows about me." With a loud sigh she began to speed up as if trying to dodge the conversation.
  12. "Little wolf that's cute" he sped up with her "last thing I'm worried about I'd you trying to drink my blood" he continued to follow her "so tell me why did the King pick you". He looked around listening for game and other creatures
  13. Fionna stopped and hissed at him. "Don't as me why he picked me! I didn't want to be here in the first place, but I must be here if I want my life back. Now shut your mouth and come on!" With another hiss she began to run, her anger was getting the better of her. All she wanted was her blood, and if she didn't get it soon then she would probably end up killing Shadow.
  14. "Aww the little vampire has an attitude" he said mockingly "so why do you want your life back who where you?" He ran one five steps behind her keeping pace caught off guard at first but he caught up easily "when will we get there?" He complained while running
  15. "Stop asking questions and shut your mouth like I told you to, wolf!" Once again she began to speed up. In the distance she could see her home, but something was wrong. The door was wide open and a candle was lit inside. Someone had broken into her cabin.

    "Hide!" She turned to face him and pushed him into some bushes, pinning him down and covering his mouth with her hand. Humans had to be behind this, she just knew it. She kept quiet and tried to listen for any other humans that could be near by.

    Inside the cabin, some humans were going through her things, and they were heavily armed. If they wanted to, they could easily kill a Werewolf and Vampire, but they were only sent their to search for something then get out.
  16. He grabbed her hand and removed it"don't tell me what to do and don't call me wolf" he answered in a angry voice he sniffed the air slowly "there's two of them a human and fairy?" He looked at Fionna oddly"that's an odd combination" he got up slowly and his behind a tree"what do you want to do?" He whispered
  17. "First off, stay quiet so we can live through the night. Second, let's just hide near my cabin and listen in. Once we gather enough information then we can go in and get more answers from them." She stood very close next to him, and after noticing it was clear she slowly made her way to the cabin, once she was near a window she got on her knees and remained quiet to listen in.

    "Shawn, she isn't here." Hayst remained on her feet while in the cabin. Her hair covered her naked body perfectly, so nothing was showing except for her pink wings. "Wasn't our assignment just to steal her blood supply anyway? Let's just do that and move on, I feel bad enough doing this... She never didn anything personally to me."
  18. Shadow moved up on the other side of the window and looked at Fionna and he mouthed "told you" he was on one knee listening and waiting he wasn't going to kill them and he hoped she wouldn't either he was interested in them

    Shawn looked at Hayst"you know her do you have any idea what the higher ups will do now" he was wearing all camo pants shirt and coat he had a pack on his back a silver knife on his left side of his leg and chest knife. He had a hand gun by his right leg loaded with rounds and a sniper rifle in his hands he had black combat boots and face paint on "fine what do you wanna do then Hayst we could leave it and say we never found it" he looked around the cabin "nice place tho" he looked back at Hayst
  19. "Wouldn't you get into trouble if you didn't destroy it? Oh why did I get myself into this war anyway... I wish there was a way we could end this stupid war." Hayst looked out the window and into the dark forest. "Can we just go back now? It's so dark and scary out here, and she could be back and any minute. I don't want to get any more involved into this war."

    "Come on, let's keep them from leaving." She whispered quietly. Fionna made her way to the door and waited on one side. She wanted to wait for them to try to leave, and once they did leave her and Shadow would try to keep them in the cabin to question them. Hopefully the wouldn't get killed in the process.
  20. Shawn signed "Hayst it'll be alright stay close to me and we'll get back and find away out of this war or just not go back" he start to walk toward the door

    Shadow jumped in threw the window and tackled Shawn and tripped Hayst "don't shoot and knife" he yelled at them "we need to talk" he got up off of Shawn and backed up

    Shawn looked at him "umm ok? I wit shoot he stood up I'm Shawn" he walked around to Hayst and helped her up "are you alright?" He looked at her as she got up making sure she was fine
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