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    Hidden by the shadows,

    there are those of us who carry a burden no person should ever have.
    The select few control the most important decision there could ever be.
    Who dies.
    We are the Reapers.

    "Bye, mom. Love you!" Ana shouted across the small apartment with a poptart halfway out her mouth. Her mother rounded the corner, nabbing her daughter by the edge of her shirt. Ana turned around and hugged her mother.

    "Love you, too." Her mother replied before releasing her daughter. Then her father appeared and hugged her. However, something felt wrong. She shrugged the feeling off.

    As she turned to open the front door to leave for school, she heard a loud bang. She opened the door. Her little brother stood there with blood rushing out of his stomach. Behind him stood their older brother.


    Ana shot awake in bed, sweat soaking the sheets beneath her. She glanced around the barren room, wondering where she was before it dawned on her. That's right, she was in a girl's home since her mother became unable to care for her.

    The clock on the bedside table read five o'clock. She may as well get up. Hanging her feet off the bed, she let them touch the cold floor. After dressing, she tip-toed past the rest of the rooms and down the stairs before she began breakfast.

    This was her routine now for several years. She rarely slept, and nothing interested her. Now she made breakfast for the rest of the girls in the home, then she would leave before they awoke. If she didn't have school, she would just walk around the city, looking for her next target. Today was one of those days.

    Trent awoke early, as usual. He still hadn't gotten the hang of sleep. It was only his third week here, and he was finding it hard to function. He had a little sister who looked up to him, but he really didn't feel anything toward her or his parents. So he had to pretend. Never having experience with this before, it was quite hard.

    He knew he would one day begin to feel something toward them, but right now he just tried to stay out of the house as long as possible. Thankfully, his family summed it up to being a teenager. At six o'clock, he was out the door and walking toward the park. It seemed to be the only place he felt he belonged. Nobody bothered him or expected him to act a certain way. Here he could walk in solace. Donning a white t-shirt with a black archaic symbol and jeans, he looked like any other teenager.
  2. Vurto's eyes creaked open just as the sun was starting to rise and the light disrupted his attempts to get just a little more sleep. He hadn't slept well for days, not since his death. The bags under his eyes were more defined than ever. He'd taken up residence in the apartment that used to belong to the first and only man he killed, squatting in the bedbug-ridden shithole that barely passed for a place to live. Or, to die. Har har.

    As Vurto sat up, the ratty bed creaking underneath him, he reached up and felt along the well-defined scar on the front of his neck, just like he did every morning. It shouldn't have healed, but it did, the instant he agreed to become a Wraith. Feeling the scar had become his daily ritual as a way of proving to himself that he wasn't dreaming, that this was his life now. It stretched all around the front of his neck, like a hideous second mouth always grinning at his new fate. He knew everyone could see it. He didn't care.

    He was still wearing the clothes from the previous night, and the night before that, and the night before that: a black tee with a swirl of stars printed on the front, holey old denim jeans, and blue sneakers. He knew he'd need to get new clothes soon, but the lack of sleep was severely draining his motivation. And so, he stood up, jumped out the window, fell one story, and landed safely on a pile of mattresses he'd set up in the alleyway the previous night. No one would ever see him if he left through this alley, so he wouldn't be kicked out of the apartment he wasn't paying for.

    Vurto's stomach rumbled as he walked out into the sunlight. First things first: acquire some breakfast.
  3. The drops of sweat slowly crept over her forehead to the ground. It was to hot, way to hot. The only sweet relief from the feeling was the hard cold floor. Asleep she lay on the ground, more like she had fainted. The headaches had come back and the pain was unbarable. Last night she had managed to get in her apartment just before she dropped to the ground and fell asleep. Not having bothered to find her bed and just wanting relief from the pain. But with the headaches came the nightmares, the ones she could baraly remember, yet so vividly.

    Let it stop please let it stop. Was the only thing she could think of while cowering in the corner of the closet. It had been her hiding spot for a few weeks and her father often wouldn't find her there. The yelling and shouting stopped, soon after it was silent. Did he stop? did he give up. She came closer to the door, wich was a mistake. The door swung open followed by an angry voice with a slurr. "Here you are you f*cking piece of..."

    Kaiya's eyes flew open. The light that was shining trough the window shone in her eyes and the headache fell as hammers on her head. Holding one hand to her head she used the other one to push herself up. It hurt so much that she didn't even wanted to go to work. Most often she would enjoy it, even if it was just a job at a supermarket. It was her only source of income and she needed to pay rent. While still holding her head she shuffled to the fridge, hoping that there was something to numb the pain. She opened the fridge and saw a can of beer. Why did I even buy it? I hate beer. She grabbed it and also the paracetemol that was laying next to it. She put everything edible in the fridge, because she could use it longer and because she didn't have a lot of storage place.

    After taking the painkiller and flushing it away with beer, she sat down on the only chair she had. While waiting for it to work she looked around the apartment. She was sitting in the bigger one of the two rooms she had. The door at the farthest corner led to her bedroom wich only held her bed and a small closet. The room she was in now only had a small table, chair and a small kitchen. It wasn't much, but enough to survive, enough to call home. After living for three months on the streets she was able to make a deal with the landlord. He had been short on renters so he had accepted anyone. Woohoo lucky her. In the five months she had lived in the apartment she learned things. Mainly that taking lives was nothing for her and refusing to do so made her be something that would be called an Ender.

    She stood up and made herself ready to go outside, after drinking the beer and when the painkiller had kicked in. She always felt better when she had space to move. Even if she had nothing to do she would still go outside. While she did that she almost slipped over the small puddle of sweat and drool, gross. She also tripped at the uneven part at the door when she went outside, f*ck.
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  4. Youske was walking through the park. He was wearing a long no sleeved black cloak, wearing over his black muscle shirt and ripped blue jeans. He wasn't concerned with most humans, all he was concerned about was making sure everything was balanced in this world. that was the one rule all reapers had to live by or they would become and mindless ender, he did not know truly if enders were mindless beings but that's what he has been told for several years.

    Youske couldn't seem to find anyone whose time was up. It was only a matter of time before he would have to take the souls of the innocent or the guilty.
  5. The yellow eyes stared at her and she could hear a soft purring. Lazaly the orange cat blinked and miauwed. Kaiya was holding the cat with stretched arms and was smiling at it. "Silly cat, if you don't like going down than don't go up." She started carrying the cat properly and walked down the stairs. The cat that she had found had been sitting on the emergency stairs. It wasn't the first time it had been there, everyday it was at the top of the stairs, waiting for her. Whining around her feet when she arrived and hissing if she left without it, only to find it on the same spot when she came back. One day she had just picked it up and carried it downstairs. The cat didn't slow her down, it was thin at the point that it was a miracle it was alive. Holding the cat against her body with one hand she ran down the stairs. While carrying the small beast it would purr like crazy. After petting it and putting it down it would whine again and follow her for a while, just to be suddenly gone when she turned around. The next day the cat would be sitting on the same spot again. It had become a daily routine to walk with the cat, she even gave it food now. It was a special little nameless cat and it gave her a smile to see it everyday.

    As usual she went on a walk with the orange critter. She never knew or planned where she was going. Going for a walk made her relax, especially on a sunny morning. The sky was already blue with an assocional fluffly cloud passing by. With the headache gone, or at least repressed, she was able to enjoy the warm light to its fullest. She loved summer. The warmth, the peace and outside were always enjoyable for her. Even if there would be a big cloud of smog or a big crowd blocking her view. It never could ruïn her mood. Happily she stood still for a moment to enjoy the light shining on her. It wasn't that warm yet, probably because she only wore a shirt, short jeans and sneakers, but it was warm enough. After a while the cat rubbed against her leg and miauwed. As soon as she heard the cat she petted it and walked on, holding the cat while crossing roads.

    Kaiya had walked a while and the cat had already disappeared when she came closer to the park. She was still enjoying the sun while smiling, though it wasn't a honest smile. Her mood had turned sour or bitter, wichever taste you like best. While walking she had felt that she should have taken a soul. She didn't want to, In her eyes that live didn't need to end, especially not at her hands. Even tough she was a Ender, she was still a Wraith. That means that she still could take lives, only she refusing to do so. When she had sensed it she had felt a bit of guilt, but no regret. If only the cat where at her side when it happened, it would have lifted her mood with his distracting whining. The park was the only other option now. She didn't hestitate to enter it and walked to the lake. After stationing herself on a bench she began thinking. It were just simple toughts, enough to distract. Wether she had locked up properly, what she could do before work or just maybe sleep. The latter would maybe worked if she wasn't being tortured by nightmares every night. So she just sat there as a mindless puppet staring in front of her, lost in thought.
  6. Getting food was always a bit of a challenge, now that Vurto couldn't get a job. He was supposed to be dead, so he didn't have any records, and he couldn't be assed to come up with an entirely new identity for himself. That'd defeat the whole purpose of becoming a Wraith in the first place: this wasn't just about surviving, it was about finding a place to belong.

    Luckily, he'd gotten good at the art of pickpocketing. The city was large and dense, and no one ever noticed if he pilfered a wallet or two until it was too late. A distracting bump, a deft hand slipped into their pocket, a calm stroll into the mass of the crowd, and boom, he had some money to get him through the week. With his latest nab, Vurto picked up some bread and milk, ignoring the usual stares at his scar, and started towards the park. It was always his favorite place to be. So quiet and peaceful.
  7. (( Just a note: Not all Wraiths have to be known as dead. They could come back shortly after their death so they can continue a 'normal' life ))

    Ana had decided on her way to the park to stop in at a local cafe. It was only two blocks from the park and they were open all night. During the morning it was the cafe and after noon it opened up the bar, too. Of course, Ana wasn't allowed to drink alcohol yet; which seemed quite silly to her now days, but at least the coffee was great. So in she went. Though she came here often, it wasn't enough to be considered a 'regular'. It wasn't as if anyone knew her order before she placed it, or knew her name.

    She walked up to the cafe bar and ordered a hazelnut latte before taking a seat in the cocktail tables by the window. Only one other customer was in the store, so it was quiet. She watched the middle-aged man, waiting for her sensing power to kick in. That's what she called it when she looked at a person and would get the feeling that it would be beneficial or not to take their life. Within seconds she felt that it wouldn't be. This guy would one day be important. Her sensing was a strange gift she received after she was killed and brought back. The doctors told her she had lifelined twice - the longest being eight minutes. Her experience during her NDE (Near Death Experience) was blurry, but she remembered she made a deal with someone or something. As long as she became a Wraith, she could return to her life. A Wraith is someone who takes others' lives if it is beneficial to the world.

    When she had first awoken afterward, she thought it had just been a dream. That was until she was wondering what it would be like to choose who would die as she had watched patients wheeled past her room. During one of those moments, her sensing kicked in. She just knew that the person was going to die. It wasn't because someone was keeping the 'balance' or whatever you wanted to call it. This man was just going to die. It was his time. That was almost four years ago.

    She thanked the young barista when they brought Ana her steaming latte. Taking a sip, she relaxed while being wrapped in its warmth.


    Once at the park, Trent was all ready feeling the sweat trickle down his back. His shirt was beginning to stick to him from the humidity. Stopping near the entrance, he grabbed the edges of his shirt and stripped it off. As his head came out from the shirt, he noticed a young girl sitting alone on one of the many benches. It wasn't a bad area, but it was also not good for any young woman to be out so early and alone. The girl looked to be spacing out, which was something else that unsettled Trent. Though he probably should have just spoken to her, he instead decided to jog around the park.
  8. Dorian yawned tiredly. Another long night. He'd sent two more people to their deaths overnight. It wasn't something he enjoyed doing. Well, one of them he hadn't minded so much. Rapist bastard. He just wished he could have made the man's death more violent and painful. Still, there was nothing to be done about it. Now he was in the café drinking a glass of tea, trying to relax before he'd have to start his shift as the bartender.

    It was while he was drinking his tea when he noticed a presence. Living death. He looked around quickly, keeping a neutral face. He spotted a few new faces and tried to figure out which one was the one he was looking for. He knew that there were others around, but he'd never met one. Quietly he sipped his tea, keeping an eye on the door. When the person he felt left, their presence would disappear and he would know who it was. It was a slow process, but he didn't have anything else to do at the time.

    The camera flashed and Aleria grinned. Her outfit was finished. She had to admit, she pulled a pretty good Sailor Scout look. The next convention was going to be fun. Looking up at the clock, she sighed. She wanted some coffee, but it was too close to Dorian's shift, and she certainly didn't want to run into him. Their last conversation hadn't gone very well. She didn't understand how he could be willing to kill people, even if it was indirectly.

    She shook her head. She had to stop thinking about him. He was dead. She wasn't even sure if it was still him in there. She sighed again. "Alright, let's just work on the other costume" She said, attempting to distract herself. She had a handful of orders in for custom cosplays that she'd been working on for a few weeks, along with her own. It was a good way to make some extra money, and she enjoyed the work.

    Aleria went to get the fabric to start the next one, before she realised that she was out. "Ugh! You've got to be kidding me! I swear I picked up some more! Where is it?" She asked, searching through her fabric stacks. Eventually she gave up. She'd just have to go down and purchase some more.
  9. As Vurto sat on the park bench, munching on a piece of French bread and sipping straight from his half-gallon carton of milk, he started to contemplate his death, again. It was something he thought about a lot, always wondering if he'd done the right thing. When he awoke from the deal he'd made from that shadowy figure, he wasn't in a hospital bed, surrounded by doctors. No, he was alone, just as he'd been when he took his life. Surrounded by the plush lining of a coffin, in fact. Turned out his body had already been discovered, and the funeral was just wrapping up. Just as well, he didn't want to return. Once everyone was gone, he climbed out and moved miles away to start a new life, away from all the gangs he'd rejected and the family that now mourned him.

    When the figure had approached him, he made it very clear that he didn't want to live anymore. He just wanted a place to belong. The figure nodded and told Vurto that he would get his wish. Vurto figured that was why so much time had passed between killing himself and waking up again. Ah well. Things turned out okay in the end. He just had to stay under the radar. And, y'know, take more lives. But he pushed down that thought. It was making the bread rise in his throat.

    Something tickled on the edge of Vurto's awareness, interrupting his peaceful breakfast. He looked around, wondering what was going on. And then, in an instant, he just knew. Someone around here was just like him, another Wraith. He had been desperate to find someone else, someone who would understand, someone he could talk to. He wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he'd felt lonelier than ever lately. He just wish he could tell who it was.
  10. Kaiya had been sitting on the bench for a while already, lost in thought. Her mind had already wandered to the lake. It's was a beautifull lake. The lake was big, deep and reflecting the sun shining on it, while the trees around it rustled on the soft wind that blew once in a while. She had visited the lake more often and everytime she was suprised at how peacefull it looked. She remembered the lake differently, more dark and grim. Like a foreshadowing scene from a movie. And that was always her only hestitation to go near the lake. Only today it had given some comfort, as if it was a place she could relate to. She also knew why she remembered the lake as something dark. It had to do with her first day as a Wraight. Now she could laugh about it everytime she tought of it. It had really been something cliché from a movie. But back then she was scared and lost. As her mind wandered further, she tought of the day she had died and had awoken again.

    It had been unfair for her to die, at least that was what she tought. She felt that it was even more unfair because of the way she died. Not being able to do anything while slowly drifting away in nothingness. Only hearing the angry, maybe desperate, screams from her father. It was horrifying,. The dark figure didn't help much and just kept talking about a deal. She had accepted it, to get him to stop talking and to get out of the daze. She didn't know what he had exactly said, just something about live. The next thing she knew, she was coughing painfully and she had a slamming headache. It was dark around her but there were lights. Street lights, they were blurry but she did recognize them. The darkness came from the night she was surrounded with when she awoke and it was cold. But, it wasn't raining. Yet, she was soaking wet. As the haze in her head cleared up she was able to put one and one together. She had been dumped in the lake. For a moment she found that unbelievable of her dad, but she accepted it as the truth and used it as another reason for her revenge. At that suffering last moment she had been sick and tired of everything her dad did and that was the last drop. She pulled herself up, still coughing and her headache pounding on her head. For a moment she touched her head but felt no wound. Not even wondering how that was possible or why she was alive. She looked back at the lake and just walked away from it, like nothing happened. She wanted to get away from that grim place, even if she still had many questions.

    Her mood had become sullen again as she was reminded of that day. She had planned to brighten the mood by coming there, instead it made it worse. For a moment she hoped that she could think of something else. Her hope went lost. Not because she started to think again, but because she was tugged out of it. The tug had just been a feeling but she had felt it twice that day. Once when she was thinking a bit happier thoughts and just now. The first time she had ignored it but this time it was closer and she had to be alert. The feeling told her that there was someone like her near, be it Wraith or Reaper, she didn't know. The las thing she wanted was to get near any of them, not with her Ender status. For a moment all kind of ways to get away unnoticed went trough her head. Maybe I can slowly walk away, or wait for a big group of people, maybe I should stay or... Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt something furry against her legs. Quickly she looked down and felt relieved when she saw it was the orange cat. "Don't suprise me like that silly, why are you back? Lonely?" The cat only gave a loud miauw as anwser and purred. Smiling she picked up the cat and petted it. It was rare that the stray came back after it had dissapeared, but she was glad for it. Guess I found my solution, I will stay for a while. Now just hope that he or she will leave first.
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  11. Breakfast in hand, Vurto got up and started to wander the park, focusing. On what exactly, he wasn't sure, but he got a vague "hot/cold" sensation as the feeling got stronger or weaker. He figured he could track the feeling to its source, and start up a conversation with whoever he found. Hopefully, they'd bite, and for once in his life, he wouldn't feel cripplingly alone.

    He stuck to the grassier areas, mostly, with all the dog walkers and Frisbee players going about their days. Watching the lives of others go on around him helped to ground him to the idea that he was no longer one of them. At least that everyday feeling of isolation had a purpose now. The feeling was fairly weak the whole time, until he started to move towards the lake.

    There weren't many people here. Some fishers, a stone-skipper...and one girl sitting on a bench. Purplish pink hair. Bingo. As Vurto approached her, the feeling got much stronger. This had to be her.

    "Hey," he said as he approached her, taking another bite of his bread. "You're just like me, aren't you?"

    Stupid, stupid. Why did he say that? Gah...no turning back now...
  12. The cat seemed to start purring louder as her panic grew. Slowly she petted him as to keep him in place. It responded only by rubbing it's head against her cheek. But she didn't really feel the cat or had much attention for it. Just having the feeling that he was getting closer made her panic. She didn't know who or where he was, just that the feeling was getting closer. Her toughts were back again at how to get away. Maybe I should leave, he or she doesn't even know who I am. Maybe I'm lucky and I can get away with it. Just slowly stand up and walk away, he can never find me if I walk away. She knew that the others could sense eachother just like she could. But she also knew that all of it was just a feeling. Some were more accurate than others. She was riding on the hope that his wasn't, just like her sense wasn't as accurate. She could only feel if someone was close or far away, but not HOW close or far. But one thing she knew about who ever was coming. That was that she didn't want to meet him.

    Kaiya was about to stand up after making the resolute decision. But it was too little too late. She felt the presence really close and now she just wanted to run. But she stayed hoping to be able to bluff her way out. One thing had to be kept hidden; her status as an Ender. She almost jumped out of her skin when the cat suddenly miauwed next to her ear. Her heart was beating loudly when she heard someone behind her say that they were the same. No choice now just face him. She turned around and smiled at him. "If we are both humans than we are the same, yes." The person who talked to her was a guy with dark clothes on. He didn't look like someone anybody wanted to talk to, neither did Kaiya. She hoped he was just some random guy, but her hope was lost when she saw his neck. On his neck was a huge scar, one from a wound a normal person wouldn't survive. Yep he is like me, damn it. She just kept smiling when she continued talking. "Is there something else? I don't know you, maybe you got the wrong person?" She kept bluffing, though she new that it was probably useless. Suddenly the cat jumped out of her arms and on the ground. It continued by walking to the strange guy and start whining around his legs. Traitor, now he has a reason to stay and talk. She looked from the cat to the guy and smiled again. "Apparently it likes you. Normally it ignores other people." She looked at the food in his hands. "Or it wants some of your food."
  13. LeRoy wasn't your typical man. He'd died two years before he showed his face at that bar again, everyone saw him die. Bled out, laying there while his killers escaped. He'd been coming to the defense of a female bartender, and paid the price for it. But he wasn't a 'do-gooder' or anything like that. He was known for his callus rude behaviour, but he was quite the charmer when he wanted to be. He'd grown up in this town, everyone knew his past with his father. His mother had died during childbirth and he took it out on LeRoy and his little brother Dayton.

    The night he died, people thought for sure that Dayton would seek revenge, but Dayton disappeared. So when the dead walked into the bar, one could only imagine the reaction the poor bartender held. "Y-you died! Right there...I cleaned your blood off the floors for weeks!" the small blonde woman cried, backing up in fear until she hit the back of the bar stand. Cigar poking out of his mouth, still burning, he knelt down at the black rug against the burgundy wood floor. "A black rug? Boy lady, you've really put a damper on this place since I left," he joked, his deep voice amused. Flipping the rug up, he saw the dark maroon stain that pointed out exactly where he'd died. "Sure takes you back..."

    He'd just barley noticed movement from the corner of his eyes as a pan was swung at his head. Ducking just in time, he swung out his left foot and pulled her leg out from under her. She tumbled to the floor, the pan sliding across the floor. Not wasting time, he knelt over her and held her arms. "Tell me, please, if those men still frequent this bar?" he asked calmly. He had no intention on hurting this woman, nor did he blame her. But he would have been very cross if she'd actually hit him. She shook her head, fear displayed thick on her face. Smiling, LeRoy got up and pulled her up from the ground. Walking over and picking up the pan, he handed it to her. "It's bad business to hit your customers with pans. I'll be back tonight," he said and walked out the door. Mounting back onto his Harley, he took off.
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  14. For a moment, Vurto wondered if he really did have the wrong person. He looked around, trying to spot anyone else nearby, but they were all pretty far. It had to be this girl, it just had to be. So why was she lying? And now that he thought about it, she was a really terrible liar. Leaning down and giving the cat a few pets, but keeping his bread far away from it, he said, "I don't know you either, but I know what you are." He paused, collecting his nerve, unaware that he was probably putting the girl through a nervous breakdown. "You're a Wraith, or a Reaper, right?" he said finally, looking her in the eyes. "I was hoping I'd meet someone else."
  15. The only thought in her head that was left was simple. No big escape plans or ways to bluff herself out, just one simple thought. Crap. It took her a moment to realize what he said. He wanted to meet someone. Had he never met someone like us before? Kaiya felt some kind of pity for him before she quickly recovered herself. No use now to deny it. Just don't mention anything about Enders. He doesn't know me so I should be safe right. Right? Kaiya sighed and smiled at him while still keeping eye contact. "Am I that obvious? You're right I'm a Wraith. Sorry to seem to be so avoiding, I had some... bad encounters before. Now you finnaly met someone else." At the last part she smiled honestly at him, knowing how lonely it could be. She hestitated a moment before gesturing at the free spot on the bench. She didn't know if she could trust this person, maybe he did know her and he was just faking everything. Enders were hunted, she knew that. She also knew that she was taking a risk for herself by talking to him. "Hey little whiner come here." She clapped her lap while looking at the cat. In response the cat leapt on her lap and made itself comfortable, while purring loudly. It kept it's eyes staring at the guy. "Don't get it wrong, it isn't my pet. It's just a stray. But anyway," She looked at the guy. "You are also a Wraith? Reapers don't really look for others so far I know. For how long have you been one already." Kaiya had silently planned to get to know him and make sure that he wasn't lying, of course she wasn't planning to tell anything about herself. "Haven't taken your first soul yet or did you take already many?" She reprimanded herself for that. Not too many questions you idiot. He will ask about you to. Luckely she had calmed herself down by just thinking to be able to get away with it. At leat it was some sort of solid plan.
  16. Vurto took a gulp from his milk carton and averted his eyes, staring at the cat. "Not long." It had scarcely been a month now. He still wasn't totally used to the idea. Nor was he sure he wanted to share very many details with this girl. He had to keep telling himself that he was the one who approached her, and with the intent of finding a new acquaintance in this world of the dead. "I've only taken one," he added quietly, his eyes still glued to the stray cat. Anyone could tell he wasn't very happy with the idea, no matter how misanthropic he seemed most of the time.
  17. Relief washed over Kaiya as the words sunk in. Not for long and just one soul were other words for; 'I have no idea what an Ender is.' He also didn't seem to be lying, he didn't look very happy either. Of course he wouldn't he just took a live. Kaiya smile softly at him with empathy. She knew how it felt even if it wasn't while taken her first soul. "The first one is probably the most difficult one. You decide how difficult it is going to be later." She started to pet the cat, who still had it's eyes locked on the guy. She had relaxed with just a few right words, funny how quickly her moods changed. It didn't really bother her tough, it was nice to have someone to talk to without being accused. Trying to keep the conversation going she continued. "You either get used to it or make it harder for yourself. In either case it differs with every person." Again she gestured at the free spot on the bench. "You can sit down if you want. And I almost forgot. My name is Kaiya, nice to meet you." For some reason she felt like she wanted to be there for him. Like no one had been there for her when needed. She smiled as kindly as possible at him before she continued. "Do you have a name? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to, many of us rather keep to themselves." Maybe, if she didn't count the cat, she would have her first friend.
  18. "Call me Vurto," he said automatically, shooting Kaiya a glare that warned not to press further. He hated his first name, unreasonably so. It was a source of contention for him ever since he was little. Hoping she'd be different, he sat down next to her and finished off his bread before the cat could get at it. He had to admit, something about her made him a little wary. It was just a vague feeling, but during his short amount of time as a Wraith, Vurto had learned to trust his gut instincts. But regardless of that, he was desperate for company.

    After an uncomfortable pause, he looked up at Kaiya and asked her, "What was your first time taking a life like?"
  19. Kaiya was suprised at the sudden glare she got when Vurto told his name. Even tough she was suprised she did smile at him. She was still petting the cat and noticed that it was still staring at Vurto when he sat down and ate his bread. This little critter must be really hungry if it even wants bread. After smiling at Vurto again she just kept staring at the cat. She wasn't really good at keeping a conversation and this was no exception. To make it worse this conversation could bring her live in danger if she wasn't carefull. The silence was stretching as neither of them said anything. Kaiya was thinking about what to say when Vurto asked about her first kill. My first kill is probably very different from yours dear Vurto. In her mind she had put already dear in front of his name for some mockery. "Let me think for a moment, sometimes you don't really remember what you want to remember." Kaiya leaned further back on the bench and looked almost as if she remembered a funny thing instead of her first kill. But there was one exception, her usual smile just looked sad. She calmly started talking. "I think it went something like this... I had just been dead, or alive again, for a day. I wasn't happy about dying but I didn't really understand why I was alive again. I felt the feeling that I should take a live... Have you had that feeling again after your first kill? But anyway, I went with the feeling and just killed a man without consideration for family, friends or himself. I just... murdered him in cold blood. The sad thing is that I never felt anything about it untill I took more lives. It kinda got hard for me to take lives in the end, but I still do it." The last bit was a lie but she had to tell that, apart from that lie she had always told every other wraith or reaper she met the truth about her kills. She looked at Vurto again. "But I don't think that will help you with how you feel about taking lives. Yes, you can compare but like I said before, everyone is different it won't really help in the end. You have to process it, just like everyone else in your own way." She went silent again while petting the cat. The cat left her touch and walk over the bench to Vurto. There it miauwed once while looking at him in the face before it walked on his lap and lay down there. Again you are a little traitor. Not that I really mind or that it matters anymore.
  20. Some time had passed when Ana picked up her mug to take another swig of coffee. Unfortunately, it was empty. As much as she wanted to order another, she decided against it. There was an eerie feeling around her. One she despised, despite only ever experiencing it once before. The Dead were near. Whether it be a Reaper or Wraith, or perhaps an Ender, they had been here for awhile. She had been too distracted with her need for coffee before to notice if they had all ready been here. She stood to walk out the door after leaving a tip on the table. When she stepped outside, relief washed over her. The feeling was gone. She was alone. Now on to the park where she enjoyed reading on one of the many benches.


    Trent rounded the start of the park again, a steady stream of sweat dripping from his chin. Running was the only time he ever really felt alive. The bursting heartbeat, the intense heat, and the air rushing his face. It was wonderful. When he rounded the last curve, he noticed a boy was talking to the girl he had first seen when entering the park. He decided to relax near the small fountain several feet from the two. He lowered himself to the side of it and began splashing his face with the water. Obviously it's not clean enough to drink, but to cool down, it was perfect.

    He glanced around the park, wondering why there were so many people here this early in the morning. However, it wasn't as if he came here before at this time. Normally he ran around his neighborhood or at the school gym. It was interesting to know that a Wraith or Reaper came here this early, as well. Of course he couldn't exact who it was, but someone within the park was like him. Or not. He didn't care. Trent had met a Wraith before. Several years back. However, she just couldn't relate to him. It was tough making friends with her, but they managed. A couple years ago, their friendship ended suddenly. Now he understands only a Reaper would be able to understand him. For now, he just relaxes by the fountain.
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