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  1. Chantel grumbled and slammed at her alarm clock. She stretched and got out of the small cot she had been sleeping on. She still wasn't used to the Organization. She had only been here a few days and already she could feel the difference. She felt stronger, more alert. She pulled on her normal outfit, one that everyone wore. A plain white shirt and pants. They were about to give out new outfits, denoting the position they held.

    She ran her brush through her blonde hair and hesitated putting it up. She had been used to putting it in pigtails but now had to put it in a ponytail. She fastened it and then pulled her plain white sneakers on. She went outside of her room, the door whizzing open. Where she was now was all technological. Everything responded to voice or your thoughts. She hated it at times. She would much rather just have a place with no technology. But this was to be her home. This was to be where she would live the remainder of her days.

    She went into the cafeteria and sat down, looking at the other kids around her. She was one of the newest but already regarded as higher up. She glanced at one girl who hovered over her food even more. Chantel looked down at the scrambled eggs and toast. She wasn't used to this high protein diet. She had been a vegetarian so long ago and now she had to eat so much meat to keep up the muscle she would be gaining. She sighed and ate the eggs quickly, hearing a group of kids talking.

    "Did you hear we are getting another new girl today?" "Really? We just got one. How many more are they getting?" "I don't know but she better watch out. Chantel is leading a class today and she keeps kicking everyone's ass."

    "I can hear you snots." She shouted, shoving more eggs into her mouth and grumbling.
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  2. Brandi
    I'm the first one off the transport, dressed in my usual camo cargos and black tank top, having absolutely refused to wear the stupid uniform. I have a beat-up black canvas duffel bag over my shoulder containing everything I own, and I completely ignore the rest of the Launchies in my group as we're herded to a room, allowed to put our stuff away, then escorted to some sort of cafeteria. They still haven't made me change.

    I smirk slightly to myself as the other Launchies shuffle timidly into the caf, the total opposite of my graceful gait and hostile, suspicious demeanour. Dark brown eyes dart everywhere, watching, analyzing, assessing from under my raggedly cut bangs. I grab a tray of food and select a corner where I can see everyone, but no one can sneak up on me, purely out of habit.I pick at my food, not really hungry, then set down my fork and amuse myself by seeing how many different ways I can get the corded muscles in my arm to move.
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  3. Chantel ate her food, finishing it quickly and looking around at the new people. She crossed her arms and leaned back in the chair. Two girls giggled and sat down at the table next to her.

    "Go away." She grumbled, looking at the blonde girl beside her.

    "But Chantel, look at that girl in the corner. I wonder who she thinks she is. Go talk to her!"

    "Shut up." Chantel grumbled and waved her hands as the girls ran off. She got up, placed her tray in the cafe dishwasher and walked over to the new girl, plopping down in the seat next to her.

    "What's up new girl?"
  4. Brandi
    I ignore the girl who sits next to me, keeping my eyes focused on the tanned and in places, scarred, skin of my arms. I glance up furtively from under my mop of brown bangs, studying her intently. Blond, commanding posture, slightly arrogant expression... she must be one of the high rankers. I keep these observations to myself though and my mouth shut. I don't want to talk to her, or anyone for that matter. I absently pick at the hem of my tank top as she doesn't go away, a nervous habit that I've never seen any reason to break.
  5. "So? Don't feel like talking. That is fine." She smiled and waited for her to talk. She leaned down on the table and put her had in her hands. "So, your new. I get that. I have been there before. I just want you to know that you can talk to me." She smiled and patted the table before getting up. "If you need me let me know."

    She got up and walked from the cafe, heading toward the bathroom.
  6. Brandi
    My eyes narrow as my head comes up to watch her walk away. Going to try and play the nice game, hmm? That one won't work on me. A little grin curls my lips. Don't even pretend to be nice if you don't mean it. I get up as well and dump my tray before putting it in the window where the we turn them in. I head back to the barracks after that and grab my boxing gloves and wraps, heading to the training area to get in some bag work. I wrap my hands in the black cloth as I walk, gloves hung through my belt loop by the straps. I step into the quiet training room and look around at the bags, letting out a breath as the tension seems to drain from my body. I pull on my beat-up 14 ounce gloves and flex my fingers, enjoying the feeling of the leathery material, which has molded to my fingers after a few years of heavy use.
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  7. After finishing in the bathroom she made her way to the training room. Spotting the new girl she gave her a look but ended up leaving her alone for now. She made her way over to the weights and began stretching. Letting her right leg pull behind her and feeling the stretch in her leg. She switched legs and felt the stretch in her other leg. Standing straight she held her arms up and slowly bent over, feeling each spinal disc slip into place as her back muscles stretched. She stood back up straight and began doing some warm up exercises. She did a few jumping jacks and squats before feeling her muscles burn beneath her flesh. She smiled, feeling great.
  8. Brandi
    I attack the bag ferociously, working out all the stress and frustration from the trip with a series of powerful punches, kicks, and knees. I make the chain rattle and the bag swing with a powerful right roundhouse kick, which is promptly followed up by a spinning back hook kick. I growl, lashing out with a jab-cross-hook combination, and otherwise just smashing the bag as hard as I can with everything I've got. It's not good form, not good technique, but damn, it feels good! When I finally stop, I'm panting and dripping with sweat, but I feel better, much better, straightening with a groan, pulling off my gloves and bracing my hands in the small of my back as I stretch and twist, the sound of tendons popping into place clearly audible. I sigh with satisfaction and rub my callused knuckles.
  9. "Geez, I can't wait to see the other guy." She mumbled to a passing girl. She laughed and carried on while Chantel watched the new girl. She would be pretty good, in a real fight. It wasn't her place to fight the new girl, she would have to find her own place. Chantel took a long sip of water from her water bottle and sat down on the bench. She could feel her back pop as she watched the new girls technique. Kind of sloppy but who was she to judge. The girl obviously didn't want to talk to her so there was no point in trying.
  10. Brandi
    I take a deep breath and tighten up my form, going from sloppy and venting to tight and precise, working for a few more minutes before I join the girl on the bench with a bottle of water, sucking half of it down in a few seconds. I pull my combat boots off and then shove my socks in one of my boots an pull my ponytail out to redo it in a braid. "Know any jujitsu or judo, or similar?" I ask the blond, my voice rough from having not talked to anyone for the past two days. "And if you do, want to practice?" I peel off the ends of my long nails with my teeth as I wait for her response.
  11. "Not really, just basic kick boxing." She shrugged and took another sip of her water bottle. "If you want to practice I can." She said, keeping her look straight and avoiding the girl's look. She ran her hand through her hair, smoothing out the frizzing ends. She hated warming up, she hated this part of the day. She liked the part of the day when they could be themselves and not worry about what was to come.
  12. Brandi
    I stand after draining the rest of my water bottle. "Let's go then." My words are short, clipped, tight, not friendly, but not overly hostile either. I pull my gloves back on after tightening my wraps some and walk over to the mat, bowing on. I wait for her impatiently, tense and wound like a tightly coiled spring, ready to launch and move at any moment. I take a deep breath and make myself relax, easing up on the tension.
  13. Chantal stood up and walked over to the mat. She bent her knees slightly and bounced on her heels. She held her arms up in position, staring down her arm muscles to meet Brandi's eyes.

    "You never did give me your name." She said quietly. "You just expect to come in and fight?" She questioned, moving back and forth on the mat.
  14. Brandi
    I straighten. "Brandiwen Shasti Keets, Private First Class." I respond automatically, expression dead, avoiding eye contact. I finally glance at her. "Call me Brandi though, if you would." I shift into a fighting stance, chin tucked, hands up, elbows held close, light on my feet.

    "And yes. Is there something wrong with that?" There's genuine puzzlement in my voice.
  15. "Ah." She said quietly and gave the girl a look. "So why do you want to fight? I mean do you just enjoy fighting?" She threw a punch.
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  16. Brandi
    I slip the punch, tap her with a body shot, and shrug. "I guess." I respond. "I mean, it's really all I know aside from how to fix mechanical stuff." I throw a right roundhouse aimed for the ribs.
  17. Chantel skidded back, missing the hit. "What kind of mechanical stuff?" She questioned, moving to the right slightly. She jumped forward, swinging around Brandi. She stood behind her and tapped her shoulder.
  18. Brandi
    I pivot and block, then swing straight into a hook. "Planes and cars mostly. Fighter jets were my favorite things to work on."
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