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  1. A long time ago, there was a war.
    It lasted for at least 300 years.
    Humans attacked each other with bullets, missiles, chemicals, bombs, disease, and even radiation.
    They forgot why they started fighting after awhile... and yet, they did not stop.
    And through a long course of events, including the fall of the last great empire,
    The last female died.
    So only few humans remain, regretful, sparsely populated amongst us.
    We respect them for their wisdom
    And hope never to repeat their history.

    Yet... there are those who just don't care...
    During the war, humans had to find a way to protect themselves against the worst of the attacks. So scientist went to work, and eventually, they made a vaccine that would cause the genes of a human to never change, and also give them longevity as a side-effect. However, it had it's consequences. Humans that that had been vaccinated could no longer adapt- they and their children were always stuck with the same genes. No mutations, no evolution.

    Before the war had started, humans were at the acme of technology. They had erased the line between reality and virtual reality- they were one in the same. Programs, the epitome of this achievement, were created to help people in everyday life. Often, they took the appearance of talking fish, lions, mythical dragons, and all sorts of animals. Sometimes even plants, like giant flowers or trees. During the war, however, they were used in battle as the ultimate protectors of land. Sometimes, however, the creation of a program, or the program itself, would go wrong, creating an Error, a static, deformed, and unpredictable version of what was meant to be helpful. Errors were quickly destroyed as soon as possible.

    While Programs where used for defense, Viruses, the few that were, are made for assault- however, with the way they made, they often backfired, causing high tension between Programs and Viruses. Viruses usually had their own original appearance- A suit of armor, a giant glove, a golem, etc.

    As humans continued to fight, more humans where vaccinated. They all became stuck, while the poor class, who fled away from battle, unvaccinated, quickly evolved. They where no longer completely human- Taller, faster, stronger, peaceful. They became Templites, the race that would inherit post-war Earth. They lost the technology humans had, reverting to an odd mix of steam-powered, 'magic,' and medieval-esque technology.

    And so, when humans literally ran out of warriors, the war stopped. Templites where now the dominate species of the healing planet. The male humans left became hermits, often alone outside of Templite villages and towns. More species of all types popped up, you name it- werewolves, vampires, elves, mermaids- somehow, they had been a result of experimentation in the war. Either created by gene manipulation, or when rifts were torn in the fabric of space-time. The humans were honored by the people, but they were rarely gave the secrets of technology their race holds.

    Most Programs, Viruses, and Errors had been destroyed in war. However, few Programs like D_5608, a Dragon-like program, or L_506, a lion-like one, as well as many others, survived, and serve the Templites to this day. Rumors of a static, humanoid-shaped Error, says that a human program was attempted, but failed, and the Error escaped.

    It said that all Viruses were destroyed by the Programs.
    (This is a lie, the antagonists have the last one.)

    What is called magic has now come to be- powers that one could use by drawing energy from oneself. It has allowed for easier construction, better protection and law enforcement, the animation of objects, but has also created problems like curses.

    Now coming to the present, 200 years after the War, the world appears to be at peace. The Earth is healing as great forests and jungles grow back. Kingdoms have come to be, the main one being Almivare, one successor to the great Valvarian Empire. Order has instilled in the world, even with many chaotic groups. However, there is one, from right under our noses, planning to destroy the entire world in it's weak, healing state. It is a group that has infiltrated the government as it seeks allies and resources to accomplish it's goal. A secret army, forming without anyone noticing...

    You will play either the role of the protagonists and/or antagonists. The protagonists are a small group that are traveling the world in an attempt to stop the end. As antagonists, you will play generals of an army, going out to fulfill plans, and staying in a cozy mansion, provided by your leader who had started this movement.

    Your motives are diverse, and species even more so. In the end, either way you go, you will make friends and enemies.


    Tl;DR: There was a war, the humans messed up themselves, the last female died, humans are now hermits. Not messed up humans evolved into Templites who are better but don't have awesome technology. Other fantasy species popped up out of nowhere. Stuff about Programs, Errors, and Viruses. Empires fell, this story takes place in a successor kingdom. There's a secret movement creating an army that will destroy the world. You can be either trying to save the world or destroy it, or both. Go back and read the details now.

    Whew, that was long, but fun. ANYWAYS, this is just me checking to see if anyone is interested in this roleplay. Also if there's anything should do about it, and how do I make the IC look attractive?
    So, question, comments, criticism, interest, please voice them.

    Maybe this should be a group...

    Cello, out. *Poof*
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