End of the world

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  1. Ok so if you knew for sure this Friday 12 21 2012 was the end of the world everyone was gonna die ect say in their sleep at 1159pmwhat would you do with your last days think I'd wanna be outside with the woman I love say goodbye to friends and family maybe do something totally random like hit a car with a piece o wood lol I don't know if I didn't have a girl well I try to find as many as I could and make sure I looked my best for when it happened
  2. wow even on iwaku I have to be reminded of the world's stupidity. Glad to see someone couldn't resist the temptation to start up this conversation and yay for me to bump it back up because I can't resist complaining. FML
  3. Ok such rudeness haven't even been here a week just to make the point I don't think it's the end of the world I'm only asking what would u wanna do if it was.
  4. Not directed toward you, just the general public. The world was supposed to end a million times over, but never did. Can you blame me if I hear it daily in and out.

    Sorry I don't mean to be a jerk to you.

    But to answer you question. I just want to escape from the idea because I've finally grown up enough to get my life in order where I feel I finally have control, love life is great, and finally going to college in January. So your idea of being with the ones you love is actually the best idea I can see fit.
  5. No problem perhaps I shoulda made my belief on it known first so,College what are u gonna major in?
  6. Funeral Directing and Embalming.

    My reasons for it... well I want to show the respect I hold for the deceased. I want them to look their best on their last day with family and friends. I also want to be there to care for the family and make sure the event goes right. To me it doesn't matter what you did in life, you still deserve to have someone say goodbye to you and let any grudges be forgotten.
  7. That's pretty deep not a profession id choose but I applaud your reasonings I hope it goes well for you
  8. Tell J I love her. I'm wanting to do so anyways, but...as you can imagine, it's nerve wracking.
  9. aw, don't wait until the last moment! At least get a few days with her, right? ;) Couldn't hurt.

    And I've been there, never easy to tell someone of the same sex you're interested. D: I'm enjoying this love theme that this thread is bringing out in people!
  10. Live every single day like there's no tomorrow. Now, I'm not saying go out and do that YOLO bullshit, but live without regrets. Don't put things off 'til tomorrow, or think to yourself, "S/He's not interested in me..." You don't know that.
  11. She lives across the country now, so even then we wouldn't be able to see eachother. I don't want to tell her when I'm so far away because I don't want to make her wait for my love, we can only see eachother in the summer for about a month, when I know that there's another who would be able to give it to her immediately.
  12. What Diana SAYS she'll do: Party it up and talk to people she hadn't spoke to in years and say goodbye and then be happy in last days.

    What Diana ACTUALLY does: Cry, cry, cry more crying, panic, freak out, cry some more, and sleep until doom.

    It's nice to think about all the good things you'll do if you know you're going to die, but... I know myself well enough to know that I'll prolly be an emotional wreck and spend the entire time psycho. ;___;
  13. Blood orgies. Blood orgies everywhere.

    Also, this particular crock of doomsday shit states that the world will end between the 12th and the 21t of December. So we might yet all day horribly just kidding, nothing will happen, everyone will carry on as normal.
  14. Heh, the world isn't ending yet, though probly will start to around 2050 or so which is actually proven in a billion places for completely logical reasons.
    I'm just gonna go to the store and get some new paint brushes, take the dogs to the park and read a good book the day before we're spost to die this time.
  15. I'd kinda agree with Diana on this one... I stress the hell out to begin with and I've got anxiety issues as is. If the world really began to end and it was obvious that it was ending, no doubt I'd join the "freak my shit" category.

    But I'll have Drew to cling onto and a bottle of wine to dull it down and make me more happy so, it'll probably be a good day/night. XD
  16. Fortunately, I don't have anything to do on the 21st, so I'll do whatever I want whether the world ends or not. Yay for unemployment!
  17. lol I like you. Id rather that party then crying.
  18. We're having an Apocalypse Party, which I'm totally dressing as Mad Max or a Vault Dweller for.

  19. D: Don't say such things, you'll make me sad! I don't like tragic stories of the heart. (really I do but only if they're not "real" only rp)

    *huggles* D':
  20. Me and my girl live at opposite ends of the country. And somehow we have made it for for 2 years. Phone calls mail video chatting, it all helps but whats most important is the fact that she knows I love her and I know she loves me. If you don't say anything you might be risking losing everything. You wouldnt be making her wait. It be her choice.