End of the World

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  1. Hey! I am looking for some partners for an end of the world/post apocolyptic setting. I don't really care what kind of plot, or content, Im up for almost anything, but I just really want a roleplay with survival elements in it, like when the world has ended, here are some loose ideas on types of apocolypse:

    natural disaster
    God war that destroyed most of earth in the process
    (eh...) Zombies...
    alien force/some sort of creature enslaving humanity
    gates of hell break open

    I am totally open to more ideas and imput, I just have wanted to do some sort of post-apocolyptic theme for a long time.

    note: I USUALLY play more submissive female characters, but I can swing a few more dominant ones and guys too. totally okay with MxM and FxF or other, as well as MxF, but I perfer MxF and playing as females. I expect at LEAST more than one post a day, and a warning if you will be gone for more than a couple days, I get it, things in life get tough, I wont be too upset if you have to take a break for awhile, just let me know first if it is going to be too long, ya know? Lastly, I am cool with fandom stuff too, if wanted.

    PM me if you are interested, we can work out a plot and characters together! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.