INTEREST CHECK End of the world theme

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Anyone interested in an end of the world theme?

Plot idea: (Just pitching, can be manipulated into something a little different)
Idea: A young woman is kidnapped from her home and her guardian was murdered. Word leeches out that the important icon is missing. This news dies down when a new media story finds it's way to every computer and television. The Mecha's are malfunctioning and a new enemy is approaching. They can't figure out why the tech in Earth is starting to shut down. With the young woman missing they don't have their back up power source to save them. A good portion of Earth's army is androids, so they lack in the help they need there. (cause electricity being absent) The only humans in Earth's army is people in the mecha mobile suits. So the girl must be found in order to save Earth and the army the power it needs to do so.
okay cool. Since it's a one on one rp, I'm not going to make you fill out a skeleton. (Unless you want to.) I'll post the link in a bit when I'm done typing the post.

I'm glad you're interested.
ok tell me when the thread is up