End of the World, Poor Choices

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  1. As we all know according to the Mayan Calander
    and some rather poor research and History Channel specials,
    The world world was supposed to end on December 21, 2012.
    Also, as I am sure you have all noticed,
    we are all still here.
    So my question to all of you.

    What poor decisions did you make on the nights of December 20 or 21, 2012?
  2. Haha I honestly didn't do much. I went to bed late the 20th, went to school on the 21st.
  3. Instead of studying for an exam, I realised that I do not have nearly enough time to study, so I rescheduled it for later and played a video game all day instead.
  4. I watched this...

  5. I was sick. >:[ So sick that I spend the entire day in a medicated coma and didn't realize it was the end of the world until the night was over!
  6. Dressed up as a Vault Dweller and got drunk.

    It seemed appropriate at the time.
  7. Got sick, stayed in bed, surfed the net. Ordinary day.

    Do I get to slap a doomsayer now that I'm better?
  8. I agreed to work past my scheduled shift without even the promise of apocalypse pay.
  9. I spent that day sleeping, and crying a lot because of being in agonizing pain. The day prior, my bus home was cancelled. There were wind storms in Pendleton, OR that made it unsafe to travel. So, I was trapped in Portland until 11 PM. Normally, I'd take that as an opportunity to explore the city, but... Well, when you're pregnant and horribly emotional from having to leave your family, you don't feel like doing that kind of stuff. I just wanted to go home! I didn't get back to my home in Oregon until like 9 in the morning in the 21st, was supposed to get home 8 PM-ish on the 20th.

    So my doomsday really was doomy. xD
  10. Moan moan moan.
  11. Sounds like the majority of everyone did what they should have done, rocked it out like the normal day it was!

    I personally attended a birthday party themed for the zombie outbreak. It was amazeballs.
  12. I didn't do anything special for the world not-ending. Does that count as a foolish action?
  13. >.> I honestly can not remember what happened on those two days.
  14. I pooped and went to work.

    My life is excite!
  15. Pre Christmas dinner with extended family, work end of year breakup, not give two shits about the Mayan calendar!
  16. [MENTION=287]Seiji[/MENTION]

    I just pooped
  17. I decided not to go to work and spent the night with my bf.
  18. Played a shit ton of Planetside 2. Was holed up in Allatum Bio Lab with my outfit under siege for five straight hours. We dug our heels in and fought at the same choke point the entire time. If we were moving further than 100 feet it's because we died and respawned further in the facility. The XP gain was glorious. Then I took lead of three squads and stopped the Vanu Sovereignty from completely capturing the continent of Esamir cause that would have given them discounts on their tanks.

    And magriders are a bunch of fucking bullshit. I regretted nothing. But I never bought into that Mayan apocalypse shit anyway.
  19. Working, then slacking off at home; I knew God wouldn't let the world end today. Y'know why?

    'Cause he wouldn't let the world end while I'm stuck at my shitty job. D:

    At least, that's what I like to think.
  20. Slept most of the day away. It was incredibly boring.

    Jenbells, I'm sooooo jealous! Lucky.