End of the Road

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    End of the Road is a non canon, Final Fantasy based Roleplay with an ever growing active member base and a story spanning nearly ten years. The main aspect of End of the Road is change. Each choice made by the player reflecting which way the story goes. What if Sephiorth had never went to Niblehiem? Zack would still be alive. Cloud would still be a grunt in the Shirna Security force. What if Yuna had never started her pilgrimidge? What if Squall failed his Seed Exam? All are fundamental questions that could easily warp the fabric of the final fantasy story line.

    Each game within the Final Fantasy universe is assigned its own region, or outlying planet. This system allows for direct interaction between otherwise closed off worlds, merging events rivalries and politics that create new and unique scenarios.

    In End of the Road. Chaos. And change. Are constant factors. Plot Quests allow any character to gain incredible power, such as gaining the black materia. Or completing the warring triad and becoming god of magic. In a site where the plot is determined by the whim of the members. Where do you see yourself?