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    Hadley has Aspergers (high-functioning autism) and so she's lonely at school from her lack of friends. As a joke, the school's star athlete is dared by his friends to befriend her as a joke, but when he gets to know her more, he actually gets to like her. Thus begins the complicated feelings.
    Hadley Oberlin got out of her car in the car park, and looked up at the school. She sighed - another day of school to survive through. It wasn't the classes themselves that she dreaded, but instead the social interactions that she was faced with.

    Two years previously, Hadley had been diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of autism which hindered her social abilities, and made it hard for her to make and keep any friends. In her whole year, she was the only one to eat lunch alone, and the only one who was left at the end in class when they had to pair up for group projects. She hated the feeling of alienation from her peers, but she had difficulty speaking up in public, and reading social cues like sarcasm.

    She locked up her car and headed into the building, making a beeline for her locker while avoiding the group of popular guys - walking stereotypes, more like. They were the school's star athletes, and rich and snotty to boot.
  2. "Tch. Just look at her... Won't even bother to give a glance our way."
    "What's the matter, Jayden? You happen to fancy the girl, or what?"
    "Hey; don't even play around like that, man. She's a total bimbo, there's no way anyone could like her."
    "I think if you manage to get past the clumsiness, she does look pretty sexy. I wouldn't really mind hitting that."
    "You kidding me, Oliver? I wouldn't hit that with a ten-foot pole."
    "There's no shame in admitting that you'd like to, buddy."
    "For God's sake, Carter, I told you already: I don't like her."

    The rest of the group of five athletes shared chuckles with one another while Jayden begrudgingly smiled and shook his head in absolute disbelief. Yep, Carter Phillips was quite the joker alright, and happened to accentuate his presence even more considering that he was more or less the 'leader' of the small band of sports players that were the best on their team. He was the one who called the shots whenever it came to making decisions sports-related or otherwise, and the one who people at his school recognized the most for having the most upfront personality in comparison to the rest of his 'crew'. It was a fact that they were all seen as charming guys- more for their looks than anything else, in actuality- even despite it being no secret that they were also all much like bullies, who poked fun at some of the weaker people from time to time and generally went around showing off their status, apparently not having very much of a grasp on the concept of showing respect towards others in order to get some back. It was easy for the popularity to get to their heads, and they didn't intend on doing any real good with it.

    "I just find it fun watching her be stupid," Seth commented, pitching in his own two cents on the matter of the girl. "It just never gets old for me." Of course, none of them were aware of the affliction that she had been diagnosed with that caused her to be like that; they only saw Hadley Oberlin as that one girl who was always bumbling around and wasn't intelligent enough to figure simple things out or manage on her own. And so, she became a victim for them; not very often was it direct, but whenever they saw her, they did spend a lot of time talking behind her back about how hilarious it was to watch her fail to function as a normal person should. But then again, they didn't know that she couldn't.

    None of them had even bothered to legitimately ask her if there was something wrong with her.

    "It's no wonder she doesn't have any friends," Leo sneered. "Who the hell would want to go near a girl like her?"

    "... Hey. Now here's an idea," Jayden suddenly piped up, looking over at Carter with a sinister looking smirk while staying leant back against one of the lockers with his arms folded over his chest. "Why don't you go try and talk to her? I'm willing to bet that not even you could become friends with her."

    "Wait, are you serious?"
    "Dead serious, man. In fact, I'm daring you to do it."
    "... Alright then, it's on."

    Sounds of excitement were shared amongst the other three: the school's ace player had just agreed to take up a dare on attempting to befriend the girl whom everyone kept their distance from.
  3. Hadley made it to her locker, keeping her head down as she walked, and she unlocked the door of her locker, aiming to get out of the hallway as soon as possible. She took out her stuff from her bag that she didn't need, swapping them for her drama books and her PE kit bag.

    Her least favourite classes first. Great. She would be forced to interact with people, forced to display her lack of dexterity or social skills. At least in other classes, she could sit in the back, do her work, and fade into the background.

    Suddenly she was shoved from behind and she fell against her locker, the metal edge cutting her forehead. She fell to the ground, dazed.

    "Hey Oberlin." Madison DeVille sneered down at her, flanked by her groupies. "Did you do my Economics homework?" She raised a perfectly plucked eyebrow down at Hadley.


    "Y-yeah." Hadley stammered, and scrambled to get to her feet. However, her foot slipped, and she fell again.

    Madison and her girls cackled with laughter at Hadley's humiliation. Madison kicked Hadley's leg. "Get up, loser. I need that homework."

    Barely holding back her tears, the bespectacled girl got to her feet, and retrieved the ten page essay she had stayed up all night to write. "H-here." She handed it over, avoiding eye contact. Eye contact made her uncomfortable in any situation.
  4. "Still playing the role of Maleficent around here, I see."

    With that same old carefree smirk etched onto one end of his lips, Carter leaned against one of the nearby lockers next to his overly clumsy classmate, the school's "Queen Bee" and her surrounding lackeys with his thumbs hooked against his pockets. He didn't mean any foul, but he didn't very much intend to be... communicative towards Madison, either; though the two of them were somewhat on the level of being allies what with them conversing with one another every now and then in a way that was never at all hostile (it seemed as though there was some sort of mutual respect shared between the two of them), she was currently in the way of the objective that he had been given to attempt to carry out.

    Though the only reason he was bothering to try and befriend the one person whom everyone else stayed away from was because he'd been dared to do it- and to back out of such a dare would be to admit cowardice- he still thought it would be quite amusing since it would allow him to become more exposed to Hadley's bumbling habits, and therefore provide him with something to keep him entertained for a long while.

    "Try being a little less rough next time, would you? I'd hate to see you getting into trouble," Carter told Madison, giving a blatant (and goofy) flirtatious wiggle of his eyebrows to further emphasize that he would like for her company to remain present nearby.

    (So sorry for the late response... I ended up getting pretty busy with other RPs and RL stuff lately ;_; But now it should be better since my holiday break has started! Yay!)
  5. Just like that, Madison flipped to her 'sweet' persona and she turned to Carter, giving him a flirty smile. "Hey Carter. I'm just making sure I get what I deserve. Sometimes people just need a little push." She shrugged non-committedly. She moved closer to Carter, and loosely looped her arms around his neck. "My parents are going out of town for some boring work thing later, so I'll be on my own. I could get up to a lot of trouble on my own..." She pouted coyly.

    Hadley straightened her glasses, and quickly grabbed her books before she shut her locker and headed down the hallway, avoiding everyone's gaze. She couldn't stand the 'elite' kids who were only staying in school because their parents were donating bucket loads of money to the school, and not because they actually had good grades. She especially despised Madison and all her cronies. They were the reason she couldn't wait to graduate early - hopefully - and move across the country to go to school at Northwestern, the best school for an aspiring journalist.

    She made it to the school library - her sanctuary - and with a small wave at the elderly librarian, she took her usual seat at the back of the room, taking out her laptop. Hopefully it wasn't damaged from the Queen Bitch's attack.
  6. "Hm... I guess you could use someone to keep you out of it," Carter replied with a suggestive smirk and a wink, placing his left hand against Madison's hip while the other teasingly trailed over the curve of her ass and lightly squeezed it, already excited by the idea of being with her while she was going to be alone at home. However, though his gaze remained on her, the sound of a closing locker right behind him served as a reminder of Hadley's presence and of the fact that he still had a dare to live up to. It wasn't like there was much he could do with Madison right now but endlessly flirt since they were still in school, anyway. "I'll see you tonight, sweet lips," he whispered, excusing himself with a quick kiss for her lips before patting her backside one last time and going to follow Hadley from a distance.

    The ace athlete wondered where the graceless girl was headed off to as he kept her within his line of sight; he also noted to himself how amazing it was that she could even walk in a straight line for such a long period of time, considering how bad she normally was at generally keeping her balance. Now that he thought about it, it was really her physical awkwardness that happened to shine in particular; otherwise, as far as he was aware, she ultimately wasn't... 'mentally retarded', to put it crudely. Still didn't change the fact that she was comical to watch, though.

    It didn't surprise Carter when his pursuit of the girl ended up leading him to the silent environment that was the school's library, and he had to hold back a chuckle as she presented the old librarian there with a wave as she was on her way to some place in here. She was known to be quite the bookworm, especially as evidenced by that little scene with her and Madison by her locker outside in the bustling corridor... but doing his homework was never something that needed to be done for him by someone else, so he never asked her. No, his grades weren't astounding, but he got along by well enough that he didn't need to rely on someone like Hadley to do his work for him.

    After seeing her go to take a seat somewhere over by the back and pulling out a laptop from her bag, Carter took a deep breath in and out through his nose and then went to go sit down right across from her. "You certainly took that hit like a champ. Going straight to the library without getting ice or anything for your head? I'm impressed."
  7. Hadley opened her laptop, and smiled to herself as her wallpaper appeared on the screen - Jon Snow. Game of Thrones was pretty much her life, aside from school. When she opened one of the books, or watched the tv show adaptation, she was transported to another world that didn't have any bearing on the crap-hole that was her reality. She loved the intricacy of the world of Westeros, and she could relax. Social interactions didn't matter when she was engrossed in her favourite fictional universe.

    She got out her headphones, and was about to put them on, when she heard a familiar voice. She cringed - that was the voice of one of those elitist athletes who had just stood by and watched Madison attack her. She lowered her headphones and looked up. Yeah, Carter Phillips. The worst.

    "I've had w-worse." She muttered. "Do you n-need anything?" She asked, her insides clenching unpleasantly.
  8. "Nah. I just thought I'd have a nice little chat with ya," Carter replied casually, folding his hands overtop one another and outstretching his crossed legs all while keeping his eyes rested on Hadley with that same annoying expression of his. No, it wasn't necessarily smug at the moment, but there was still something about its appearance that was somehow annoying. It was probably the fact that it expressed such a strong happy-go-lucky kind of vibe... The star athlete never really did take anything seriously, as it'd been always apparent with him. If there was a single kind of trouble that the boy had to deal with in his life, it was unheard of by any of his peers at school.

    "I'm guessing that no one ever really speaks to you, so... I just decided to take a shot that maybe this will help you feel better, no? I mean, yeah, I said jack-shit when DeVille showed up; but you know... It wouldn't exactly have been good to stand up to her directly either. Definitely not a girl you want a cross. Anyways, I'm sure I don't need to introduce myself, and- correct me if I'm wrong, though- I'm also sure that you're Hadley Oberlin. So, we've got introductions out of the way... What'cha doing there on your laptop? Research?"

    (I apologize for it taking me so long to get back to you; I've been extremely busy over the past few weeks)
  9. Hadley felt a prickle of annoyance at the cocky tone of Carter's voice. Ugh, she really couldn't stand any of these elitist pricks who thought they were God's gift to the world. They all assumed they deserved everything and that they didn't have to work a day in their live, because of their extensive trust funds. She couldn't stand any of them, least of all Carter fucking Phillips.

    "I-I know who you are." She nodded, and raised an eyebrow when he asked what she was doing. As if he actually cared. "I'm doing homework. Not all of us are legacy students - I have to work hard to stay here." She replied, before putting on her headphones again. It was a blatant sign that she didn't want to talk to him, and hopefully he would get the hint.

    However, she could still sense his presence, and she sighed, taking off her headphones again. "Is there anything y-you want?" She asked pointedly.
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