End of Eden

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  1. It has been a long trek. Like so many others, you and your companions have left your overpopulated island home in search of a new land. The voyage has been trying, with storms, vermin and rebellious passengers interrupting the path.
    None the less, you have arrived on the shores of a new land. It bears little resemblance to any Island your people have come across before. The thick trees seem to stretch on for as far as the eye can see, and too dark to see between them. You're people will call this land home.

    After a night here, you feel something different, even more than before. The furry animals that inhabited every other land seem not to live in this place. No rodents or squirrels to be seen among the trees. Only birds, so many birds. The cries and screeches of the avians is deafening. Even at night the birds never relent. Lizards and snakes replace rodents, the vermin on the grounds. But something else is unusual. The cries of not only birds, but of other creatures. Sounds like you have never heard before, half between a lizards hiss and a roar of an eagle. One day curiousity gets to you and the others, and a trip to the forest is planned. But as you get deeper, the birds get larger, the reptiles get more hostile, and the insects become more unworldly. It is a new world.

    About: End of Eden is a fantasy roleplay based very loosely on the Polynesian colonization of New Zealand. The land that your group of colonists have uncovered is unlike any other place in your world. Inhabited by gigantic birds, vicious reptiles, fearsome insect life, and remnants of the ages long past. It will take courage to live in this land, even more so to try and adventure.

    You play a member of a group of colonists who have taken it upon themselves to explore the new world, and find out what there is to do there. Adventures can range from tasks given by one of the many colonists, new tribes, or finding treasures. Along the way, you are likely to come across the fantastic fauna and flora of the world, and certainly fight the aggressive creatures that attack. Expect attacks from gigantic eagles and insect swarms.

    Organization: I will act as an omniscient game master to control the events that happen on the island. You will play a character inworld, and work with other team members to complete tasks and adventures. Each character will select a class, with a unique progression of skills through experience and points gained through quest completion and combat.

    The game will be developed further once I get significant interest, and further elaborated through Q&A here.
  2. I'm interested in this for sure.

    Now as far as classes and such what's the scoop? Should they be more relative to real world professions or are we going with fantasy based stuff? Also what's going on with magic, is it a real thing or no? Also also what are your thoughts on Alchemy, just basic stuff like potions and whatnot?

    Just wanna get some base stuff known before I get to deep.
  3. Count me interested.

    With skill progression and experience, will there be a sort of class promotion? Like a 'level up' of sorts?
    Also, what time period is it based on, ie. late 19th century, midevil era, present-ish, etc.?
  4. I'm interested.
    That's me! :P
  5. Sounds like a lot of fun. Some more information about classes and stuff would be nice too.
  6. Thank you all for your interest.

    As for classes, I'm basing it off of DnD's base classes, abet with a more setting esque twist.

    • Koa- Warrior class; standard warrior that can be found in any fantasy story. Also has elements of a craftsman, and can build their own weapons.
    • Shaman- Cross between a Sorcerer and a Druid. Linked to magic through the Mana of the homeland, and can later learn to tap into the Mana of the new world
    • Archer- An archer, nothing more nothing less
    • Rogue- Stealth based character with low defense and attack, but able to counteract that with extra sneak attacks
    The time period is a Late Iron Age setting, pre medieval, but not European at all. It's heavily based on Polynesian mythos and I would rather everyone stick to that kind of setting. Magic is restricted to Shaman players, as is alchemy. But potion and medicine crafting can be practiced by anyone. Shamans can do more advanced stuff like spellcraft, enchantent, etc.

    Edit: As for Levels, no there will not be "levels" in a traditional sense. You'll simply keep an updated character sheet showing the progression of skills by the "experience points" you use to boost the skill
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  7. Neat, well can't wait to see all the info on this so I can get on that CS.
  8. Sweet. Sounds interesting, and has my attention.
  9. Hate to be that guy, but any update as to what's going on with this?
  10. Potentially interested. Feels like the time to educate people on what a real archer looks like. Get ready for an ancient bodybuilder!
  11. I was just waiting for sufficient interest to pop up. I think we have enough. Ill get started on the ooc, some basic rules and should have it and the game rules up by tommorow night or the day after
  12. Sounds cool, and has my attention, but don't count me in until I've made a character sheet.

    Questions, though:

    A) Is it possible to blend classes? (Ex: Rouge-Warrior) Of course, weaknesses would have to be implemented (Poor vision, chronic disease) and the character may lean to one class (Ex: novice koa, but a decent rouge).

    B) Is there a typical physical appearance that our characters, being from the same island, will share? Like black hair, brown skin, a tall build, etc.?

    C) How primitive are we technologically? Do we have basic metal or no? (Nevermind, I just caught the "Late Iron Age" bit) Any animals? Small dogs would be cool, as many isolated island people use them for hunting.
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